Heroic Death System

You are my faith 1

Jean-Claude dressed in a black robe, with a long sword still dripping blood in her hand, standing in the middle of the body of the ground, not more than 10 meters from him, fell and sat on a young girl of six or seven years old, covered in blood, confused, staring at him with a pair of innocent eyes.

cao, isn't the man crossing this trip some kind of killer demon? This bloody scene, this villain look, it's not his style at all!

Then he started receiving information from the system and the memory of the original owner.

This is a continent called "Turan”, centuries ago, in the swamp abyss of the heart of the continent, which grew a strange tree that was able to derive magic, erode the soul, and then transform the living into its own apostle, forcing them to create killing and calamity, thus absorbing the dark atmosphere derived from the mind.

The people of the Tulanian continent turned it into a "demon tree”.

The only thing in the world that can restrain magic is the power of faith. The power of faith extends not only to religions or divine beliefs, but also to the diversity of things such as love, affection, friendship, money, power, etc.

The power of faith is primarily used for amplification, and the firmer the faith, the stronger the power of prosperity. Depending on the attribute, it also plays a different role. For example, a man who believes in fighting and a man who believes in the right to believe, to a lesser extent, will surely follow a very different path, the former being likely to be a powerful fighter and the latter a politician.

Likewise, faith is strong enough to resist all encroachment of magic.

But the human heart is complex, and everyone has their own dark side, and once the heart is dark, it induces magic. A small amount of magic can be removed by will and faith alone, but for those with weak or improper minds, it can make them weaker and more corrupt, and then gradually become apostles of the Tree of Demons.

When they become apostles, the Devil's Tree becomes their faith, and they can gain dark power from the Devil's Tree and become a party to the evil.

The man who can cross is a devil's messenger and a powerful devil's messenger. His name is "Ausari”, and he was recognized as a genius by the Academy of Glory of the First Academy on the Continent for his first place in the Academy.

His beliefs are “first”, he has always liked to compete for first name, he is willing to be the first warrior on the continent, never give in. But two years later, for the first time in his adulthood, he failed.

He encountered a genius comparable to his banner drum, and he was two years younger than him, who stole his first place from school, and the next few fights were much less successful. One of the hardest blows to him was the battle for graduation, where he was defeated by an absolute advantage. Only then did he know that he had been hiding his strength and that he had lost his skin without perfection.

Osaari, who believed in "first”, could not accept the fact of failure, resented and left the other side without a word from then on.

He did not know that the man who had beaten him repeatedly was Prince Tyro of the royal family, and that he had received inhuman training since childhood, both in terms of hardship and resource conditions, far surpassed Osaari. If it's talent alone, Osaari is definitely better. Unfortunately, his heart was weak and his faith collapsed after a few failures. The so-called "first” does not mean that it cannot fail, but works continuously to reach its peak until it has cultivated its own “first”.

The people did not know that after Osaari's departure, because the unwillingness in their hearts could not be resolved, they were eroded by the demons and eventually entered into the embrace of the Devil's Tree and became its apostles.

It was the fifth time that Osaari had become an apostle. He was originally a battle genius. After believing in the Tree of the Devil, he gained Magic Bonus, and his strength was greatly increased. He was on the mainland of Tulane, killing everywhere. All people know is that there is such a touch, but they don't know that he is the genius Ausari, who disappeared five years ago. His cruelty and strength are frightening and called “demons.”

A great villain, indeed!

Yet the initial feeling was completely correct, and now it is a turning point in the life of this great rebel.

He had just killed a group of traffickers specializing in human trafficking, and the rest of the girl was one of their “goods”.

Had it not appeared, Osaari would then have lifted his sword in his hand and struck the little girl mercilessly, at a time when the world's protagonist, Cassiu, and his partners, had fought a fierce battle.

Ausario leaked his temper, killing all the hero's partners, leaving only Cassius and the little girl.

Since then, "Sha Demon” Osaari and the protagonist Cassiu have begun an endless battle of righteousness and evil, and the little girl has become one of Cassiu's aids.

You can look at the little girl not far away and finally know her name - “Popo” - this little girl is mentally incompetent but pure and has a very powerful power of faith.

[Main Quest: Seal the Devil's Tree.

He is now an apostle of the Devil's Tree, and if the Devil's Tree is sealed, he will be crippled by the loss of his demon. Of course, it doesn't matter if he becomes a cripple. The point is his identity as a demon. Although few people can recognize him, as a rebel, a demon, can he really live to seal the tree of demons?

Also, after changing his soul, he no longer believes in the Tree of the Devil, which means he can no longer get Magic Boosts. On the contrary, because of the contradiction of beliefs, he will also suffer the backlash of magic, and must rely on the will to forcibly suppress the magic in his body and endure the pain of magic impulses at all times.

The world has not yet begun, and it is almost possible to foresee its own tragic future.

System, suddenly throw him into such a dangerous world without protection, okay? At least wait till he learns some martial arts and magic!

But there's not much time left, because Cashier will be coming out of the corner of the mountain soon.

Seeing the body of the place and herself with a long sword ready to kill, it is estimated that if she does not say anything, she will do it. It was too late to hide, but she could simply throw away her sword and rush to the little girl and hold her.

Just after all this, we saw seven people coming from the other side. They saw bodies on the ground and hugged each other big and small, all stunned.

“What happened?” A blonde man, about forty years old, looked vigilantly at Sankoh.

Jean asked softly, “Who are you? ”

“My name is Gone, and I am a glorified college teacher who brings several students out to practice.” A few people did not come close, but carefully gauged the situation around them.

More than two dozen bodies on the ground, all of them incomplete and scary death warrants, were apparently subjected to powerful attacks. The big and small, big, dressed in a black cloak, can't see his face clearly, but he should still be young to hear his voice; he's just over six or seven years old, cute looking, just thin and somewhat malnourished.

Both of them were covered in blood and sat in a pile of bodies, making them look extraordinarily abrupt.

Jean-Claude Academy. I thought it was Osaari's alma mater.

"These are human traffickers on the ground, and we were taken from elsewhere," explains Jean-Claude. When he walked past here, he met a horrible man, killed him when he saw him, and only the two of us were left. ”

The pomp in his arms looked at Jean-Claude and was confused. He had no idea what he was talking about. But his embrace made her feel at ease, quite different from the cold one just now.

She leaned gently against Jean-Claude's chest and turned her head towards Gorn's men.

She didn't notice, but a few Gorns did. They may have doubts about Jean-Claude, but the proximity of the little girl made them let go of their guard slightly.

Gone took a student to see the body, and the others were on alert. They quickly discovered something suspicious, but they did not lie, and they were indeed human traffickers, several of whom were still wanted on the list.

While they were looking over the void of the body, Jenko was also quietly measuring them.

A total of five males and two females, the oldest blonde named "Gorn," with the rest only around twenty.

The first thing you can notice is the lead character, Cashew, about 180 cm tall, a short silver hair, a handsome face, slightly raised corner of mouth, a pair of long legs standing at will, two swords crossed behind him, some lazy look, but those icy blue eyes are extremely bright, as deep as the sea can see the bottom.

Jean-Claude thought the man's woman must be very close. Look at the red-haired girl next to him, she snuck at him three times in a minute.

The red-haired girl is sophisticated and charming. Squeeze her waist tight outfit and completely outline her arrogant figure.

In addition, there is a brown-haired girl who looks very cold, a dull, chubby boy, a skinny boy with a crisp smile and a big man over 2 meters tall. These people would have died in Osali's hands, so they didn't know their names.

“What's your name?” After Gorn had checked, he slowly walked to Sankoh.

“‘Shanko’, she's 'Pompous’.” Jean-Claude touched the girl in his arms.

The girl heard him shouting his name and raised her head to reveal a smile.

Gone looked at her bloody smile and felt a little weird, but didn't say much, turning to Jean-Claude to introduce her students.

The red-haired girl is named Vidola, followed by Amy, True, Yui, Fred, plus "The Protagonist” Cashier.

Then Gone asked, "Where are you from? If it's in our country, we can take you home. ”

“No, we don't have a home anymore.” Low voice echoes are still available.

Gorn stunned for a moment and sighed: "Follow us first, then we'll go to Watchtown and plan there. ”

“Thank you."