God of Life

Chapter 625 Xiao Macho [Chapter]

Wang Yan opened a meeting, and he had a comprehensive inspection by Zhu Ji and Branch staff.

The reason is simple and powerful - come.

Strictly speaking, the branch of Wang Ting Entertainment is still quite high, and each family is responsible for the general manager.

Under the big framework of the head office strategic objectives, specific business activities are all determined by the general manager of the branch.

It sounds like a prince, but in fact, because the finance is all in the head of the company, the division manager can't move much.

Not much, means still there.

In the live industry, middle management is ideal, don't be too much.

The brokerage company can eat an anchor, the platform can eat recharge and rebate, the outreach can eat advertisers, the total gross forest, is not enough.

But Wang Ting Entertainment Emperor's duty is very good.

Wang Yan not only talks alone and most of the employees, and I have seen a lot of anchors. Get feedback is very gratifying.

The employees here have nothing to think, work very hard.

There is a small contradiction between the anchor, but because the management is equally decisive, the overall atmosphere is very harmonious.

Wang Yan is interested therefore become very high.

"Another company is developing an internal communication software, waiting until the test is completed, our Wang Ting is also fully promoted.

At that time, the large group of small groups in Tiannanhai is set together, and everyone will be more convenient.

Of course, the monitoring department will also play a bigger role, I hope that you can treat it with caution ... "

Zhu Jiyu understood the reminder of BOSS, and immediately cheered the chest.

"You can rest assured that the Emperor Branch will never give you any chaos!"

At the same time as the work, Comrade Xiao Zhu is also secretly feeling the ambition of Wang Da.

What kind of company will develop their own chat software?

Beware of the company.

Dare to make the pain when you fake the enemy, start prevention early, can see how high it is in the heart of Wang Yan.

Zhu Jiyi is also more curious ... What is the company?

As for the reminder of Wang Yan, he understood, but did not put it in his heart.

Internal software is used to supervise is a routine operation, and the big data extraction keyword is only one aspect. The most important thing is that the delivery of the report will become more convenient.

Small to the rocket of the chicken fry and garlic, the mid-to-management department, the corruption of the leadership, and the discipline supervision department of Wang Ting Entertainment.

At the beginning of the Wang Yan, pay special attention to this piece, the supervisory department is directly between Wang Yunxi, and there is also the power to report to Wang Yan, is a strict defense.

There is no way, the beauty and money in the anchor industry are too concentrated, especially the extent to which Wang Ting Entertainment is unprecedented.

Therefore, every employee and anchor in the company, always suffer a variety of temptations.

Wang Zi has a famous saying: Don't use the temptation to test humanity.

Wang Yan is deeply awkward.

So try to eliminate the system as much as possible, and often remind to knock on the top and strive to keep the company's pure.

Wang Yan even set an iron to Wang Ting Entertainment - any employee, as long as he did management, he would not be repeatedly in love with his own anchor.

Even is only the grassroots management position of the logistics department, and it cannot be violated.

If you don't have it together, you will leave one side.

This rule is in practice, in fact, a knife is cut - all employees are not allowed and an anchors.

Wang Yan as the founder of the founder, he did not touch any anchor, one group of workers, what qualifications complain?

If you want to earn Wang Ting Entertainment, you must keep the rules of Wang Yan.

The reason why Zhu Jiyi didn't care about supervision because he had done the requirements of BOSS in this regard.

At the same time as the sympathy, it is very strict.

The wind of the Emperor Branch is so good, Zhu Ji is not good.

Wang Yan even felt that he would experience a year in half a year, Zhu Jiyi can be competent in the company's deputy position, manage all live broadcasts outside the e-commerce live broadcast.

Excavation of Zhu Jizhen is really an accident.


At noon and the employees ate a simple meal. In the afternoon, Wang Yan and the S-class anchor of the branch opened a small symposium.

I didn't deliberately see what topic is the chat chat in Nanyin.

Talking to the rise, Wang Yan feels great.

Do not personally touch this industry, even if you are inseparable enough, you will never know how you are in the people.

For example, they talk about a girl called aun, claiming to be the first beauty of the branch.

Wang Yan looked at the room with Yan Yan Yan, Chunlan Qiuju, all kinds of victory, which allowed them to recognize the first beauty, how much beautiful?

Curiously, open the single search of radar directly, and the result is sweeping out of an excellent data -

[Hu Xiaofang, color value 98, body 94, special 95, good feel 20]

I go!

Total 287!

Only less than Ho Miao, do you want to be exaggerated ...

Wang Yan was shocked and wondered, and he looked back and asked Zhu Ji. "Is she not S-class?"

Zhu Ji smiled and shook his head: "She ran directly to the A-level contract, I originally thought that I can't rise for a few months, I didn't think ... Hey!"

Regrettably, overflows.

Wang Yan is curious: "What happened?"

The anchors of the eight-tongue of the anchors were not intended to say her bad words, they were seeing normal sharing, and the result is outlined a very wonderful image.

When the live broadcast, the girl did not help but he didn't help, no matter whether it is a big brother, there is a sentence that does not match her mind, immediately turned his face.

Seeing the low level of small numbers, the eyelids do not lift it.

There is no two words to chat with your big brother, just open your own things, and you have to be particularly hard.

"You don't help me, how much do you do it?"

"It's a guardian, can you don't have so much nonsense?"

"You TM is intentional to take me?"

I am really brushing, she still loves to ride, because she thinks that you don't talk about her.

On the contrary, some have not spent the mixed monument of money, because the speech is so good, she is happy, she is chatting with people, but the big brother who spends money is cold aside.

In such a broadcast, the list will naturally be good.

So she lost his face and sighed: "Ah, I am too difficult ..."

Once the mood is not good, she can sit down all day, no one is smile.

Wang Yan couldn't help but ask: "Is there anything in her home?"

Zhu Ji's mouth and smiled straight and smiled: "Her family, for her brother to school, ...

If it is not a contract with our A level, she can't live in the emperor, so that she is coming for two months, she has not been filled with a guarantee. "

"Is it possible for the home?"

"The key is that she is not enough!"

Lying in the trough, beef!

Wang Yan did not understand, and asked: "What does she mean by her live? Do you want to be big?"

"No, she doesn't engage my big brother, let's talk in the live broadcast every day, the first object must find a master and make her happy ..."

Neuropathy? !

Wang Dado once felt that his brain was not enough.

To say that the girl is not a good person, she is really very cleaned.

To say that the girl is a good, she is still unclear.

The look of the value, it is clearly the two kings with four 2, but how can I live like this?

True chicken is magical ...

After that, they talk about other wonders, no longer aroused the sigh of Wang Yan.

Brush public money to make big brother, just bring a mouth and want to sleep, holding big brother smell, death, the big brother, waiting for the big brother to sleep again ...

Willing with the big brother, lie to the player's red envelope, and raise a group of fish without turning the car, earning the first money to go to the face ......

What kind of wonderful taste in players and anchors have, but no more than aun.

The girl is a singer.

When the symposium was opened, Zhu Ji sent Wang Yan downstairs and suddenly collected a sentence.

"Wang, the end, I plan to retreat to the trouble, or, do you charge her?"

Wang Yan was suddenly attacked: "Ah? I took her?"

Zhu Ji Yu Zhenzhen has a word: "You have never seen the girl, I will guarantee it with you, the disc is awkward, the big bear is thin, absolutely the beautiful pointed!

I miss her to make money to make money, I can't expect, no one can do it.

You are not as close as yourself, staying around me.

Although her character is not very, but it is absolutely cool, but I still can't hold it for two years, and you have saved her ... "

A set of sets, it is still very strong.

Wang Yan has been bored: Why is my subordinates around me?

I look like a color devil? !

Dog brother is very speechless, siging, swaying.

"Other, such a girl, I don't dare to touch. I can't commit a lot of people."

Even if it is strong, if you have a woman who can't provoke, she is one of them.

The brain is obviously a problem!

The is good, it should be very cool, but how can I do?

On the microblog, I broke the news, in case I can't think of jumping from the upstairs, I just fell directly!

Zhu Ji, I still want to persuade again, but suddenly, look up and look forward to the front.

Three people are now just to the lobby, the front is the glass gate of the branch.

Wang Yan took up his mind, he saw a beautiful girl who came into Tingting, and pushed the company's door.

I am going, it's okay!

No need to ask Wang Yan, so I will know that the opposite girl is aun.

The biggest feature of this girl is white, face, neck, even the finger is white.

That kind of white belt with a kind of Yingrun, like a jade, very shiny, at first glance, even a bit dazzling.

In addition, her body is very hot, and the bust drums can be very spectacular.

Moreover, it is mixed with your skin color, it will make people feel interesting, and it is not so greasy.

Hey, it is really beautiful ...

In addition to Ho Miao, Miss, Miss, but also.

I saw Zhu Jiyu, I couldn't help but a little, and I greeted my hair and smoked: "Zhu is always good."

Then bypass the three and want to go back to the live broadcast.

Her moves can't say how unhealthy, but at least the emotional business is not high, not very well.

Wang Yan did not seriously looked at her eyes with interest, no longer concerned.

However, Zhu Ke quarter but a frown, shouted to her: "Wait a minute did not see Wang Wang, chairman of the sum of it is so etiquette teacher to teach you come say hello!??!"

Stir when they were stopped Pie Zhaozui looked annoyed, heard before, there are several Wang Yan, eyes immediately lit up.

Hastily looked in the past, until the words of Wang look at the moment looks, facial expressions and instantly turned into little fan girl.

"Ah ...... Wang total, Wang, chairman of you, I'm A company sign anchor small stir, whose real name is Hu Shi Ya ......"

Crap, you clearly told Hu Xiaofang!

"Hello Hello." Wang Yunxi smile in response.

Wang Yan high cold nodded, did not look at her.

Dogs brother indeed often unable to control the restless body, iron wore every day to get up in the morning sky.

But he is by no means the best women's upstart never seen, will not see a beautiful woman wanted to go a bite.

Like this no-brainer of a bomb, he would not Tieshanglai.

Then ...... it really noisy Tieshanglai.

Two-step rushed in front of Wang Yan, a big bow Kacha, low cut tops almost all her movements support crack, then both hands in the chest, face very worship.

"Wang God, I am your fans, you give me your autograph?!"


You favorability to me only 20!

Wang large and small sneer of disdain, the way they glanced at the panel, the result of a brain ...... ignorant.

Previously, only 20 of favorability, when again, suddenly soared to 80 points!

On the special What outrageous!

Not easily broken against the dog brother, I have been the girl lost a whole.

Brother is now ... is so handsome? !

Can you eat your face? !

Wang Yan's mouth is slightly twitching, looked at the troubles and touched it, looking at the pen everywhere, the result is only a lonely stupid, feel very mysterious.

Is this girl really foolish?

The big probability is true ... but is completely unliked as Nina.

Dog brother hurriedly put a cold face and rejected her back to a thousand miles: "I am not a star, never give signed."

After you rush her head, turn around.

The result has not yet waiting for a few steps, and the eye angle is light to the panel's good feelings, the rise is 90 ...

I tap, do you refuse my mother as a cold?

I really don't feel good for you ...


Zhu Jiyu and Wang Yunxi smiled, sending Wang Yan to the company's door, sitting on the hotel, looking back, resting in the company lobby, looking at the gift car.

Both people look at it, meaning deep.


Zhu Jiqi cough, tested and asked: "Mr. Wang, I plan to go directly to the process, this girl is really not allowed ... or not, I will talk to her at night."

Wang Yunxi didn't nately did not shook his head, and he was unfamed: "This is the internal affairs of your branch, you decided."


Zhu Ji smiled and returned to the office, issued a message in the company.

"At 6:30 in the evening, the chairman invited everyone, all employees and all A-level anchors can participate, the location is the four seasons of the 1st floor of Ritz, please prepare for you in advance."

Wang Yunxi looked at him to send the news, could not help but sigh, this child is not big, it will do things.

Please go alone the noisy What kind of thing?

Enough of all levels are invited anchor, businesslike, make assumptions about what that time really, that are personal behavior, and I have no melon.



Dogs brother hurried back to Hong Kee, to appease a few Missy, this clueless and did not know himself to be "sold".

But even he can not know what to say.

Because this is a sense of social norm.

When a person stand on a certain height, there will be countless people rack their brains to please him, not a social young children simply can not imagine the kind of exaggerated degree.

Chairman of a family-owned giant tube just been arrested some time ago, not trial, but the probability is 99% of the death penalty.

The industry knows that the goods are vaguely guilty thing how much the figure is several hundred million direct corruption, transfer of benefits tens of billions of illegal operations.

Mistress several hundreds, the company's best back and forth several scourge, many even being personally served her husband.

However, in the beginning, the big brother who is both able and cautious, less than two decades, sat down on the position of group vice president.

Then, upgrade Raiders, slowly, he finally could not carry.

Wang Yan and other powers are not comparable, however, the benefits flow out of the hands of Wang Yan, has been promoted to class enough.

So we have the money or, Zhu Ke season worth mentioning, are willing to try a variety.

Why realists always better off?

Because they not only can adapt to society, but also take the initiative to do cater for young people, this is actually very difficult.


Wang Yan Hong remember back when the pool is a large group of sister Sahuan.

He looked at the past, I feel a little hold live, quickly retreated.

Fu Yu poetry is inconvenient, no water, accompany Wang Yan to the foundation of the foundation.

"How come?"

"The first day of small glass comes back, everyone discusss to gather at night."

Wang Yan is nice: "Then you don't run, just gather in the coffee CHA restaurant in Xiangji, there is KTV ..."

Fu Yu poetry is very strong, suddenly looks up: "You don't go?"

"Company has something, today I have to arrange employees to gather meals, come back later."


The little mutual lifting is slightly with mouth, and it is unhappy.

She is very little like this, it should now be more close, so they will be so spoiled.

"Ha ha!"

Wang Yan is laughter, no teasing her again.

"Anyway, you have to have a lot of night, I have come back and come back."

"You talk to Liu Xiao, don't ask me."

Fu Yu Shi looks like it is recovery, and in fact, the tone is still very proud, especially interesting.

Wang Yan put the topic back: "How is the company?"

He asked Wang Tingying Industry.

The old man, the understanding of the company's understanding, or even Fu Yushi, is also enough.

Small public booth asks: "An Sister is not an idea to come to our company? Yange seems to be."

"Kuang can't manage the company."

Wang Yan shook his head, "Kuo only suitable for engaging in public relations and outsiders, so he didn't mention it with me. But after the" Witch "is released, I will allow him to share."

Li Yixi is a top and smart second generation.

Don't look at the mountains, you will always appear in the posture of followers and ask the teachers. In fact, he is much smarter than Wang.

The biggest wisdom of this big brother is to know.

Everyone has a short board, there is no real full order, unless there.

Therefore, if a person will never do anything that is not good at, it is only necessary to operate with your own strengths, then this person will succeed.

Wang Yan believes that Li Yitu can bring a lot of help to Wang Tingying, and he will be a qualified shareholder and foreign contact, so it is willing to take a part of the shares.

As for An Xiaofang ... "

The dog brother wrinkled.

"If she is willing to operate the Wang Tingying industry wholeheartedly, it will of course be the best general manager. But I am worried about her ..."

"Worried that she will put the main energy on their own stall?"

Fu Yu poetry interface, a needle see blood.

Wang Yan nodded: "Yes, so wait a minute."

"Wait for her and four maides?"

"more than."

Wang Yan Fu also shook his head: "In fact, she and the four maiden have already been awkward, but the Grand Sheng International has its own project, and she does not have to die."

Fu Yushi frowned: "" Zhong Yu Fu Devil "" I am Queen ", is she not already losing two movies?"

"She is now working with Zi Zi, shot," Summer 19-year-old sad "coming, the youth film. Wait until it is, she will completely die."

Fu Yu's poetry is full of eyes, it is very surprised.

"I just started to shoot, are you so much not optimistic?!"

Wang Yan, asked: "Do you think Zi Zi is acting?"


Xiao Mutan suddenly doned, very helpless, he glanced.

"I am very happy with Zi Zikai, and the brother is straight and humorous. It is a good person. Can you don't force me to tell him bad?"


Dog brother was teased.

You so high-profile euphemism wrapped around the big circle, the result is not the same?

Ok, I will express it for you ...

"Ziyi is suitable for playing some natural life, can't afford the protagonist of a movie.

The youth film is now falling into a strange circle. It is tight that the trifle love is too low, the upper limit is too low.

Anyway, I am not optimistic. "

Fu Yu Shi silently nodded, she can understand the idea of ​​Wang Yan.

From "Those Year", the youth flakes are really not as good as one, and there is no lower limit.

Because of this, "Witch" is extremely rare.

The big woman is active, and the country seems to have no precedent, one copy.

Although the market is limited, but at least it is fresh and unique!

"So, what kind of" summer "is going to absorb the Sister into the company after the" summer "is online?"

"Do not."

Wang Yan shakes his head, and Fu Yu is surprised.

"I am planning ... I have acquired Grand Sheng International."


⊙ ⊙ ⊙!

Fu Yushi was completely shocked, and he felt that he could not keep the idea of ​​Wang Yan.

Dog brother calmly smiled, asked: "Wang Tingying is now only one empty shelf, you won't think that I will recruit one by one?"

It is also ...

She didn't look through Wang Yan, and this guy did not worry about troubled.

According to this, the acquisition of Grand Sheng International is a one-step chess.

The general manager has, the team has, and the ability to issue the issuance is also in place, it is a little money.

"There is something that money can solve."

Daddy is not intertwined.

"And don't need all cash acquisitions, wait until" Women "release, 20% equity plus a little cash, it should be enough to take An Xiaofen."

Fu Yu Shi is stunned: "Do you have such confidence in" Women "?"

"of course."

Wang Yan picks the eyebrows: "You don't look at who starring? Screenwriter and director have a little dish, but the starring is amazing!"

"... German!"

Fu Yu Shi smiled and charming, the little white eye turned down ... thrilling!

Although it is a joke, the dog's attitude can also reflect his powerful confidence, Fu Yu Shi feels a long-lost sense of security, so it is much better than usual.

At this time, Wang Yan still didn't know that Chayalan wanted to force him to feed him.

If you know, I am afraid that it will be more confident.

Fu Yushi hands closed, fragmentation: "I wish" the "witch" sold, Wang Chuan is willing to drink ... "

Small looks particularly cute.

Wang Yan also learned her hands with the ten, Sui Zong prayed: "I wish the" witch "big sale, small public boosts promoted the new generation of new generations ..."

Fu Yu poetry is shy, and it is said that it is a dead dog: "I am annoying you first!"

Are you really annoying?

It is definitely not ah ...

The two people are getting more than 5 o'clock, and the rest of their sisters are slowly.

Today's people have come to Qi, Wang Yan and the kung fu of them, and see if they are going to 6 o'clock.

Liu Wei has not come yet, and the dog is straight to see the table.

Today is the Emperor Dance Party, the Doggles specially wearing the Emperor Owl, if you dare to Dai Miao Princess, the Patek Philippe, and advocate.

"Why are you looking for a table? Is there something?"

Lin Weiwei's big question, all the ear around it all.

"Today, I invite the employees of the branch to gather, it is commended their excellent performance, I have to go to a while, you can eat, don't wait for me."

Answer an exit, many people obviously reveal.

In addition to the relationship between the students outside the girlfriend, Liu Wei is, the better the relationship between Liu Wei, and one-third of the factors should be attributed to Wang Yan.

It's not from what benefits from Wang Yan, but I hope that there is a big reminder to take care of it. Once I have encountered something that is not allowed, there is at least a few people who can ask.

If it is not Liu Wei, they have a big probability that there is no chance to meet such a hierarchy, so they pay attention to the less poor contact opportunities.

As a result, playing in the afternoon, only with Wang Yan, was very regrettable.

Wang Yan also didn't have the same, and the time was coming, I had to send Liu Xiao, and there is a wealthy building.

When the dog came out, I got it, I'm going to squat: "The branch dinner, Wang Yan is not going, how many bosses? The status is not right ... really disappointed!"

Other girls also think that it is such a thing, I feel that Wang Yan doesn't seem to be willing to play with them, it is quite self-hurt.

The atmosphere is somewhat embarrassed.

Na Wu is stupid, look at this, look at that, don't know what to say.

Lu Yuanyuan glanced at it, and he said: "You know a fart!"

"I don't understand, do you understand?"

I immediately said that the anti-lip sarously, Lu Yuanyuan didn't take her.

At the critical moment, Lin Weiwei stationed out.

"You really want to be of course.

Yes, Wang Wang is the company president, no need to care too much about the idea of ​​the branch of the branch.

But the problem is, since it has already announced that it is necessary, it should be in place one-time, and it cannot be perfunctive.

I don't go, the result of the buyer's heart is discounted immediately, and what is this guest?

It is better to send it directly, at least will not let the employees look forward to it, and they are disappointed.

If you are like you, you will be scattered in two or three people! "

It is said that the other people suddenly realized.

The key is that Lin Weiwei said in the reason, carefully think about it, it is really impossible to be as casual in the school, otherwise more people have to fail.

Seeing everyone understands, Fu Yu Shi is also followed in time, helping to knock the drum.

"Let's go to the restaurant, don't worry, small glass is hard to come out, Wang always will definitely come back."

A group of girls finally relieved, and recovered the cheerful.

Nawu was lifted by Lu Yuanyuan, followed by Fu Yu Shi and Lin Weiwei, left to see, look at it, it feels very wrong.

Benn people ...

Why is it like a right arm of Wang Wang, Haden two? !

Earlier, are they so tacit?

The problem that is not forming is about two or seconds in the bottom of the heart, and it will be slammed by a slap.

"Wow! Bear is why your back is so touched? Sneak in practice ?!"

"Leaning! Don't run!"

Na Wu immediately rushed to the past, and the result was ran fast. She dragged a pair of big cums, could not catch up.

Then, the sisters behind also rushed up.

"I have a look ...!"

"When I arrived, I was ... I!"

"It feels good ... Hey!"

One person, run, Nawu is anti-can't resist, chasing it, can't catch up, you are crying.

The little tacit about Lin Weiwei and Fu Yu Shi, so it was forgotten after the brain.