Heroic Death System

My heart beats for you 6

With Jane's heavy defensive eye on him, his surgery was sadly embraced. In the meantime, he tried flipping his head on the stairs, stepping on the soap in the bathroom, rolling from the bed to the floor… but it turns out that hitting the back of the brain is also a technical activity, with his hips and back falling the most, causing all wounds, but the back of the brain survived his tight “murder” operation.

Of course, he had not forgotten to fight for the Extreme Sports, and he was caught repeatedly by Jane Shenzhen, who seemed to have placed his eyeliner in all the clubs and had absolutely no space to drill.

Jane Shenzhen didn't even suspect it. All he knows is that Sankoh's condition is getting worse and worse, not only is he often dizzy and nauseous, but his limbs are numb and he has some difficulty walking. When he arrived, Jane Shenfeng simply moved to the monk's room. He must bow and take good care of himself.

Though he had a hard mouth, he was unexpectedly patient.

You can't help but think that if you're a woman and you have such a boyfriend, it's probably a very happy thing. In the end, he did not torment. If he wanted to die, he would simply die. The people who tortured him so much were really unbearable.

He can die, but those who value him will be saddened by it. The mission is a mission, and you don't want to be a heartless, deadbeat maniac.

On the day of the surgery, the Jiang family came, as well as Jane Shenfeng and Jane Xin.

Shan can say to Jiang Father Jiang: “Mom and Dad, I want to speak to Jane Shenfeng alone. ”

Jiang family looked at Jane Shenfeng and left the ward with a sad look.

When there are only two people left in the room, you can still say: "Jane Shenzhen, if anything happens to me...”

“There will be no accidents!” Jane Shenfeng squatted by the bed and held his hand tight, "as long as you were not in the process of surgery, suddenly grabbed the doctor's scalpel and tied it to your neck. ”

No words yet: "If the surgery is anaesthetic, how can I rob a doctor's scalpel? ”

Jane shrugged her eyes: “Are you really going to rob me without the anesthesia? ”

Jean-Claude stopped talking. How dare you be the one who likes to mutilate himself so much in Jane's eyes? Well, from an outsider's point of view, I do seem to like to mutilate myself a bit...

At this time, a few "knocks” came from outside the door. Jiang Donglin warned: "Yu Mo, we are going to prepare for surgery. ”

“Just a minute.” Jean Shenfeng was shouted out first, then said to Jane Shenfeng, "Jane Shenfeng, promise me, if the surgery fails, I will immediately transplant my heart to Jane Shenfeng, you know her condition is getting less and less optimistic. ”

“Can't you just forget about her for a second?” Jane shrugged, “I can feel it. You're not completely indifferent to me. Is it because we're all men that you're reluctant to accept? Jiang Yumo, when you're done with the surgery, let's try it together. ”

Still looking at him, he seemed to have thousands of words hidden in his eyes. A moment later, he said, "Let's wait until the surgery succeeds. ”

Jane Shenzhen's heart pounded sharply, he didn't refuse directly, he didn't refuse directly!

Later, however, doctors and nurses pushed him to the operating theatre, while the others stayed outside.

Jiang Donglin walked to Jane Shenfeng: “Shenfeng, come with me. ”

The two came to the window at the end of the corridor, Jiang Donglin asked, “What's the matter with the heart? ”

“What?” Jane looked up at him.

“I was just outside the ward talking about the heart.” Jiang Donglin said, "Is Yu Mo hiding something from us? ”

Jane glanced out the window and said softly: "This is something you really shouldn't be hiding. Yu Meita, has signed a cardiac donation agreement to designate the heart to be donated to Jane Yin. ”

"When did this happen?" cried Jiangdonglin. ”

“It wasn't long before a brain tumor was detected. ”

“What?” Jiang Donglin looked shocked and had no idea that his brother would do this, “Wait, you said he signed a donation agreement shortly after he found out about the brain tumor?” If he remembers correctly, Yu Ink's condition worsened because of his collision. Until then, his condition was fairly stable, with a three-thirds higher success rate than it is now. That's when he was ready to donate.

Jiangdonglin also thought that after Yumo detected the brain tumor, not only did he not inform them of the condition at the first moment, but he also deliberately delayed the treatment. If he hadn't accidentally pushed him, was he going to keep stalling?

Jiangdonglin's complexion became difficult to see, and he turned to the direction of the operating room, and his eyes filled with anxiety.

“He'll be fine.” Jane spoke with certainty.

“Yes, he'll be fine.” Jiang Donglin closed his eyes and smiled bitterly, “Do you think my brother has failed too much? I never really seemed to know him. ”

seemingly cynical, but deeply in love with it. He can't even take his own life for the sake of simplicity.

Jiangdonglin always thought he loved Jane, but compared to Yu Mo, what did he get? Yu Mo's illness worsened because of him, and his beloved was snatched away by him. According to his character, he should have had a rough time with him, but his reaction was unusually calm. Now, I think, because he was ready to sacrifice himself, complete him and Jane, I have no doubt about it.

If Yu Mo really does have one, how can he still feel comfortable with Jane?

The surgery lasted seven hours until the lamp went out and everyone cried with joy when the doctor announced the success of the surgery. However, doctors cautioned in particular about the importance of avoiding head impact as much as possible in order to avoid new situations.

The corner of Jane's sharp mouth rose slightly, revealing a long-standing smile.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the main task, Jiang family will no longer suffer from Jane Shenfeng's retaliation. Since then, he has boarded Jane's smooth boat and has made a tremendous stride along the way.

Primary mission complete? You can still be confused and hear the sound of the system. How come it's just a surgery and the main line of work is done?

In the case of the host, the failure rate of surgery is as high as 80%, but the world's protagonist has brought top brain specialists to the host, and the success rate of surgery has increased to 65%, combined with Jane Feng's protagonist halo, fortunately reversing the host's inherent fate.

Shanko: “…” There really is a protagonist aura that exists against heaven.

The host is honored to survive the main mission, and the system gives a 2-year stay. If you complete two more missions in this period of time without dying, the host will have the option to remain in the world and spend their lives without any restrictions.

Two years' stay? Is it too long?

[In view of the fact that the world is too peaceful and the difficulty of dying heroically, the system has prolonged the stay in particular.

Shanko: … Do you need him to say thank you?

[You're welcome.

He's fucking pulling up English!

F/uck off! (# Â ′) convex

The next day, Jean could sit on the bed and look in the mirror.

The mirror had a bald head wrapped in bandages, overhead, cool and completely subverted his handsome beauty. What about the perfect expression pack? Why isn't it working at this time?! At least a blind halo over his head.

At this time, Jane Shenzhen pushed the door in. She could not help but stare seriously into the mirror. “No need to photograph, this is also very handsome. ”

A contemptuous glance at Jane Shenzhen: it really hurts to speak up, if you can shave your head, instantly you can change from being the president of hegemony to being released from prison.

“Do you want me to shave my head too?” Jane Shenzhen pulls up the corner of her mouth, "I'll shave as soon as you talk. ”

Jean-Claude put the mirror down and whispered: “Never mind, one bald head is enough to flash, add another, your eyes must be blind. ”

“I brought you porridge. Drink it while it's hot.” Jane has a gentle expression and looks in a good mood.

Can take the bowl, accidentally against Jane's deep, deep eyes, heart burst.

Jane Shenfeng said before the surgery that they would try together when his surgery was over. He didn't say yes directly, but he didn't say no. Now what?

If he refuses, for the next two years, he will be caught up in a complicated emotional entanglement, performing a "You Love Me But I Love Her” dog blood show. Deceive yourself, deceive others.

If you do, you can work hard to accomplish the remaining two additional tasks and stay in the world with Jane Shenzhen for the rest of your life. But there is no confidence that he will survive the mission, and if he dies, he could do more harm to Jane.

This is a real stranglehold! Why don't you just give up the extra task and get a chance to die accidentally?

Forget it, let's load it up and see when the system releases the first additional task.

Jean can hold the bowl and begin to concentrate on drinking the porridge.

On the other side, Jiang Donglin sat beside Jane's bed and watched her eat quietly, her eyes dimmed.

“Donglin, what's wrong with you?” Jane asked.

Jiangdonglin called back and said Wen: “Xiaoer, I've been a little busy working lately, I probably don't have much time to spend with you. ”

“Ah? Can't you come with me every day? ”

Jiangdonglin nodded silently.

Jane lost her face and was stunned: “Then you have to finish as soon as possible, I will wait for you every day. ”

“Mmm.” Jiang Donglin smiled and was in a heavy mood. After learning Yu Mo's deep feelings for Jane Yin, he decided to quit. As long as Yu Mo gave up his life for Jane, he could no longer live with her.

Although Jane has always been prejudiced against Yu Mo, if she were to know what Yu Mo did for her, she would definitely change him.

However, it is not time to break up, Jane's heart is not good, Jiang Donglin does not want to irritate her, so she decided to slowly alienate.