Heroic Death System

My heart beats for you 4

I didn't expect that I had played so many extreme sports and nothing happened. I was pushed by Jiangdonglin and my head was smashed. He did not faint for too long, at least enough to let him know the results of the examination for the first time, the stability period of the original 2 years had changed, and if the surgery was not performed, the situation would deteriorate rapidly.

He could be transferred to a single ward because Jiang Donglin, Jane Shenfeng and Xu Engine were all there, so he decided to continue sleeping in his beautiful sleep.

Jiangdonglin sat on the bed holding his cell phone and was stunned. I didn't know what to say for a moment.

Jane looked sharply at Jiang Yumo on the bed. At this moment, he was less energetic on a weekday, but a little more quiet. Half his head was stuck in a soft pillow, and a few strands of hair were pulled in his eyebrows, which seemed to sleep perfectly.

“Dr. Xu, are you saying that Jiang Yumo knew about his condition a few months ago?” Jane Shenzhen suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Xu Engine nodded.

Jane narrowed her eyes and gloomy.

Jiangdonglin raised his head violently: “If so, why didn't you inform us?” If he did, how could he hurt Yumo?

Xu Qiang tried to talk to the patient's bed: “Your brother asked me to help hide it. ”

“What?” Jiangdonglin turned his head to Shanko and flashed a little confusion in his eyes, muttering, “Why is he hiding something so big? ”

“I don't know that.” Xu Engine turned around and walked out. "You can arrange surgery for him as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more dangerous it becomes. ”

“Wait, I have some more questions for you.” Jiangdonglin followed Xu Engine out of the ward.

There is nothing left in the room but Jane Feng and the coziness of trying to brew sleep.

Jane Shenzhen walked to the bed and opened her hand to open the hair in front of Sankoh. At this time, Sankoh's eyelashes slightly trembled a few times, then slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him lazily. At that moment, Jane Shenzhen felt only a bright light in front of her, and all the depression in her chest seemed to dissipate.

“Jane Shenzhen, how's Jane Shenzhen?” You can ask.

Jane Shenfeng's face sank and she was unhappy: “She's fine, you should worry about yourself first. ”

“What's wrong with me?” Jean-Claude sat up and touched her back brain.

“Jiang Yumo, please tell me why you know you have a brain tumor and participate in those dangerous extreme exercises?” Jane stared closely at him, and her voice was angry with extreme repression.

In righteous rhetoric, he said: "I cannot give up my hobbies because I am sick. ”

“So why are you hiding the disease? ”

“Because if my family finds out, they won't let me play sports again.” Jean-Claude gave him a "don't ask” look.

“Good.” Jane snapped her teeth, “You seem very conscious. From today on, you really can't take part in any more intense exercises. ”

“So bad!” can reveal a lifeless expression.

Jane Silent Feng did not move. She looked at him silently and suddenly asked: “Jiang Yumo, do you want to die? ”

He asked very seriously, without any joking ingredients. When Jiang Yumo learned of his illness, he did not tell his family and did not cooperate with the treatment. Instead, he did not desperately participate in various dangerous extreme sports. Didn't he just want to die?

Jane Shenzhen still has a few glances, but after spending so much time together, she can't see any signs of disgust. Jiang Yumo's life is worry-free and well loved. If he is bullied, his own family will defend him. Is there anything else you can't think of?

“How could I want to die if I lived well?” Not yet, “you think too much. ”

“Really?” Jane said with no expression on her face, "You'll be honest with me for a while until the experts come up with a proper surgical plan. ”

“My parents haven't spoken yet!” Shan can stare at him.

“Shenzhen means what we mean.” Jiang Yumo's parents and Jiang Donglin walked into the ward together, Jiang Father said harshly, "You are so hard on your wings, you dare to hide such things! ”

Jiang Mother held Shang Ke's hand and worried: “Yu Mo, how are you? Is there anything wrong..."

Jane Shenfeng saw Jiang Yumo's family come and said goodbye in due course. Before leaving, she took another look at Sangkou, who was warmly comforting her parents, and her eyes were dim. He can't breathe if he thinks that one day he will disappear. This panic has never happened. He knows that he is finished and can no longer cheat himself. This strong palpitation is just a delusion...

Two days later, Jean Shenfeng was connected to his home.

Yes, Jane Shenfeng's house. Nor did he know how he had persuaded his parents to entrust them with full responsibility for custody and care. Even without a chance to object, they were packaged by their parents and sent to Jane Shenzhen.

“Starting today, you will work with me during the day and sleep with me at night (different rooms?), any activity must be approved by me first.” Jane Shenfeng and he set the rules.

“Jane Shenzhen, what exactly did you say to my parents? How did they agree to let me stay in your house?” It also feels a little strange.

Jane glanced at him: “I'm just telling them that my sister can make you right. ”

You even used your sister? Besides, what do you mean, "correcting evil"? What's wrong with him?

But it doesn't matter, the purpose of worsening the condition has been achieved, and then as long as the surgery fails, he has the opportunity to sacrifice his life. The difficulty now is how to delay surgery. According to the plot, Jane Mo's surgery was “martyred” a year later, but before she could do it, she was dragged by Jiang Yu Mo. It is uncertain whether the heart can be transplanted successfully if it is operated in advance.

“If I could live here and see Jane often, I'd barely live there for her.” Jean can lay on the couch with a pillow.

I was upset to hear him mention Jane Shenzhen.

“Jiang Yumo, Jiang Er likes your big brother.” He has to get this guy to know the truth as soon as possible.

“It's okay.” Jean-Claude said confidently, "I'll let Jane know that I love her more than Big Brother. ”

“Jiang Yumo, where does my sister attract you?” Jane asked in a bad tone.

Can we not ask so many brain-burning questions? How did he know where your sister was attracted to Jiang Yumo?

Jean-Claude finally came up with an answer: "That's a feeling you won't understand. ”

Jane Shenfeng: “...” really strangled his heart. What do you mean, "you won't understand”? He doesn't know how to fucking understand, okay?

Jane Shenzhen doesn't want to talk to him for now, otherwise she has to stall him.

Next, a relaxing and relaxing life. Working with fish, studying food after work, playing the piano in your spare time, shopping… Life is still wonderful just to ignore a man who is inseparable from him like a street baby.

As the day approached for surgery, he began to think about the next move.

However, before he started planning, there was a problem over there. Because I felt sorry for my brother, Jiang Donglin had never established a relationship with Jane Yin if she left. Jane's mood is anxious, she has had several episodes and the situation is getting worse.

In this scenario, Jiangdonglin finally let go of the mustard, sincerely accepted Jane Xiao, and went to the hospital every day to accompany him and take care of him. Nevertheless, her situation was not optimistic.

“When's the surgery?” Jane Shenfeng asks Jane's attending physician.

"Miss Jane is getting sick more and more often, preferably within six months," the doctor replied. ”

“Did you find the right heart? ”

“I was about to tell you about it.” The doctor turned the file over and said to Jane Shenfeng, "A young man came in a while ago to do the matching, and after the matching was successful, he signed an organ donation agreement designating his heart to be donated to Miss Jane. ”

“The man fits himself? Did he have any incurable illnesses? ”

“He says he has a brain tumor and can only live for two years at most. I thought he was the best donor, and two years later, almost when Miss Jane operated. I just didn't expect Miss Jane to get worse and the surgery had to be early.” The doctor didn't notice the change in Jane's expression, "he continued," I'll contact that person later to see how he's doing. If he hasn't shown signs of disease yet, we'll probably have to find another donor. ”

“He has a brain tumor?” Jane Shenzhen tried to suppress the emotions in her heart, "he gave me his information. ”

“Okay.” The doctor gave Jane Shenzhen the information. This hospital belongs to Jane's family, so Jane Shenfeng is always available for patient information.

When Jane Shenfeng received the information, he immediately saw that the column with the name says exactly the words "Jiang Yumo”.

The next second, he dropped the file and ran off to his house.

A bang opened the door and Jane Shenfeng found Jiang Yumo playing upside down by the wall! Play him upside down at times like this!

The appearance of Jane Shenzhen obviously surprised him, his body twisted, his eyes were about to fall, Jane Shenzhen rushed over to hold him, and then held him across the sofa.

Jane Shenfeng sat on the coffee table and stared at him in shadow.

Jean-Claude felt that he was in a bad mood and asked: "Is something wrong over there? I heard that her condition seems to have worsened. Do you mind? When's the surgery? ”

“Jane Hsien, Jane Hsien, Jiang Yumo, is there no one else in your mind but Jane Hsien?” Jane growled.

Why is he so angry when he stares at him?

Jane Shenfeng looked at him with a calm expression: “Jiang Yumo, you don't even want to die for Jane?” He knew that Jiang Yumo liked Jane Jian, but never thought that he loved him so deeply.

“What did you say? ”

“Why sign the organ donation agreement?” Jane asked sharply.

"I had a brain tumor, and no matter how successful the surgery was, there was a risk. If anything happens to me during the surgery, I can give Jane a chance to regenerate at least once. ”

“Don't treat me like an idiot!” Jane is furious, “when you detect a brain tumor, the situation is not serious and you can perform surgery immediately. But not only do you hide the condition, delay the surgery, but you also deliberately put yourself in danger. Jiang Yumo, you were going to trade your life for Jane's! ”

He had no idea what he was in the mood for when he saw the organ donation agreement, not just anger, but strong jealousy! Jealous of her sister, jealous that she had easily gained this deep feeling that he had begged for.

Jean-Claude was a little freaked out by his appearance and didn't understand why he was so excited. Rationally, even knowing that he had the heart to trade his own life for his sister's, Jane Shenzhen either expressed shock or was moved by his "selfless” feelings, such a crazy performance was somewhat unexpected.

“Jiang Yumo, my sister's life doesn't need you for it!” Jane stared at him, word for word, "because your life belongs to me! ”

After that, I couldn't wait to react. I tended to overwhelm him on the couch, hold his back brain, and kiss him again.

Jean-Claude stared widly. This is not a good development!