God of Life

Chapter 626, big flicker, go out again

The four seasons as a full-time restaurant for Ritt Carlton, and they have been praised by the ladies since the beginning of the opening.

Why is a lady?

Because the environment is really the top of the buffet, the current presence of 2016 is now a unique existence.

And in terms of service, Ritz Carlton's consistent style is continued, and the thoughtfulness is known, and it is particularly meticulous to meet the adjustments in the minds of the white-collar workers.

Wang Yan put the dinner site here, which can be a painful heart.

Unfortunately, Zhu Ji did not understand the bitterness of dog brother. When he arrived 10 minutes in advance, he found that Zhu Jiqi actually wrapped out the entire restaurant!

Oops, I know that I have to make this thing ...

Wang Da Xiao looked at the restaurant in the people, smoked, but could not criticize Xiao Zhu.

After all, he is not familiar with his own style, and he has not clearly indicated to the package, so the current situation can be understood.

But it is indeed inconvenient.

To western dining area, 20 employees plus the six-digit S-class and thirteen A-level Signing anchors have arrived.

At the moment of seeing Wang Yan, the whole thing of the hula was standing.

"Wang is good!"

Wang Yan felt around the surrounding gaze, hurriedly swayed: "Sitting, today without Wang, only colleagues and friends. Everyone is comfortable, eat well."

Wang Yan and the financial command, low-key mixed into the middle of the crowd.

And there is a wealth to find a manager, and ask if you can give you a private point space.

Not a while, the Chinese food area was separated separately, the manager invited Wang Yan and a group of people.

The current four seasons is actually a half-single-single mode, divided into Chinese food, western dining area, dessert area.

The Chinese food area is just in the horizontal in the L-type overall structure, although there is no private room, but after the intermediate is separated, privateness is also mixed.

Then the self-help food is self-take, the menu is single.

Dog brothers should naturally do not control prices.

Four people a table, what do you like, each to do the master, no upper limit.

Seeing that some employees can't open, Wang Yan also took the initiative to give each table to the most expensive wine and champagne in the store.

It seems to be 28888 Marge 2002?

Wang Yan did not look carefully, I feel that there is no six digits, I will let go of 12.

Hundreds of thousands, I have to breathe for a while.

Then it is a chat, accepting the toasting of the gods.

Wang Tingdi's branch only has six S-level signed anchors, but all of them are gods.

Four famous big anchors, three men and a woman, respectively, fast hands, funny, tiger tooth, doing entertainment live, all the jumps to Wang Ting entertainment, the company sent their outer number - .

Ugly is very clear.

They belong to that kind of self-profitability, but lacks a further quality, staying in the current location for a long time.

In addition, two S-signed anchors are newcomers, Wang Ting Entertainment's focus, is the potential stock of the characteristic greater than profitability.

One of them is called Shi Yue, the famous network, the graduate student of the Emperor University, the business running to engage in the host game live, so far, there is no money, and it is impossible to know that it is difficult to earn money in the future.

Wang Ting Entertainment is willing to give her S about S about it because of its characteristics.

She can never earn money, Wang Yan does not have any profitable needs, as long as she is doing well, standing, becoming a banner of the host game, is enough to cooperate with the company to complete many strategic goals.

Another girl is called Li Siya, and the net name Siya is a wonderful flower that is going to do DJ from the CCT.

Her musical instrument is very solid, but in Wang Yan, the creative talent is only general.

A few songs mixed, is not as good as the level of TOBU.

But don't matter, her chest and thin legs long face egg beauty, this is also a rare talent.

First, when the anchor is slowly practiced, wear the horizontal difference. If you have a real desk opportunity.

Wang Ting Entertainment can sign her, still thanks to Wang Yan's electricity, otherwise she will not sit in the room.

Her future is a truly artist who jumps to Wang Tingcun.

Participate in the electrical performance, pick up the business performance, pat the drama, and then engage in two variety, the front line is basically no play, but it is not a problem for the third line.

According to a three-line artist, it will not earn too much money. It is not as good as a top anchor for a year.

However, Siya is much more than the meaning of Wang Ting Entertainment than a top anchor.

That meaning is called "example".

You see, as long as you work hard, even if you are just a small anchor today, it is possible to become a well-known art.

Wang Ting Entertainment is docked with Wang Tingying, the opportunity will always have, only you can grasp!

Chicken Tang is just a brother to come to the bowl ...

This is not better than Wang Siming with banana entertainment, how much is strong?

Strictly speaking, Wang Siming's ideas is good, Panda TV is connected to banana entertainment, open upstream, thick and root base, is a high idea.

Unfortunately, the specific operation is too suffocated.

To cultivate artists, don't say that you can use your own traffic, you can be so easy to fill it, can you pay so much? !

Kunling how to pull the king and stir-fry, she is just a 18-line lady.

In the final analysis, the artist still has a work.

The songs, stage, variety of the four sons in the country, are all works that people spell out with sweats, the maturity is extremely high, and the cool handsome is powerful, so it can take a lot of powder.

Regardless of whether adults like it, people are really popular in the middle of young people, and their price should be high.

The hard push people like Wang Siming is a typical eye master, not grounding.

It is not right, and how hard is it.

Wang Yan did not rush to Wang Tingcun, when shooting "Witch", a self-motion, the dragon set is a professional specialty at the professional specialty.

At the same time, the whole of Wang Ting Entertainment is in everywhere, just to pick a good seedling that can enter the entertainment circle.

Music class, dance lesson, body class, host class, performance class ...

The spectacles have made so many professional training, why?

On the one hand, strengthen the quality of theme, on the one hand, pick out the good seedlings that can be taken upwards, and leave the example after it.

At present, there are seven or eight of the special anchors of observing the culture during the observation of Siya.

Five of them are extremely talented in singing, but because of the family factors, they have not received professional training.

Outside normal live, they have a rod lesson and a lot of homework every day.

It is not mandatory, and love does not stick to it. Anyway, only the lonely, insist that the last or that there will be the qualifications of the challenge.

There is also a little girl who is born by the opera, is being practiced.

The screening of the performance direction is the most stringent. Only one of the first two people who are extremely good at funny, and the live broadcast is stuffed into the actual performance.

The pragmatic fact of Wang Ting Entertainment is reflected here.

Plans to achieve far, but we are not anxious.

Bai people raise the special S sign A signed anchor for two or three years, don't count things at all.

Two or three years later, some people truly practiced, and practiced the level of tip, pushing them into the "good voice" or direct albums, they were small.

No one is practicing, then cultivating the next batch.

Wang Yan has never thought about it, push some slag to demonstrate strength.

If you have a sense of feeling, bad words, you don't do it.


And Wang Yunxi, Zhu Ji chatted a lot of the future of the company's future, big strategy, Xiao Zhu suddenly felt that the Switch to Wang Ting's S-signed anchor.

"You have a loss company has your town, otherwise the foreign S sign is too difficult to manage ..."

"Oh? Is anyone dissatisfaction?"

Wang Yan picked his eyebrows.

"It is not that the extent, but they may be used to having a guild to help play various activities. After we are here, there is always a little strange ..."

Zhu Jiyi's complaint made Wang Yan have improved vigilance.

"This situation, should be not only the emperor branch?"

Wang Yunxi nodded: "I listen to the following reactions, basic every branch has a similar problem."

"This style is not long." Wang Yan frowned.

Wang Yunxi smiled: "We are indeed in challenge the hidden rules in the industry. It takes time to understand each other, understand each other, and Xiao Zhu's communication work has achieved fruitful, and everyone is still very well used."

Wang Yan decisively waved: "It is a fortune, calling waiters, fight a big table."

Then looked back and told Zhu Jiyu: "You will come over, I will talk to them."

Zhu Jiqi feels bad enough, I didn't expect, Wang Yan did something, and more revolution than him.

When the four hopping anchors were called, they were strange on the head.

Wang Yan directly opened the public, and talked to the most sharp problem.

"What do you think about things do you have for companies that don't help you play?"

Four people have a sinking, starting to face each other.

Wang Yan put his hand: "Don't hide, what is said, I am not a person who is hovering, let's talk about things, today I discussed this unreasonable.

Unreasonable, I will change the rules immediately. Reasonably, you give me a promise. bring it on! "

Wang Hao's domineering, so that they press the mountain.

But Wang Yan has a good reputation and attitude at this moment, let them feel it.

Heshell, the first opening of the first opening of the earliest touched.

"Wang always, I tell the truth, then you are here to really make money than before, but after this month I found these things do not help the Society fight activities, the impact is indeed better than expected in the big ......"

The root of the differences between the two sides, right here.

As we all know, the top of the head with the men, not to make money.

Not their gold absorption capacity is not strong, but to maintain the status of the corresponding investment is too big.

Endless activity on the platform, which had to fight, a fight is necessary to spend money on them pumped Association dividends, often not enough to fight the activities of spending, we had to take the fall.

So do not fight okay?

Of course not.

Society does not appear, the fans absolutely fried, anchor will complain, every minute quit.

Therefore, the general of the Society simply could not afford more than two head male anchor, the reasons here.

Wang Ting and entertainment dare to sign so many S-class male anchor, not because Wang big money less capricious, but because ...... Wang Ting entertainment does not spoiled the set.

Activities you love Da Buda.

I want to play, then you rely on hard power fans arch up, or at their own cost, anyway, regardless of the company.

S signed a contract already is the top of the industry's most conscience, into a gift to you of 40%, a tax payment by the company, ask for this and that, that you did not qualify.

As a result, Wang Ting entertainment to get rid of one of the greatest burden, so even though the anchor to many, but there are still more than 10% profit margin.

Wang Ting entertainment in this respect behaved extremely strong, but most switched anchors are accepted, and why?

Because to their contracts, there is a studio on the establishment of gambling terms.

Probably mean, what kind of performance within one year or two years, will be able to support entertainment by the King of the Court, set up their personal studio.

The greatest significance of studio, with independent contractors anchor qualifications.

King of the Court of entertainment studio not only equity holding.

In this way, they immediately become King of the Court of entertainment partners, can by Wang Ting entertainment fame, signing to anchor its own.

Azhe chatted here, frankly: "In fact, this is a company with our own, and there is no difference between the apprentice.

Then why are we willing to sign you?

Because we believe in the reputation of Wang Ting Entertainment, I feel that the studio that is coming out is stable.

On the one hand, you have a rain and rain, on the one hand, the newcomer is also easier.

However, the problem now is that the guild does not help us play the activity. In the short term, our income is improved, it seems to be a good thing.

However, how long is our status?

Don't play activities, don't fight for brother, it's hard to keep in mind!

Then we have to pay yourself and play activities, and an annual game may take one or more than one million ...

Calculate the general ledger, is this not a big loss? "

Wang Yan was patient and heard, suddenly asked: "Why do you want to maintain the status?"

Everyone was asked, including Zhu Jiqi and Wang Yunxi.

Is this not a clear?

I'm asking: "Do not maintain the status, don't do a platform, a brother, how can there be a new fan? I can't always eat old powder? I will lose ..."

"So your first purpose is to drain."

Wang Yan has made him a summary, then asked: "So, do not do a platform, do the platform ten brother, as long as you stay on the same list, how big is the difference between the drainage effect? "


Everyone continues to happen, it is not sure to reply for a while: "It should be quite big? We have not studied this ..."

"Wrong is wrong, the difference is actually inexpensive."

Wang Yan is swaying, and the moon is laughing.

"The upper page of the platform homepage is the best drafling effect, but that only special circumstances can be on.

Usually routinely recommended positions, the best is the cover recommendation below the large banner, ranked according to the comprehensive data such as popularity, gifts, and the specific to each platform is different.

However, according to us, as long as there is a cover hanging in that position, the first or rank tenth and the flow gap are extremely small.

You have to understand that the behavior patterns of newcomers are different from the old players, they will take a room to find the content of interest.

The phenomenon of the interception will only occur between the home page and the secondary pages, and there is no difference between the same row of the homepage.

Suppose there is a total of four blocks, then the fourth traffic is less than 5% lower than the first low.

So whether you can keep them, don't depend on your seal, but your style and content. "

I don't know how to understand, I feel like it.

Azhe rushed again: "It may not be a lot of differences, but when you open a personal studio, you will not recognize your platform!

When I arrived, I went bigger!

Just like the apprentice, those newcomers who have been very beautiful, talented, high and high, which don't go to a brother?

Most most, I have to be a three sister?

Ten brothers, where is the card? ! "

This is indeed, and people who have a constant platform have a deep understanding.

One brother's sister's card is always the strongest.

However, Wang Yan also drifted and asked: "You still don't figure out a matter ... Do you have a small workshop yourself, is it comparable to Wang Ting Entertainment?"

Several big anchors were also asked.

Wang Yan is slow, and the essence of this matter is smashed in front of them: "In the past, the big anchor received the apprentice, the higher the status, the more people were sought after.

However, what the so-called position is the guild and yourself and you will buy it back.

The platform requires you to buy, and you have to buy it.

Because you are too weak, there is no qualification resistance, you can only play in accordance with the rules of the platform.

It is not the same later!

You open a living studio, the name hang is the 'Wang Ting Entertainment a certain studio'.

Signing new people, relying on Wang Ting Entertainment's name and reputation.

How much relationship with your personal status?

You don't fight, and Ann is divided into a platform ten brothers. The newcomers sign the contract are more than one brother, better than a brother.

Because Wang Ting Entertainment's gold medal is placed there!

And the money you earn is in your own pocket, there is a big half of the money to sign a newcomer, is it uncomfortable?

Your character is stronger, wins, then you can spend less money, playing a second brother, the position of the third brother, to meet the fan of fans.

A lot of affordable, the cost is so much, is not much better than the face of the face?

I don't understand, I will find a reliable accounting, and calculate the cost of cost, and the result is at a glance. "

Nodded by everyone.


It's really like this, but there is too much more than before!

Wang Yan loudly, there is no big action, and there is a surrogate, but there is a unparalleled domineering.

"So you must want to be clear, where is this comfortable day -

It is the brand of Wang Ting Entertainment to you!

Without Wang Ting Entertainment, you can only go to the small workshop, spend money, playing various activities, relying on criminal apprentices to make money.

Behind Wang Ting Entertainment, you can become a regular army, make a clean money.

And Wang Ting Entertainment's reputation and word of mouth are not falling in the sky. It is my money to promote publicity, stir-fry, and make charities, and operate at a point.

Before this, you didn't contribute to Wang Ting Entertainment, but the company still gave you the most powerful contracts in your industry, and even willing to let you share the reputation and reputation of the company.

So you don't have any reason to ask the company to help you compete for honor.

Who wants to make a brother, go to spell it.

Think carefully to answer me: Is it unreasonable? "

"It's really reasonable ..."

A few people nodded, and the hearts were unclear, and they were suited at the most mouth.

"You can rest assured that since Wang Ting Entertainment, we must do it well, it is not a newcomer. How to speak, everything is talking, no problem!"

This is very interesting this.

In fact, there is still doubts?

Wang Yan is understandable, after all, after all, it has already formed a thinking of thinking, suddenly not hit, will definitely suffer from being lost.

In the face of this situation, he may not pay attention to the time to determine who is the correct person.

However, they four, they did not represent themselves, and they also represent dozens of hopping to Wang Ting Entertainment's S-class anchor.

Self-playing Wang Ting Entertainment On March 31, he became famous in the world. He immediately launched the most conscientious S sign contract in the industry, attracted countless external head anchors.

More than a month ago, Wang Ting Entertainment had only more than 20 S-signed anchors, through the speed of the union, and the birthday banquet, it has trained more than ten, and the total number is less than forty.

Today, after more than a month, Wang Ting Entertainment has had more than one hundred S-signed anchors, accounting for the half-Wanjiang Mountain of the seven platforms.

Most of the half are hopped by each small mission.

Even if you pick it, you have a very strict screening of the personal conduct and historical black material of the hopping anchor, and the S sign is still expanding to today.

So many foreign big anchors, let Wang Ting entertainment have greatly improved the profitability, but at the same time, it also brings huge management pressure.

Don't make them, don't put their enthusiasm, it is easy to be chaotic.

It doesn't matter if you put it in us, you will slowly appear.

But now is very moment, Wang Ting Entertainment is preparing to declare war against the entire industry.

As the saying goes, it will be in place.

For this special period, the company's internal stability is worthy of any extent.

When you think of this, Wang Yan coughs, and took out the fudge that was not yet famous.

"In fact, your contract is still not the top contract of Wang Ting Entertainment."

Everyone on the table is in a hurry.

Especially with Wang Yunxi, it is the most realistic.

What is it? !

Is there a special contract on the S sign? !

I don't know ... I am still not your general manager? !

Wang Da fudged is particularly calm, and the expression is a sincere, it seems to be a light.

"The top contract is named S +, in fact, it is not much different from the current S sign, just a special provision - the advanced partner terms.

As the name suggests, signed an anchor of the S + contract. After meeting a certain condition, you can become a senior partner of Wang Ting Entertainment, and purchase a certain amount of Wang Ting Entertainment Shares at the time of the valuation.

Like the mid bell, becoming a shareholder of Wang Ting Entertainment, sharing the company's development dividends.

It is different from the equity incentive program that the equity incentive plan is facing the company's employees and management, and the shares are from the issue of the power pool.

And the S + Signing Contract is facing the anchors, I will take out my personal shareholding to sell to everyone as much as possible.

Although it requires you to pay for the subscription, but at the same time, it does not have various restrictions on the shareholding.

At the very least, you can freely sell this part of the shares.

Of course, I don't recommend you to do it, Wang Ting Entertainment is not good, painful, Ali, and seashock I want to board the car, but I have never got opportunities ... "

I flicked half, all of you were all.

Not only the four hopping anchors are excited to breathe, and they don't have a woman who doesn't have much, and the Siya is red.

Wang Ting Entertainment's shares are now more and more, and you can see more than two eyes Financial news.

Wang Da Shao stopped the news of A round financing. At the beginning, it took a few days in the headlines, and there were various discussions in Weibo.

As a practitioner, they are more clear Wang Ting Entertainment prospects.

If it is not particularly optimistic, why do you want to hop?

Since it is optimistic, then who doesn't want to get the company's share?

Several people are anxious:

"How can I get S + signing ?!"

"WANG, is there anyone gets the S + contract?"

"Mr. Wang, you report a charter, we absolutely work!"

Wang Yan began to pull, where happened to.

"The first batch of S + contracts have been almost settled, Viya, elegant, Zhang Daxie, the bells, a few of them are stable.

Fat, Miss Miss, if they are willing to come to Wang Ting, should also sign S +.

The second batch will wait again. Everyone is fair competition in the same running line. It has achieved results, or the personal brand is working well, or the studio has done more ...

In short, all S signed anchors have an opportunity to upgrade contracts, but it is not easy.

In the difficulty, I can't fool you, give irresponsible commitments ... "

Silly children are excited to nod: "Yes, it is certainly difficult. But as long as there is a chance, we believe you!"

The big flicker said that he is not fooled, then everyone believes, it is very magical.

Of course, Wang Yan is not a lie, and the S + contract is true.

He does have this plan.

However, there is no comprehensive plan for implementation, and is now just a strategic concept.

The goal is still that - build the Great Wall.

The reasons for the mission is the live broadcast of e-commerce.

Seeing Taobao live broadcast is already a month and a half, sales is growing every day, the range is not large, but it is extremely robust, it can be seen in market potential.

In this way, the original personal studio is a bit not enough.

Compared with the value created by the e-commerce anchor, Wang Yan gave them a contract fee to the chicken ribs, and in the equity allocation of the personal studio, there is no room for returning.

Let them repurchase a part of the shareholding of the personal studio, Wang Ting Entertainment's leadership will become extremely embarrassing.

Don't let them repurchase, Wang Ting Entertainment is too much.


If you have been unbalanced, it will definitely be a branch.

Wang Yan is very powerful, but there are too many people in this world, and they are glow in the right position, and they are not in the worship difference.

If Wang Yan does not let them glow, or if they do not give back the return after they glow, they will go.

The departure of individual people may be ambition, so that the large-scale leaving must be the dereliction of duty.

What should I do?

Wang Yan wants to think, simply allow them to buy Wang Ting Entertainment's equity.

Please put the best talents to the same charius, create together, and share it together, don't you end?

If you change your eyelid, you may be reluctant.

Wang Yan She has.

The senior partner system is a very wisdom of ideas.

Cancel the limit on your identity, becoming a real partner, not only sharing business dividends, but also sharing capital appreciation.

With future money, in exchange for the whole effort, then because of all the best in the city, we earn more money in the future.

This is the wisdom of the wishes.

So, Wang Yan has a new S + contract conception.

It is still not yet mature, so it is purely flickering, and everyone's heart.

But soon, it will become reality.

The S + Contract, each represents a big net red with strong talents, just like a beacon, standing on the Great Wall, to defend our street for Wang Ting Entertainment.

Higher, look at the enemy camp.

At that time, what strength can I break Wang Ting Entertainment's defense?

Not only the Wang Yan realized this, Wang Yunxi and Zhu Jizhen also wanted to understand, therefore became passionate, and the face is red.

Wang Yan mildly laughed, and the big flicker is broadcast.

"Hai Zi brother, look back, make this, open this matter to the B sign, although they are a bit far from the S + contract, but also a kind of incentive."

I have no jog.

As soon as I came out, Ashi immediately known that this matter is definitely a foregone.

Lying in the trough!

When Wang Ting Entertainment's shareholders?

I don't want to think about it ...

Several hopping anchors have become unprecedented and respectful, obviously have been in the heart.

For such a boss, I really can't pick it up.

Wang Yunxi nodded, confident, fighting: "You can rest assured that before public statement, I must condense the company in the iron plate! This battle, we will win!"

The anchors listened to the mist, whatreyou chatted?

Who is company going to fight?

However, don't understand that they don't hinder them.

"Wang, you can rest assured, where is the company, where I am, guaranteed that there is no two words!"

"The company is in me, the company is not in me! Wang Qi, I will tell you!"

"I respect you a glass of wine, you are waiting to see my performance!"

No matter whether it is not particular, anything is coming.

Listening is a bit uncommon, but this is also a manifestation that the military is available.

As a result, Wang Yan knows that this sudden accident should not be used by himself ...

Well, I will solve it as soon as possible, then I am happy to play with my little sister!

It is the fantasy of the sun beach bikini, and he suddenly surged.

Bring the head, come over the girl, and clamp the dog.

"Idol, boss, should I go to us?"

What is the wheel?

Who is the wheel? Who?

The dog brother was scared, just to raise his hand to show the white, the A signed anchor that was flooded was overwhelmed.

"Forget it, you don't move, we come here!"


This update time ... is not surprised?