Heroic Death System

Falling in love with you only takes 72 hours 6

“Would you agree if Roy took Gabriel's place and inherited your father's career? ”

Agreed. Agreed! Did Ravel see through Gabriel's narrow-minded, unusable nature?

Ravel nodded when he saw him and stopped talking and just touched his head.

It was only then that he noticed that he had a black mole in his right palm. Those with moles in his palm were said not only to be rich and expensive, but also to have leadership skills. Others said that this was the mark of a previous life and that this life had been left to meet his lover. The Buddhist family generally believed that those with moles in their palm were the stars of Heaven.

The latter two are unthinkable, but Ravel in front of him is the winner of a life that is both rich and capable of leadership.

It is not known, in fact, that Ravel is all three.

“It's over. Go home. I'll eat with you.” Ravel pushed Jean-Claude back to the ward and ordered the nurse to deliver the meal.

Whatever Jean can eat, Ravel can eat, even if there is only one bowl of porridge, he can eat noodles without changing color. Jean-Claude still admires him for that.

Although his diet has improved over the past few days, his body is actually weak enough to take too much nutrients. No matter how spiritual he looks, his body is getting thinner and thinner.

Dr. Benny said that every extra day he lived was a new miracle, and if he were someone else, he wouldn't last long. He knew why Cage insisted, and he wanted to witness the establishment of the new empire.

For the first time, Ravel hesitated not to announce the news and feared that once his wish had been fulfilled, he would leave the world without any reluctance.

Ravel couldn't, couldn't let go...

At night, Ravel returned to his residence.

Kahn fronted: “My men put Gabriel under house arrest in the guest room, what does the general intend to do about it? ”

Ravel is cold and walks toward the room.

“Let me out. I'm General Utley's son. You can't do this to me!” Gabriel's noise came out of the room.

The guard was indifferent and saw Ravel and Kahn come over, bowed down immediately and opened the door.

Gabriel saw Ravel come in and asked with excitement, "Your Excellency, you are finally back. Tell me, why did you put me under house arrest? ”

Ravel didn't answer, just to show Kahn the video from the hospital.

At first sight, Gabriel's face changed and he bit his teeth: "My actions, indeed, are inappropriate. But if you know what Cage did to me before, you can understand what I did. ”

“I don't need to know how he used to treat you.” Ravel indifferently said, "All I know is that you insulted Cage while he was in bed, hurt him with your hand. Who gave you the guts to treat a hero so badly? ”

“Hero?” Gabriel doesn't give a shit, "none of this would have happened if he'd stayed on Tamar. Without him, you would have won. He has become like this, he has asked for it. Why would he be considered a hero? ”

“Why?” Ravel tells Kahn, “you tell him. ”

Kahn stared coldly at Gabriel and said: "Perhaps the appearance of Young Master Cage was an accident, and his arrest was an accident, but his subsequent manifestations were sufficient to qualify him as a ‘hero'. He paid for his choices, kept his faith in our cause. As you said, without him, we might be able to win, but his presence distracts us from the enemy, buys us time to fight back and reduces many casualties. ”

He paused and said, "Young Master Gabriel, if it were you, would you do better than him? ”

“Why not?” Gabriel lifted his chest, "I've always been better than him, harder than him, better than him to inherit my father's career. ”

Ravel's eyes gathered a cold frost, and it was hard to bear to think that Cage was actually possessed by such a shallow person.

He coldly said, "Kahn, leave it to you, let him taste the torture and see if he can really do better than Cage, as he says. ”

After that, he turned around and walked out of the room.

“Wait, Lord Ravel, I am the heir to General Utley. Aren't you afraid to provoke public outrage when you treat future generations of heroes like this? ”

Kahn showed him mercy. This guy doesn't know where his heir is yet. In fact, since the death of General Utley, the Birks have died. Ravel retains the name and merit of their family. If Cage dies, who inherits Bick's last name depends entirely on what Ravel means.

Gabriel would have been the most suitable candidate, but unfortunately he couldn't stand to die for a moment.

Kahn took a syringe from the guard and said to Gabriel, "Cage was injected with ten times the perceived sensitizer, and I gave you a fold this time, five times the dose. ”

Gabriel looked at the syringe in Kahn's hand and a glimmer of fear flashed in his eyes...

That evening, in Ravel's Beppu room, there was a loud scream for a long time.

Early the next morning, Kahn came to report.

“He lasted only two hours.” Turn on the video, Gabriel begins begging for forgiveness after five or six minutes in prison, tears and snot streaming together, and the appearance is utter. This reaction is not surprising, after all, five times more painful than the average person can tolerate. Kahn hasn't dared to hit hard, otherwise Gabriel might not last an hour.

“How the hell did Cage do that?” In contrast to Gabriel, Kahn was extremely shocked that Cage was able to survive ten times more painful abuses. It's not just physical torture, it's a test of will.

Ravel was not interested in the Gabriel abuse process, and turned to Kahn and said, "I'm staying at the hospital today. ”

Kahn stunned. "Tomorrow is the opening ceremony. ”

“I know." Ravel whispered, “You take the dress to the hospital in advance, and I'll leave from the hospital and go straight to Ceremony Square. ”

“But your safety…”

“I believe in your ability to do things.” Ravel patted Kahn's shoulder for encouragement, then walked out of the study and headed straight to the hospital.

Kahn looks at his back silently: Is it really okay to be such a leader?!

When Ravel arrived at the hospital, he was trying to lift his arms and try to lift the fruit from the table.

Ravel immediately swept the nurse aside with a sharp look: "Why not help? ”

"Young Master Cage wanted to try it on his own," the nurse said. ”

He could nod and say what he meant. Although his fingers still can't move, his arms can move a few times.

Successfully lifted up the fruit, and he gave Ravel a delightful smile, then delivered it to him.

“Give me a ride?” Ravel asked.

He could nodded.

Ravel took the fruit, and he didn't dislike it, sipping it, eating it seriously.

Jean-Claude stared at himself and handed him a sliced piece of fruit from the fruit tray.

Jean-Claude, bite it down.

The atmosphere is very harmonious with two people eating and feeding.

After breakfast, it seems strange that Ravel hasn't left yet.

“Stay with you today.” He turned on the video and said, “After breakfast, watch a two-hour show, rest for an hour, then have lunch. After lunch, I'll show you around the garden, pick flowers, watch butterflies, listen to music, and two hours later, have tea at the pavilion for refreshments, then go back to the ward and rest. After dinner, change of medication, physical care, routine checkups. ”

Ravel, like on official business, has set the agenda for the day at a glance, and it can be overheard.

“If you have any comments, you can always remind me in body language.” Ravel looked seriously at Sankoh and seemed to be waiting for his response.

Couldn't bear laughing, thought this man was cute sometimes.

Ravel stared at him without turning a blind eye and his smile filled his eyes with ice blue.

He could nodded and agree to his arrangement.

Ravel then shifted his gaze, turned around and changed channels, then picked an entertainment show at his behest to watch with him.

The show was hilarious and made Jean-Claude laugh at least a few times, but Ravel didn't move a word from the beginning.

Jean-Claude wonders if his facial nerves are defective.

“What's the matter?” Ravel noticed Shanko's gaze and asked back.

You can shake your head, it means you're okay.

Ravel looked at the time and said, "It's time for you to rest. ”

He stood up and helped Shang to lie down. When he saw him with his eyes open, he reached out and covered his eyes: “Go to sleep. I'll call you in an hour. ”

Shanko: He doesn't want to sleep at all!

Lying in bed, my heart was active for an hour, then I got up for lunch with Ravel and after lunch it was time to go out. Ravel picked flowers for him in his music. I don't know if it's because Roy sent him flowers yesterday, so Ravel thinks he loves flowers...

Anyway, Ravel really finished his schedule on time that day. He actually intends to stay overnight at the hospital at night.

As leader of the new empire, isn't he a little too idle?!

But at night someone “□ □" feels pretty good. It's almost time to look away, he's been in the world for less than a day. Though it was a short time, meeting a friend of Ravel's didn't do it for nothing.

Looking at Ravel lying on the other bed, Jean silently said: Good night, my friend.

The next morning, as soon as you open your eyes, you can see Ravel in her gown and crown, creating an instant feeling of being at the prom.

“Today is the day of the inaugural ceremony, and our efforts over a decade are finally ushering in a new era," he said. Cage, this is an honor for all of us, please wait and see. ”

Ravel is a solemn and powerful man, like a natural king.

It can be seen that the heartbeat is accelerating somewhat and unconsciously appears in the eyes, such as the rising sun, which boils Ravel's blood.