God of Life

Chapter 1: When People Are Poor

The world is a bitch, showing beauty only to rich people.


The city is bored by the flames of July.

Wang Yan lay naked in a vine chair in the shade of his own small courtyard and threw up his tongue.

My stomach is still aching, I drank it twice yesterday, and the sequelae continue to this day. I'm a little hungry, but I can't eat anything, and I suffer a lot.

The phone placed beside him suddenly rang, and Wang Yan was powerless to connect.


“Wong! He Meng's promotion is on the 2nd. Are you sure you want to go? ”

Wang Yonglei's duck voice came from the amplifier. That was exciting. It sounded like it was going to be high - tidal.

Wang Yan can understand Wang Yonglei's excitement.

He Meng is one of the three most beautiful flowers of the current graduate of experimental high school. He has long, thin waist legs and beautiful skin. He is the goddess of many boys' hearts.

He Meng wore a pair of hot pants yesterday, and the loose long t-shirt went all the way to the root of his thigh. Although the curve of his body was covered by it, the two long legs opened their firepower completely. That special temptation, I don't know how many boys would look straight into his eyes.

Wang Yan thought of Ho Meng's costume and that delicate face, and there was some kind of emotional stupidity in his mind.

The answer, however, is two words that are the exact opposite of emotion.

“No! ”

“Ah?” Wang Yonglei was a little confused. “Really? That's how beautiful she is! What do you think? ”

“Not all the way here. What are you going to do? ”

“Tsk... Wong Er, were you stimulated yesterday at Liu Weilong's promotion feast? No, I didn't say that. Are you so mean? How big is it...”

How big is it?

You're not the one who's been accused. It doesn't hurt to hit someone else's kids, does it?

Yesterday, Liu Weilong's promotion feast, Wang Yan didn't want to go.

Although the two were classmates, there were different circles in the class, and there was little convergence in the past.

Liu Weilong and He Meng were all children of rich people in that small circle. Wang Yan went down to the poor farmer, and he never knelt down to lick his personality. He didn't fit in. He respected and went away.

However, Wang Yonglei was invited. Wang Yan finally chose to participate based on the idea of having a classmate play and gathering once less.

The result was not good at all.

Wang Yan's red envelope was given according to the standard of the average family. 200 yuan is really not much, but the other party will also need only 200 yuan to return the gift, which is a courtesy transaction.

It's normal to think about it, but it's squeezed in by a few advantageous eyes, and it's hard to puke twice.

Until now, when I think of those scoffs, Wang Yan's heart is still burning.

“The dragon arranges a five-star hotel, not a drink. A table of dishes costs more than $2,000, accompanied by 200 giftists? You're so funny! ”

“That's right, mixed food and drinks? ”

“Let me tell you something, Dragon is no worse than your 200 bucks. Come on, bore one! You don't have the money, do you? ”

The young man had a good face, but Wang Yan was not foolish. When he came back, he swore: In the future, these guys will not go to school!

For what reason?

Take a good college to show off, your girlfriend to show off, and now the gifted people have to be stomped on to do what they can?!

Are you fucking hungry?!

Especially when Liu Weilong falsely said, "In fact, you volunteered wisely. Although Xingcheng Normal is two copies, the proportion of girls is high, and any boy can find a girlfriend, don't worry about being single”, Wang Yan really wanted to slap the girl.

Aren't you a little rich at home?

If I had that much money, I would have fucking chased Ho Meng!

Money won't cost you a stupid beep!

Yesterday's experience was so unpleasant, Wang Yan would definitely not go to Ho Meng's promotion party to find it uncomfortable.

I'm not afraid, I just don't want to deal with those superior dogs anymore.

As for He Meng, let's think of it as a high school dream...

Wang Yan's heart was a little obvious when he thought of finally ending three years of secret love, but he understood that it was inevitable.

Lazy enough to talk to Wang Yonglei again, directly cut off the other persuasion: “Stop! You treat me, I'll definitely go. Let them go. I can't climb. Bye-bye!”

Hanging up the phone, Wang Yan threw the phone aside and shook his head with a smile.

I really don't have a B-count.

What are you doing?

Played like a clown by those superiority boomerang guys, just to lick her face and say a few words to Ho Dream, then take the scent from her home to masturbate?!

Drum Corner is a mining city filled with outbursts of households, inches of gold business center and scarred urban village intersect. You and my family are the epitome of millions of urban farmers, living in low shantytowns where you can't even see the sun during the day!

In such a restless monetary society, the gap between you and He Dream, [classmate relationship] is filled!

Breathing is wrong when people are poor.

You don't understand, but I do.

Wang Yan seemed to have a flame in his chest. He was angry and upset.

At this moment, a crisp tone suddenly sounded in my mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, the host has been selected by the Faculty of Life's Divine Deluxe System]

[As the master of the Divine Howe system, your breathing is power]

[Current System Level: Level 1]

[Each breath will receive a cash bonus of 5 cents]

[Upgrade experience: 010000]

Note 1: You can gain 1 point of experience by investing, giving, and consuming 1 yuan. Lending, repayment, transfer, etc. will not generate experience]

[Note 2: System money seconds, unlimited number of times, unlimited accounts, absolute safety]

[More features will be available after system upgrade]

Shenhuo System?!

Wang Yan stagnated and repeatedly confirmed that he was not hallucinating. His face slowly rose red.

Feng Shui rotates, come to my house this year!

Are you finally going to be the prettiest son of a bitch in the village, at the height of your life?

Excited for half a day, Wang Yan gradually accepted the fortune of falling from the sky and turned his attention back to the system itself.

Life department?

Breathing is power?

Wang Yan moved in his heart and stared at the panel. He gasped in a hurry.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! ”

Stick your tongue out, gasp like a dog, and it turns out that the money numbers on the system panel are starting to skyrocket.

+5 +5 +5 +5…

Average 1 cents per second.

When he tried to earn $10, Wang Yan flipped his eyes and pounded on the vine chair, lying half-dead.

Mahjong, this is a joke about your life. When you earn the first 10,000 dollars in your life, get the funeral ready!

Resting almost, Wang Yan changed his mind, ready to test, under normal conditions, the number of breaths per minute.

Breathe flat, silent count.

As a result, all of a sudden, you don't catch your breath, either fast or slow, and then you hold your face red again.

Wang Yan couldn't help but laugh.

Is it hard to breathe when you're hooked up to money?

“Be natural, relax, relax! ”

Wang Yan muttered to cheer himself up and started trying again.

Try to keep your mind off your breath, and after a few minutes, you finally get an approximate number.

Breathe about 20 times a minute, which means $1 a minute.

The numbers didn't seem high, but Wang Yan was very simple and suddenly startled.

About $1,440 a day!


Wang Yan jumped up, the yard was full of spinning, boxing and punching the air, and he couldn't calm down for half a day.

Finally, simply rush into the kitchen, scoop up a basin of water, pour it from head to toe, and cool your heart.


Simply wipe your body, Wang Yan lay down again, slowly regain your ability to think, and begin to thin out.

The system is upgradeable and should become more powerful.

100001440 = 6.94, 7 days to save upgrade experience.

It's not slow.

And the mechanism of the system is clear —— it doesn't matter where the money comes from, it's how it's spent.

No spending, no experience at all.

Want me to make a big wave of money like running water?

I love it!

On June 8, Wang Yan just stepped out of the college entrance examination, ending three years of hard work.

On June 10th, Wang Yan received the biggest sum of money in his life, 5,000 yuan, 2200 enrolled in the summer class of driving school, 2800 for the banquet ceremony between classmates, so far there are 1983 left.

A day ago, he was ridiculed and drunk because the red envelope was only $200.

Ten minutes ago, the most expensive luxury item on the dream list was an Apple phone.

Now, there's an oligopolistic, cold-blooded system that tells him that your breathing is power.

What was that like?

Life is like a box of flavorful chocolate, without eating it in your mouth, you never know which one smells like milk or which one smells like shit.

Wang Yan is quite certain: from now on, my life will always smell like milk!

What milk?

Change the brand every day, drink two bites, spit one!