Heroic Death System

Let me protect you 2

Together with the children's welfare institution, located in Banca County on the south-western coast of State E, which houses a total of 21 orphans. Although the living conditions are average, they are well equipped and include not only professional caregivers, but also psychologists and social workers who regularly check on the living conditions of orphans.

The situation is rather special: they have been smuggled from abroad, their status has not been established and they have not been able to enter the adoption system for one year. In other words, they could only live in an orphanage for the year, and even if someone wanted to adopt them, they had to wait until a year later.

Most of the 21 orphans in the orphanage had varying degrees of disability, and the two healthy, good-looking boys were considered cranes in the orphanage.

The Dean led them to a small room with two bunk beds and four beds, of which only two were bedded and the other two were empty.

“Kids, this is your room. Do you like it?” The Dean said with a smile to Jean-Claude and Sean.

Sealed and handy, his face was tight and he didn't say a word.

Jean looked up and laughed: “Love it, thank you Dean. ”

This sentence is in Chinese, and the Dean, although he did not understand it, can probably guess what he meant.

She arranged the two and ordered them to leave again.

Jean-Claude walked into the room with a seal and took the door with him. He looked around and laughed: "We're going to live here in the future. ”

Watching him put his backpack to the head of the bed, and then lay down on the bed with his limbs stretched out, the relaxed look dissipated his anxiety a lot.

Feng laid down beside Shanko and looked at his smile on his side, feeling that there seemed to be nothing to be afraid of as long as he was with him.

“Coco, can I sleep with you at night?” He glanced at the bed opposite him and looked a little disgusted.

“Sure.” Jean-Claughed as she spread out her hands and weighed the width of the bed, "a bed was perfectly enough for both of us to sleep. ”

A smile spread immediately on his face as he closed his mouth.

Still can't bear to pinch his face: “Nice, laugh more, don't get paralyzed later. ”

In the experience of his three worlds, he felt that the reason this guy grew up like a frozen king was definitely due to lack of exercise in his facial muscles when he was a kid.

When the seal is white, you can look at it. Don't go over your head and stop dealing with him.

In the evening, after the sealed washing, they entered the sanctuary, and the two dwarves stood close together for a safe first night in the orphanage.

Life in the orphanage is not as boring as imagined.

Because the language was incomprehensible, the Dean arranged for a teacher to teach them E after regular classes. The teacher, Ruima, is a woman in her 40s. She is not an orphanage worker, but a volunteer.

Ruima loved Jenko and Seal the first time she saw them. Originally, they were taught only E, and later even other courses were included.

Rema found the two children very distinctive, a silent man, but polite, smiling like a warm winter sun; a cold and serious man with a little vigilance in his eyes, but diligent and strong in learning.

Perhaps because of their previous experience, both have matures that children of the same age in general do not have.

With Rema's care, life in the orphanage was simple and fulfilling, but that simple was broken a month later.

Jean-Claude and Seal were helping to clean up the garbage on the lawn this day and suddenly felt two strong sights shooting this way. Jean-Claude glanced around silently and found that there seemed to be a glimpse of a person outside the yard.

It frowned and raised a slight suspicion. Haven't those people let their guard down yet? Just two kids, you know?

Over the next two days, suspicious people could be seen outside the orphanage and finally stopped being fortunate.

According to the original development, the original Buno was adopted by the Vuitton family less than a year ago, so it is unclear whether the seal was subsequently attacked again and the system did not specify it. Today, he must have experienced a series of unexpected changes in his childhood.

If the speculation is true, then they cannot remain in the orphanage. Not only for the sake of sealing up, but also for the sake of the rest of the orphanage.

Jean-Claude borrowed the phone from the Dean and dialed Detective Rowen.

“Jean, didn't expect you to call me? Did you miss me? ”

"Detective Rowen, we seem to be being watched. ”

That afternoon, Rowen sent several plainclothes outside the orphanage to discover a suspicious figure. When they tried to trace him, the man escaped with alarm and did not appear again for several days.

But this does not mean that it is safe to take the two children out of the orphanage and put them directly into their own homes after Rowen instructed his superiors to do so.

Rowen didn't understand why they were staring at the two children, and even if they knew something, they probably couldn't provide much useful information. After all, they are still so young, I'm afraid they can't tell the story clearly, let alone speak the language.

What are those people worried about?

“Jean, since you understand E, can you tell us everything you know?” Rowen looked seriously at Sankoh.

“I don't know what to tell you.” Jean-Claude sat in a chair with a seal, surrounded by five or six adults.

Rowen et al. heard his fluent E and the corner of his eye twitched several times.

“Tell me first where you come from. ”

“I'm a vagrant.” One sentence omits the birth survey.

“Who did you learn your E from?” Rowen asked again.

“A vagrant artist from Country E.” You can answer without changing your mind, "I lived with him for a while. ”

“What about the seal?” Rowen looked at the seal again.

This phrase was perfectly understood, and he replied: "I don't remember anything but the name. ”

Professor Ramson next to them translated it.

Rowen rubbed his eyebrows, and if he wasn't sure it was just two kids sitting in front of him, he almost thought they were lying.

“Jean, how long have you been on the boat, met anyone, or had anything special happened?” Rowen asked again.

Jean-Claude thought hard and shook his head.

“Take it easy.” Rowen squatted in front of Shanko, gently said, "Shanko, close your eyes. ”

Close your eyes slowly.

“Well, let's recap.” Rowen whispered softly, "You and the other children are taken to a bed, locked in the podium, dark all around...”

Jean-Claude is not a real child, and naturally knows that Rowen is guiding his memory. He searched the memory of the original lord, and his body was stiff.

Narrow enclosed spaces, crowded, hot and humid, smelly. The hull is shaky, people vomit, people incontinent, people moan in agony... every day different boys or girls are pulled away, and when they come back, they are all wounded and tortured without human form. And some, never come back.

As if to feel the despair and fear of the original Lord, his eyes opened violently and his eyes were foggy. He stared at the people quietly as if he were saying, "Do not ask."

He didn't cry, but made people feel like he was crying silently.

“Stop asking!” Stand up in silence and shout coldly, "we know nothing! ”

A few people stunned for a moment, some embarrassment, some apologies, and naturally the interview could not go on.

When the others left, Rowen was embarrassed to say to the two children, "Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I'll scream for you. ”

Rowen was a bachelor, looking at the messy garbage in this house, wondered how his chief could have agreed to let him take the two children back to his house without fear of being raised.

Jean-Claude relaxed his mind and said to Rowen: "When I first got here, I saw a supermarket next to me. Why don't you buy some ingredients and come back and make your own. ”

“Uh, I'm not very good at cooking.” It doesn't matter if he eats his own food. If it's used to feed his children, he'll probably have food poisoning in less than a few days.

“I will," he said sincerely, "in order to thank you for your care, I will cook later. ”

“You?” Rowen doubted.

After a full dinner, Rowen could only stare at the fact that it was "delicious” and happily accepted.

In addition, Rowen's kennel could have been well organized, but in two hours it would have changed its face, such as being reborn.

Rowen sounded like he heard the house crying with joy...

“The water is ready, come and take a bath.” Rowen shouted outside the bathroom. Housekeeping has been wrapped, at least give them a bath water.

Two carved jade kids soon appeared in front of Rowen, making him suddenly think it's nice to have some of these kids?

As cold as ever, take off your clothes, step into the tub, and sit aside.

Shanko also took off his shirt to reveal his thin upper body.

Rowen was about to leave the bathroom, and Yu Guangguang glanced at Sangquo's body and stunned in his place. The thin body was covered with all sorts of scars, large and small, burns, whips, knife wounds, and many indeterminate wounds.

Rowen had seen pictures of these wounds in the hospital before, but now he sees them with his own eyes and feels something else. He could not imagine how terrible the child had been abused in the past. That trauma is like accusing the world of cruelty.

“Detective Rowen, what's wrong?” Jean-Claude looked up at Rowen, who stood behind him.

Rowen looked into his eyes, no grudges, no cowardice, only a clear and bright spot.

“Cocoa.” Sealed his hands off the edge of the tub and stared at Rowen badly: Dirty uncle, have you seen enough! Get out of here!

You can hear Seal calling him, ignoring Rowen, run over and wash the bubbles with Seal.

The two of them washed each other's hair and rubbed their backs and were very busy.

Rowen saw her face and smiled slightly, turning around and walking out of the bathroom.

The next day, Rowen arranged another JC to keep the two children safe and then rushed to the police station with a delicious breakfast to make. In the past, he either didn't eat breakfast or settled on the side of the road, and now he has a sense of life happiness.

With Rowen's consent, you can use his studio computer at will. So the first thing he did for breakfast was turn on the computer, check the configuration and network information.

Sankoh's hacking technology is currently only intermediate and is barely a master. However, he found that his greatest advantage was not the high or low level of technology, but his technical knowledge leading the world for at least seven years. Seven years in the field of computers has been a landslide.

The firewall of this computer, for example, is quite fragile in the eyes, and with these vulnerabilities, he can easily hack into someone else's computer. Certain large companies or relevant State departments, of course, are expected to tip off.

He doesn't intend to take advantage of his advantage and flourish on the Internet. He just wants to support him and the seal □ □, gather all the information about the enemy, so that they can do nothing under the surveillance of the Internet.