Heroic Death System

My heart beats for you 5

Jane Shenfeng, like she hadn't kissed in 800 years, acted like a wolf and could barely breathe. I just felt a little out, and the next second I pressed it back on, my tongue went deeper. Sankoh's brain is somewhat hypoxic, and his body is suppressed by death, which he can only administer.

Just when he thought he was going to faint, Jane Shenzhen finally let him go. You can breathe gently, with a mist of water in your eyes, and your reddish lips slightly open and full-bodied, like cherries waiting to be picked.

Jane's eyes were dim and her fingers rubbed on his lips, wondering if she would do it again, but she saw what she seemed to want to say with her mouth open, and he shouted in a low voice: “Shut up. ”

Jean-Claude stared at him: "Shut up” when he was sexually harassed?

Jane Shenfeng lowered her voice: “If you dare to say no, I'll do it now. ”

Jean-Claude opened his mouth and was interrupted by Jane Shenzhen: “Don't say anything like ‘I don't like men’, 'I can't do it with you’, ‘I just like your sister’, or we'll do the whole thing of love on the couch. ”

Is there any more reason? Does this bastard watch romance a lot and the lines are familiar?! Wait, that's not the point. The point is, why can't he refuse? What else can he say besides the above?

Jane Shenfeng saw him wanting to talk without knowing what to say, and said: "Jiang Yumo, listen carefully, it is best not to let me know that you still hold the idea of life for life in the future, but I will do anything extraordinary. ”

“ …… ”

Jane stared at him without turning a blind eye and seemed to be waiting for him to “break the rules”.

How could Jean-Claude let him? After half a day, I finally held my breath: “I resign tomorrow.” Can't you get away with it?

“If you resign, I'll do you. ”

“I'm moving out. ”

“I dare you to move out. ”

Jean-Claude was angry: "I'm going back to my house! ”

“Then I'll chase you to your house and take care of you. ”

How dare you be a little more shameless? Jean-Claude looked incredible: "My parents and brother are home. How dare you bullshit me in front of them? ”

“It's all right, just in time to get out of the closet and establish a relationship. ”

Jean-Claude was shocked by his shamelessness: "Have you forgotten that I am an endangered brain tumor patient?” Forget it if you don't take care of it, you still threaten oppression over and over again? Beast, you!

“Of course I haven't forgotten, you don't care.” Jane stared deeply at him: “Instead of letting you die on the operating table, let you die in my bed, in my arms, under my body-- ”

You can drop your eyes, contemplate for a moment, and spit out two words: “Get lost. ”

Jane stepped up and pulled him into her arms, wrapping one arm around his waist.

“I…” Jean-Claude was just about to say, "Me and you are impossible”, and then thought of Jane Shenzhen's threat and closed her mouth again.

He's done talking, now what's he supposed to say?

“Okay, forget it.” Jane Shenfeng touched his head, comforting, “I'll arrange surgery for you next month, you stay with me honestly, you don't have to worry about my sister, I'll help her find the right heart. ”

If you find him, how can he reflect his worth? Jean-Claude muttered in his heart. However, the surgery was risky and even if he did nothing, it would not necessarily guarantee 100 per cent success, so the plan could continue. If he really accidentally succeeds, he'll think of something else.

At present, it is important to stabilize Jane Shenzhen Feng. He did not expect this man to like him. So much so that Ravel's attitude towards him in the last world seems to be a bit...

Jean Shenfeng kissed him again on his lips: "Yu Mo, I will give you time to adjust until the surgery is over. ”

Jane Shenfeng is not unaware of the risks of surgery, she just doesn't dare think about it. He will hire the world's leading brain scientists and will never allow any accidents to happen.

The next day, Jean-Williams still went to work with Jane Shenzhen.

After work, he made a generous nutritious meal and sent it to Jane, who was in the hospital.

“Jiang Yumo?” Jane Xuan saw the food Jean-Claude and his hands, "she said.“ You don't have to bring me food. I have everything here. ”

Jane frowned and scolded, “Hey, where's your manners? ”

Jane flattened her mouth and lowered her head to stop talking.

“This is a nutritious meal I made for you to make sure it's nutritious and delicious," she said. ”

Jane Shenzhen is not flavorful to stand aside. He looked forward to special treatment, but did not despise it.

“Where's Jiangdonglin?” Jane Shenzhen deliberately asked.

“He's meeting today and is expected to be here soon.” When it comes to Jiangdonglin, Jane's expression is completely different and warm in her eyes.

Jane Shenzhen's peeping eyes are acceptable, but unfortunately she can only see the back.

As he was speaking, Jiang Donglin walked in through the door. When he saw Jane Shenfeng monk, he smiled slightly. “You're here, too. ”

He walked up to Jean-Claude and asked, “Yu Mo, are you okay? ”

She smiled slightly: "It's okay. ”

“Since Donglin is here, let's go first.” Jane Shenzhen grabbed Shanko's waist and took him outside with her arms slightly harder.

“Jill, I'll give them a lift and bring you dinner.” Jiang Donglin did not see the food box on the table and walked out of the ward with two people.

When Jane heard that Jiang Donglin was bringing her food, she didn't warn her. When they left, they picked up the food box and prepared to throw it in the trash can. She found that the food box was too big, difficult to throw, and it was remarkable. So he called to clean the aunt and said, "Help me throw this away. ”

Auntie raised this exquisite food box in confusion and muttered to leave the ward.

Jean-Claude was waiting for the elevator, and she turned around and glanced at the cleaning aunt with the box coming out of the corner and threw it in the trash.

Jane Shenzhen also saw this scene, and the fire surged in her chest! The nutritious meal in the box was carefully prepared by Jiangyu Ink for two hours. He only took two bites and was severely reprimanded by him. I didn't think his sister would just throw it away!

Jane doesn't like that Jiang Yu Mo is a good thing for him, but he definitely doesn't want Yu Mo to get hurt.

Jane Shenfeng looked at Yu Mo and saw him staring quietly at the trash can. Junyi's face was hidden with some sadness.

Jane squeezed her lips tightly and was ready to walk back.

Jean-Claude hastily grabbed him: "Why? ”

“She's too unrealistic! ”

“It's okay, it's just a piece of food.” The clouds were faint, but his heart was roaring: his painstakingly prepared food was ruined! They will die for nothing!

Jiangdonglin looked at the misty water next to him: “What's wrong? ”

Jane Shenfeng glared at him and said coldly: “Jiang Donglin, my sister is very casual. Don't let her get away with it all the time, teach me a lesson when it's time to teach. ”

Jiangdonglin: “…” Isn't someone always spoiling her? How dare you teach your precious sister a lesson?

At that point, the elevator came up. Shang can immediately pull Jane Shenfeng into the elevator and say to Jiang Donglin: “Brother, take good care of Jane Ying, let's go first. ”

When the elevator door closes, you can stare down at your toes.

Jane Shenfeng really wants to ask him, is it really worth it to work hard for a man who doesn't love himself? She doesn't even appreciate it.

On the way home, you can remain silent. When he walked into the house, he slammed Jane Shenzhen's hand away and rushed into the bathroom.

“Yu Mo!” Jane Shen Feng quickly followed him, saw him lying on the sink, nauseated, and asked, “What's wrong? ”

Jean-Claude washed her hair in a hurry, her hair was wet, her white face was covered with crystalline water beads, her eyebrows were dropped, her shoulders were slightly upset and she looked like a fragile aesthetic.

“It's just a little disgusting, that's normal.” You can wave and say you don't care.

“Normal reaction?” Jane's face sank, "he asked.“ How long has it been? ”

Jean glanced at him and did not speak.

“The one with the back of the brain?” Jane Shenfeng holds his shoulder, angry, “Jiang Yumo, when are you going to tell me? ”

“What do you have to say?” You can shrug your shoulders, "and you'll be fine? ”

Jane Shenfeng really wants to strangle this bastard who doesn't take his life seriously.

“Come on, follow me to the hospital. ”

“Wait.” It can stop, “no, it's really a normal reaction. Isn't the surgery already scheduled? As long as the surgery succeeds, it will be fine. With you, it's not easy for me to die. ”

Jane Shenfeng deeply exhaled, slowly said: “I'd better get you started. ”

Yet: “!” Is there any inevitable connection to the dialogue above?

Jane Shenfeng embraced him and buried her head in his neck nest. She lowered her voice: "Jiang Yumo, count on me. Please, take care of yourself.” He dares to compete with no one, and the public opinion of the gender family cannot prevent him from obtaining this man, but the only thing he cannot fight is death.

“Give it up, Jane.” Jane Shenzhen trapped him between the walls of his arms and sounded dull, "I'm better suited to you than she is. ”

Jane Shenzhen kissed him and sucked xi warmly, poking her hands into his clothes and scouting his skin. The fiery touch makes Jean feel a little crispy.

Admittedly, he was touched by the seriousness of Jane, but he still had difficulty adapting to the affectionate and powerful aggression of men. Besides, he was doomed to “not die well” and really didn't have the energy to cope with an unplanned relationship.

“Stop…” The man on his body is like a branded iron, burning all over his body and can't shake a thing.

“Don't be afraid, I told you I'd give you time to adjust.” There are two flames in Jane's eyes, "but don't test my patience. I must be informed of any adverse reactions in the future. Once I find out you're hiding something, then Jiang Yumo, you're definitely finished. ”