Heroic Death System

You are my belief9

Though Tishu was aggressively told that Shanko was staying at his residence, Shanko eventually left with joy, completely ignoring the resentment that Tishu's face seemed smoked.

On the way home, Carshaw looked at the young man beside him, handsome as a five-official, with a wave of eyes, a long dark hair, pouring down, and a silky glow. Raise your hand and throw your foot in a refreshing atmosphere. More importantly, it doesn't seem strange that he is of pure character, perseverance, and that Till Fall will like him.

“What's the matter?” You can look over at Cashier.

And the puff looked at him: What's wrong?

“No, nothing.” Cashier quickly retracted his gaze, and just then, his heart beat a little faster. I had intended to ask him about his relationship with Tili, but I could not ask why. But as long as he thought about it, he felt a little stuck.

As a matter of fact, Ti Fang was as stuck as he was, watching the person he liked go with another man, how could he not be in a good mood?

Without waiting for them to clarify their feelings, the countries of the continent responded to the call of the Saint Ya Empire and agreed to participate in the sealing of the Devil's Tree.

Task set, seal start.

Warriors wipe their hands and prepare to head to the swamp abyss.

No one knows how dangerous this sealing operation is, and although the exact number is not known, it can be remembered that almost all those who ended up in the hinterland were destroyed. Even if only into marginal areas, the losses are enormous, and most of the living leave behind a psychological shadow. As for the second operation, the number was well under two thirds.

So there's not much certainty about this operation, and he can only try to gather the warriors who persisted until the end and use his power to absorb magic to escort them all the way to the heart of the abyss.

Titu also joined Cashew's team and acted with them. Jean-Claude also asked for two more men from Tibet, one of whom had provoked his guard captain, Max, and one of whom was gardener Simby.

I can still understand looking for Max, but what the hell is a gardener? Both Till and Cashier say they don't understand.

It can be said: "The power of faith is noble and lowly, and sealing the tree of the devil requires different faiths, so the more variety the better. ”

You don't have to choose a gardener! Instead of despising the gardener profession, the one in front of you is so crumbling! He was wearing a shirt wallet, underneath - a grass dress and a pair of grass boots on his feet! The whole behavioral madman thing, okay?

With him in, the whole team's painting is wrong!

Nevertheless, under Sankoh's reasoning, there was reluctance to agree. The last 23 members of this team, including Cashier's companions Amy, Vidola, Fred, Yaoi and True, are mostly from Tibet.

Everyone pack up and leave at the agreed time.

I was deliberately distancing myself from Simbila along the way, but I couldn't care less. The ignorant masses of these associations will not expect the gardener to be the first strong man to reach the heart of the abyss in two sealed hearts and one of the last five warriors to return alive.

His beliefs are “natural”, and although the behavior and aesthetics are a little odd, the psychological qualities are expected to be stronger than those of everyone in the place. Well, so is the thickness of the face.

“Jean-Claude, you made this up so well, teach me.” Simby looked at the mantis that could be made up for the puffs, both eyes shining.

“Sure.” Promised with a laugh.

Two completely different styles of people, getting along strangely well.

Ti Fall just watches during the day and brings him and Po Po into his tent at night. Cashier gets in their way every time he builds a tent to keep an eye on what's going on in there. As soon as he finds something wrong, he'll rush over.

But there is a flutter, and Ti Fang will not really do anything to Shan.

The previous few days had been calm and nothing unexpected had happened. We also encountered a number of teams along the way, some friendly and some distant, and we all kept close proximity and headed towards the destination together.

Until the evening of the sixth day, less than thirty miles from the edge of the swamp abyss, the body was found and the calm was finally broken for several days.

Nearly fifty people were killed, with severe fatalities and seemingly incomplete blood stains.

“It was supposed to have been done by a group of demonic apostles, the other party was very powerful and the shooter had no mercy.” The guard checks and returns.

Ti frowned and didn't say much, just reminded people to be careful.

Several teams traveled a few miles before stopping the barracks at night.

At night, it was silent and only the night breeze screamed.

At this point, the fall of the original closed eyes suddenly opened his eyes, sneaking out of the tent and coming out with him, as well as Cashier and Max and others.

The camp was attacked just as several people prepared to make warnings.

Still awakened by a noise, he quickly walked to the camp tent, opened a gap and looked out. Ti Fang and others were fighting hard with a group of sneak attackers.

I could see it, a little head suddenly stretched out, almost outside the tent. Jean-Claude hastily pulled the pout into his arms and whispered, “Stay here and don't run out, okay? ”

The flutter was serious, and his face showed a heavy expression. He nodded and remained motionless in his arms.

Jean can hide in the tent with his pomp in his arms, watching the outside movement nervously.

He is now a sick and weak person who can breathe even a few more steps. It is best to stay in the corner and stay out of the mess. He believed that it was not a problem to deal with dozens of junior apostles with Cassius's “hero" Halo and Ti's strength.

“Quincy, over there.” The cries of the fallen suddenly entered Sankoh's ears.

Isn't that the traitor who murdered Tita?

Strange, he knew everyone on the team. There was no one named "Quincy.”

You can lift the tent and look that way.

Turns out it was him, guard captain Quincus who fell beside him, and "Quincy” should be his nickname.

Luckily I found it early! Otherwise, the chances of saving Tita are likely to be missed. In the original development, the truth about Titan's death is a mystery in the end. No one knew that the second prince of the Empire had died in the hands of his most trusted friend and guardian.

Blessed are the two stars of the Academy, one dying of death and one throwing himself into darkness, and I have to say, it is a tragedy of immense proportions.

But Jean-Claude came, and he would never let the tragedy happen again.

At this moment, a sudden “tear” was heard, the tent was cut apart by a sharp blade, and the tip of the sword was only a dozen centimeters away.

Jean-Claude hastily took a few steps back in his pompous arms, during which time the tent was broken open several more times.

You can frown, your body's demonic temper fluttered, your eyes flashed with light, and suddenly the pressure from the royal apostle erupted.

A sneak assailant seemed to have discovered the existence of Sankoh and had just prepared to impact the tent, but was almost knocked down by this powerful shock.

Because he absorbed a great deal of magic during this period, the pressure on his royal apostolate did not disappear, but rather had a more frightening effect.

The sneak attacker was terrified and took a few steps back, never daring to approach the tent again.

Ti Fall and Cashier had seen the sneak attacker approaching the tent where Shanko was. They were all ready for rescue. Who knew that guy was like a juggler, jumping up and bouncing back, as if he saw something terrible.

Ti Fall and others naturally won't be soft enough to send him to hell.

“Jenko, are you all right?” Ti landed in front of the tent and looked back inside.

“It's okay.” You can ask, “How's it going out there? ”

Ti Fall looked around and replied: “It has been solved. ”

The sneak attackers were all eliminated, and the crowd began to clean up the scene.

Jean-Claude walked out of the tent with a hug.

This bloody scene did not reveal a frightened expression. At this point, it has long been discovered that although Porphyra's intelligence is lower than that of an average child, perhaps because of this, she has no fear of death.

Her world is simple, with only likes and dislikes, and no good or bad worldly perceptions.

More often than not, however, the other two camps in the vicinity left several people, found Ti Fall, exchanged views on the attackers and finally decided to merge the teams. Harmonization of management to facilitate the focus on the next crisis.

“Lord Tilly, who is this?” A woman warrior of good stature can be expected beside her, and she has an interest in her eyes.

“Osaari.” Ti Fall put his hands behind his waist, obviously a very unusual move, but it seemed like a declaration of sovereignty.

The female warrior is a coarse nerve, completely ignorant of the meaning of this, and said straight to Shanko: “I see that you have prepared all the food in your camp these past few days. The scent is really too harsh. I don't know if it will be convenient to provide us with some later, we will pay for it. ”

“Sure,” he said with a laugh, "as long as you don't mind. ”

“Not to be dismissed, quite not to be dismissed.” They can't eat and swallow for days now, can they?!

The captain of the other team was quite cautious and looked into it.

The next day, the pedestrians continued their journey, entering the depths of the marshes in the afternoon. The magic here is obviously much more intense than the rest of the world. Everyone is suddenly feeling depressed. Everyone's expression looks so bitter and hateful. Only Sankoh, Phuopo and the gardener are as usual.

On the first night of the Swamp Abyss, no one can fall asleep and wake up in nightmares, even if forced to do so.

The atmosphere in the team became so tight that all kinds of negative emotions came and could not be stopped.

At this point, a few intermittent notes sound in the night, and then they are linked like beads, turning into a crisp and delightful song.

The people in the tent came out looking at the source of the song.

A man in a robe sat on his knees by the fire, holding a harp in his hand and playing gently. He had a long black hair, spilled vertically on the carpet, the divine color was gentle, the flaming glow in his eyes, the notes of his fingers jumped and danced on a quiet night, as if it were magic, dispersed all the magic around him, and the depressed emotions in the hearts of the people eased, the atmosphere just thickened, unconscious, smoke dissipated.