Heroic Death System

Let me protect you 1

Six or seven people are searching this way. Surrounded by clutter of all sizes and sizes, controlled cargo containers, abandoned parts and some messy garbage.

The light is a little dim at the moment, but as soon as they come out of the clutter pile, they'll be spotted. If they remain where they are, they are not expected to escape the fate of being captured.

But what we need to do now is to make sure that we don't get caught before JC arrives, otherwise those people won't hesitate to die. Although he learned martial arts, today the body is only a child, height, strength, speed, etc., unable to fight adults, the only thing that can rely on is flexibility.

Looking at the group getting closer and closer to them, he whispered to the child in his arms: "Stay here and I will go out and draw them away. ”

The seal grabbed Sankoh's hand tightly, although not a word, the meaning of the rejection was obvious.

Jean-Claude flipped his wrist and easily broke off the seal, warning him: "Stay here!” Then the cat leaned back, drilled out of the container and dived to the other side, kicking a bottle “accidentally” on the way.

“Over there! Chase!" After a low shout, followed closely by a series of footsteps.

I haven't looked back yet, and I can tell the movement behind me by my ears.

1, 2, 3… A total of 5 people came after us.

Five? Sink your heart, seven of the people searching for them, and if you only catch up with five, then the remaining two... turning back sharply, it turns out that two shadows are wandering in hiding.


One step at a time, he dodged a few people who jumped at him, like wildcats, flying in messy clutter.

“Here's another one.” A man roughly lifted the seal.

The seal kept struggling and the little beast roared down his throat.

“MD, you little bastards, you're a pain in the ass.” Another man lifted the handle on his hand and smashed it towards the seal.

Open your eyes, full of fear and despair, and a hint of disdain for fate.

In the midst of a crisis, a small figure suddenly burst into the person and struck him with a bang.

Upon landing, there was no stopping at all, the right leg focused, jumped high, and flew one foot against the wrist of the man who grabbed the seal.

The man ate the pain and let go of his palm.

After falling to the ground, he was pulled up by force and took him into hiding while rushing towards the alley.

Seal followed Sang Co and fled, his arms almost severed by him, but this thin and brave shadow was deeply imprinted in his heart.

“JC, freeze! ”

The savior that awaits is finally here! A bunch of plainclothes JC rushed this way quickly.


There was a curse behind him, followed by a series of gunshots.

It was acutely discovered that several bullets had apparently been fired at him and the seal, which he immediately decided would fall. Unfortunately, one step later, he was shot in the shoulder and the right leg, respectively, and shot the bullet in the shoulder, penetrating through his shoulder and not into the sealed left arm.

The two men fell to the ground at the same time and the blood mixed together.

“Request help, two children have been shot here! ”

There was a noise in the ear, and I could feel myself being held up, knowing that they were safe, and I felt safely faint.

Two days later, you can wake up in the smell of disinfectant water with bandages on your shoulders and legs and drips on your hands.

Turning her head, she found herself lying on the bed next door, asleep properly and seemingly unobstructed, at least avoiding the tragedy of leg disability.

“These children are so pathetic, especially the younger ones, all wounded and abused for at least four or five consecutive years.” At this point, a female voice came from outside the ward. She speaks E. You are quite good at E, though. After all, E is a necessary language for learning computers.

“How are they doing?” Another woman asked.

“It will take a few more days to observe and is now fairly stable. ”

Saying, the ward was opened and a few people walked in. Saw Shanko had woken up for a moment, then revealed a soothing smile and slowly walked to his bed.

“Boy, are you okay?” A slightly older man smiled and greeted the monk with a greeting, looking into his delicate five senses and clear eyes, praising him: what a beautiful boy.

Jean-Claude just stared at them and didn't speak.

The woman next to the man suddenly realized: "Detective Rowen, he is not of E nationality and may not understand E language. ”

“They should be Asian, just don't know if it's Z or H.” Rovington paused, trying to say a bad Z to Jean-Claude, "Hello. ”

He could nodded.

Rowen determined his nationality and immediately asked the policewoman around him to call someone who was good at Z-Wynn.

They didn't catch the mastermind in this operation, so they wanted to find some clues from the two children.

“Detective, they've just been through a disaster like that, and I hope you don't scare them again.” The female doctor said to remind.

“This nature.” Rowen Guarantee. He had seen with his own eyes the wounds on the two children and was very sympathetic. But this is an urgent matter, and if the masterminds go unpunished this time, we don't know when we'll catch them next time.

But more often than not, a middle-aged man, about forty years old, walks in, says hello to the rest of the house, comes to Sankoh's bed, gently says in Z: "Hello, I'm Professor Ramson. What's your name? ”

Instead of answering, he turned to look in a sealed direction.

“Ah!” The sleeping seal made a sudden and hurried breath, which looked painful.

The female doctor walked over quickly to check his physical condition.

After struggling for a while, he woke up, just pale and sweaty.

The crowd saw the sealed reaction, it was not strange, and it was not until they saw it again that they realized it was wrong. Isn't this kid a little too calm? From waking up to now, there has been no panic or fear.

Looking around in panic, he felt a little relieved when he saw the sanity on the other bed and struggled to climb up.

The female doctor hastily stopped her from hurting herself. Thought it would take a lot of effort to calm them down. I didn't expect that the seal didn't persist. Soon it quieted down. I just stared at them directly with a pair of vigilant and protective eyes, staring at their hair.

Rowen and others were quite surprised and felt that the two children they had saved this time seemed somewhat different.

After ascertaining that the child's emotions were reasonably stable, Professor Ramson began to try to communicate with them by asking some simple questions. As a result, they were silent and indistinct.

The female doctor pointed to the seal: “The child may have suffered from a loss of memory due to shock.” Then he looked at it again and hesitated, "His language system was fine, probably just a temporary aphasia. ”

Rowen and others looked at each other with a glimmer of helplessness in their eyes.

“I don't think I can get a clue.” The policewoman grinned.

Jean-Claude looked at them, not because he didn't want to, but because he wanted to live, he couldn't say anything for the time being.

According to the information provided by the system, this black-and-mouth force is enormous and their response is within the police. The group that JC had surrounded earlier, it was just a little bait thrown out by this force, and they probably didn't catch a single live one this time.

It is unclear which JC is the mole, but it is known that this power has been active for more than a decade, until the wings of the seal are enriched and completely disintegrated.

If he reveals just a little bit of information, then what he and Seal are going to face is probably endless assassinations.

'Cause they met the old man on the way to the transfer. Though it was only a glance, it left a deep impression in the memory of the original Lord. The sporadic information they hear from their mouths these days alone is enough to silence them.

The mission of the system was to guard the seal until the age of twenty-two.

Thought it was just an ordinary nanny task. I thought I was still naive...

JC did not ask for any information from the two children, and could not find out their identity, but would inform the Embassy and ask them to come and investigate.

However, it should be known that the final investigation was definitely over and that they had not been identified at all.

The original owner, Buno, was a child from a mountain village in the Central Mongolian border area. He did not even go to the household. He was abused by his father since he was a child. Later, he could not stand it. He escaped from the house and wandered all the way until he was captured by human traffickers.

Families of closed origins, severe internal strife, brother killed, he also disappeared on the way to be sent. Afterwards, the situation was turbulent, and his family's cheerfulness was severely damaged, and he really didn't have the energy to take other things into account. It wasn't until five years later that they rebuilt their banners, but by then they had completely lost their sealed news.

In the days of hospital rest and recuperation, it was quite enjoyable, with specialist doctors and psychological counsellors, as well as a variety of child-friendly recreational activities.

Detective Rowen seemed to like them very much, and although he didn't get much from them, he would still visit them often. Although the seal did not falsely say anything to him, he could have remained silent and he was not discouraged.

Nothing strange has happened these days, and it is speculative that the group should have relaxed its guard against them. However, he did not venture to reveal any news to Detective Rowen, although he knew that Detective Rowen was one of the main leaders of the gang to be destroyed in the future. Unfortunately, he cared too much for them and was in frequent contact with them, which made it difficult to talk.

After half a month of healing, the sealed wounds have basically recovered.

However, the injury to the right leg is troublesome and can no longer be drastically acted upon even after healing, but does not interfere with normal walking.

“Coco, don't worry, I'll always be there for you.” The seal has forgotten the past, and the boy in front of him is now his only memory.

Jean nodded with a smile and grabbed the sealed right hand, gently brushing over the mole in his palm.

They've known each other ever since.

None of the previous three generations could be with this man, and in this world, he did not want to give up. Sixteen years to the age of twenty-two, and sixteen years of compatibility, is already a luxury for him.

Until the injuries were healed, and their identities were not traced to the Embassy, so the local ZF decided to send them to the welfare center and since then have settled elsewhere.

Upon discharge, Detective Rowen personally came to escort them. On the way there, one person said he was unhappy and neither of them responded.

Rowen was reluctant to wait outside the welfare center.

Jean-Claude carried his little backpack and suddenly said to him in E: "Thank you. ”

After that, he turned around and walked into the welfare center with a sealed hand.

Rowen stood still and watched the two skinny shadows gradually go away. He woke up halfway. Not only does this boy speak, but... maybe he understands E?

So his silence during this period was intentional?