--The Temple of the Fortress City of Lamur

Today is a life-defining momentous event for 13-year-old children of the Kingdom of Amelia. That is, the day of the gift manifestation.

Kerr, you're nervous.

A pretty girl with red hair growing to near her shoulders looks up at me with her usual calm eyes and asks for my consent.

This girl, who can't feel a shred of tension despite her words, is Lena Groat. It's one of my childhood friends.


Receive God's blessing today and the gift will be expressed. I'm sure you've been wondering why you can't sleep last night.

I'm not sure if I'd like to be a princess or not, but I can't get rid of the rabbit, either.

She spins around on the ground and asks me.

This statement of Raina is not a joke, but a gesture. I just want to be cute. I think that's the thinking behind it. This natural disposition is just like my mother.

You can't be a princess. A rabbit is not a gift to begin with.

She says she wants to be a royal. In a sense, it's not a profane statement, but when she makes it, it reminds me of a princess in a dream story, and it doesn't feel unnatural at all. In fact, the girl in the back row just laughed at Reena's comment.

It's a good idea to have a good time. Sorry ......

I patted Raina's head as usual with a shrug and narrowed my eyes like a cat.

"Kaa, what would you like?

Hmmm, I'm ...... still think it's a swordfighting gift.

That's a lie. I don't want the gift of swordsmanship. Of course, my grandfathers wanted the gift of swordsmanship as the heir to the Heinemann family dojo. But my real hope is different. A gift that will help me become a great hunter like my mother.

A hunter - exploring the world's unexplored and demonic regions and defeating vicious demons. It's the kind of occupation that makes such a life-threatening adventure. As a hunter, it needs to be a gift that you can use to do well, in its own way.

To be honest, I'm flattered that I don't have a talent for swordsmanship. I'm not much better at remembering things than others, and I'm a dope among my peers. I have a relative who is also a massive talent, Roman. He should be his successor.

There are cheers of doyomey and congratulations from inside the temple. Apparently a rather rare gift has manifested itself.

What's up with that? I'm curious!

Yeah, right.

While ministering to Raina, I was looking at the temple, which is still the center of the commotion, in a bong.

After a while -.

'Kai! Raina!

A beautiful girl with long, wavy blonde hair comes trotting toward us.

'Oh, Lyra!

Raina next to me is also buzzing with joy and waving her hands.

This is one of my childhood friends, Laila Herner, the only daughter of the great swordsmanship school in Lamaur, which is said to be comparable to the Heinemann school of swordsmanship. She is the only daughter of the great swordsmanship dojo in Lamaur, which is said to be comparable to the Heinemann school of swordsmanship. She is also my fiancee.

How do you like it?

As expected. It wasn't too surprising.

Lyra looks a little disappointed and cowers her shoulders. Like me, Lyra has already decided which rail to walk on in the future. This gift has confirmed it. Maybe it's that kind of loneliness.

As I was pondering what to say to Lila, two boys from the temple come over to me.

One is a brown-haired boy with bright eyebrows, and the other is a tall boy with long blue hair tied back.

The adults in pure white armor behind the two men, tilting their heads at

"Roman, Keith, you guys also--

"Lyra, I have been given the gift of the [Spear King].

Pushing aside my doubts, Roman comes up to Lyra and declares, "I know.

'I know. I've been watching.

"Oh, really?

Roman takes one look at me with a triumphant expression on his face, and then gives a quick look at the adults in plain white armor behind him.

A knight-like man in armor takes a step forward.

You must be Lila Herner. I'm from the Order of the Holy Grail. We need to talk about the gift you've earned. I'm sorry, would you mind giving me a few minutes of your time?

I'll offer it to Lila.

'But I'm sure my gift is not so unusual, unlike Roman and his friends.

Yes, unless you are the daughter of House Helner. You can't do it all in one night, after all, only martial arts cannot be done overnight. It is significant because it is the gift of an advanced swordsman, obtained by someone like you who is grinding every day. Of course it's not compulsory, but I would like to talk to you at least.

The elderly white armored knight bows deeply to Lyra.

The Holy King's Magical Knights are the most elite knights of the Amelia Kingdom. Its authority is also considerable. I'm not going to be able to say it's not compulsory, but it's impossible to say no to that knight if he or she bows to you.

I'm not going to be able to get it right.

Glancing at me and Raina, Lyra bites her lower lip for a moment, but then lightly pulls her jaw.

'This is not the place to talk about it. Yeah! This Ramur also has an outpost of our group. Let's talk there at leisure!

Speaking quickly, the older man in pure white armor begins to walk away.

'Lila, we'll go with you.


Laila looks at us over and over with regret, but Roman urges her to walk away.

Sorry, Kai, Roman's guy, I got carried away.

To Keith, who clasps his hands together and comes over to whisper his thanks

(Fine. Keith will be late too.

Respond with a wave of your right hand. Keith Steinberg also nods lightly, and then trots off.

"Mr. Carr, let's go!

For a moment, we watched the crowd as Lyra left, and then Raina took my hand and led me back to the line.

It was our turn, and after receiving God's blessing, when Raina touched the crystal on the altar, a dazzling silvery white light leaked out. And then--.

'Ke, kensho ......'

At the muttering of one of the priests, there is a tremendous clamor in the temple.

''You're kidding ...... the spear king and the great mage. And that swordsman's gift! Seriously, what's going on this year!

A member of the Order of the Holy King's Magical Knights beside me raised his voice with an upturned voice.

Naturally. Swordsmanship is the highest-ranking gift of the swordsmanship system. Like the brave and the wise, the gift that is also known as the God's representative sent from heaven to balance the increase in the power of the demon race. In other words, it is--.

'So the demon race's offensive is near. ......

A member of the Order of the Holy King's Magi, with a thick anxiety on his face, muttered to himself

'This is a temple. I would appreciate it if you would stop needlessly fomenting anxiety!

I got chewed up by a priest.

"I'm sorry.

The knight bowed and kept his mouth tightly shut.

Then, next.

I manage to keep my heart from racing and step in front of the priest. He chants an incantation while placing his right palm on my forehead, and my body emits light.

Suddenly, a tremendous pressure, as if I were wearing a full-play mail, assaults my entire body.

Is this the limitation of having a revelation? But it's weird. I've never heard of such a restriction: .......

With a slight doubt, I climbed the altar steps and reached for the crystal on top of it.


So far, when I touched the crystal, it glowed, but it didn't say anything at all, not even a peep.

When I frowned, the priest who looked into the crystal looked at me as if I were a piece of filth and said

"The most incompetent in the world.

So he spat.