Godly System: Evolve From a Kitten

Chapter 1 I am a cat


"What is this special?" Li Zhen looked at his two paws, almost a sigh of water.

Listening to the bursts of beasts from the forest, he looked at the endless forest, and his sad reminder found that he became a small wild cat, there were a few cats and brothers, but he seems to be unfained. Because there are a piece of meat in front of the other cats, only what he is in front of him.

He is just because of watching the World Cup, splashing a bottle of water on the computer, how can it be electrically dead?

"The old man is playing with me?" Li Zhen asked the sky, and his face was in love.


Suddenly a paw came over and pushed him gently.

"Specially, who is playing old man?" Li Zhen looked at the past, suddenly saw a pair of amber eyes, a plush face, really cute.

"Hey!" A piece of meat is getting angry in front of him, and the female cat is gentle, and then tells him to eat.

Looking at the soil above the meat, Li Zhenyi's face is disappeared, what is the child? So don't pay attention to hygiene! This is giving people, isn't it, do you eat it?

But watching the fat juice on the meat, Li Zhen licks his tongue, so hungry, how do I feel so delicious?

Forget it, don't be paired with old God, the cat is iron, the meat is steel, and it is not hungry, or eat it.

"Hey, God-level evolutionary system is activated, binds with hosts ..."

"Hey, the system is binding success, you ate a piece of corruption, evolutionary point +1."

Just in the moment he swallowed the meat, an electronic sound suddenly sounded from his mind, Li Zhen stayed.


He actually has a system!

God-level evolutionary system, listening to the name is very high, old God, since you give me a system, let me do more people, so my life is wonderful!

What do you make a cat?

"Wow!" Looking at the sky, the old man is too bullying!

In the next second, I suddenly thought of the prompt sound of the system. What did he just have?



Li Zhen stretched two paws into his mouth, but it was not used at all, and the meat was so fast.

"?" The female cat heard Li Zhen's voice, and thought that Li Zhen did not eat, and lost half of his mouth in his mouth.

Li Zhen underground consciously bite the half of the mouse meat in his mouth and swallowed it.

"Hey, you ate half a mouse, evolutionary point +1."

Hey, can I get evolving? Li Zhen stayed.

"Head, meet the requirements of the forefront evolution, is it evolved?"

At this time, the system's prompt tone came again.

"Evolution!" Said in Li Zhenxin.

Suddenly, a cross-crispy feeling came from a paw, when looking down, the evolution of the paw has been completed, and the tender paw has become vigorous, Li Zhen has even feels, he can kill one Cattle.

At this time, a sudden voice suddenly came from not far away, the mother cat suddenly changed the gentleness, becomes pushed, four claws were very long, and the body arched made an attack.

I don't know why, I saw the mother's cat. Li Zhen suddenly felt warm, this is the feeling of he has never had before the foreclock.

The paws extended out, Li Zhen looked at the female cat in their body, then let me protect you!