Heroic Death System

Falling in love with you only takes 72 hours 1

“I hope you don't die well! ”

Because of a woman's curse, she could have been hit by a car as a vegetable and tied up by a bad luck curse system.

Jean-Claude is dead! He's always clean, he's never cheated on people's feelings, okay? The only reason I was cursed by a woman was because of that bastard Qi Chen.

Qi Chen is a young man with typical flowers and small flowers. Since childhood, girlfriends who have had sex with each other can walk around China. He had nothing to do with it, and it's weird that there's only one reason why this guy breaks up with his girlfriend every time: I actually prefer men, and Jean-Claude is the man I like.

Like your sister! On the day of his Nth lying gun, the bastard was driving a sports car with a beautiful woman! He's happy, but the hatred of the women he abandoned is all over him!

If God gives him another chance, he's gonna kill that motherfucker!

The chances are real. Although the curse system sounds like a mess, it's a turning point, isn't it?

The system allows him to travel through different worlds and experience the “pleasure” of being a hero.

Chai seems to be very tall, in fact, is to let him die, and must - [die bravely, die mightily, die shocking].

Each death is rewarded with appropriate rewards and skills, mainly physical, memory, mental, aesthetic, lifespan, talent (martial arts, cooking, painting, engraving, musical instruments, performances, computer technology, etc.). It takes practice to master talent, complete all tasks and return to the real world, as well as the skills acquired in the tasks.

It's a little comforting to hear that. If you give, you get what you get, and if you die, it's worth it.

The mission has two principles.

[1. No suicide; 2. Do not die well.

Shanko: “…” Isn't this really the pit father system?

The system adds: "If you go through three deaths in the same world, you can still die. If both of the above articles are invalidated, the host can squander their lives at will.

It's not enough to die once. Three more times? Even if he could squander his life, he wouldn't die three times in the same world!

[If the task fails, the number of tasks will be increased. Add twice for each failure.

That is, only two more deaths, this punishment is still acceptable, anyway, there is a reward to take. He fought to get back full of blood!

In order for the host to adapt as quickly as possible, the system will publish a "100% Completed by Sitting" as an additional benefit for the first world.

“A task that can be 100% accomplished by sitting”? I didn't expect the system to be quite generous.

Comes with "Perfect Emoji (Permanent)” and automatically reduces pain by 50% (first world only) to assist the host in successfully completing the task.

Reduces pain by 50%, this can't be better! With it, death doesn't seem to have anything to fear anymore.

But what's a Perfect Emoji?

[Perfect Emoticons: No matter how painful, distorted, grumpy, lukewarm, grumpy, hysterical your host is… you can give the legendary 360-degree, no-death corner perfect look that makes your host beautiful, beautiful and exhilarating.

Shanko: “…” What the hell is this?

After listening to the system, you can enter the first world with great ambition.

The system said it was the first world mission, 100% complete and 50% less painful, so you don't feel too sad about it.

However, this damn thing is playing with him!

If he's right, he's in a place - torture, interrogation, coercion, confession, scene, scene!

All four sides are metal walls, sitting on a chair with strange locks around the neck, waist and limbs, and the TM is high-tech.

At this point, the system begins to transmit basic information about the world.

In 3100, the Longtooth Empire, held by Cruz, began to implement a policy of high pressure of power, transforming the country into a cold-blooded machine that monitors the lives and speech of the population in a comprehensive manner, with slight objections that could be questioned or obliterated. The people of the Longtooth Empire are completely engulfed by the dark reign of Cruz.

In order to overthrow □ □, General Utley endured 15 years of humiliating burdens, secretly cultivating talent, infiltrating the imperial ruling class one by one, building an indestructible network of volunteers and a common circle, waiting for the opportunity to counterattack.

However, before General Utley was fully prepared, he was targeted by the military. To protect other righteous men, he resolutely chose to commit suicide, lest he accidentally revealed their information under torture.

After the death of General Utrey, the Cruz clan carried out a major internal cleansing, which cost the army a lot of fighters, but the main forces were still preserved. It's just that the rulers have tighter surveillance in all areas.

The world's protagonist, Admiral Ravel, under heavy surveillance, carefully laid out to prepare for the final battle.

However, just five days before the start of the operation, an accident occurred.

General Utley's son, Cage, had been secretly sent to a remote Tamar star, where he lived a secret life. Not long ago, he snuck out of Tamar and was caught by Cruz's men less than two days after entering Longtooth.

Following the original plot, after Cage was captured, he confessed the names of many righteous men before he could use much of his sentence. Though they have all changed their minds, through image identification, Cruz Shundo touched the melons, almost uprooting the forces that General Utley had built and sacrificing them in the unrest of countless Yids. Other deaths and injuries were countless, and a bloody massacre lasted three months. More than a decade of efforts had been destroyed and Ravel had been forced to leave the centre of power.

And it's all because of Cage's confession.

It was not until ten years later that Ravel rebuilt the drums and completely overthrew Kruse's dark reign. Instead of dying in Kruse's hands, Cage was found out of the slums by the ruling Ravel, pulled to the tomb of the Legitimate fighter, and his head was publicly cut off.

Jean-Claude is now the unlucky kid named Cage, who was just captured by Cruise's men, imprisoned in the basement of the Capital Ministry of Military Affairs, and ready to cope with forced confessions.

And his mission was to beat the crap out of him.

Is he just sitting there? And the system didn't reveal any confessions at all, so no matter how harshly Cruise's people forced him to confess, he couldn't.

It was almost possible to foresee the tragic events that would follow, and it was fortunate that the system had reduced his pain by 50 per cent, otherwise he would not be able to play.

At this point, there was a middle-aged man's voice in the room: "Master Cage, how have you been thinking? Decide whether to do it or not? ”

Of course not! unemotionally.

And the voice said, "If you talk, we can guarantee you a future life. Didn't you come back to Dragontooth because you couldn't stand the poverty of Tama? ”

Is that why you came back? What a mess. As long as we wait for the last seven days and eight days, the son of General Utley, the founder of the army, will be gloriously and nobly enjoyed in the future, and will be respected by countless people as a hegemonic power generation.

Sooner or later, he chose to appear on the eve of the uprising, and he was fortunate enough to betray everyone.

It is estimated that Tama Star's information is too backward, and Cage doesn't know what's going on here, so he rushes over.

“Cage, you're only 22, aren't you?” Middle-aged men continue to induce, "it's a good year, just like that. Isn't that a shame? ”

“Enough bullshit?” Still able to respond coldly, the slightly picked eyebrows with a certain arrogance, the initially frightened deity, instantly became fresh, and people outside the cell were suddenly seen. You were scared to death, how did you get so hard?

The system reduced his pain by 50%, so the remaining 50% can still feel tolerable.

Just stick around for 72 hours and he'll be all right.

Obviously, the other party does not intend to waste time. When he sees him, the tone immediately shifts from peaceful to ruthless: “In that case, don't blame us for being rude. Paul, inject him with sensitizer. ”


“You know what sensitizers are, don't you? ”

I have no idea and don't have to bother explaining it to him, thank you.

But the other person explained with due diligence: "After you inject the sensitizer, all your perceptions will increase tenfold. You can feel the pain of being hammered by a heavy object even if you just tap it gently. ”

This antisocial stuff, what are you guys working on?! No wonder everyone wants to overthrow you. You deserve it!

A few noises were heard in the ears, and then a robotic arm was stretched out behind the chair, revealing a truncated needle tube aimed at Sankoh's neck.

He could feel a cold stream of liquid entering his body along his veins, but in a few seconds he felt a spiritual shock, and his hearing, smell, touch and vision were all very acute and could almost hear breathing outside the cell.

“Let you experience 10 times the pain first.” The voices of middle-aged people are somewhat cruel.

What's 10 times more painful? He can reduce it by 50%... Wait! Ten times the pain? He calculates, calculates, reduces the pain by 50% by 10x, leaving 50%... TM is also 5 times higher than usual!!!

Jean-Claude is on her knees! Can the system be a little more crappy?

He was totally ignored by the system's so-called "100% complete sitting” and “50% less pain”!