Heroic Death System

You are my faith 11

Those in that group heard their companions shouting "royal apostles”, all of them showing alarm, quickly pulling out their weapons and watching with vigilance the walkers.

The man who identified Sang-koo was indifferent to Ti Fang and others, and couldn't help but cry out again: "Don't you believe it? I saw it with my own eyes, and it was this man who killed 14 of my companions in the Red Summer Wilderness. I also fought my life to escape. ”

Hongxia Wilderness? Jean-Claude searched the memory of the original owner, as if it were something like this. The only difference is that this man didn't run away “desperately”.

The crowd looked at the surrounding Sankoh, his face was bright and peaceful, his eyebrows were a little fatigued, his eyes were warm and his eyes were clear.

Ti Fall stood side by side with him with a sharp eye.

Others were also indifferent and unresponsive to that person's words.

“Your Excellency must be mistaken.” Cashier smiled without a smile in his eyes: “This is one of our companions and can never be a royal apostle. ”

“If you don't believe me, you should at least verify it. ”

“Verification?” Yu Yi laughed, “I think you look more like him than you suspect he's a king apostle. ”

This group of people is individually distracted and mentally unsound, with obvious signs of encroachment by magic. Contrary to them, most of them were full of spirit and clear minds, and could bear the negative effects of the encroachment on them alone, and their bodies became unusually weak. It's not a disguise, they can't tell.

The man looked at them stunned and could not believe that they had no doubts about a dangerous figure who had been identified as a royal apostle?

“Have you all been brainwashed? To believe in a royal apostle?” The man screamed a little stiflingly, "Be careful how he dies. ”

“Don't bother, Your Excellency. Please.” Tilly sends cold passengers and does not intend to continue to negotiate with them.

“No!” the man said angrily, "He's the one who killed my people, I can't just let him go! ”

“What do you want?” Tito asked.

“Kill him and avenge my people!” The man waved his weapon with force, shooting a fierce light in his eyes.

His neighbors also staged successive battles.

Don't forget the purpose of the trip, and don't forget where it is. In the swamp abyss of the Magic Circle, any mental vulnerability is magnified indefinitely, and if it is not supported by a firm faith, it will be swallowed up at any moment by darkness.

“Don't do it.” Shan can hold Ti's hand, whispering, "most of these people have been invaded by magic, and any stimulus can drive them crazy. If you can get rid of their demons..."

“You stay honest with me.” Ti looked at him harshly and ordered, "Don't help others absorb magic. ”

“Jean-Claude, just take the baby and leave the rest to us.” Cashier is also on the side of the interface.

“Yeah, Jean-Claude, get some rest. These people who insult you are not worth saving.” Others have joined forces.

Yes: “…”

Being a “villain" so that everyone thinks he is the Virgin Mary is a remarkable achievement...

In fact, he did not intend to save people without restraint, after all, he had limited energy, continued to help others absorb magic, and his body could not bear it. At least until the end of the day, he will seal the Devil's Tree with Cashier and others.

However, Tito apparently thought that he would be saved as long as he was an individual.

The two sides argued for a moment and ended up handing over their hands.

You can still hold the pop and watch the game quietly under the protection of your companion.

In the meantime, a sharp arrow burst out of the darkness and went straight to the essence of the cocoa.

“Jenko!” Till and Cashier screamed at the same time.

You can still have the memory of the original owner. Although not flexible enough, the body made a subconscious evasive action and risked avoiding the harm. The arrow shot him in the arm and the blood stained his sleeve.

He couldn't help but curse and stood beside him when the landscape could be attacked. Which fairy did he provoke?

His eyes dropped sharply, his sword fell off, and he quickly shot somewhere in the jungle. As he groaned, a figure fell from the tree. Ti Falling disappeared and the next second appeared where the man had fallen, lifting him up and smashing him into the tree before dragging him to the crowd.

At this point, the battle was over and a painful moaning wounded lay down on the ground.

Cashier and others did not do much damage, nor did they do anything to the group, but taught them a little lesson.

But everyone was very angry to see that they could still get hurt. As soon as Ti Fall captured the attacker, several people rushed up and beat him up.

“How's it going?” Ti crouched beside Shangkou and asked the doctor beside him.

The doctor cut Sankoh's sleeve with a knife and responded: "As long as the wound is handled properly, there should be no major obstacle. ”

Ti Fang saw his eyebrows wrinkled, his face pale, softly leaned against Cashew's shoulder, and a few drops of sweat beads fell from his forehead, soaking his hair and jacket.

“Ah, what is this?” The doctor suddenly whispered.

The crowd followed the fame and saw only a few petal-shaped tattoos hidden above the bloodstained right arm, with colours ranging from dark to light, layers spread all the way to the chest, such as a bright flame, burning on white skin, stifling beauty.

“God, I've never seen such a beautiful tattoo. ”

“What, what? Let me see it! ”

Even doctors forget what to do when they are naked and inhumanely surrounded.

What's so fussy about a tattoo, these boring guys?

He looked up at the doctor and said, “Dr. Abe, can you pull the arrow? ”

The doctor confronted Jean-Cona with a slightly lazy and somewhat bewitched look and immediately shouted in his heart: No, don't look at me like that! My hands are shaking!

Shouldn't an injured person be weak, pale, wolfish, deaf, distorted in expression, depressed in spirit? How can you be so beautiful? It doesn't make any sense, okay?

Ti faded and couldn't wait to wrap up the whole cocoa so that it wouldn't be seen as rape by this group.

Physicians easily converged their minds and began to seriously help Sang to deal with the wounds.

Draw arrows, stop the bleeding, bandage, make a move.

As soon as it was finished, Titi put on an outer robe for Jean-Claude and grabbed him from Cashier's arms, wrapped in a tight, airy cloth.

Cashier's insights can be carefully embraced, and some of them are not flavorful.

In the meantime, a scream came from behind.

The crowd followed their fame and saw a wounded man lying on the ground suddenly burst into the chest of a companion with a dagger raised.

Subsequently, several more people climbed up and started attacking those around them frantically.

Demon Qi Invasion!

And this thought came up in the minds of all of us, and we looked at the people who were killing each other with uncertainty.

“Brother!” The archer, caught by Titus, shouted at the confused crowd and struggled to rush past.

“Felix, stay back!” A man in the crowd dodged and drank this way.

The archer was held by the fallen, unable to escape, watching his brother in danger, anxious.

Jean can hear the name and move his mind. Isn't this one of the Seven Warriors?

“Please, save my brother.” Felix looked at Cashier and others with his eyes for help.

“Well, why should we save ourselves?” Most people have an attitude that is irrelevant.

Still to Ti Fall, he was interrupted by Ti Fall: “It is fine to stop them from killing each other, but their magic can only be left to them to solve. ”

Still a moment of silence, he said, "Then stop them from killing each other. ”

Ti turned his head to show Quincy that the latter would like to rush into the crowd with people in a mixed war.

But more often than not, all the crazy people are subdued.

“Brother, brother.” Philip's brother was dragged over and thrown in front of him.

Felix jumped at his brother and was just about to check on him. He suddenly opened his eyes and raised his hand to Felix and grabbed him.

“Careful!” Felix was caught in the face, immediately showing several bloodstains.

“Brother!” Philip looked at his brother unbelievably. It was still normal, and he was invaded by magic in the blink of an eye.

A few men went up and held Felix's brother down.

Philip looked at his insane brother, his eyes almost desperate: "Brother, brother! ”

Philip's brother made a painful cry and his expression was extremely distorted.

“Tsk, have they all been encroached upon by magic?” Yu Yi frowned.

You can look at the dozens of people who fainted over there. The swamp abyss is far more terrible than anyone imagined, especially on the first sealed trip, and the people who went deep into the hinterland were almost completely destroyed. Even “protagonist” Cashier was more or less contaminated with magic, just because he was a strong believer and soon recovered.

“No, my brother will not be invaded by magic!” Felix rushes to his brother again, shouting on his shoulder, "Brother, brother, wake up and use your strength to remove these demons, you can do it! ”

Philip's brother turned a deaf ear and continued to howl and struggle.

Philip couldn't bear to cry and shouted: "Brother, please don't give up. We promised to go home together with glory. Brother..."

Philip's brother seemed sober for a moment, but soon went mad again.

“Brother, brother! ”

Everyone can't help but feel sympathy when they see the scene.

As Philip was desperate, he suddenly reached over and placed his hand on Philip's shoulder.

“Jenko, what are you doing?” Tita hugged him in the waist and tried to pull him back.

“Just one person.” Still to be expected, "it will be fine. ”

“He shot this arrow on you! ”

“It's okay, I'm sure he didn't mean it.” Nima, it wasn't intentional! That arrow is aimed at his heart!

Jean-Claude had a smile on her face, but she was mad inside.

Ti stared him in the eye for half an hour and eventually let go of his hand. If that was his choice, he was willing to respect it, and the only bottom line was that he had to keep himself safe and sound.

Felix looked at Sankoh puzzled, wondering what he really wanted to do, and discovered that his brother's magic was slowly flowing towards him, which was why he understood his intentions.

He's absorbing demons from his brother?

No, not just for my brother, but for him!

Their hands folded together, resting on Brother Felix's shoulder, and a great deal of magic was sucked into the body.

Felix looked at the faint magic coming out of him and had no idea that he had been invaded by it.

He looked shocked at the sanctuary around him, as he absorbed the magic, his face grew pale, a tiny bit of black gas flowed through his eyes, his lips were red as blood, his outer robe slipped off his shoulders, revealing a half luo of upper body, the canopy erythema once again appeared in front of everyone, and his pale face lined with even more demonic smell. The wound, which was already wrapped up, leached back into the blood and stained the white gauze.

Ti Fall was stabbed in the eyes by the bloodstain and his eyes were terribly deep.

I thought you said there was only one person. How come it's two more?

This liar!

After a moment, the demon's qi was finally absorbed and his body was soft enough to pour into a long ready embrace.

Philip looked deeply at the weak Shanko, and his eyes flashed through complex emotions such as emotion, guilt, and so on.

He held onto his brother and said in a few unheard voices: "Thank you, and, sorry. ”

Ti Fang will still be able to lift and cross the carriage.

The crowd did not stay in place for too long and continued to travel to their destination with the Philips brothers.

Philip's brother is back to normal, except he's a little tired and his body is fine.

The people ignore their preferences, only because they know the way, so they take them on the road together.

On the way, they were ridiculed from time to time, and the Philips brothers did not reply.

They laughed at the poor willpower of the Philip brothers, and they were invaded by magic.

Philip was silent and suddenly said, “We had five teams, more than two hundred people. ”

“What?” Everyone was surprised.

Philip continued: "After entering the swamp abyss, people were invaded by magic, people went mad, people committed suicide, and people became apostles, many of them famous masters of the continent. Four days later, we experienced a terrible bloody storm until we met you, leaving more than thirty people still breathing. ”

Everyone looked shocked and some didn't believe it.

Philip looked at them and said softly: "Why do you think you can make it all the way here? Not because you are stronger than us, but because you are surrounded by a man who can bear all your nightmares. ”

Everyone fell into silence and looked at the wagon where Sankoh was.

When they were complacent, that person did not know how many times the crisis had been silently resolved for them...