Heroic Death System

It only takes 72 hours to fall in love with you.

At the moment of the blow, Sankoh's soul was separated from his body, but he had not returned to the system space immediately. Soon, however, we'll be completely out of the world in a few minutes at most.

“Save him. I don't care how you do it. Save him!” Ravel grabbed Benny's wrist and looked terribly cold:

Benny couldn't help but notice the pain in his wrist and said patiently: "Sire, I'm sorry that Cage can't make it back to heaven. Forced treatment will only damage his remains. Is that what His Majesty wants? ”

Ravel slowly opened his hand and turned his gaze back to the boy on the ground. In a clear ice cream, the boy smiles with a soft, fresh look. A few minutes ago, he was standing beside himself, holding his hand, and flowering with him to the heroes. The next second, he watched him die in his arms.

This fool can't even walk and wants to save him!

Ravel's mind keeps repeating the images of Cage blocking herself, as if her icy blue eyes were covered in mist.

If he reacts faster, moves faster, he... won't die? He would not have brought him to this memorial service in any way. In the end, he didn't even have time to say a word.

“Your Majesty.” Kahn walked over and whispered, "It's not safe here and your men will escort you back to the government. ”

Ravel silenced for a moment and said, "Bring an ice coffin. ”

The soul can squat next to Ravel, thinking that this guy isn't trying to keep Cage's body cold forever, is he?

He poked the ice corpse on the floor, his fingers directly through the ice cream, touching the corpse's skin and immediately sensing a suction. Before he could react, he was sucked back into Cage's body.

Congratulations to the host for completing the additional task and reviving it successfully. The system gives you 15 days to stay.

Where's Father Pit? How can you live like this?

I thought the paralysis of hands and feet was bad enough. I didn't expect there would be any more. Stay on ice for another 15 days? Fuck you!

If you want to cry without tears, you can only hate your own hands. You can't poke anything!

He passed through the ice cream, opposite Ravel's fourth eye above. Ravel's eyes moved slightly and his body leaned forward, listening to him whisper: “Cage? ”

Oh, I'm sorry, I can't answer your call without moving, talking, blinking, shaking my head.

“Your Majesty, what is it?” Benny couldn't help but ask when he saw Ravel's expression was different.

“I don't know why,” Ravel looked Sankoh in the eye and said, “I think he's conscious. ”

“Impossible, the ice demon freezes even the brain, how can it...” The voice is not down, Benny also noticed Sankoh's eyes, it was still very stiff, at this moment like it was infused with vitality, glow, clear and spiritual movement.

Benny stared wide-eyed and looked incredible.

Ravel turned to him and asked, with a serious and slightly repressed sound, "He's alive, isn't he? ”

Benny is speechless.

“Save him.” Ravel is tough, "save him! ”

Benny looked at Cage in the ice cream, bit his teeth and nodded, “I'm trying. ”

Cage's vitality is so strong that his life is so rare that perhaps this time he can create another miracle. The success rate of thawing depends on how long he can last.

But after a while, the ice coffin arrived.

Because the demonized body of ice is fragile, a special method of handling is necessary to ensure undamaged integrity.

Ravel ordered that the frozen Cage be carefully lifted and that hope be rekindled in his heart, only to rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

Benny called the hospital to tell them to prepare for the treatment.

When a reporter outside sees this scene, he can't help but create a bold guess in his heart. Is there any chance Cage could be saved? This is big news!

They raised their cameras in spite of the chaos and the guards' strict defenses, shooting them like needles in stitches.

Cage's body was moved into the ice coffin and the escorts pushed it toward the shuttle, followed closely by Ravel and Benny.

[ADDITIONAL TASK 2: Help Ravel avoid bomb attacks. If this mission is accomplished without dying, the host will have the option of staying in the world and wasting his life.

System, I put up with you for a long time! Is it over or not? Turn your ass into a corpse and help Ravel escape the bomb.

Jean-Claude lies out of the freezer in anger. Living people have dignity and corpses, okay?

At this point, a sudden noise appeared outside the ice coffin, as if someone had fallen and caused a chain reaction.

Then, the ice coffin was hit hard, making a “bang” sound, and Ravel's roar was heard: "No! ”

It is certainly the two most passionate words Ravel has ever uttered.

Then, spinning day after day, his body leaned down, and his consciousness went completely into darkness as a broken sound sounded.

Finally, liberated...

Ravel watched as Cage rolled out of the overturned freezer, falling to pieces of ice crystal on the ground, blending with blood, glittering in the sun.

Everything around him seemed to be stationary, Ravel stood stiff in place, and his pupils seemed to lose focus.

As he was preparing to move, he suddenly heard a loud bang from not far away, a shuttle wrapped in a flame pack caused by the explosion.

The shuttle was precisely the tool to be used to transport the ice coffin, as it was in a hurry and was not inspected in time. Ravel will definitely be on this shuttle later, and if there is no accident along the way, he and Cage in the ice coffin will be blown to pieces.

“Your Majesty, Cage saved your life again.” Benny said heavily, "I think that's his last wish. ”

Shatter the bones and protect the monarch.

Ravel's gaze was blurred and the only color in his eyes disappeared with the apoptosis of the erythema cavernosum.

His world has only been black and white since then...

Congratulations to the host, the task is complete. Though the bones are finally crushed and there is no chance of resurrection, you can still get a triple reward.

“Thank you so much!” Jean-Claude almost cried. This mission lasted 20 days, and finally he died of nothing but scum. "System, don't tell me that future tasks are so brutal? ”

[No, because the first world has extra privileges, that's why it makes it so easy for you, and it also succeeds in maximizing the art of death.

“This is also called extra privilege?! Still relaxing?” I can't believe it.

[Of course, the task of the first world can be accomplished by sitting, standing and lying down.

Shanko's face is blank. Isn't his three tasks done “sitting”, “standing” and “lying”?

Sitting and being tortured, standing in the way of a gun, lying and shattering... Oh, it turns out that death is extreme enough and art enough.

[From the second world onwards, this extra privilege is gone, and it is entirely up to you to seek death.

Why is that so hard to hear? What do you mean, "die on your own"? You think he likes dying? Besides, what's so hard about dying?

[Please keep in mind that your death must qualify as “heroic” and ordinary accidental death will be considered a mission failure. If suicide is chosen or life expectancy falls short of these two principles, the system will punish them accordingly.

“Isn't punishment an increase in the number of missions? ”

Please be careful, if the task always fails, the punishment will continue to accumulate and the host is likely to enter an infinite death round.

Shanko: "…” Well, this is a very serious consequence.

Now, ask the host to accept the reward.

Finally, there is something pleasant.

First world, complete one main task and two additional tasks, Physical +10 (+5 +5), Memory +20 (+10 +5), Mental +15 (+5 +5), Beauty +15 (+10 +5), Life +5 (+1 +2), Points in parentheses are rewarded for additional tasks.

“Isn't there skill? ”

[Yes, two other techniques are available for learning.] The system expands all technical options to seventy-seven. Some skills I haven't even heard of.

He thought that it was more reliable to decide whether to improve his strength first, so he chose "martial arts” and “magic”.

[Sorry, the host's physique does not meet the standards for martial arts and magic.

“What, physical limitations? ”

Of all the options, only lighted skills can be selected, and the skills are gray, indicating that the host has not met the learning conditions.

Looking at the technical options again, there are seventy-seven skills, only “Instruments”, “Cooking Arts”, “Painting”, “Performance”, “Racing Car”, “Makeup”, “Swimming” are lit up.

“Can I check my physical data?" he asked. ”

The host is a soul state and cannot view physical data. The physical fitness of the host can only be detected when the host returns to its own body.

[Did the host decide which two skills to choose?

Jean-Claude thought about it and ended up choosing "cooking” and “instrument”.

[Select OK to enter Hundred Refined Space.

“Hundred refined spaces? ”

All skills need to be learned and skilled in Bai Ling space before they can be fully mastered.

It seems reasonable that this arrangement, with the skills gained, will never have a real sense of authenticity.

However, it was unexpected that it took him 10 years to enter the purification space. Although the latter system explains that the percentage of time spent in refined space varies from the outside world, it still chokes him enough.

Who can stand learning cooking and musical instruments 10 years a day?! And don't leave until you reach the master level. The cook also said that his time was mostly spent on instruments. Fortunately, he chose only two instruments, the piano and the flute. If he chose more, he wouldn't be able to come out for decades!

After 10 years of hard work, a second world can be officially entered.