Heroic Death System

My heart beats for you 7

Half a month later, the bandages on his head could be removed and he could be discharged after a few more days of observation in the hospital.

He is now refreshed and not at all like someone who has just had surgery. Go to the garden every day and talk to your sick friends and play chess. Life is very comfortable.

The only thing that is not very harmonious is that Jane Shenzhen is becoming more and more intimate with him, and the emotions in his eyes are almost spilling over, especially when alone, completely obscured.

Shanko felt that this guy must have secretly brewed something big. Just wait for him to get out of the hospital and do it to him again...

“Donglin, why don't you go in?” Jane Shenfeng saw Jiangdonglin standing silly in front of Jane's ward, frowned and asked.

“No, don't disturb her.” Jiangdonglin turned around and prepared to leave.

Jane Shenfeng called him: “Jian said you haven't seen her in a few days, have you been busy lately? ”

“Well, following an important project.” Jiang Donglin replied absent-minded.

“What's so important that you don't even have time to look in the ward?” Jane Shenfeng walked to him and stared sharply at him, "Jiang Donglin, since you promised to stay with my sister, don't fail her. If I knew what you did to her, I would never let you go. ”

Jiang Donglin looked up at him: “Shen Feng, I'm afraid I can't be with your sister anymore. ”


“After all Yu Mo has done for her, I really don't deserve to be with her. ”

“Are you an idiot?” Jane Shenfeng grabbed his collar and said angrily, "Yin likes you, not whoever pays more, can get Yin's feelings. Have you given up unilaterally and thought about how you feel? ”

Jiangdong Lin lowered his eyes and sighed: “But I can't ignore my brother's feelings. How painful should it be to watch a loved one fall in love with his brother? ”

“Jiang Donglin, this is just your excuse, you just want to feel better.” Jane Shenzhen pushed him away, "your brother understood better than you thought. He knew that you were what he liked, so he didn't ask for it, he chose to be you. And you? Because of guilt, because of pain, after hurting your brother once, you come back to hurt my sister? Can you just leave a bunch of mess to someone else to clean up? ”

“Jane Shenzhen, I didn't mean to shirk my responsibilities.” Jiang Donglin seriously said, “I just want to give Jane Yin another chance to pick and get to know Yu Mo again. If the two of them are still unable to be together, I will do everything in my power to bring Jane back. ”

Jane Shenfeng grinned, “If you let her choose, you have to choose. If you want to chase her, can you chase her? Jiang Donglin, I really misjudged you. I always thought you were a man of duty, but you turned out to be a self-righteous hypocrite. You go, my sister's feelings don't need you to allocate. ”

Jiang Donglin closed his eyes and whispered “I'm sorry” and quickly left.

“Ma'am!" There was a shock in the ward.

Jane Shenfeng rushed in and saw Jane sitting in a wheelchair, covering her chest, a painful expression.

“Jill!” Jane Shenfeng helps Jane Xian to feed her medicine.

“Brother, brother.” Jane grabbed Jane Shenzhen's arm tightly, teary-eyed bitch, "I don't want to lose Donglin, brother, can you help me get him back? ”

“Okay, don't worry, I'll call him back later.” Jane Shenzhen soothed softly, but her eyes were flashed with cold.

At this time, Jean-Claude is taking a leisurely walk in the garden, and the sound of the system rings cold in her brain: [Additional Task 1: Help Jane get a transplantable heart.

Still have a stiff expression.

System, are you shameless? Until his surgery is successful, publish this additional task! If he'd known, he'd have hit himself with a brick before surgery!

What's going on now? Do you want him to sacrifice again?

However, the system does not seem to make it clear that you must use your own heart, so it should be okay to find another heart for Jane. But the process of accomplishing the task must be nine-dead and lifelong and meet the conditions of “heroism” and “sacrifice”.

That's hard to say. The heart is not a cabbage, just a handful. Not to mention the small quantity, it must also be fitted. With Jane's financial resources, we haven't found a suitable one yet, let alone him?

As you think about it, you can see Jiangdonglin rushing out of the hospital and heading straight for the parking lot.

Jean-Claude ran a few steps and wanted to say hello to him. He didn't turn his head and drove off in a dusty car.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Jean-Claude touched his chestnut head.

Back in his room, he ran into Jane Shen Feng coming from Jane Feng's side.

“What's wrong with you? Doesn't it look good?” You can still see Jane's dark expression of constipation and can't bear asking.

“Your brother was just here. ”

“Well, then? ”

Jane looked at him: “He intends to break up with Jane. ”

“Break up? Why?” What happened when he didn't notice?

“He wants to give you Jane Hsien. ”

“Give it to me?” Has he lost his mind? Love is love. Love is not love. What makes you refuse?

Jane stared straight at him: “If they broke up, would you pursue Jane? ”

“Without saying that, I wonder why he gave me Jane Juan?” Is he pathetic enough to need someone else's charity? This is an insult to the charm of others, okay?

“He knew you were going to transplant your heart to Jane, so he didn't think he was qualified to compete with you again. ”

No words yet: Sorry, he didn't mean to...

“I think he's just too self-esteem, and he's used to letting me go since he was a kid, and this estimate is no exception.” Shan can hold the cup and gently bite the edge of the cup.

Jane's gaze fell on his lips: “So, what do you think? ”

"Emotions are not candy," she said, drooling. "Make way. Even if it did, what would it smell like to eat it in your mouth? ”

Jane glanced slightly: “Can I understand what you're saying? Are you going to let go of this relationship? ”

Hey, would you like this radiant sample to be so obvious?

Still unable to see him shine, he asked with deliberate anticipation: "If I didn't want to give up, would you help me pursue Jane? ”

“Don't even think about it.” Jane had a dark face.


“So you just asked me what I thought, just a test, right?” Jean-Claude, “I've seen through you a long time ago," you wouldn't even give me a chance to pursue Jane. ”

“Exactly.” Jane Shenzhen chopped the railroad, “you have been booked by me and you will never get rid of me again in your life. ”

Unfortunately, I'm afraid his life will be short... and he will be able to drop his eyes and remain silent.