Hakai no Miko

Lesson 106: Stabbing

The royal capital, Holmenia, was surrounded by the darkness and silence of the night.

It is still a time when candles and lamp oils are not popular among ordinary people. At night, people go to bed early and fall asleep.

That is no exception to Holmenia, the capital of the kingdom whose development is written by Ichigi. With some exceptions, such as the Imperial Castle and the Happy City, people fall asleep with the visit of the late afternoon.

The river runs like a longitudinal river through the king's capital, Holmenia.

A boat floated near the confluence point where the water entering the moat of the Imperial Castle from this river, which covered the domestic water of the people of the Royal Capital, once again returned to the river.

There is only one bow on board. He was not fishing, he was not fishing, he was burning a small bonfire, and he was laying a lion on the spot, and he was floating the boat.

How long has it been?

Sounds came from beyond the darkness of the night.

It's the sound of water slapping in a mess.

The sound is approaching the boat.

Finally, when the sound was heard up close, a hand stretched out from the dark water grabbed the edge of the boat.

Looks like you managed to escape alive.

The bow rose and grabbed his extended hand from the surface of the water and pulled it up onto the boat.

You're one of them, aren't you?

And it was Gageta that came up into the ship.

Gadgeta, a wet rat, removes the leather bag from her neck instead of the floating wheel made of a cow's stomach bag and throws it into the river.

"You're gonna let me go, aren't you? Hurry up and get the boat out."

The head of the boat asked Gadgeta while pulling up the stone-tipped lintel.

I guess you've reached your goal, huh?

"Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Gadgeta still clenched her left hand, trembling with excitement, and uttered a hot word.

"I couldn't give you the final blow, but I was prepared enough!" I did it! "

With excitement, Gageta said in a cool tone.

"I don't need a finishing touches. With the poisoned blade I gave you, even the furry cuts will definitely kill him."

Gajeta says as she remembers when she steered the boat and pushed it out.

Yeah. I didn't use the poison you gave me.

The scratch that was quietly scratching the water made a loud noise.

"-! What?"

"The sword is our pride." You can poison it! But don't worry. I had a really bad stomachache. There's no way I can help you. "

The head of the boat quietly lowered its grip on Gadgeta, who spoke quickly to rectify his own disfigurement.

"I see..."

I turned my back to Gajeta, who was desperately saying excuses. As I approached the ship, I took out the dagger from my pocket without a sound, and I took off the sheath.

But if you don't listen to me, it's not worth the hound.

The bow pierced the gadget from the back.

It was a gadget that tried to scream with great pain, but its mouth was covered by the bow of the boat's hand, and the moist voice leaked only slightly.

And the lost livestock will be disposed of.

The bow twisted its dagger.

The dagger gnawed at the internal organs, causing the gadget to twitch (convulse) heavily and then stiffen the body. The rigidity dissolved, and the head of the boat threw Gajeta's body into the river, even losing its strength.


How did this happen?

Gadgeta, who was sinking into the dark water to the bottom of the river, thought so in her fading consciousness.

I have done my rightful vengeance.

A wicked man who had to leave his clan village, taking from himself the right arm that should be said to be the life of a warrior. Tricked many of Zoan's compatriots into corrupting evil men.

I have avenged the Son of Destruction.

If he dies, I'm sure he'll wake up to his fooled compatriots.

We can get back to the right Zoan. We can get back to the right Zoan.

Then I can become a hero and triumph over my clan's village.

I became a hero.

At the end of the sentence, Gadgeta's will disappeared forever.


The head of the boat, seeing that Gajeta's body did not rise to the surface of the river, let out a sigh of melancholy.

"... it's too late to contact me now?"

When the assassination of the Miko of Destruction failed, several "root" intermediaries who were diving into the venue spread the chaos by spreading arson and poison, and even if the Miko of Destruction could not be killed, they had to decide to assassinate an important person in Erdoğan.

But if you do that, of course, there will be no life for the intermediaries who are the executors. Not only that, but if things become so important, there will be more thorough hunting not only in Erdoğan, but also in various countries.

Then, the "roots" that have been stretched out in the royal palaces of various countries over the years and expenses will wither away.

It would be a shame to lose the Son of Destruction and abandon it just to drive the nation of El Door into ruin.

So when Gajeta succeeded in her assassination, she was instructed to stay underground.

Perhaps by now, we have disposed of all the murdered weapons and poisons we possessed in preparation for the Chief Executive's interrogation. It would be too late for me to be informed of the execution of the preliminary plan.

"It's been a hassle..."

I wondered how I should report it to His Majesty King Cesar.


"What? You're saying you didn't use poison?"

And it came to pass, when it came to pass, that the king of Cesar caught his eyebrow.

It was one of the mansions of the noblemen of Holmenia, the capital of the kingdom.

It is a mansion owned by an aristocrat who has a close relationship with the Baljibor nation, and is also related to the nobility of the Baljibor nation. When dignitaries from the Balgibor nation visited the country, they were asked to stay instead of staying in a boarding house, and at the same time, it was also a place that served as a base for "root" activities in El Door country.

No matter how much suspicion there is, we cannot continue to detain important people in our neighborhood without solid evidence. For that reason, the news that King Cesar, who had been released early and returned to the Mansion, had been brought to the tip of the arrow to paint the scene of the destruction of the assassination of Miko was too good to make him frown.

"If I had used poison, I would have been sure..."

The poison I gave Gadgeta had no antidote, and even if it did, it would soon kill him. That's why Zoan was so proud not to use it. King Cesar struggled to understand what he was proud to betray his people, and to keep his benefactor in his hands.

After a while, King Cesar let out a deep sigh.

"I can't help it if it's over." The question is whether the son of destruction will die..... "

King Cesar remembered the sight of Gadgeta stabbing a pale horse.

The stab wound is never shallow.

But the problem is where they stabbed us.

Probably the lower abdomen.

King Cesar frowns.

"Isn't it a place where you'll die soon?"

However, in the warm night wind that hit his cheeks, King Cesar remembered, "But."

The season will soon be summer.

In this season when even the night wind is carrying the heat, if you get a deep stab in your abdomen, your intestines will rot far away. And the pain of rotting the intestines alive will endure, and you will die after suffering.

At least king Cesar does not know the man who did not die from being stung so deeply in this season.

If you were the son of destruction, you might as well die of poison.

King Cesar laughed with his shoes.


There was a gloomy air in the room.

And they were the chief faces of the kingdom of Erdoğ, which remained in the king's city of Hormania: Shemul, and Shahathah, and Marcronis, and Marco, and Shunupah.

Originally, everyone in this room bears the heavy responsibility of running the country and should be extremely busy. But now everyone just has a miserable expression on their face, and they don't even try to open their mouths. Only the heavy silence flowed without meaning over time.

Eladia opened the door and came in.

As soon as he did so, Siemul kicked up the chair he was sitting in and stood up.

"What's wrong with Soma?! Are you okay?! Did you wake up?!"

Siemul jumped at Eladia.

We did everything we could, but Soma-sama is still unconscious.

Eladia frowned and continued to tell Siemul that she was about to start crying.

"Are you lucky in your misfortune?" It seems that the thick blood tube was not damaged and the bleeding has already stopped. My pulse is strong, and I don't think there's a lot of blood in my invisible body. ”

So Eladia said the following words with a slight hesitation:

"However, the location of the stabbing is not in the abdomen..."

And all the unspeakable lamentations of them that were present were leaked out.

No one here knows the consequences of a deep sting in the stomach during the season of summer.

Once again, a heavy silence fell in the room.

How long has it been?

Noisy noises were heard from a distance.

Moreover, it was slowly approaching the room where everyone was.

Something happened, and Seymour and the others raised their faces.

Then, from the other side of the door, you can hear the screams of the Elf ladies and the Thinking Woman.

"Please wait! I will guide you now!" Please wait! "

Along with that, the door of the room was opened with the same momentum as if it had been kicked.

"Shut up! I don't have time to be guided by Yaga right now!"

It was the old wise man, Solon, who entered the room with his roar.

Subsequently, Michena, the adopted daughter of Solon and entrusted with the treasury of El Door, rushes in with a bunch of parchment paper, paper bundles and crates and says hiii.

Master Solon, where have you been?

After dropping the ladies who were chasing Solon, Eladia told them to taunt her.

Soron recognized himself as an unrivalled drink lover. That doesn't mean you can't just miss the solace of drinking. In fact, all the banquets of consolation held so far were full-time awards.

Thoron was delayed because he waved Michena's hand to see how the pale horses were doing and the Eladians stopped him.

Ignoring Eladia's gaze, which blamed her on what she had come back to do by now, Solon turned the people who were present to Giroli and Ogilvy.

"Alright, you shall never reveal anything more than this. I'll let you know a secret that concerns not only me, but also the honor of the boy!"

Pushed by Solon's ever-present words, they could only nod.

After seeing it, Solon spread a large piece of paper out of Michena's luggage onto the table.

It was a painting depicting only the torso of a person.

Perhaps it was drawn by Solon from his hands. It is an exquisite painting that is painted to the texture of the skin, and it is a very good picture in terms of realism that it does not feel artistic.

Look at this!

Solon pointed to the abdomen of the depicted human body.

Besides, everyone raised their eyebrows uniformly.

Because there was something strange depicted there.

At first glance, it looks like a leather bag or a chunk of thick rope.

Each of them was painted with a delicate brush down to the smallest detail, and it seemed unlikely that they were painted with just graffiti.

“What's on that belly?”

On behalf of everyone, Eladia asks, and Soron pulls his lips tight.

"Not on my belly. This is in my stomach."

I can't understand Soron's words, and everyone is dumbfounded.

To all of them, Solon slammed his words.

"This is a diagram that depicts the human body in a fluffy manner and depicts the scene. That is, the dismantling plan of the human body!"