Governor’s Illness

Chapter 1 New Rain

Just got a new rain, the stone road was wet, and the people made the children under the eaves, and the embarrassment in the house came out. Xia Hou buried in the pile of people, there was no place to smash the mud on the feet, the ankle on the side of the ankle, it was a dagger, and the Duan Duan sent him to him when he went out.

He has a good look, especially the eyes like his mother, like a starlight over the night, shining. There is often a little girl on the way to find him, but he is ignored.

In his eyes, he and these gimfus films, their hair is short, I only know that I am selling Xiefu, I can eat it, and a little heart will want to climb the bed. He Xia Hou is different. He is the youngest assassin of Qilua Blue. He is not coming to be a slave, he is to kill.

If he holds his head without anything, it swept around. There are few in the morning, the alley is cold and clear, and the alley is kneeling a few , and the head is a little sleepy.

Xiahou is thinking that there must be a person with a gamwide in it, waiting for him to successfully mix the Xiefu, there will be someone to throw a note from the wall and tell him the goal. I can't say that someone will come to his window halfway to tell him where the galan should be in.

Although he has never participated in the assassination of Galasses, the mother said that when he slept, he said that it was said - the gamma god gang ghost, hiding in the city, killing people in invisible.

He stayed in the mountains for twelve years. In the middle of the teaching hand, he hit the hill and chasing the wild rabbit. It was difficult to have the opportunity to participate in the assassination. Duan Uncle said that if this success, he hangs him in Galamary. The brand of the name, let him become a real assassin. Although he didn't tried someone else than others, he was the strongest assassin of the gamwed. He is his mother's son, and it will will become the strongest assassin.

The people came over, and the number of children was clear, he lowered his eyes, and the breath was calm, and it was smart.

The assassin is like this, never looks.

Two and a few have opened the door, stepped out from the threshold. The human scorpion is replaced by a smile, welcoming: "People are here, all have a good child, a good hand and feet, a child five-hanging copper plate, this is the cheapest price of Jinling City."

Leading Let the children stand well, check, confirm that there is no child's lack of noses, lack of arms, no longer have a tickle, and the people are bare, they will lead the child. Xiefu.

Xia Hou scored the ear of the ear, heard the people of the people, the silver, the mouth, mouth: "Poor!"

Several and .. . ... ....... ... ..

"Hey, there is the gray, you come over." Cold is not dead, listening to it, Xia Hou lifted his head, see the leader pointed to him.

Xia Hou took the past, and he pushed him to the woman who made a patch on that, said: "This child looked very popular, you collected back to make a summary, don't say that the lady gave a little one."

"Liu Wei, I will give the slave, and the lady has taken two girls, and only the slaves left in our courtyard and a small , is not enough to make a summary." The woman grew a bit of bitter gourd, mouth Like a walnut, crumpled, as if it is bitter water.

I screamed, said: "Three young masters are just a big child, need a few people to serve the waiter? It is difficult to let the people of the whole government to serve your three young masters. Xie Fu is so big, everywhere, everywhere, Now, I bought these children, giving you a shortness of the lack, but I still dare to get the feet? "

"I dare not dare, Liu Wei is anger, one is enough." The woman quickly apologized, pulled up the Hou Hou's hand.

There are many scorpions in the hands of the woman, and the hands of Xia Hou Hao have a little pain, but Xia Houzhen has been used to it, and his mother's hand is rough than this hands.

"You will call me Lanfu, what is your name?"

"Xia Hou," he was fitted with a well-behaved look, and he replied.

"Which one is?"

"'Trend horizontally, the shadow is the embarrassment of the cross."

Langu looked at the summer Hou Hou, and said, "Do you still have a poem?"

Xia Hou Yu is shocked. He forgot that these people who were sold by people were a poor family, don't talk about poems, even if the big characters are not recognized. He is busy lie: "I am listening to others, I will only say this."

Lanfu laughed: "Will have a poem. We like to read a book, you can carry a few words, you will be able to ask him. Do you know? Read the book?" 100 surnames "," thousand Have you ever read? "

If the Spring House and the knife spectral book, "I read a little, I will write my name."

Lanfu took a shot of Xia Hou's hand, gently smiled: "It is already very good, my aunt can only recognize a few children."

I met a lot of servants along the way, Lanfu gave a gift from afar, or avoid them around. The servant is not seen, and Xia Hou can't help but commit her heart.

"I heard that the master's Ming Di returned to the government. The big lady was happy. Let's have a good fortune, the house is to pack it today." The front two gimmicks said, Lanfu rushed, and wiped them Shoulder.

"What are you happy, I heard that the grandfather is the Wei Gonggong in the palace. It was put out, we carefully, don't touch myself."

"The master is true, why bother to know Wei Gong? It is crime."

The sound is getting farther away, Xia Hou is low, a round face that looks at the thirteen or four years old, said: "Aunt! Slave to pick you, , how can I get back a hair boy?"

"Come, Xiaoyu, called Lianxiang Sister." Lanfu Road.

"Lotus Sister." Xia Hou said hello.

Lian Shuramisted Xia Hou, Xiahou, is dissatisfied: "What is the top of a haunt kid? I have to take it. The big lady is too big, daily sprinkles, , weeding, we will also be marked Not? "

Lanfu took the lotus fragrance and shakes his head: "Forget it, don't say, let's wait for the young master. Hey, how can you come out? How can you let the young master in the house?"

"Nothing, the young master fell asleep in the nap."

Lanfu is not at ease, three people speed up the footsteps, rushing to the autumn. Xia Houzhen only felt that they were crossing the whole house, and the scenery surveyed became more and more down, and I saw a fragrant work to see the colors of the autumn. Haven't entered the door yet, the three people heard the head of a burst of the pot bowl, and there was a boy.

"Give me the book! Also give me!"

Lanfu and lotus Xiang rushed into the door, Xia Hou, followed by the back, only a wolf in the courtyard, a semi-large young boy was pressed on the ground, and his face was dust, a meal, big white The fat man stands on the side, the nose ear is like a round meat ball, and it is bright. Since entering the government, the people who have seen Xiahouxi have been thin, and the oil and water of the dare to the whole government are in this person.

Jinling teenager has a habit of painting powder. The fat man is afraid that it has a deep self-knowledge of his appearance. It also applied a rouge of polish, just a little over, Xia Hou, a few steps, and the taste of fragrance came. Let Xia Hou's head faint.

"What is it to give you? This book is mine, even if I can't use it, I lost it outside, that is my, who allows you to look at this dog hybrid?" The fat man tears the book to snoring, bad The saying, "If you are like this, you will study it? How do you want to be a groom? Want to be a official? Dream, you, the son of you can only give this uncle!"

"I slaughtered you! I slaughtered you! I don't want to scare my mother! I don't want to swear my mother!" The teenager struggled, his face was red, and his eyes were blood.

Lianxiang and Lanfu kneel on the ground could not hold the head, crying: "The young master, let's let three people, let's let three people!"

"Rolling one side! Some people, give me search, see if he still has a private book? Search to tear clean!"

I have turned over outside the family, almost hurt the entire yard, even the grass paper in the hunters, put a pile of shredded papers on the air. The book is not much, plus grass paper, but it is not enough to be a small pile.

Three young masters looked at the shredded paper, slowly looked at the fat man, and said: "If I have a day, it is straight, it is necessary for you to die ..."

Haven't finished it, a family kicked him in the ground, laughing: "Still support straight? In the mud, no one can change!"

Xia Hou squatted on the wall, seeing the heart of the fire, the hand did not consciously touch the dagger in the boots, and refused to think, no, the assassin could not expose himself. He forced himself to remove his hand and shrunk into a quail.

The fat man squatted in the three young master, grab a diaphragm from the ground, and pinched his face on the left hand and put the diaphragm into his mouth. Three young masters can't struggle, but the family is dying, watching him smiling at the cough. Lanfu and lotus fragrance rushed up and was stopped by other family, and only glanced at the three young grandfather on the ground.

"Thank you, you listen, your little girl is a child, I am drunk, I will climb my bed, I have you, you are a dog hybrid, but also want to read the official? Dead this heart. , My mother gave you a face, and let you have a young master, if you don't worry, this uncle let you go to the bucket with your old unscrupulous slaves. "

The fat man sprinkled the confetti in his head, and the paper scrap snow generally fell to his face. A group of people laughed, and they went.

Lanfu and lotus incense have helped the shock, the two patted him on the body, and the eyes were tears.

"How can the big master be bullied? These books are not what he is, our three young masters will not be able to tear these books from the warehouse." Lianxiang is not flat, see Xie Shunzhen Lips, soft look, Tao, "Young master ... If we still don't read it, hey, no paper is no ink, now there is no time, still count."

Thank you, I didn't care, Lanfu brought a broom, and wanted to sweep the shredded paper on the ground. Xie stunned up and stopped her, said: "Don't sweep, put them in the house, I can also stick it."

"But it all broke into this, or a few books in the late book, can you stick back?"

"Can, let me come."

"Right, the little word of the slave is coming back, can help the young master. Xiaoyu, where are you, come over, give the young master, please."

Xia Hou When I came to the near, Xia Houzhen saw the long phase of this young master. Although it is full of dust, it can't stop the eyebrow. It is like a pen to sweep through the ink. It is picked up. It is only a pale, sick, and a pair of appearance.

It turned out that it was a maiden, and there was no power to fight. The man in galasia is strong, and the clothes are a piece of muscle. Xia Hou Yu was in the mountains all the year, and he saw a thousand hammers. The man who cracked back in the dead, never seen such a little young master, and now I can't see him.

Xie shockpy, looked at Xia Hou, seeing him, seeing scattered, there is no dirty thing on his face, ash a black, a mud monkey, can't help but frown: "What kind of thing is?" I don't want to return it. "

Xia Houzhen: "..."