Heroic Death System

Let me protect you 3

Rowen's computer configuration is very ordinary. He doesn't seem to use it very often. He hasn't even done the most ordinary routine maintenance. He was able to fix system vulnerabilities and then download several tools, such as multilingual programming software, online. If he could, he would love to change the system too, but unfortunately it was not his computer, so he had to wait for the opportunity to assemble another one himself.

“Coco, what are you doing?” Sealing his head together, he looked curiously at the fingers that Jean could fly on the keyboard.

You can make a move, turn around and look at the seal, and ask: "Wanna learn? ”

Seal and nod hard. He thinks it's amazing, he seems to know everything, he used to speak E, now he's a computer. Opposite himself, but ignorant, he did not like the feeling of being left far behind.

“Okay.” You can let Seal sit next to himself and teach him how to play with computers from the simplest operation.

In this era, computer penetration in country Z was less than 50 per cent, far lower than in countries such as Europe and the United States, and technology was only at an early stage. Of course, this refers only to ordinary people, not without hidden masters.

The ability to seal learning is really strong, but it's just a simple demonstration, so he can quickly grasp it and do it backwards and forwards.

The morning hours passed happily in the process of teaching and learning for two.

Lunch was delivered by the police officer responsible for their protection, and when the officer left, he could have had an extra cell phone.

He looked at him with amazement: “You stole...”

“Shh!” could tell him not to make a sound, then take the card out of the phone, check if the phone had any trojans or other surveillance software, and finally feel safe hiding it in a vase and throwing it in the toilet.

“Coco, what do you want?” Seal asked.

“I need a cell phone to do something, I hope the officer doesn't mind.” You can show an apology to the door. We'll make it up to the officer when we get rich.

Rowen stuffed him with some money, but he couldn't afford a cell phone, and he didn't want Rowen to know he had one, so he had to do it. With a cell phone, you can buy another card with the money in your hand.

Looking at him silently, stealing his cell phone is fine, it's still a police officer's phone!

“Well, you'll cover for me later.” Although they are currently under protection, their personal freedom is not very restricted and they can still move around with police officers.

Shanko and Seal walked into a small mall under the leadership of a police officer and received instructions from Shanko to distract him from the police officer.

Jean can quickly buy a cell phone card and come back before the police officer finds out, only two or three minutes back and forth.

A few people walked around for a while, bought some snacks and books, and went back.

When you get home, you can take your phone out of the vase, load it with a card, and go into the study and turn on your computer and start writing. He wrote a viral Trojan horse called Jumpworm, which is not only highly concealed, but also capable of cross-infection.

In Bai Ling space, he relies on human memory, hard to remember all the source code, so now he writes very smoothly.

Concentrating on his face, he didn't notice that the seal stood beside him and watched quietly. A string of code programs flashed quickly in his pupils, as if a wonderful world had unfolded.

Three or four hours later, the jumper was finally ready, but he didn't stop and started writing the anti-surveillance firewall again.

But Shanko had just completed less than a tenth, and Rowen hurried back.

Jean-Claude rushed to hide everything on the computer and looked up at Rowen and said, "Detective Rowen, what's wrong with you? ”

Rowen was relieved and replied: “Jason's cell phone hasn't been working. I thought something had happened to you. ”

Jason was the police officer responsible for their protection and the one who stole their cell phone.

"If your phone doesn't work, you can also call your home's landline. ”

Rowen silenced for a moment, answering two words: "Forget it. ”

It was silent and then touched. If you weren't worried about them, you wouldn't be in such a hurry.

“Tomorrow I'm sending you to the Children's Advocacy Center.” Regulatory systems and protective measures are very good there, and you can operate there during the day, "Rowen said. ”

Naturally, there are no objections.

In the evening, he went into the study and spent five or six hours writing the anti-surveillance firewall. During that time, Rowen came over a few times to see two kids playing games and said, "Don't play too long."

You can still fit firewalls and jumpers into your phone and try to run fine, which gives you a satisfying smile.

The next day, Rowen drove two children to the IQ center, where they could whisper out their phones, tap on the jumping bug, see the words "jumping” on the screen, and after 10 seconds, “jumping successfully”.

Jumping virus was successfully delivered to Rowan's phone. From now on, he can monitor every phone call, every text message, every email from Rowen. Most strongly, he was able to use Rowen's phone as a springboard to infect all the phones and computers within 15 meters of him, provided he had Bluetooth or Internet turned on and no particularly powerful anti-surveillance program.

Rowen walked into the center with Shanko and Feng, and a female teacher immediately came to receive her. Rowen had said hello to the person in charge here before, so the teacher didn't have a particularly unexpected look on his face when he saw the two children.

Shanko and Feng were taken to a small class where a dozen children were playing, the youngest being about six years old and the oldest being under ten years old.

Rowen was very pleased with the surroundings and turned around and left behind only one JC outside.

The teacher who takes care of them is named "Julie," and she introduces them to the other kids, then takes them to a cartoon-shaped table and chair and brings them a bunch of toys.

It can be swept away, mainly by Rubik's Cube, Nine Rings, Puzzles, Hannota, Building Blocks, Graphics Cards, Drawing Tools, etc., all with some intellectual toys.

Teacher Julie probably wants to look at their hobbies and then guide and develop them in a targeted way.

There is little interest in children's entertainment, but the seal is quite curious.

He picked up each one and looked at it, only ignored the nine links. And finally, pointing to Hanota, he said, “Coco, how do you play this? ”

Hanota is the type of toy used to test the intelligence of apes in the rise of the ape ball. It consists of three wooden rods labeled A, B, and C respectively. There are multiple perforated discs on the A rod, and the size of the discs decreases from bottom to top. Follow the rules to move the disc back and forth and eventually onto the same wooden pole to see how many times it needs to be moved.

Anyone who has studied computers should have done Hanota-like exercises, and Hanota's recursive algorithm is one of the C language preliminary algorithms.

You can take over Hanota, pick up the disk and start moving, within a minute, in different order, six times each.

The seal looked blind, and the teacher Julie next to her showed surprise.

Hanota can be handed over to the seal. First, the memorable steps were completed, and then different modes of movement began to be attempted. But for a dozen minutes, he actually figured out some laws.

Jean-Claude suddenly thinks Seal is a computer talent. The Hannotta algorithm is not difficult, but the process of deduction is very painful, and it is simply impossible to complete it without clear logic.

Teacher Julie watched them mess with Hanotta and was thrilled: neither of them are ordinary children!

When Teacher Julie leaves, she can pick up the nine links and ask, "Don't you like this? ”

Feng glanced at him and said faintly: “I used to get tired of this. ”

Shanko: “…” Could this guy be a genius?

Sit on the toilet, turn on your phone, and plug in your headset while you're in the bathroom. The screen immediately shows Rowen's phone records, and instead of ignoring them, he activates the bouncer, lets it search the network on Rowen's side, and then bounces around the network.

One births two, two births three, three births the myriad forms.

The ultimate purpose of this is server and electronic surveillance within the police station.

Jumping bugs theoretically can propagate indefinitely, but can only be monitored one-on-one and not simultaneously due to the backwardness of the phone system. And the spreading bouncing bugs can't be cleared unless he hacks into these computers.

Don't worry about jumping bugs being spotted, don't worry for at least four years. It attaches to other programs and can disguise itself, as long as the master program is inactive, it is essentially invisible and takes up very little space.

With today's technology, its existence cannot be discovered unless targeted killings are carried out.

If he had his own computer, spreading jumps would be much easier, unfortunately only one step at a time.

Over the next few days, Rowen became a mobile source of infection, but anywhere he passed, anyone he touched would leave a jumping mark.

Kung Fu was a man of his heart, and he had a chance to capture an image of a member of that group through surveillance videos, and then follow this clue to find a nest.

“I think those two kids may still have some secrets.” Angeline said to Rowen, "Otherwise, the crowd didn't have to bite the two kids and go to an intellectual activity center. Although the identity of the other child is uncertain, what else is there to be concerned about besides those two children? ”

“I agree.” Another officer, Bent, agrees, "Rowen, do you have any idea how much you've been in contact with those two kids? ”

Rowen shook his head and said, “Not yet, I'll keep talking to them to see if I can get any clues. Now let's go back to the case..."

At this point, a technician suddenly reported, “Come and see, I got a strange e-mail. ”

Several people rushed over and there was an audio file and an address in the mail.

Tap on the audio, which shows the content of a man's call and appears to be checking the place of delivery.

Rowen asked, “Can you find the source of the mail? ”

The technician helplessly said, "I can't help it. ”

“Go." Rowen wrote down the address in the e-mail and led the crew to attack quickly.

Whether true or false, they have to verify it.

Fortunately, the intelligence is real, and they used it to end a criminal nest.

However, at this point they are not linked to the group and the Tabimi they have been pursuing, namely, the group who have been following Sankoh and the sealed ones.

In the following two months, the police received three more similar pieces of information, but the source was never traced.

Tabimeen were stormed and tensions within the country began to shrink forces.

Jean-Claude and the sealed crisis were temporarily lifted, while Rowen and others totally engaged with them. No one knows that this is all fuelled by a "child” behind the scenes.

A year later, he was sent to foster homes for a monthly subsidy of 500 $. Although Rowen was very reluctant, he also knew that he was not eligible to adopt them because of his family career.

This year, Jean-Claude officially became an elementary student at Fran Elementary School and had her own E titles, “Bruno” and “Ian".