Hakai no Miko

Episode 136 Soup Baked with Sauce

[Noble Fangs]. I need to talk to you about something. Could you come?

Garam said so as he stepped into the room where the pale horse had been moved to rest.

Shemul looked strange as he started preaching against the pale horse who complained of abdominal malaise.

"What? What? Is this something we can't talk about here?"

“Yeah, I don't really want to be asked.”

Rarely do I want to tell a story that Garam doesn't want others to hear, such as drawing an honest samurai. Azure horses pushed Siemur's back in amazement as his eyes twitched.

"It sounds like something important." Come on, let's go. "

Shemul smiled as he stripped his fangs at the words of the pale horse, whose lower heart he wanted to escape from the sermon. Then, after saying, "I will do the rest later," and shaking up the pale horse, Shemul followed Garam and left the room.

Garam stops at an unpopular point far enough away from the room. Then, I tried to talk to Siemul face to face, but the words were stuck in my throat and I could hardly answer them.

Shemul nodded his head at Garam, who was senselessly opening and closing his mouth.

Something wrong, [Fierce Fangs]?

"Hmmm. Actually... that's a hard thing to say."

Still, Garam said nothing.

I was going to be prepared, but when I put the person in front of me, my heart was shaken.

However, Siemul, who didn't know that his brother Kagame was dewy, frowned.

"What? Be clear. What are you trying to do? It's disgusting."

Garam mumbled.

Even though I'm struggling to take care of my sister's feelings (pom-pom), it's disgusting. This sister's scratchiness hasn't started now, but I'd like to tell her to be considerate of her surroundings for a little while longer.

Garam finally opens his mouth in such frustration.

"This is about the disturbance earlier." We came up with a solution. "

Garam went on to say that he felt guilty about Siemul, whose face glows with passion at the word solution.

I'll have Lord Soma welcome Princess Warina instead of Parfena.

Garam's chest was finally occupied by the thought that he had finally said it.

Words that have been uttered once will never return. Garam moved his mouth as he spoke.

The chaos of the country that would have occurred if the pale horse had just died.

The reason why you have to have a child as a successor to prevent it.

And the advantages of welcoming Warina to the Empress.

Garam kept speaking desperately.

Before long, Garam didn't know what he was talking about. If you think that you have repeated the same thing over and over again, you try to persuade it from another point of view without any context. We must persuade Siemul anyway. He was moving his tongue with that will alone.

But the words are finally exhausted.

Garam shut his mouth and the unpleasant silence fell.

In front of her, Siemul was creasing between her brows, closing her eyes, and stretching out her arms.

Garam swallowed her saliva and waited for her sister to respond.

Are you going to cry? Are you going to get angry? Or are you going to kill your feelings and throw up your grudges?

Either way, Garam is ready to take it all.

In front of Garam, she finally opened her eyes, which were slowly closing. And open your mouth.

Hmmm, that's quite a story.

Shemul said so lightly.

Or rather, Siemul slaps his chest in front of the astonishing Garam.

"Alright. Alright! I'll tell Soma now." Leave it to me. If he makes a mess, I'll tell him and let him hear it! ”

That's what I confidently told you.

Garam was more upset about this.

"It doesn't have to be right now..."

It was Garam who suggested that we take a moment to think about it so that we would not regret it later, but on the contrary, Siemul told us.

"What are you talking about? This is a struggle." Besides, it's never too early for something to happen! "

Shemul went back to the Azure Horse before Garam could stop him.

"Hey, Soma! We had a good plan to quit that Parfena proposal!"

Shemul raised a bright voice as he returned to his room.

The pale horse's face brightened up.

"Really? Thank goodness." ― ― So, what's the method?

Siemul says this with a proud face that the child is proud of.

“You should marry Warina!”

"I'm with Princess Warina...?"

Azure horses clouded their bright faces and wrinkled between their brows.

It was still difficult for Garam to understand the expressions of humans, but I understand that even in human species, wrinkling between the eyebrows means discomfort and suspicion.

Don't you realize that? Siemul continues to say that.

"That's right! Warina is also an ex-princess." If there was a promise to marry the same princess, she would have no problem turning down Parfena. And Warina is good with me! Many people are more convinced than they are that the great man of the Church is to be their wife. ― ― What do you think, it's a good idea!

In response to Siemur's words, saying that there was no objection, Ayuma framed her arms to deepen the wrinkles between her brows.

As if to protect her own chest, Garam is discouraged.


I don't have a problem, but I need to confirm the will of Princess Warina.

The words of the pale horse beat out Garam.

It seemed that the pale horse frowned about whether it was okay to proceed with the marriage talk with herself without Warina being present.

"It's an emergency. There's no way we can agree to it afterwards." But rest assured, Warina won't refuse. ”

Shemul said so confidently.

Azure horses often raised the ceiling when they placed their backs on the backs of sitting chairs.

I don't know.

Azure horses smiled slightly as they turned back to Siemul.

"But as it stands, that's the only way." If Princess Warina doesn't like it, then I'm sorry, but she'll have to play the queen face up. "

“Damn it, your self-assessment is as low as ever.”

Shemul blurted in grandeur.

“I heard that a human princess would give herself an embroidery the same way Zoan's daughter would give the biggest of the fruits to a warrior. I can assure you that Warina doesn't hate you, but she's the same maiden."

"Even if Siemul assures me..."

“What do you mean, Soma? It's as if I said I didn't understand a maiden's heart."

Then Azure Horse and Siemul began to slap each other as lightly as they normally would.

After clapping her mouth lightly, Ayuma turned to Garam, who was stunned by the unexpected.

Is this what Garam was talking about?

"Ah, ahhh..."

Garam, who was still half lost, was doing his best to return it. Azure horses stood up from their chairs without being distracted by Garam's appearance.

"Well then, let's go back to everyone." I'll have to tell them that I've agreed to it. "

When he says that, the pale horse walks out. And Siemul followed behind him as he should.

After a while, Garam returned to me and rushed after them.

"Garam told me the story. Let's say that I and Princess Warina were married to refuse Parfena's proposal.”

The pale horse that returned to the room where everyone was waiting said so first.

Everyone who was worried about what would happen stroked their chest.

Of course Princess Parfena can convince the Shpamur Kingdom?

Eladia, shaken by a pale horse, answers in a hurry.

"Yes, yes. --Let me handle it." If you talk to the prominent person under Parfena in advance, you can get help. ”

In addition, the pale horses confirm what is necessary to obtain the cooperation of Eladia and Parfena's prominent role.

If this belonged to diplomatic negotiations, Garam, who became a layman, felt exhausted from the recoil that made him feel unnecessarily tense, and he fell back to the edge of the wall and took a breath.

There, Solon, with a bottle in his hand, fluttered in.

General, you've convinced me.

Garam glanced at Giroli and Solon, and then said casually.

"No, I didn't do anything."

Garam continued to say to Solon, who narrowed his eyes to see what he meant.

"I just told [Noble Fangs] about my marriage to Princess Warina as a countermeasure to Parfena's problem."

Garam let out a deep sigh.

"It must have been our mischief." The relationship between His Majesty and [Noble Fang] wasn't something to worry about, was it? "

Garam made a mockery of himself, saying that he had made an unnecessary effort.

How about that?

It was Eladia who came into the story.

While I was meeting with a pale horse, I was listening to their conversation with their unique keen hearing. Just after the meeting with the Azure Horse was partitioned, he came to Garam.

What do you mean, Lord Eladia?

Eladia gently asked Garam, and Eladia looked at both the pale horse and Seymour, who were still falling apart.

Your Majesty and Master Wang may have already thought about their relationship with each other.

The shape of the opponent that is invariably visible because he is always nearby (beside).

From there, no one can fail to realize that the two races are different from each other.

While the Garams were unconsciously turning a blind eye, they would always have to face their problems head on.

The problem they were worried about and distressed about earlier was only known to them, and they might have finished their deliberation and drawn their conclusions beforehand.

"But that's also my guess." Originally, it wasn't about love, but really just recognizing each other as their own body. As the General said, maybe we were just trying to avoid it. "

"In the end, they're the only ones who know the answer..."

Garam muttered, staring with Eladia at the pale horses and Shemul.

I wonder how much pain they had to endure and how much conflict they had to overcome. Garam didn't even know if there was any pain or conflict.

However, it is clear that both of them are tied together in a strong bond that others cannot understand.

If so, then those two are fine as they are.

It was too innocent of me to say that I was no more than my brother.

Behind Garam, who was so sentimental, Solon drank all the booze he had in his hand. Then, when I folded my face as if I had put bitter juice in my mouth, I walked toward the door.

"... I ran out of liquor. I'm going home."

Gathering a gaze of condemnation of what to say in this situation, Solon waves his hand without turning around.

"If the marriage story between the lad and Princess Warina is to proceed in confidence, we will have to get the help of the people in this country. It's not funny to make a loan to the fools for honest cooperation, or for the fools to do their own thing and pull their legs. I'll take care of it while I go grab some free booze."

Soron is known as a twisted person who runs away when relied on. It's unusual for the Thoron to move before he can say anything.

Behind Garam and Eladia, who were surprised, was Michena, the adopted daughter of Solon, who gave her a small smile.

"Your father-in-law is a bad-tongued twisted-"

Michena stared lovingly at the back of her departing adoptive father.

"--It's also a big broiler."