Heroic Death System

My heart beats for you 3

Out of Jiangyumo's apartment that day, Jane Shenfeng felt that something was wrong with her whole person. She would always want to pay attention to him. From the beginning, she looked at him badly, and now she sees everything. As for the wounds on Jiang Yumo's body, although he didn't ask, he sent someone to check it out and found out that the guy actually joined the Extreme Sports Club and went to events every holiday.

Jane Shenfeng had long heard that he loved to play, but didn't expect this kind of play, and as long as it was a club-established project, he signed up. No wonder he always has so many injuries, every sport is a certain danger, if he is bold and adventurous, injuries are common when his skills are not pure enough.

Jane Shenzhen was angry and didn't know where the anger came from. I just thought this guy was playing too hard, completely disregarding his safety. Loving sports is good, but looking for excitement is another thing.

I just received a message that Jiang Yumo was playing water bike in Mirror Sea, and Jane Shenfeng decided to go and see for herself.

On the beach, the sun shines brightly, the sea breezes slowly, men and women in swimsuits are everywhere, Jane Shenzhen wears shirts, pants and leather shoes that travel through, making her look extra eye-catching.

Jane frowned and did not like this noisy environment. The noise can distract attention, decrease alertness and increase adrenaline.

“Where is he?” Jane Shenfeng looked at Secretary Choi beside her with a cold face.

“Should be here…” The voice was interrupted by a scream of excitement.

Jane Shenfeng followed her reputation and saw a group of men and women standing by the sea, yelling at the distant sea.

Jane raised the telescope and looked towards the sea. There are several people playing water bikes and kayaks. He took a closer look and finally found who he was looking for.

Jiangyumo rides a vertical water bike with his torso slightly bent, wind breaking waves like a swordfish, spinning, leaping and lifting a large white wave on the sea surface. At this time, a sudden, extremely fast rush, the motorcycle took off high, and Jiangyumo's body hung up, as if flying, revealing his gorgeous figure between the sky and the ocean.

“Ah!” countless screams sounded.

Jane Shenzhen's heart tightened and her fierce gaze firmly locked the flying figure, almost forgetting to breathe.

A few minutes later, he could return to the coast, smiling brilliantly at his cheering companion, sprinkling water beads from his hair, like his eyes, gleaming in the sun.

Jane Shen Feng suddenly felt some dry tongue. Something called “desire” came up and dragged him into the taboo abyss...

You can wipe your hair and walk towards the beach. He did participate in the Extreme Sports to find death, but it wasn't until after the real experience that he discovered the fun. He was not afraid to die and dared to try, so he mastered all kinds of athletic skills quickly. Although he could not compare to a master, simple performances were fine.

However, I do not know whether it is because my talents are too good or because my physical fitness is different. I have played so many extreme exercises. Although minor injuries persist, I have never even had a serious injury accident.

“Jiang Yumo.” A familiar voice can be heard suddenly in the midst of a fantasy.

He pulled the towel off his head and saw Jane Shenfeng coming towards him.

“Jane Shenzhen, what are you doing here?” Ask surprisingly.

“Pass by and watch you play with water. ”

The familiar response pattern made Jean-Claude roll his eyes.

“When will it be over and have dinner together?” Jane said.

“I'll talk to them, you wait for me. ”

Jean-Claude took a shower, changed her clothes, and got into Jane's heavy car and drove off toward the restaurant together.

On the road, Jane Shenzhen said nothing, her eyes did not look oblique, as if she was thinking about something serious.

After sending people to the restaurant, Secretary Choi made an excuse to leave first.

Jane Shenfeng and Shan chose a window seat to sit down, order their own meals, and chat freely about topics that had nothing to do with itching.

It has to be admitted that Jane Shenzhen is a very attractive man, and every move is a pleasing feeling. The two of them are friends now, and they usually have a good time.

Jane Shenzhen may have changed him because of his food strategy. And Jean could have changed him, because he had recently discovered the mole in his palm, the same mole as Ravel's.

It is doubtful that Jane Shenzhen is Ravel, only that they have different personalities and memories in different worlds. When this mission is over, he must ask the system for clarity.

“Sorry, I'm going to the bathroom.” Jean wiped his mouth and got up and left the table.

Jane Shenzhen looked at his back and saw an indescribable light in his eyes.

After solving his personal problems, he just walked out of the bathroom and glimpsed a familiar figure. The other side turned around and saw Sang Ke, showing a surprised look on his face: “Jiang Yumo, you...”

“Jane, what a coincidence.” Jean could have given her a big smile.

Jane stepped back and quivered, “You followed me? ”

Jean-Claude, I wonder why she suddenly associates with stalking?

Jane continued: “Jiang Yumo, I told you I don't like you. You rely on my brother's company to send me flowers every day, and now you're following me? ”

Shanko was slightly restrained. Should he now try to explain himself or reveal his wounded expression without a word?

“Jiang Yumo, please don't bother me anymore!” The more Jane says, the more excited she gets, "you know, every time you show up, it makes me uncomfortable. ”

Can Jean secretly examine whether he has ever done anything angry?

“Leave me alone, I can't afford it.” Jane covered her chest, her breathing began to rush and her face became very ugly.

“Jane, are you okay?” Jean-Claude hurried to hold her.

Jane couldn't help herself. She pushed him away. She almost fell on her feet. She could have taken another step forward and held her back. "Where's your medicine? Did you bring it?”

“No, leave it alone! You go, you disappear right now.” Jane's expression was painful and she became weak and weak.

Jean-Claude was about to call for help, but she heard an angry drink behind her: "Jiang Yumo, what are you doing? ”

Before he could turn around, he was caught pulling his arm back and his back brain hit the wall again.

The man who pulled him was not Jane Shen Feng, but his big brother Jiang Donglin.

No wonder Jane was anxious to let him go, probably worried about destroying her date with Jiang Donglin.

You can cover your back brain and think vaguely.

At this point, one arm held his waist and asked, "Are you all right? ”

You can look up at the man around you with a few blindfolds in your eyes.

“Jane Shenzhen? Leave me alone and see how Jane's doing. ”

“She's fine.” Jane looked at the two of them. Jane is leaning in Jiangdong Lin's arms with tears in the corner of her eyes. The situation has stabilized.

Jiang Donglin lifted Jane Xuan up and said to Shanko: “Jiang Yumo, you know Jane Xuan is not well, why stimulate her? ”

“I...” How did Nima irritate her? She's paranoid, okay? No words yet, don't pretend this time, the eyes are full of worries.

“Donglin, don't rush to a conclusion until you know what's going on.” Rather than Jiang Donglin, he is more calm as his brother Jane Shenfeng. He believed that Jiang Yu Mo, whom he knew, was definitely not a reckless man.

And he looked at Jane and said, "Hey, what just happened? ”

Jane looked pale, looked at her brother, looked at Sang-koo again, and guessed that she might have misunderstood. She lowered her head, bit her lips and said nothing.

Jiangdong Lin's eyes flashed a slight heartache, turning to Shanko: “Jiang Yumo, apologize to Miss Jane. ”

Jean took a deep look at them and laughed: “Why? I didn't do anything wrong. ”

“Jiang Yumo, I repeat, apologize to Miss Jane.” Jiang Donglin's tone was a little more harsh.

“No, that's okay.” Jane whispered aside.

Shang can stare at Jiang Donglin, saying word for word: “I will not give her a chance to get my apology in my life. ”

After this sentence, you can shake Jane Shenzhen's hand and go straight out.

“Jiang Yumo, stop!” Jiang Donglin tried to catch Shang Ke, but was stopped by Jane Shenfeng. He was just about to speak and suddenly heard a "bang”, and then Jane Xin screamed.

Jane Shenfeng and Jiang Donglin turned their heads at the same time and found that Jiang Yumo had actually fallen to the ground. Personnel did not know...

“What's going on?” Xu Engine checked the situation and asked.

“I don't know, he suddenly fainted.” Jiang Donglin is also unknown, so.

“Anything unusual before you fainted?” Xu Engine continues to ask, "Like dizziness, limb stiffness or collision? ”

“Collision?” Jiang Donglin was stunned and replied, “I think I just pulled him and hit the wall. ”

Xu Engine glanced at Yiling: “Which part did you hit? ”

“This...” Jiang Donglin frowned. He only looked at Jane and didn't even notice.

“Back of the brain.” Side by side Jane Shenzhen replied.

Xu Qi stared at Jane Shenfeng: “Are you sure? ”

Jane nodded sharply, her gaze stiffened, and she began to feel something was wrong.

Xu Engine lowered his curse and “Damn” and immediately asked the nurse to send him to brain surgery. He's a surgeon, not responsible for this piece.

“Xu Qing, what happened to Yu Mo?” Jiang Donglin looked at Xu Qi, unclear, so he asked, "Why do you look so anxious?” He's sure Yu Mo's collision wasn't serious, it was just a concussion, right?

Xu Engine pushed the glasses and restored a little coolness, fading away: “I'm not in a hurry. You're not in a hurry to be my brother. What's my hurry? ”

“You seem to have something to say?” Jiangdong Lin looked at Xu Qi.

The corner of Xu's mouth snapped a smile: “It seems that the boy did not tell you the truth. ”

“What truth? ”

Xu Qian turned to Jiangdonglin and said softly: "He has a brain tumor. ”

Jiang Donglin and Jane Shenfeng's face changed at the same time.

Xu Engine was not excited enough, he added: “You better pray that this collision in the back of his brain will not cause any major problems, otherwise even the world's most advanced brain doctor will not save his life. ”