One night.

In my dreams I was sliding down to earth by a beautiful young man half-naked.

Oh, my God.

This isn't the first time this situation has happened (...) or... you're being too paranoid while I'm...

Looking around, the first thing you see is a giant chandelier suspended on a high ceiling… something similar to a plant. Glittering windows with light. Floors polished like mirrors, leading up to distant walls. Mysterious ornaments.

It's like a drop of poison based on medieval Europe.

I was at the center of such a space. Precisely...... my bed is placed in the center of a large space like the great hall of the palace or castle. It's a good place to be out of place.

And it's the half-naked man who rushes down momentum from the throne a few steps up and now crawls onto the floor a little off the bed.

I feel like I recognize everything. Looks like a continuation of my previous dream after all.

Yesterday... No, yesterday. I had the same dream.

I did come running over from this young man who said, 'Destroy God!'. I don't care how tired you are. Even if you're paranoid, you're flying too far, how dare you think about it and hang your blanket back and dive into bed. So, the next time I woke up with my dreams interrupted as they were, it was usually morning.

- Though some people say that potential aspirations appear on the table as dreams.

What a desire to crawl young beauties to the floor and immerse them in joy. I don't like it. I don't even want to think about it.

"Oh God of Destruction! Welcome back!

Gongongong sounds like a dull pain, but he punches his forehead on the floor. He doesn't mean it at all. A slightly exciting talk echoes in the hall. That's a beautiful bass for nothing.

He woke up snuggly in the sweatshirt he was wearing instead of a pyjama.

"... uh"

"Ha ha."

"That" God of Destruction "is creepy, so stop it. Now. And then head pounding on the floor."



A big dozen. The dull sound interrupted at the end. They'll listen to me for now.

Still, the dugout is kept.

I don't know if it's stressful... what the hell is going on here. I wish I had a slightly brighter and healthier dream if I were to see it anyway.

"So what do I call you...?

"Other than now"

"Er... Dear 'Chaos God'"


"Dear God of Despair,"

"I don't like it."

I was dazzled by the poverty in my vocabulary.

There is no more decent expression.

It's better to be named a cook ni disease patient, isn't it? No, it gives me goosebumps even if it's named.

You want to treat me like a god. Why? I don't know what that means. Well, it's no use asking for meaning in dreams...

"... Dear 'God of Massacre', Huh!... uh, 'Extinction God', no! So" Invasive God s "Sleep" Ma...... eh "

Weakness Then I turned my back on him and laid my torso back on the bed. I hear you in a hurry behind your back, but ignore it.

Hang the blanket over your shoulder as you sit. I don't mind if your toes are out, but if you're not soaked up around your neck, you're not calm.

I have work to do tomorrow. Don't worry about having a weird dream and a subtle morning. I wonder if I'll switch to another dream if I get back to sleep in my dreams, I don't know, but I can take a sleeping course until morning like I did yesterday.

When the lid is closed, the beauty bass gradually goes away. It's been a long time since I slept well...

Sooo, I went to sleep, and from there, I had a morning without dreaming.

A dream that is vividly memorable when you wake up. The content is subtle, but, well, paranoid. It doesn't make sense to care about one thing.

Change your mind and start your day.

A dream that was already out of consciousness by the time I enjoyed the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.

I didn't even imagine Si (Akane) was going to have a long relationship with it.