Goddess Collection System of the Heavens and Worlds / System of the Heavens and Worlds

The Goddess Collection System of the Heavens and the World / The Goddess Collection System of the Heaven and the World Chapter 1

brief introduction

"I miss the feudal era very much." Chen Muyang once said this to his friends.

When a friend asked him why, Chen Muyang was full of yearning and said: "Because of polygamy in the feudal era, think about it, there can be many wives who can change sleep every day, and they can also sleep together."

"Cut!" The friends despised one after another, but the yearning in their eyes was no less than Chen Muyang.

One day, the legendary system merged with Chen Muyang, giving him the ability to travel through the heavens and the world, and Chen Muyang's claws extended toward the countless goddesses of the heavens and the world!

"My, all beauties are mine!"

Chapter 1 Goddess Collection System

People are greedy.

In addition to power and wealth, men are greedy, as well as women.

Chen Muyang is a normal man and naturally has the desires of a normal man. He also desires power, wealth and women.

It's just that Chen Muyang's family background is ordinary, without power or influence. Unlike those second-generation officials or second-generation rich, they are born with power and wealth, and can easily obtain women who look like goddesses to ordinary people.

Chen Muyang could only work hard to get these.

[Phoenix male counterattack?/Go, I'm not a Phoenix guy!

This night, when Chen Muyang was drinking boringly on the balcony of the rental house, a stream of light suddenly fell from the sky and shot into his eyebrows at a speed that he could not avoid.

After a long time, Chen Muyang suddenly opened his eyes and laughed wildly.

That light is surprisingly the legendary golden finger, called the Goddess Collection System, whose function is to send Chen Muyang through movies, cartoons, games or novels to collect goddess-level female characters in those worlds.

There were all kinds of beauties who had been yelling countless times in his mind. When he thought that he was going to attack them and gain their body and mind, Chen Muyang couldn't control himself.

[There seems to be a typo?/No!

"System, open the initial package." Chen Muyang ordered.

"Open the initial package, congratulations to the host for obtaining the necessary building goddess palace for the mission, obtaining the talent treasure chest, obtaining the advanced gene optimization liquid, and obtaining the life skill package."

Goddess Palace: A necessary building for the Goddess Collection System. The goddess who has been hacked can live in the Goddess Palace.Architectural effect: Once the name of the goddess is available on the crystal of the goddess palace, the goddess can stay young forever, look immortal, and give up to the host for no reason.

Talent Treasure Box: After opening the treasure box, you will get a random talent.

Advanced genetic optimization fluid: There is a one in a million chance of awakening genetic power.

Life skill pack: After opening the pack, you will get three life skills randomly.

Chen Muyang wiped the saliva from the corners of his mouth and immediately followed the system prompts to sacrifice to the goddess palace.

This is a huge island with mountains and rivers, forests and lakes, grasslands and snow-capped mountains.Amidst this boundless natural beauty, there are various architectural communities. You can see Chinese gardens and Western castles. You can find Japanese-style cherry gardens and fairy tree houses.

In a word, it can meet the aesthetic needs of any goddess.

What if not?

[System: I am responsible for the construction!

After Chen Muyang finished offering to the Goddess Palace, his gaze fell on the talent chest, wondering if his bloodline was the European emperor or non-chief?Can get the goddess collection system, it should be of European Emperor blood.

"Open the talent treasure chest, congratulations to the host for obtaining the talented affinity of the opposite sex."

Heterosexual Affinity: People with this talent will naturally have a strong affinity for the opposite sex, and it is easy to get a good impression of the opposite sex.

I am a male, that is to say, I have a strong female affinity, and I can easily get a good impression of women, which is of great help to my goddess of strategy.

[The system is really considerate./system:?Ha ha

After rubbing his hands, Chen Muyang opened the life skill pack again.

"Open the life skill pack. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the magic cleansing technique, the grand master cooking skill, and the grand master tailor."

In an instant, a huge flow of information flooded into my mind.

As if his brain was about to burst, Chen Muyang gritted his teeth and held his head, sweating like syrup, and soon soaked his clothes all over his body.

It was a long time before this information was fully integrated into Chen Muyang's memory, and Chen Muyang was close to a coma.

[System, your sister!/System: I have no sister.

After a long rest, Chen Muyang regained some strength, stood up and staggered to the bathroom, took off his clothes and used advanced gene optimization liquid.

In an instant, a raging fire erupted in his body and swept his body in the blink of an eye, making Chen Muyang feel as if he was a piece of iron ore put into a steelmaking furnace, which was about to melt.

Chen Muyang curled up in the bathtub, a large amount of impurities emerged from his pores, and soon a layer of foul-smelling black dirt formed on his body.

At this time, every second is like a year is what Chen Muyang really feels.

Chen Muyang was also a ruthless person, almost crushing his teeth, but he was not in a coma.

Finally, the flames receded, and Chen Muyang almost groaned easily, but was almost fainted by the stench.

[Nima, no pain, almost stinky!

Chen Muyang hurriedly sat up and opened the shower head, the water flowed down, and it was as if there was life to clean Chen Muyang's body automatically.

That's right, that one in a million chance was met by Chen Muyang, awakening the control of the genetic power water.

After washing in vain, as soon as Chen Mu came out of the bathroom with his butt, he listened to the system's prompt sound: "The first time-space shuttle will start in one minute. Please be prepared for the host."

your sister!Chen Muyang ran to the bedroom quickly, and quickly found clean clothes to change.

Just after the change, Chen Muyang was swallowed by a sudden closing door.

The scenery in front of him changed instantly, Chen Muyang appeared in a Japanese-style room, and many memories appeared in his mind.

This is the world of the revelation on the Riman campus, and Chen Muyang is currently a Chinese student in the private Teng Aesthetic Garden, studying in the first grade.

His life experience is simple. The death of his parents left him a large inheritance. As long as he does not die, he can live a life without worry.

It turned out to be the world of the Apocalypse of Milk Shaking, blessed, and finally blessed now!

Being able to be called the Apocalypse of Milk Shaking, one can imagine how beautiful the figures of the female characters in this world are.

Toshishima Masako, Marikawa Shizuka, Miyamoto Rei, Takajo Saya, Takajo Yuriko, Miyamoto Takariko, Minami Rika, Nakaoka Asami, mine is mine!

At this moment, Chen Muyang's greed for women erupted like a tide.

[System: You forgot Hilly Alice!/Young tooth loli can also be?/System: After all, it is also the goddess of the future.

According to the information provided by the system, the current time is early September, the summer vacation has just ended, and today is the fourth day of school.

The beginning of the plot is the end of the spring break and the cherry blossoms bloom, so there should be about seven months before the virus outbreak.