God of Life

Chapter 624, the beginning of the year, always a boy

Wang Yanbean is big, but only one is hanging B Wang.

In Wang Yunxi, more is to reflect the caution of a society underlying old fritters.

The initial Wang Yunxi is very excited, but when the excitement is slightly retracted, he is a little hesitant.

"But, do we have to sin?"


Wang Yan nodded and looked at the executives in the video: "You are very afraid of sinners?"

Tan Song hurriedly replied: "We are not afraid, we just think that if there is necessary, it is so fierce?"

This statement immediately got a lot.

"Wang Chi, your countermeasure is very good, we don't have any opinions, but in the process of doing things, can we be flexible, wrist is soft?"

"Yes, use a more euphemistic way, maybe it can take a lot of hostility?"

"What is the right, pull a batch?"

"The gun made a bird, rushing too much, will it be against it?"

"If you do so, our profit margin can be low, it is not a good thing for the listing."

Executives are very good, and can even describe caution.

And their opinions are also convinced, not intentional resistance to Wang Yan.

The people outside don't understand what this contract means. It feels so much, how can the elites in the industry may not understand?

This is a nuclear bomb.

It is fried, in addition to all brokerage companies outside Wang Ting Entertainment, including fish platform, including Wang Siming's banana entertainment, including many platform self-operated department.

I really throw this nuclear bomb, it is equivalent to ...

With the power of a self, it is enemy.

All brokerage companies in the industry are crushing newcomers, at least at least at least a large number of traps in the new contract.

You can't broadcast it, you naturally have no authenticatology.

Once you fire, the contract is a treasure basin.

And Wang Yan wants to dig off the root of unequal contracts, which is simply in the life of the broker.

In addition, the original competitive prohibition protocol, the root is to get the clause of the acquiescence of each platform, and the platform also wants to protect their own mapping, so it is secretly set obstacles.

Now, Wang Yan is trying to remove all the protection, what is the platform of those platforms?

"Once anger the platform, the major platforms jointly streamlined, I am afraid ..."

"And also consider the parent company of major platforms ..."

"Advantage, A raccoon, 360, Baidu ... Which is a rogue?"

Everyone think is very reasonable, so Wang Yan does not want to force them, but prepare to put the reason with them.

"I ask everyone a few questions, please think about it carefully.

First, the state will strengthen the supervision of online live broadcast, and will be strengthened in the morning and evening, and will more and more strict, do you agree? "


There is no doubt, the executives are neat.

Wang Yan smiled and continued.

"The network is not an extraordinary place, but because the development speed of the Internet is too fast, there is a serious lag in the development of legislation, or supervision.

Lagn meaning -

It has been found that due to the reason for the fact that the human material method is different, it is only possible to list the agenda and keep attention.

The lag is not equal to no matter whether it is.

In contrast, some problems, but more stringent.


It is because it is not a time, so it makes quite part of the practitioners mistakenly judged the above attitude, and a 'method has no prohibition of the mind, it is increasingly arbitrarily, and ultimately leads to a more bad consequence.

For example, a knife cut.

There are a lot of precedents, such as the text of the two years of net text, there are many themes have been sealed.

For example, the P2P industry focuses on this year, as well as the private coal mine industry that I have been engaged in my family ...

For individuals, there is a terrible thing to lose awe.

And when an industry has lost the awe of supervision, the results will only be more terrible.

Can you understand my logic? "


The executives or dumbs are speechless, or face each other, or frowning, in short, the mood is extremely complex.

They don't understand, but they can't accept it.

So, Wang Yan got another sentence.

"If you just want to go to the city, then we only need to be arrogant.

However, if you want to achieve a career, you can achieve your own value, you must go to you, you will ask yourself with higher standards.

Do you always think that Wang Ting Entertainment can only be a short-lived company that uses to circle? "

In the last sentence, like a needle, tie up the executives.

"Of course not! How can it be?"

I have been very busy denial, desperately pleaded, and I am afraid that Wang Chuan will give them a view.

"It doesn't matter, come slowly."

Wang Yan hooks his hand and did not study, it appeared very much, and confident.

In fact, before the birthday banquet, Wang Daily thought so much.

Wang Ting Entertainment is only a life pulse used to laundering money, but it is not able to carry a business.

However, the plan is always better to change.

Since the birthday banquet brushed out of 6 billion cash, and after the blank file washed out a lot of clean money, Wang Ting Entertainment suddenly came out to some other possibilities.

That possibilities, on April 1st, Taobao live a big success, completely determined.

E-commerce live + entertainment live + net red hatch =? ? ?

The three major sectors are synthesized to something, but now it is still unable to determine.

However, imagination is very huge, the prospect is extremely broad.

It is no longer a small pond, Wang Ting Entertainment, and now there is a qualified station to a higher position pointing at Jiangshan.

Otherwise, how can Wang Yan will shout out the slogan of "Qingqi Industry, Creating a Great Enterprise"?

Although this slogan with half of the people's eyeballs, there is still half of their own hearts, Wang Yan really believes that Wang Ting Entertainment is a chance to break through hundreds of billion.

The breakthrough is on the short video software that is about to develop.

Treatment + Wang Ting, absolutely not 1 + 1, but the sky of the sky, you can create a new nation.

Now, the company's executives have no confidence, and it is normal.

They can't see the future, they don't know the bottom cards of Wang Yan, so I have a little cautious, it can be understood.

Wang Yan wants to do things, it is to give them confidence and let them see part of the future.

"OK, it seems that we have reached a consensus."

The national regulatory will be strive, and we have to strive to become the guides in the entire industry.

Our goal is to maintain the healthy development of the industry as much as possible, do not let the country have the opportunity to fall into the knife.

As a result, the development space of the industry will be larger, and we will eat the largest cake in this process and have been highly recognized by higher leadership sectors.

Then the second question is: Is there any possible to complete this strategic goal? "

Analysis and questioning from Wang Yan, causing the seniors to think deeply.

The landscape of the boss is very high, the height is high, the goal is very clear, the logic is very strict.

There is no problem with the big premise, then only the actual operation is left.

"This contract does have the effect you want to achieve, but can we withstand that kind of anti-anti-anti-?"

"So, in fact, Wang Chi's question can be folded - what we want to do, can we complete the strategic goal without losing too much?"

"Because of the perspective?"

"Yes, take the initiative to cooperate with the superior leadership, and actively respond to it."

"How to cooperate will be hated, we should now consider how to deal with all aspects of anti-!"

"There are at least few thousand small monsters in China now, collectively discredit us, will definitely form a public opinion!"

"What about platform? The platform is not more serious ?!"


The speeches of the executives have suddenly become very active and active to almost noisy.

It is a little unexpected.

"Okay, you all think that Wang Ting Entertainment can complete the strategic goal."

The voice is falling, and some people will shoot the gardering: "Of course, Wang Hao will start from the foundation network sign, it is the pen of God!"

This arrogant is not a problem.

If the contract is perfect enough, then the influence of Wang Yan is driven, and the horizontal system is a foreseeable result.

How will the event develop, everyone is now there is counting.

The first step is to accept the superior department interview, to the other party.

In the second step, Guanbo public voice, calling for self-discipline, and announced a new contract.

In the third step, Wang Fugui has come out to spread the influence.

Next, the whole network sensational discussion, no one can't hold it, and then the netcrack application will submerge the customer service department of Wang Ting Entertainment.

There will be 80% of newcomers who are interested in the live industry in the current stage will be signed by Wang Ting Entertainment.

Then it is the counterattack stage of the small mission, and it is estimated that it is spontaneous formation to discredit and embarrassing, and there is no more intense response.

At the same time, each platform will consult with Wang Ting Entertainment.

Wang Yan is impossible to retreat, and it is more likely that the possibility is higher, and the major platforms are also pulled down, and they are joined.

The major platforms should be more tacit to block and limit the company's aest, and their parent companies may also play their own influence.

At this stage, it is a victory.

Wang Ting Entertainment Win, the small guild died in a larger, the rest must be pinched with the nose, and the new contract completely became a standard system contract.

Wang Ting Entertainment, the company is very likely that the new contract is subject to the platform, the small public will secretly tamper with key terms, the anchor is swallowed.


Listening to them, Wang Yan made a summary.

"So there are two key points now -

First, how can we resist the discruption of the small public meeting, how to deal with the limit stream of major platforms.

Second, there is not a victory, if we can't win, or you can't win, where is the road.

Do you agree? "

The executives have nodded: "No problem, Wang Hao, you summarize very well."

Wang Yan turned back, laughing in Wang Yunxi.

"So let's first talk about the first half of the first point, how to resist the smear of the small public party.

At the same time, I also responded to the general manager of Wang: Why don't I am afraid so many people?

The data shows that there are almost 7,500 small guilds in China, and they may double them at the end of this year.

We are roughly calculated as 10,000 small bosses, and 100,000 employees who have this life, a total of 110,000 firm opponents.

The next few questions, you think about it, give me an answer.

First, how many families have Wang Ting Entertainment?

Second, Wang Ting Entertainment All the active fans of all an anchor, how much is it?

Third, my personal Weibo pays attention, what is it now?

Fourth, three additions, our supporters, have there any ability to control public opinion orientation?

Fifth, what we do, is it correct? Can you get a wide range of support from neutral?

Sixth, what is the attitude of the superior regulatory authorities?

Seventh, suppose, the quarrel has not stopped, it is very powerful, is it good for Wang Ting Entertainment?

Eighth, a large number of signing lines, need us to expand customer service team, add equipment, improve operational capabilities, what level of increased increase in additional cost? 5 million per month? 10 million per month? Can we lose money?

The ninth, lost money, earn reputation, have you have the ability to make word of mouth?

Tenth, assume that the extreme situation occurs, such as many small mission families, or play yin, can they break through my good friends?

If you have any questions, you have a clear answer, then you should understand now, why I am not afraid that there are so many people who are sin. "

The executives were shocked by ten questions.

Full of four words: sighing.

Shocking them is not the thoughts and pattern of Wang Yan, but this carding ability.

Simply a single ten questions, a followed by a followed, and the situation suddenly suddenly.

A disabled small mission is impossible to cause any effective threat to Wang Ting Entertainment, how to make trouble, how to boil, but it is the mourning of the defeat dog.

Curogans know that Liu Chang is a child who is born in the family, it is impossible to go to the budget public meeting.

Even if there is a very unique exception, will it be died with Wang Yan because this little thing is?

Like the same.

Wang Yan and so on have slowed the god and laugh.

"So let's discuss the first half of the first point, how to deal with the pressing of the platform.

Old Liu, how many of our own platforms now? How many technicians have yours? "

Mr. Liu and deputy: "9 small platforms, 17 small platforms, and a total of 88 employees in the newly formed platform technology, enough to complete platform mergers or develop new platform tasks."

Wang Yan and asked: "If we turn out the big broadcast, you can support 7 major platforms?"

Liu deputy conceived, very conservative repression: "At least two platforms can get more than the battle flag TV, reach the level of cats TV."

It is actually more than it.

Dozens of big nets red, more than 100 well-known aquatic, more than a thousand mature middle anchors, and tens of thousands of netcrapers ...

If you really all spread, get two kinds of fiscal fish.

Wang Yan turned his head asked: "The contract signed by the Lao Wang, and the contracts, there is an agreement to the court?"

The legal decisive shook head: "There is no clear agreement, we value this."

"So, if the other party wants to sue us, can only come to the Magic Pudong New Area People's Court?"

The legal response is more strinier than the old Liu: "This should be judged in accordance with the principle of the general nature, and we are in the case of the defendant, the great probability is in the new district court."

"You all have heard that Nanshan must win a victory?"

Wang Da Shaoyun smiled and smiled, and he said: "After our company will have such a loud outer number ... Pudong Pizza Hut, good?"

Listen to a fart!

This is the name of the outer number.

Of course, we fully understand the meaning of Wang Yan, in the case of decorum skin, is constantly in favor of the foundation of self-protection.

Wang always just ...... where's the confidence?

Executives do not know the specific reasons, but think about the speed Union boss, but also feel that we can understand.

Wang Speech is who?

Magic circle are the second generation of leaders to carry the flag!

Although not sure whether those second-generation really have such influence, but since Wang Yan is confident that it would probably not be worse.

So, everyone burst into laughter echoed, very cheerful atmosphere up.

"So, the first question even completely solved.

Small guild were not hurt Wang Ting entertainment, a large platform if done very excesses, we have decorum skin of confidence and ability.

Although a fresh start is the worst choice, however, as long as the platform side insight into our ability and determination, I believe they will weigh the pros and cons of good.

So, Lao Chen Liu, I want you from now on, pro-active integration platform of its own, to do the work front.

9 holding too many platforms, integrating it into three, to do them medium-sized, mixed within 20 fine.

As for those shares platform, we continue to promote the alliance of molding platform to do flip.

Great man say: The struggle for peace, keep the peace; to compromise for peace, peace is dead.

We want to show the aggressive attitude, determined to put on a willingness to fight, from the outset overawed part of a larger platform, do not give them a chance to unite.

Differentiation to win, the best way is to deal with the current limit.

In addition, I will throw in a personal capacity to recover the B round of financing panda TV, Wang Siming will be on our side, no doubt. "

Executives mood suddenly lift itself up, do not think about to face the situation will be desperate.

Wang Siming name of the first, the current is still very workable.

After all, the gap between the richest man and father of a little big coal boss dad ......

Talking about it, there is only one problem.

"What do we still have to fail? Do we have another post? Of course."

Wang Yan hangs all the people's minds, and suddenly a big turn.

"But what is specifically, you can't talk about it. You all know that I registered another technology company? The answer is there."

So what is it? !

The executives were hoisted, and the eyeweers looked at Wang Da Shao, but no one dared to ask.

Wang Yan, didn't see it, smiled and announced the scrap.

"Okay, go to work!

The Legal Department will drafted the contract, and be sure to guarantee fairness, residualism, etc., to have the inspection of the world.

Well, the heart of the anti-person is indispensable, and the self-motivated measures are still there, and the responding court is clear for the Pudong middle school, in addition to this, don't hassle new people.

The propaganda department can prepare a document, how to stand firmly, don't use me?

The president is actively, ask the superior department, when will it come down.

Tell the leaders, I will personally attend.

Old Tan, hurry to count the human gap, hurry to recruit people, reserve enough space, don't wait for the net to sign the army to find the door to find the reception.

Everything is old in the e-commerce department, pay attention to the quality of business products, now we are doing a word of mouth, do not lose due to small loss.

The platform technology department, this is the first task since you shape, I am waiting to see the results.

The person in charge of each branch is here?

This is nothing to do with you, but your task is heavier.

The Emperor Branch has been in front, live broadcast base, the value of the fortress is very good, you will mix it again, will only be divided by the emperor, the more far, the foot will not burn panic?

OK, is there something? There is no discretion! "

Wang Yan quickly screamed, everyone is like being screwed, and rushed to start actions.

This event is a sudden test.

So far, the performance of the fish platform is mediocre.

Relatively speaking, Wang Ting Entertainment has more fruitful, more sharp, and more adventure.

Can you achieve the final victory, in addition to Wang Yan, no one is confident.

This is hereby incorporated by an issue - the so-called crisis public relations, what is the focus?

DANGER, opportunity, or public relations?

Wang Da Shao shows the actual actions, only the opportunity is in the eyes of brother.

The life of the hanging is used to wave.

As long as it is the right thing, don't say it overturned a industry, even if you want to open the sky, the dog brother is not afraid.

Nowadays, there is only a live broadcast brokerage industry. Wait until the dog brother puts the capital, what real estate, what is Muyang dog, what financial liar, what pilot, dog brother is not pleasing, all of them put your pants Playing JJ, playing crying.

Many capitalists will become a bad dragon from the brave, and Wang Yan will never.

He will only get from the Dragon Warrior and become a riding warrior.

I don't change my mind, and the courageous teenagers.