Hakai no Miko

Myths of Prequel Genesis

I. The death of the Creator God and the birth of the Gods

It's older than I multiplied a thousand times, it's older than I multiplied a thousand times.

First, there was the original God of Creation.

When the world was not yet shaped.

There was no one but him, nothing but him.

He was lonely.

He hoped that one day the same presence as himself would appear, and kept waiting for that time. But after many years longer than he multiplied a hundred times, nothing but he was born.

Finally, the Creating God, who could no longer endure solitude, has cut off his own life.

Then, from his body, which had lost his life, a seven-pillar God was born.

From the flowing blood came the God of Fire.

From the flowing tears came the goddess of water.

From the flesh was born the goddess of the earth.

From the last breath came the god of the wind.

From the private region came the God of Beasts.

From that body hair came the god of birds.

And finally, a human God was born out of his head.

II. The Birth of the World and People

The first-born God of Fire created the sun with the burning heart of the Creator in the sky because the world was so dark. This filled the world with light and covered it with burning heat.

Then came lizards, snakes, and so forth from the flesh of the Creating God, and glorified the God of Fire.

When the God of Fire empowered some of them, it became Dinosaurian.

As the world was about to burn by the sun, the goddess of water made clouds to block the light, rain to quell the heat.

Then a fish was born from the flesh of the Creator, glorifying the goddess of water.

When the goddess of water empowered some of them, it became Marman.

As the world was about to be covered in water, it prevented the goddess of the earth from sinking the flesh of the Creator God as a continent or mountain.

Then a worm was born from the flesh of the Creating God, glorifying the goddess of the earth.

When the goddess of the earth gave power to some of its things, it became a dwarf.

Because the world had become so rugged and too strong, the god of the wind breathed and made the earth.

Then trees and grasses sprouted from the flesh of the Creator God, glorifying the God of the wind.

When the god of the wind gave power to some of its things, it became an elf.

The plant tried to cover the world, so the god of the beast tore down too many grass trees.

Then, from the flesh of the Creator God, a beast was born, glorifying the beast God.

When the God of the Beast empowered some of them, he became Zoan.

The carcasses of too many beasts tried to fill the world, so the bird god cleaned it up.

Then a bird was born from the flesh of the Creator God, glorifying the bird God.

When the bird god empowered some of them, he became a harpuan.

This is what the God of man, whose creatures abounded in the world, listened to the voice that worshipped each God:

"I will also make those who worship me like my brethren gods"

With that said, man was born from the flesh of the Creator God.

But the man who was born had no claws, no fangs, no feathers, no scales. He was weak enough to die quickly as it was.

"Oh! I wonder why you've got such a weak creature"

The human God mourned greatly and grieved.

The God of Fire who saw it gave man the wisdom to use fire.

But the human God still did not stop mourning and grieving.

The next God of Water taught us to give us the wisdom to use water and to acquire fish.

But the human God still did not stop mourning and grieving.

Moreover the wisdom of the earth God to plow the earth to obtain food, the wisdom of the wind God to gain fruit from the plants, the wisdom of the beast God to fight the beast, the wisdom of the bird God to drop the bird.

And finally satisfied, the human God stopped mourning and grieving, and said to the humans:

"You use fire, you catch fish, you plow the earth, you pick plants, you hunt beasts, you drop birds. Get everything in this world and flourish greatly."

Thus man was endowed with the greed of man God to take away all things in this world.

Excerpt from the myth of Genesis passed down to the Continent of Cerdeas

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The wind was brisk with the bush.

In the wind, the woods are noisy. The sound of leaf rubbing that changes pitch, sometimes high and sometimes low, by wild winds, is like a tidal wave.

One man was tumbling on the cliff listening to it on his back.

It is in the valley beneath his eyes that the man who brings his dark hair to the brisk wind stares. In the valley, where the darkest darkness in a day was soon to dawn, numerous bonfires and countless shadows of tents were seen built to stand together.

That's the Border Marquis.

The Lords of the Border, who raised their troops in the wake of the report of the sudden change in the Wang Dynasty, are the forces that assembled under the banner the recapture of the Wang Dynasty and the rescue of the imprisoned royalty. They were marching to the King's Capital, with the Marquis of Apius as general general, a man of great popularity and war history among the border marquis.

To intercept this, the enemy also began marching in the Wang capital.

And I wondered if the two armies would finally collide, and I feared for the momentum of the Border Marquis, or the enemy troops began to withdraw without crossing spears at once. To the ugliness of this enemy army, the Border Marquis came to the land in the form of pursuit of it.

"I'm ready. Any time you want, Soma."

On the back of a man standing on a cliff, a woman spoke from the darkness of the forest. There is a small grin in the mouth of a man called Soma in the voice of a woman with that full breadth of trust.

"Follow the arrow."

Soma, slowly raise your right hand.

Then, behind it, the bow was squeezed with too much noise. With its bow are the beautiful elf women who concealed their licences with a black cloth.

"Let go!

Along with the arms to be swung down, the arrows are unleashed and descended into the border martial armies.

The camp, which was surrounded by tranquillity before dawn, was slammed down in the chaos of screaming and yelling at the baptism of this sudden arrow.

Soon after Soma sees it, he jumps the order early in the arrow.

"Raise the flag! Strike the drum! Ring the copper! Raise your voice!

The inflexible dwarves wake up the table they were putting to sleep with their hanging voice. Then, the many flags that had been ragged there began to flourish in the wind.

In addition, beasts like those who synthesized humans with beasts and reptiles slap drums and bronzes, whilst distracting their throats and howling to tear apart the atmosphere that still lingers at night.

"Raise my flag!

The last one mentioned was a black flag edged with gold thread. In its center, it is designed to combine 8 and ∞ of the numbers in silver yarn.

With that flag on its back, Soma issues the last decree.


A soldier who had been lying in the woods ran down a cliff and stormed the camp under his eyes.

To this cry of assault, Marquis Apius, the general general-general of the Border Marquis Army, helps him to get up and put on his armor when he jumps up, beating up his sleeping squire immediately.

"My lord! It's an enemy night raid! The enemy's army has launched a night raid!

As the Marquis of Apius, who became armored, grabbed his sword and jumped out of the tent, a knight came to report, who had just entrusted night security there.

When the Marquis Apius clears his ears, he does hear the enemy army's and the thought (obo) shiki rage from all directions. But the Marquis of Appius yelled at the knight.

"Is there such an idiot!

The enemy's main unit is a few miles ahead of here. Between there and here, there are many scouts out there. It is impossible to scratch the eyes of that vigilance and thousands of enemy troops strike at night.

Besides, if you calm down and observe the current situation, you'll notice a number of strange things.

There are also many obscure voices that sound like the majority of enemies coming from here and there if they clear their ears well. The countless flags standing on the cliff were stirred by the wind and turned hard, but there was no sign of any movement from there.

"Clear your ears! The cry of the enemy army is just sticking to the valley! And look closely at the flag of the enemy standing on the cliff! There are only a few enemies coming down even with so many flags on the cliff. Everything is nothing more than a 'Counterfeit Soldier's Talent' that falsifies the number of soldiers!

…… Yes, if you ask me. "

To the extent that he had just seen through the "Counterfeit Soldier's Totals," Marquis Appius was annoyed by the Ho appeased knight.

"Hurry up, get the soldiers together! As soon as possible!

They were laughing at the enemy's squad retreating without a fight, but that was what made them so positive in the first place. If we try to chase the enemy troops that are retreating, we have to go through the land. And if you want to rest your soldiers in preparation for tomorrow's pursuit, it's self-evident to choose this valley as a campsite, rather than a plain of exposure in this windy weather.

And this gushing wind and the sound of the surrounding woods, stirred by it to a great extent, erases the sound made by the sneaking soldiers multiplied by the shade of the night.

All of that indicates that we were danced on the palms of our enemies from the beginning.

I mean, this is nothing more than a dead place.

"Whoa! You conspired against me. Ha!

The soldiers of their own border armies gathered on this occasion count roughly five thousand. In contrast, the enemies that have been ambushing will be less than a thousand in the sight of the Marquis of Appius.

Five thousand to one thousand. The difference is five times greater. The advantages of numbers are here.

But by the night raids and "false soldiers' reckoning" carried out at this time before dawn, when the majority of the soldiers were asleep, the Border Marquis Army stood completely on its feet and began to flee if some lords or soldiers were already there.

In comparison, the enemy is a handful of elite soldiers who act with prior and close planning.

All this time, the strength and weakness due to the advantages of numbers were reversed.

Calming and putting back together five thousand confused and floating soldiers takes time. Not to mention that, even if we are named the Border Marquis, the reality is that the chain of command is fragmented, and until the other day, it's just a collection of soldiers who have never seen each other's faces.

In contrast, a small number of enemy soldiers who have thus known each other are thoroughly rumbled around without fear of fighting each other.

"Sir Appius! Sir Appius, this is an enemy attack! What the hell do we do?!"

The Lords gathered there with swords. They seemed to be in such a hurry that those who only wore helmets and armor breasts were still the better ones, some of them still dressed at night and even came with pillows instead of swords.

"Be calm! This is the enemy's 'Counterfeit Soldier's Total'! Your Lords will summon their own soldiers immediately..."

That's all Marquis Apius said.

East sky, which at some point began to whiten. From there, at last, there was a single human figure on a cliff lit by the light of the sun that peered into his face, with a huge black and pitch-black flag in the wind.

"Oh, the one...!

I hear rumors.

A mysterious boy appeared before the beasts, who were on the verge of perishing, from where he could not even be. Instantly putting the Beasts together, the rebels flipped anti-flags against humans and attacked the forts and cities one after the other. And now a great sinner who threatens even the country.

The boy says he has rare dark hair and eyes in the land.

And the shadow standing on the cliff with the flag behind it doesn't even know the appearance at this distance, but it can still be seen that the hair is the same black as the flag.

He pointed his face at me.


Fear rises in the chest of the Marquis of Appius, with that thought close to certainty.

In response, Soma's right hand standing on the cliff pointed to where the Marquis of Appius and the others were.

And from the woods behind Soma, a girl rises high in the sky kicking through the leaves of the trees. The girl began to fly like a circle over the heads of the Marquis of Apius and others as she could fly through the air with her winged arms powerfully flapped.

…… Get out of here now!

No matter how many "phony soldiers" you falsify, you can't kill all 5,000 soldiers in less than a thousand. Then there is only one possible enemy aim.

That's my neck, the general.

It was the Marquis of Appius, who had not yet been able to grasp the current situation and tried to escape by pushing the marquis, who looked like a pokanne, but it was already too late.

One wonders if the great anger and screams have risen from the front, and the soldiers who were there are kicked, and the beasts leap before the Marquis of Appius.

Before countless enemies who admit themselves and kill them, the Marquis of Appius nevertheless pulled out his sword with a curse.

"Whoa! I won't forgive you, you inferior subhuman head! I won't forgive you, I crawled out of a swamp of underground manure, you fucking worm! I won't forgive you."

The Marquis of Apius shook up his sword and slashed him into the imminent beasts.

"- Son of Destruction!!"

The figure of the Marquis of Appius and the border marquises who were on the spot in an instant went swallowed up among the beasts.

And before long, instead of an anger and a scream, the voice of the beasts shouting at the battlefield sticks to it.

Besides, Soma, who was watching the trend of battle from the top of the cliff, finally pulled his strength out of its shoulders and leaked a ho and a sigh of relief. The shoulder of that soma is slapped so hard that it makes a sound with a flat hand from behind.

"Don't blur, Soma. Look, wave to everyone."

Only one woman who stayed as her own escort says teasing.

Besides, Soma raised her right hand with a nasty one. Then the soldiers under his eyes cheer when he realizes it.

"" Soma! Soma! Soma!

Though his name is called out, Soma looks back with a soldering grin.

"After all, you're a little embarrassed"

"... at all, you're the same"

She laid her hands on her hips and sighed, as if she were frightened.

"You don't have a choice."

Besides, Soma makes excuses as she scratches her own cheek with her fingers as she lights up.

"Because until I came to this world, I was just a high school student."