Heavenly Curse

The ninth hundred and sixty-two chapters of the three generations, the ancient empty space (big knot

"No, he is not ."

Suddenly, the Nether Emperor said, and then nodded.

"He is the person in Eternal, he is not our era."

At this time, the young boy is light and step out, then a boxing in the long river in time, Tudon time, then the will of Just, it takes directly, this punch, although there is no golden light, but the four emperors are all all I recognize it.

"Nine turns of gold."

At this time, the end of the long river of time and space, suddenly emerged as an unsolicited figure, although there is an endless time and space, it is still attracted to everyone in an instant.


The teenagers that grow up in the eternal, or it can also be said to be herpady, finally open, and his voice, the end of the long river.

"Easy! Your era has been buried by you, even if you end all the era, it is impossible to return to that era."

At the same time, the figure of the long-term long river is also open, and the sound is equally incoming.

"Then I will continue to be a long river, even you have been buried together." Muyi, or can be said to be easy, open.

After that, the Shepherd is directly into the long-distance River.

The four people of the Nether have paid each other, and they followed them, and they stepped into the long river.

Although they are very clear, whether it is a fake fairy that is full of time and space, or her husband or herd, or is it coming from the existence of the previous era, but they are equally clear, this is the only one that they can Opportunity.

Sometimes, the strength is important, and luck is equally important.

In the moment of Shepherd to go into the long-term long river, remembering the memory in the long-term long river, finally recovered, this moment, her husband and , become unprecedented bright.

"It turns out that this is the third world I really mean!"

"First, my name is the tomb, because I have the last fate of the Chinese New Year, burying the entire era, I pursued the hope of Chengxian in the long river of time and space, I want to reverse the time and space, go back to my original era, go to save My era, but I failed. "

During the distant memory, the upstream of the long river in the long run, the eternal is reversed, and each of its vibrations, there is a signs of the time and space of the long river, and the excessive spillation of each silk is enough to crush the emperor.

In the eternal coffin, the salary light shines, illuminates the way home, but in the end, the eternal is still failed, with a sigh, the eternal rock is separated, and the long river floating with the long river.

"The second world, my name is Yi, the avenue is fifty, Tian Yan four nine, take the one, easy to change, and the one, this world, I am a great emperor, I created a nine revolution, With the excellence of the power, the pursuit of power, I want to break the shackles of the long river, go home, but this world, I still fail. "

In the long river of time and space, I remember the memory of the first battle, two poetry, fighting in the long river of time and space, is the strong man who summoned from the end of the time and space, and the strongest of the coming era, a self-proclaimed fairy Pseudo fairy.

This battle, because there is a pseudo-fairy, he still failed, and finally, he sent the salary light out of the long river, and the eternal squad became into the tomb, waiting for the future.

"Third World, my name is Mu Yi, Mu Tong Tomb, Easy, Variables!"

Shepu is easy to walk in the long river in time, and the eyes revealed, it is no wonder that he can directly refine the nine revolutions. It is no wonder that he can integrate the baby in the eternal, it is from beginning to end, he is him.

He is a tomb, it is easy, and it is more likeish.

Three generations, don't divide each other, this moment, all memories, all everything is integrated, this moment, her husband is clearly surpassing the top two, with a longitudinal air, I am immortal.

His nine revolutions rose, the sixth turn, the seventh turn, the eighth turn, as if there is no end.

At this time, the animal husbandry, surpassing the Emperor, beyond the ancient, but the real fairy is still a line, this line is the key to Shepu Yi.

Xian, jumping out of the three worlds, no longer five lines, really big and happy, big.

Shepherd is easy to cross out, directly appearing in front of the fake, the other side is like the blood, and the emperor is born, and the majestic is noble.

"Three students!"

Shepherd is playing, there is no dazzling golden light, it is the surrounding time and space, the long river is also stopped, only one like a jade fist, appearing in front of the fake fairy.

This punch is that shepherd is easy to conform to all the sentiment, with all his beliefs, beyond the extreme!


Boxing, the long-distance river is broken, this moment, countless imprints disappeared from the long river of the time and space, every disappearance, about his memory, will be erased from a longning memory, also represents, he will completely .

In the Yang, Su Yun suddenly raised his head, some looked at the grave in front of him, and only three words, grandfather, and the sustain is Su Yun, but the Su Yun does not remember when he wrote, and I don't remember the grandfather. who is it.

He only remembers that he seems to agree that someone is, it is going to guard it in the tomb, even though I don't think of who is that person, but he still chooses to stay here.

In the middle, the ink, such as the smoke, the monsters, the monsters, and the momentum of the long-lasting, and directly entered the king, but at this moment, she looked up because she felt, in her heart, there is a figure It is constantly moving.

She is clear, this figure is crucial to her, but she is unable to stop this, and can only let the figure completely disappear, and her heart, and her feelings have gradually become indifferent from awkward.

A long gun is turning, directly from the enemy, in the middle, in the middle, in addition to the people, all of the enemy.

The autumn sword is empty, the ancient well-wave swords, I can't solve what I want to pursue, but I don't remember, she only remembers, she is coming to the middle of the city. In order to find someone, who is who is in the end, but there is no impression.

The cold rain station is around Xuanyuan, and the awkward god, "Sheng Zun, why is my people spend the third Shengzun? Is there any reason this?"

When I heard the cold rain, Xuanyuan Shengzun was equally, and her face became extremely terrible. For a long time, he said: "I don't know!"

One after another, constantly there is a soul forgetting who is , forget who is the third Shengzun.

I have a portrait and statue in many people's family, and I have disappeared at the same time. I have not left any traces, even in the middle of the heaven, there is no imprint belonging to herum.

This fist, named Sansi III, is a fist who is enemies, is a fist who pursues real, and it is also a punch.

The fake fairy expression suddenly stagnant, and even the eyes were even incredible, even if you want to turn it, it is late.

Shepherd's fists penetrate his body and destroyed his traces in the long river of time and space.

A punch, fake fairy, shoot!

In the long-distance time and space, the Nether Emperor and others fell, and their respective eyes, the gods were ignorant, but they seem to be collapsed, but they can't step into it, there is a force, is overbearing Export everything.

A punch killed the fake fairy, and her husband did not show any joyful expression, but looked up, his eyes passed through the long river, and he also passed through the endless chaotic darkness, and finally, lit up in his eyes, there, there It seems to be a continent, a place named origin.

"This world, I want to become a fairy!"

An overbearing voice echoed in both the yin and yang, echoing in the darkness of the chaotic, echoing in all the ears of all life.

At this moment, countless souls raised their heads, looking to the same place, although they can't see anything, but they can do this, which naturally includes the normals and others.

I have fallen, and her husband is too jumped, and I jumped out of the long river, jumping out of the endless chaotic darkness.

But at this time, an ancient stone monument that is large to an unbearable, and the monument is a town.

"Oh it's you."

With the last voice, chaotic crushing, time and space, the long river, all the soul, have a strong sadness.


Centennated, there is a fairy, then it will become an unbearable!

In the middle of the yin, the reverse eye has been in the past 100 years. In this century, the family is constantly developing. Nowadays, there are nine holy respects, just don't know why, only the third holy temple is vacant, no name, no records.

Although the family does not have any emperor, don't know why, even the emperor returned, there is no meaning against the people, which leads to rapid development of the people, and now really become the overdam of the middle.

Somewhere in the middle, a girl barefoot, behind her, follow a burly big man, although the big man does not look, but there is a famous reputation, because he is the ninth sacred, the slave sacred respect, One is very weird, but there is no name of the discussion.

And the slave Shengzun always followed behind a girl, the girl never had a hand, no one knows her strength, and the girl has been walking from the middle of the middle, and every person, the girl will ask seriously. "Have you seen my brother?"

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