Heroic Death System

You are my faith 13

Despite all their efforts, the people lacked the power of a faith to complete the seal, the magic erupted like a flood of dykes, and the anti-seismic forces shook the last few who stood firm.

Ti Fall must resist the constant infiltrators surrounding it, protect the safety of all, and be unable to escape. Others are also powerless, the power of faith is not strong enough, and the Crystal of Law cannot be lit in magic.

At a precarious time, a powerful power of faith, like the sun, illuminates the cloudy sky.

The crowd couldn't help but squint, and the almost exhausting source of power seemed to have injected life, giving them a sudden spiritual uplift.

The crowd looked back at the light source and saw only a girl, holding a crystal of law, standing quietly beside Sankoh.

She had white lights all over her body, jewel-like eyes, crystalline brightness, and stared at the magically wrapped cocoa.


The sound of puffiness, through the thick magic, into the ears of Sankoh.

Pure mind, pure faith.

Porphyra is mentally incomplete and fearless. She sees herself as a father and cares for her, which is the source of her happiness.

Without a trace of impurities, without a moment of doubt, her beliefs were born for sanctity.

The demonic qi of Sangquo was dispersed and the harp's voice stopped.

Seven faiths, sealed.

PUMP, PUMP…… dozens of consecutive sounds, all standing people, all falling out of force.

The harp in Sankoh's hand also rolls down and his body falls backwards.

Pushing over, he reached over Sangkou's back and intended to support him. As a result, even he was almost overwhelmed. Fortunately, he arrived in time to hold them together.

Around the Devil's Tree, there are seven patterns of different sizes, like chains, that lock it securely.

The magic overhead gradually dissipated and a blue sky reappeared in front of everyone.

Tears appeared in the eyes of the people, but a brilliant smile appeared on their faces.

They are all dirty, wolfish, in the same mood as the sky, pure and innocent, as if they were reborn.

Titus hugged Sankoh and dropped a kiss between his forehead, feeling the temperature on him, full of joy, like relieving himself.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the Main Mission - Sealing the Devil's Tree.

The host is honored to survive the main mission, and the system gives a 5-year stay.

5 years? Seems to stay longer each time than the other.

[If you complete two more missions in this period of time without dying, the host will have the option to remain in the current world and squander their lives without any restrictions.

Still thinking about the possibility of promising to go out with Titan, who knows, the system goes on to say: [Announce additional now…]

What, so soon?

Before I could finish listening to the rest, I saw a man coming straight behind me.

“Careful!” Still bouncing hard, hugging Ti down his shoulder.

Hearing only a thud, the blade penetrated through his chest and the blood gushed out.

[… Task 1: Protect Tita.

It is understood that the longer the system gives him, the faster he dies.

“Jenko!” Ti looked down at Shanko who fell into his arms, his eyes red, he looked up at the sneaker, and he was certainly a friend of his who had grown up with him since he was a child - Quincy!

“Why?” he asked.

“Hahaha, why?” Quincy laughs wildly, "because I hate you, and I hate you. Why are you so high when you're born, and I'm always so low, following you like a bum? ”

Quincy stepped forward with hatred and jealousy in her eyes, cursing and yelling in her mouth.

Ti's heart was clear, and he was also invaded by magic. Although the Tree of the Devil has been sealed, most of those who had been invaded by the Devil cannot recover, and even if they can recover, it will take a long period of time.

Just didn't expect that his most trusted friend would be one of them.

Ti Falling eyes filled with killing, grabbed the sword around him, and stabbed Quincy's heart...

“Shanko, hold on.” Ti Fang held Shang Co in one hand and took medicine from his waist bag in one hand.

Your eyes can be half-integrated and your mouth is constantly bleeding out.

He felt cold and his body trembled slightly.

“Yet.” Cassius ran over and yelled furiously at Till Fall, "How did you protect him? ”

Till his lips were silent, his expression was cold and hard to feed and he could take medicine, his fingers trembling to help him with the wound.

That sharp blade penetrated Sangkor's body, they all knew very well, but I'm afraid Sangkor is no longer able to return to heaven.

But no one is willing to believe that fact.

They tried their best to heal and kept shouting the name "Sankoh” in his mouth to make him insist.

The Tree of the Devil has been sealed, and they will return in glory, all heroes.

So Jenko, don't give up! Do not leave! Join them in greeting their glory.

Sankoh's body was getting colder and colder, and he stared down and moved his lips and said a few words softly.

“Jean-Claude, what did you say?” Ti Fall attached his ears to his lips, yet he could no longer hear his voice and even breathed, disappeared.

Ti's gaze gradually blurred, and a monster named "Fear” swallowed his whole life.

This feeling of heartache and despair does not seem to have appeared for the first time.

The sun rises east, the most beautiful dawn, but disappears at the dawn...

“If I ever meet you again, no matter how hard it is, I will try it with you. ”

This is the last thing Jean-Claude can say to Tita.

He lay in the system space and listened in trance to the system release the reward: [Complete a main line task and an additional task, ask the host to receive the reward. Physical +5 (+7), Memory +10 (+2), Mental +10 (+5), Beauty +10 (+5), Life +2 (+2), and two new skills can be learned.

“System, I'm a little tired. ”

Hosts can choose one or two easy skills to learn in Hundred Refined Spaces while adjusting their mood.

“How many tasks do I have to complete to get back to reality? ”

[Not countable at this time. However, the more worlds you live in perfection, the fewer missions you have.

Perfect survival? Easy for you to say, three worlds, he didn't succeed once.

“Can I go back to the world I've been through?” He wondered whether those who cared about him were doing well after he left.

[If you accomplish all the tasks and achieve more than 50% overall perfection, you can exchange the opportunity to go back to reality and rewrite those world outcomes.

In exchange for a chance to rewrite the ending with a chance to return to this world?

He stood still and hesitated in his heart.

But for a moment, he was cheering up again, and now there are only three worlds, so much thought is useless.

He let the system expand its skills options and discovered that several new skills were lit, “Computer," “Unlocked," “Magic," and “Martial Arts” that he had always wanted to learn!

If he knew martial arts, the last world might be able to survive by avoiding harm while protecting Ti Fall.

So Jean-Claude didn't hesitate to go to Martial Arts this time, and there was one skill reward left, and he hesitated for a moment and suddenly asked, "System, can I predict the next world in advance?” If predictable, he can learn skills that are tailored to better accomplish his tasks.

[No.] KANG Daddy's system gave a negative answer, [But the task of the system is generally published alternately according to difficult and simple patterns.

“Was the last world difficult? ”


“So my next world is supposed to be a relatively simple one? ”


Jean-Claude felt much more relaxed, looked at the skill options and eventually chose "computer”.

Martial arts are divided into junior, intermediate, advanced, master and master levels. He is currently only able to study elementary martial arts.

The computer classification was somewhat unexpected, with only one name in it - hacker. They are then divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, master and master levels, as are martial arts. He is currently able to study at the junior and secondary levels.

As for magic and unlocking skills, he's actually quite interested. However, there are only a few options, so we'll have to learn again next time.

Hundred refining spaces have a simulation experience and can participate in real-world exercises, just like playing games, which, although painstaking, are not boring.

This choice of elementary martial arts and hacking technique has left a hundred and fifteen years of refining space.

[Ready, transmission begins.] The sound of the system sounds in the air.

As a white light flashes, it can be transmitted to the next world.

The surrounding light was dim and silent, and you could feel yourself in a very narrow space with your body curling and a child in your arms.

The child's body trembled constantly, his chest fluctuated and his mouth breathed rapidly.

Even if no information has been received from the system, it is likely that they are now in a situation where they are clearly avoiding dangers.

Until the system transmits the information, the situation can be sorted out.

His body is called Buno, and he's seven years old. The child in his arms is the protagonist of the world - the seal.

They were abducted by an international group specializing in trafficking in human beings and transported abroad along with dozens of other children. After the smuggling boat landed, several younger children orchestrated an escape operation, which resulted in an unexpected failure. Half of the children died tragically in the operation, and the rest were taken back.

And he and the fish that sealed the net were now shrinking in a cargo container, avoiding a search by a group of executioners.

According to the original development, the group would soon find a place for two people to hide, and "Buno" pushed the seal out for his own life and quickly ran to the other neighborhood.

Fortunately, JC received a tip at the time, rushing to surround the smuggling group and saving Buno.

However, because of Buno's betrayal, the group broke his legs the moment before he was about to be rescued, leaving him with a disability.

The exile was a traumatizing seal, and the local JC could only send him and Buno to welfare institutions together. Buno was adopted shortly afterwards, and because of his physical disability, his sexuality became violent and angry, and his childhood was quite tragic. Later, thanks to the financial support of the kind people, together with their efforts and talents, they finally created a cause.

When he was twenty-two years old, he recognized his separated relatives for many years and returned home to his clan. A year later, he met Buno, who had crippled his legs, and changed his name to "Chinos”, heir to the Vuitton family. After identifying him, he began to retaliate in secret, not only disqualifying him as an heir, but also removing him from the family.

[Main Quest: Guardian seal until age 22.