Going Into the World!

Roasted Hare of Ildu

Kim Il-du was born in Yeon-hee-dong, Seoul, in the spring of 1979, when the whole country was noisy.

Yeon-hee-dong used to be a privileged place, including President Jeon Geun-hwan, but Il Doo Ne was part of a typical neighborhood with a few humongous houses outside. At that time, apartments were much more expensive, such as the old one or two belonging to the National Axis.

However, my father was the chief of the large Lelectron company, and my mother was helping my grandmother's restaurant, so my only son grew up without any difficulty.

Faces, height, fights, and exercises were so “normal” children that they could hardly see and find anything really special.

At that time, I was going to school enjoying my normal life because I had never heard the word "bully" before.

If it hadn't happened to him, he would have been very likely to become a person who was a little less than normal, or a little less than normal, during his really ordinary academic life.

“Hey, let's play!"

I was watching TV in my room and I heard Jae-Seok calling. Jae-Seok is a sixth-grade friend who lives across the street from a house. After living in the same neighborhood for five years, I also see some comics together, and I live in the arcade quite intimately.

Seok-seok's parents are doing business, so they seem to be living better than our house. He is a good friend who sometimes cares about me in the arcade.

“I'm busy today!”

Although I was hanging out in the room, I refused to summon my friend because I was too busy playing yesterday or because of my body.

“Hey, come out quickly. Boring!”

He's calling me again to make sure I didn't hear him right. I can't stand up and go outside, and Jae-Seol is standing with a bag.

“What's that? ”

“I'm going to hang out with you. You're bored anyway, right? ”

“Where to?”

“Shall we go to Seo Oh Leung? I know a friend there. Let's go play. ”

Seo Oh Leung is a Joseon Dynasty royal village that drives northwest from Yeonhee-dong and crosses the road. I once went out with my parents to eat something delicious, but I remember I didn't have much to eat. By the way, there were a lot of blurry green belt buildings around it, but I didn't see any particular play.

“What are we doing in Seo Oh Leung? In the corner.”

“Here's the deal. Let's go get our bunny. There's a rabbit hole your friend saw. Have you seen the rabbit hole? ”

I've never been outside of Seoul in my entire life. I wouldn't have seen a rabbit hole. I was a little curious, even though I was long minded.

"I'm busy on vacation. I feel sick. Do you want to exercise?" ’

Lee Seok-seok and I took the bus 143 to Seo Oh-neung to follow our friend to Gangnam. Fortunately, 1431 crosses the Seoul City border slightly to Seo Oh-neung.

Today is a weekday afternoon, so there are not many people. I saw the two of you playing around in the car and left Seoul already.

“The next stop is Seo O Leung, Seo O Leung Range. ”

I got off the bus as soon as I heard the announcement. We walked 20 minutes inward along the road where unpackaged and cement packs were connected. Seok-seok's friends live over their heads.

Walking around, I see a vinyl house or field, and sometimes I see houses that look so old, but when I crossed my head, I really came out with something like a village. It's still a town, so it looks pretty good. It's mostly old houses in Greenbelt, and there's only a few of them that have been slightly repaired.

“Let's play, people!”

I went to the door of a house, and Jae-Seok called out to his friend. Jae-Seok always calls his friends to “Let's play!” You can just call me "Mingu", but I think "Let's play" is in your mouth. My mother said something before. Why does he always say "let's play"? But it doesn't matter because my mom has a really good idea to run when she's young.

I briefly greeted my fellow citizens. Population is tall and a little big. I've heard it's been around for generations, so it's a small town.

The three of us went up the mountain to find the rabbit hole that the civilians had been watching. I don't know the name of this mountain, but there's an army on one side. As I walked along the trail for a long time, I didn't know where I was, so I just followed behind the people and the stones.

“Over there!”

Indicates a place where the population has recessed inside, similar to a large rock that is not like a cave. It's probably where the grown-ups and gangsters used to roast dogs or something, and there's some ash in the pond that dug a little dirt. They say if you catch a rabbit, you cook it all here. I don't have much faith, but since I showed him the sword I brought, I decided to trust it.

As I walk a little, I see a wire fence, and as I go further along the road, I see a rabbit cave like the villagers said. You look around at something, and you tell me to take the entrance. Jae-Seok wants to kill a rabbit mole at the entrance of the cave in front of him, and the villagers want to catch a rabbit with a mesh on the other side. I don't even know, so I just did what I was told.

My entrance was a little off the cliff. I moved carefully and settled in the entrance. I just had to stand there and scare the rabbit away from me. I was excited when I imagined the bunny running around in smoke. This is gonna be so much fun.

Jae-Seok lit a fire at the entrance with the newspaper and wood he brought. Haha, I'm just going to wait a little longer and surprise you. The villager in Seoul is trying to eat all the roasted rabbits. Khh...

There is a lot of smoke coming out of my cave while wandering around for a long time. I pushed my head into the mouth of the cave because I was curious. On the other hand, I was very curious about how well the rabbits were holding out.


Suddenly something popped out, and I took a reflexive step backwards, and it's the slopes behind me...

“Kitchen, hey! ”

“Here's to you!”

My ears are ringing with the voices of my friends. My body is all rolled up. I reach out to grab something, but I can't get a single hand right. You swirl around like a roller coaster, and you lose consciousness.

Am I gonna die? ’I thought about it for a while, but I was more distracted than scared.

You open your eyes. It's dark around you. How long has it been? My whole body aches, especially my legs. I think I broke something, but I'm not sure. I am still in a barren place whether my body has been hit by a big tree or stopped.

Was it not known to the grown-ups that I was missing? Why didn't you come looking for me? Didn't you tell me you were afraid these guys were gonna get in trouble? ‘

I thought about it, but I thought about whether to lie there and scream. When I was rolling, I saw the barbed wire and thought I was in the military. The word "army" came to my mind so loud that I couldn't find anyone. I just thought if I fell inside the unit, they'd come for me.

I was stunned and had a headache that stayed there until morning.

It's been a long summer, and you're crouching and lying on your back with an army scarier than demons. I waited as if someone would come looking for me. Bravery, mediocrity, mediocrity, I can't think of anything. But the headache is getting worse. Touch your head a little and there's blood on the back of your head. I don't have any more blood, but I think I crushed it.

After a few hours like that, the day dawns. I've been thinking about eating a rabbit since I had a quick lunch. I'm so hungry, I look around for strawberries. Yesterday afternoon, the people were chewing their cheeks, so I soothed them a little, and I remember being bitter. I looked around and I saw something similar, like a splinter or a razor blade on the side of the tree that I hit.

In my lifetime in Seoul, I did not distinguish myself from other people, such as Doraji, Durdok and others. Do you know who lives in Seoul? Candy or chips. But when I picked it up, I remembered and I dug it up. By the way, the guy looks delicious. I've been starving for a long time, so I can only grunt. This ship really is.

I just wiped the soil out of my clothes. I cleaned it with my T-shirt and once again with my saliva. I chew with my mouth and get bitter taste and aroma.

“Damn, it's worse than what the people gave me. But the shape looks so strange.” I muttered to myself and ate all my metallurgy.

After a long time, I hear something from a distance.

“I love you too! Ildu!” Mother's voice. I can hear some broadcast voices from behind.

“Mom! Mom!” My voice echoes a little. This is a mountain in the outskirts of Seoul, and it's not that deep, so it probably doesn't go far.

“Mom, I'm here!”

After about 10 minutes, I started to see soldiers.

“There he is!" He looks a little older, but later on he's a boss, and he yells at me.

Soon the young soldiers carefully descend. I came down gently with a rope or no path to where I was.

The soldier asked me if I was okay. Of course not, Woohoo!

They took a stretcher and pulled me up. I went upstairs and my mom was crying.

“Mom!” I'm so happy to call you.

"Here I go!" My mom hugged me. I just fell asleep because I was being carried on a stretcher, bleeding a little, and too tired.

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I read it for years, and then I yell at it. In fact, my plan is a large-scale fusion history fantasy, and I'm going to write it down, get some more data, and then use it.

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