Heavenly Curse

Chapter 1: Jianghu Urgent, Young and Old

The world is chaotic, human life is cheaper than grass, dead can have a coffin, there is a place to bury, it is a large family, as for ordinary people, either abandon the corpses in the wilderness or dig a pit in a messy grave.

Mui Yi was picked up by an old Daoist in a messy grave.

Even his name was given to him by the old Taoist priest, Pastoral Tomb, Easy, Variable.

That year was 1894, the afternoon of Nana, 20 years of Qing Guangxue, six years old Muyi, no previous memories.

In the same year, Seven Kills Into the Palace of Life, Ziwei star to the north, A noon defeat, the world is in turmoil.


“Don't worry, old man, I will fulfill your last wish to marry a three-room concubine in the future. ”

The old Daoist died, which was a little sad for Mayu, but after two tears, there was no more.

He followed the old road for eight years. He grew up small and the old one died.

For the past eight years, if you describe it in four words, it's -- shake, shake, shake.

At first, Mu Yi thought that the old ways were genuine, healing, gossiping, ghost-catching, exorcising, and hardly any of the top nine or bottom nine he wouldn't, but it turns out he was an old liar.

Mu Yi has fled with the old ways countless times, not to mention being beaten, but he has never complained about the old ways, because if there were no old ways, he would have starved to death, even for the last eight years, and taught Mu Yi how to survive in the world.

But the old way is old after all, and in his words, when he fought the great enemy life and death, he was hurt fundamentally, able to last so long, it is already a gift from heaven.

Maki initially rebutted this nonsense and then pretended not to have heard it.

In fact, for more than the last six months, the old Taoist body was no longer working. Maki stopped him many times to buy a plot of land in the countryside with the savings in his hand, and to live through his last days.

But Lao Dao said that he had gone to the river and lake all his life, even if he died, he would die in this river and lake, and Mu Yi still did not understand his obsession.

Volkswagen Mountain, Mountain Temple, is the last stop for both of us.

This mountain temple has been abandoned for many years. Mu Yi cleaned it up and could barely live there. He and Lao Dao Mi Jiang Hu have never had a home, but at the end of Lao Dao's life, he has an unprecedented impulse, that is, a home.

So he took the mountain temple as a home, so that the old ways wouldn't die in the wilderness.

In the end, the old way was still dead. According to custom, he guarded the spirit for the old way for three days, and then buried the old way between the two wild pines behind the temple. Over the years, he listened to the old way a lot, saw a lot, plus some talent, he was somewhat familiar with the feng shui.

The bright red willow coffin, combined with the green feng shui here, may be able to become a major official in the next life.

This year, Mu Yi is fourteen years old, not quite as tall, slightly less than an adult, not as handsome, can only be described by Qingxiu, only those clear eyes, no impurities.

Whenever Makita bends her mouth and reveals a little confusion, it gives a sense of innocence. When walking along the river and lake, it brings him great convenience. At least he doesn't look like a bad person, but easily leaves a good feeling.

During the first day of the old road, he did nothing, sat idly at the door of the Tao Guan, and let the autumn sun spill on him. If you look closely, you will find that his eyes have no focal length.

After the sun set, Maki simply cooked some food and went back to the leaky room on all sides to lie down.

There was a table with a missing leg, an oil lamp on it, and a little nail-sized orange halo could not screen all the darkness back, but it could still see that Maki's so-called bed was actually a door panel with a bed mattress on it.

The tables and beds are pre-existing in the temple, the oil lamp is the 'baby’ left behind by the old road, the bedding was bought in the town below the mountain, so it is barely a home.

Lying in bed, Makita couldn't sleep too late. He didn't think of the old ways, he just felt lonely.

He didn't know who his parents were. He was six years old when the old ways found him, but he didn't have memories before he was six years old. He didn't have any marks on him or anything like that. As for Yu Pei, he didn't have anything like that.

Nor did he ever think of going to find his own biological parents. Apart from the blood ties, he could not think of any reason to find them. As soon as he met him, he knelt on the ground and cried out for his parents. He felt he could not do it. His only relative was the old ways, but the old ways died, so he was all alone.

Mu Yi thought a lot, and unconsciously he thought again of those words he was constantly pulling two days before the death of Old Dao, despite the fact that they sounded absurd and somewhat outrageous.

He did not have the ability to remember, his memory was at best slightly stronger than that of ordinary people, but somehow, every word he said in the last two days was clearly printed in his mind, how can he not forget.

Old Dao told him that the world used to be a cactus, swimming toward the northern sea twilight blue, upstream poverty and falling yellow springs, but since Qin first, the spiritual qi of heaven and earth began to gradually deplete, until the end of the Ming dynasty, with the complete subversion of Hanjiang Jiangshan, the last little spiritual qi between heaven and earth disappeared, and the cultivation of real qi became a shock.

But in addition to cultivating real Qi, there is also a path called the Spiritual Way, which does not require spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth, because this road is mainly about discovering the secrets of the human body and majoring in divine souls.

The Way of the Divine Soul has four major difficulties, one is difficult to move, two is difficult to sense, three is difficult to know, four is difficult to see God.

These four difficulties are more dangerous than one, especially the last sight of God, but only in legend. Dao said that when he was young, he reached the sixth level of sensation, and when he broke the seventh level, he failed to pass, so much so that he lost his credit.

Maki didn't want to believe this, but what the old road left him was too detailed, even the oil lamp was said to be the most suitable baby for him, but it would need to wait for him to get the hang of it in the future and smelt it.

“Maybe try it? ”

Maki was surprised by his thoughts, but he did not immediately try. Although he was only 14 years old, his eight-year career in Jianghu had long developed a steady character, and he did not consider his current state of mind suitable for cultivation.

Especially according to the old saying, the path of the divine soul is extremely dangerous, and if one is careless, it will be invincible.

The night passed in a hurry.

The day after Old Dao's burial, Maki went down the mountain and bought axes, saws, nails.

He knew that autumn would soon pass and he knew what a well-ventilated house meant in winter.

Volkswagen Mountain trees are plentiful, there are countless large trees for decades, and the pasture, though small, is very powerful.

After three days in a row, the temple of the mountain finally changed, which is not comparable to the full period, but it is also similar, don't worry about the cold northern winds and heavy snow in winter.

Maiyi's room is located in the west wing of the Mountain Temple, connected to the Grand Palace.

There are new tables, stools, and a queen bed to build the rest of the furniture trunks, all easily cut into sections and piled up in the corner of the hall in case of winter heating.

The palace was cleaned up by him, so much so that things like the original snake rat spider moved into the house.

The only thing Muyi didn't move was the statue of the Mountain Goddess served in the temple, even bought some sacrifices down the hill, respectfully honored the incense, and clarified what he meant to borrow, which is one reason why he chose the west wing.

If there are idols in the temple, it is the land of the Lord, taking them without informing, for stealing, and if there are spirits in the idols, causation will end.

He has been following the old road for so long that nothing has happened to the river and lake, just because they know the rules and never go over them, even if they cheat, they will make up for it on the other side.

The fourth day of Old Dao's burial was also the first seven soul days.

Makuyi burned some paper money in front of the old Taoist grave, accompanied the old Taoist way to drink a pot of wine, which is the old way's favorite, but he never allowed Makuyi to drink. Once, Makuyi stole a drink, which was his first time drinking. When he shook his body, he told the old way drunk that he had not drunk, he was severely smoked by the old way.

Since then, however, Old Dao has never cared about him, but Pastoralism is not interested in wine.

This was Maki's second time drinking and the second time drunk, so she went to bed early at night.

In the middle of the night, Ma Yi blurted to hear some noise from the palace, some inaccurate, until a huge burst of noise arrived, and Ma Yi suddenly climbed out of bed.

At this moment, everything is awake.


This is Maki's first reaction, but in the middle of the night, it's also a deserted temple, so who's coming?