Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry

0 Her Royal Highness scatters with the country

Leticiel was a princess.

She lived in a time of unrest in which numerous countries fought over each other's continental hegemony and washed their blood with blood.

Countless kingdoms were founded in repeated wars, destroying only the same number. The land that fought too much war is stained red with blood and becomes a wasteland where no grass grows and tells of the spectacular events that took place there.

Such a rough world where all humans cannot live without fighting their weapons in their hands, whether they are children or old men.

Leticiel was the princess of the border country.

There is no such thing as true peace in this era. But this country, far from the centre of the continent, where strife was intensifying, could be said to be peaceful in relative terms.

We had constant troubles with neighbouring countries, and quite often we fought, but we were not in such a desperate situation that all our citizens were driven out to war.

Leticiel lived peacefully, surrounded by a warm family, in harmony with his beloved half and protecting them by thinking of his beloved people.

In a world too heartless to desire peace, the routine she had in her hands was a whisper and too happy enough.

But that ends today, too.

The kingdom was invaded by one of its neighbours, the Great Powers. The people were slaughtered, the city was set on fire, and countless people lost their lives.

The powerful fought hard. Still, the invasion of a neighboring country with mighty power was watered by a burning stone, and the country was swallowed up by the neighboring country as it roamed, turning it into hell.

This royal castle, which was not dropped to the end, was also dawned upon by insiders who had been secretly trespassing, and was now subdued by their neighbours.

There was a tremendous tide of blood scattered between the thrones. The marks of the spear are also deeply engraved on the walls, sometimes with blood hanging from them. It was obvious from anyone's eyes that there had been a tragic battle here.

If I glanced out the window, all sorts of swinging yang flames and dos black smoke covered the cloudy sky and caressed the glass roughly. I didn't need as much time until I realized I was set on fire.

Return Leticiel looked somewhere else like HR as the bloodbathed man approached with a blood-wet sword.

If you drop your gaze, there are countless wrecks rolling around there. The king, the queen, and the companion I was thinking of. Guys, they were all killed by enemy soldiers who attacked us.

The only royalty that now survives in this country is Leticiel. When that man arrives here, it is the demise of the kingdom.

I could if I wanted to resist. Leticiel is such a user of sorcery that he is called the treasure of the kingdom.

But she didn't do it. No matter how strong Leticiel is, the enemy has a weapon called number. My family, too, was killed because of it.

What will it be in this situation where the king capital falls, the royal castle is dropped, and the whole country is no longer full of enemies, where she has fought alone?

Besides, Leticiel was getting better at everything already.

The country is no longer the kingdom she already knows. The green earth has turned into scorched earth, and the beautiful townships have been unbroken and destroyed.

The people who were dearly merciful turned into unspeakable corpses, and both the family that Leticiel loved and loved, and the loved ones who vowed to be eternal, left her again and passed away first.

There was not one thing left here that Leticiel tried to protect anymore. All there is is is bottomless despair and hatred that just doesn't even burn this body down.

Then it's just vain to live in such a rotten world.

To the man who stood before him, Leticiel makes him smile quietly. A man breathes. Daiichi, I guess Leticiel's reaction was unexpected.

Grabbing the sword the man has in his hand, Leticiel slowly appreciates it to his heart. I wanted to cut my life off with my own hands instead of someone killing me anyway.

A man is saying something. He's screaming something with a hurried face. I rushed to pull out my sword, but enchanted my movements with magic.

I don't want you to water it for your convenience, even though people have decided to be ready for it.

I'm sure neighboring countries want Leticiel alive. The kingdom's best user of magic, they surely want it so much that their hands can get it out of their throats.

So they didn't get their hands on Leticiel until the end. As a show, I used cunning hands to kill her family sequentially.

Several men run this way from the entrance between the thrones. Probably to stop Leticiel from harming himself. Leticiel laughs cuckoo.

Leticiel and the princess of one country. Its heart has pride as royalty.

If it is enough to be used in a country that has destroyed its beloved country, it will pierce its bullying as a princess to the end. I won't let you do what my neighbor thinks.

The throne room was long and helpful vertically. The men are still coming this way, but we can't make it anymore.

Leticiel lays down his face just a little bit. I don't see her expression from the men behind me. The only man who saw the final expression of the kingdom's treasure was a man whose movements were sealed by her.

He was still saying something. But nothing reached Leticiel's ear anymore.

Leticiel laughs quietly. Beautiful, exhilarating, refreshing, entertaining as if freed from clutter.

A sword body gripped in with both hands devours into her hand and spills a red Shizuku in her smooth white hand. There was no pain. There was no fear.

Though I was about to die, my feelings were exalted with wonder. Is it because I will soon travel to my loved ones? Or is it because I can give back my hate to my neighbor?

Either heaven or hell will be the end of me this way.

Leticiel slowly closes his eyelids and draws the gripping blade to himself.

Guchu, the unpleasant sound of a blade wet in blood pierces Leticiel's heart. I knew there was no pain. That's why I'm taking the sword further down here.

Eventually I felt the sword penetrate this body. By then Leticiel had already rolled down the ramp to death.

The bloody hand that was holding the sword body slipped to the floor and Leticiel's body leaned. The taste of iron spreads through the mouth, which overflows from the mouth and transmits cheeks, creating stains on the floor carpet.

This ends it all. There was no fear of death in Leticiel's heart, just relief.

A man with a sword pierced through Leticiel had been slaughtered and killed by men who came after him. I'm sure they took responsibility for Leticiel's death.

Just like that. Even though Leticiel's deeds were of his own free will and were not stopped by a man in an attempt to stop him.

Life is flowing out of my body gradually. My whole body is chilling out like ice. You bled too much. Your vision is blurred, and you can't even move one more finger.

Leticiel's consciousness rapidly turns away as he looks at the neighbors who are trying to treat him diligently.

(... I'd like to have a more leisurely and comfortable life next time...)

Shortly before consciousness fell into darkness, Leticiel thought such a misplaced thing in his blurry thoughts.

And the next time I opened my eyes, I was looking up at a strange ceiling.

Ha...? What the hell happened to this?