Yao Riguo


The green hills are entwined with clouds and mist, and the lush trees in the forest are swaying in the breeze. The forest that rises this morning looks so quiet and quiet...

Of course, in the depths of this remote and uninhabited forest, a cruel and bloody scene was staged at this time.

A girl dressed in fine silks was kneeled on the ground by two strong men twisting her arms, her head drooping dying, her messy hair hanging down her cheeks but she was quickly soaked in blood from her face. Wet, blood dripping down to the ground, seeping into the soil.

When the girl with extremely weak breath heard the footsteps approaching, she gritted her teeth and raised her head, revealing a blood-stained face. It was a face that was disfigured, and the skin on her face was sharply scratched. Open, bloody, very scary.

"Who are you? Why do you want to harm me?" The girl's voice was extremely weak, and she was weakened, holding on to the fainting caused by excessive blood loss and staring at the extremely graceful woman who covered her face with a gauze.

The invisible woman wore a light blue Shuiyun skirt, with tassels of the same color hanging from her waist, and it was very beautiful to swing gently with her light pace.

She stopped in front of the girl who was kneeling on the ground, condescendingly staring at the girl whose face was depleted at this time, smiling beautiful eyes and said: "I am Feng Qingge, the guardian of the government. Miss, the jewel in the palm of the mighty general Feng Xiao, the young master of Feng Jiawei, the future heir of the Feng family, and at the same time, the fiancée of the three princes, the proud son of Yaori.

The familiar voice and the words of the woman in front of the girl opened her eyes wide in shock: "You! Who are you? Who are you! I am Feng Qingge! I am Feng Qingge!" The delicate body was slightly Trembling, a thought formed in his mind, and his eyes overflowed with incredible confidence.

The white and slender fingers were gently lifted, and the veil covering the face was gently lowered, and a beautiful and elegant face was reflected in the eyes of the girl on the ground, when he saw the face that was too familiar to be familiar. When she was shocked, she was speechless.

The beautiful face is sublime, and the horrifying girl on the ground, her voice is full of expectation and excitement: "Feng Qingge, from today on I will replace your identity, your position, of course You have everything you have, and you..." After her voice, she smiled softly: "With your intelligence, why don't you think about how I will deal with you?"

Listening to the original voice of the person in front of him, Feng Qingge trembled and looked at her with wide eyes unbelievably: "Ruo, Ruoyun? You, you are Su Ruoyun!"

Su Ruoyun, an orphan who grew up with her, was the one who brought her on the street back to the official residence of the Huguo. It was she who kept her by her side and depended on each other as a companion. It is the sister she regards as a relative...

However, she would never have thought that the person who ruined her appearance and wanted to seize her status would be her...

"Why? I treat you so well, why do you want to do this?" The betrayed heart hurts like a knife, thinking that his face will be destroyed and his identity will be replaced, and no one can know this, and hate cannot help. Hit my heart.

"Why? Oh, of course it is for everything you have, grandpa and father who treat you like a bead, the proud son of heaven who loves you to the bone, but..." She looked at Feng Qingge on the ground with a beautiful smile. "All of this will be mine. The love and pampering of my grandfather and father, and the gentleness and affection of Brother Murong will all be mine."