Heroic Death System

Let me protect you 4

Compared with other peers of the same age, Shanko is relatively thin and, with his Oriental face, inevitably “bullied” by other children after entering primary school. However, although the right foot is not very convenient, it is easy to deal with a few children. In a matter of days, he subdued the kids who had nothing to smoke, not even the teacher was shocked.

Fran elementary school was easy to learn and usually had plenty of free time, so he could start thinking about computers.

The Fergs (owners of foster families) heard that they wanted to buy computers and were ready to take them to Computer City immediately.

"Mr. Fergie, I want to earn my own money. ”

Mr. Fergie asked with a smile, "How are you going to make money? ”

“Yesterday I saw a violin in the study.” You can still look forward to seeing Mr. Fergie, “Mr. Fergie, can you lend me that violin? I want to go to the park and sell art. ”

“Oh?” Mr. Felger was somewhat surprised, "Can you play the violin? ”

He nodded.

“Okay, let me hear it first, and if it's good, I'll agree to you selling art.” Mr. Fergie vibrantly picked up his violin and handed it to Shanko.

Jean-Claude tested the tone, then stood up straight and saluted the Fergs and the sealed house. The head of the nobleman Fan, as if it were his personal concert, watched the crowd rejoice.

You can set up the violin, put the bow on the string, and skillfully play a fast-paced children's song.

Mr. Fergie had a flash of surprise in his eyes, and I had no idea the kid could really play the violin and it was great. His violin is not very famous, but the child has a moving melody and a full scale.

After listening to him play, Mr. Ferger did not hesitate to accede to his request. Every afternoon, he would take two children to the park to sell their entertainment until he could make enough money to buy a computer.

The seal kept watching quietly beside him and his eyes sank.

Jean-Claude was always so brilliant, so versatile and so useless compared to him.

In the park, you can end the final song in applause and look back at the lost face.

He handed over the violin and today's proceeds to Mr. Fergie and said, "Mr. Fergie, I'd like to spend some time in the park with Ian. ”

Mr. Ferger looked at the seal and nodded a few points in his eyes: “Be safe and come back early. ”

After Mr. Fergie left, Jean-Claude sat on the park bench with a seal and asked, "What's wrong? ”

“It's nothing." Shut your mouth and be lonely.

“Psst.” Looking to him, he said seriously, "We are brothers, we are family, we should be honest with each other. I wouldn't be happy if you weren't happy. ”

Sealed head up, clear eyes on the top two, can the sweat beads on the forehead shine in the sunset, as if it contains some life force.

In front of him so dazzling, the seal felt a sense of embarrassment and filth.

“Coco, am I useless?” The silent voice said low, "You've always protected me and taken care of me. Now, you can make your own money, and I can only watch and do nothing. ”

“Well, are you trying to protect me, take care of me, and make money for me?” Ask with a laugh.

"Yes. ”

“Well," Jean-Claude flashed in his eyes, “let's make a deal. ”

“What deal? ”

“I will teach you everything I will, and when you have surpassed me, you will raise me in the future. ”

“Can I… surpass you?” There is a cautious anticipation on the face.

“Of course.” He rubbed his hair, “Our family is the smartest. ”

The gray darkness in the sealed eye gradually dissipates and reappears. He looked at Sankoh and said with great caution: "Cocoa, I will surely feed you in the future. ”

Jean-Claugh laughed and couldn't reside in his face without a sip. He said softly: "Okay, I'll wait. ”

Two months later, two computers, one desktop and one notebook were successfully assembled. Of these, Mr. Fergie also financed 200 $.

With the computer, he can finally make a big punch, and his life and sealed life are officially entering a fast-paced phase.

Running in the morning, finishing classes at the library, studying computers at night, practicing martial arts on holidays.

He could be taught immensely, and in his sealed heart he was not only his own brother, but also his own teacher.

The two enter and leave each other every day, shadowing each other and living a full and wonderful life. Unconsciously, five years later, they entered the same junior high school. But the seal was first place, and the cake flew at low altitude.

On this point, the seal was very dissatisfied: “What about the high scores we agreed to take together? ”

Shoulder shrugged, helpless: “I'm sorry, I was in a war all night, and I almost fell asleep after the exam. I didn't finish half the exam. ”

He looked at him coldly: "Better not let me find out you did it on purpose. ”

Innocent laughed. At the age of thirteen, he, the five officers, grew apart, like polished jade stone, became more and more outstanding, and his eyes gathered more and more on him.

The seal is one of them. His eyes are only sanctimonious, and his eyes remain only for sanctimonious reasons.

I haven't seen a genius before, but now I'm satisfied. His ability to master so many skills depends on the assistance of the system and the accumulation of time. And sealing, relying entirely on one's gift and diligence.

His height has exceeded that of Shanko, and his computer technology is just a short distance away. The only thing stronger than him is probably the "future” experience.

“By the way, Mr. Fergie has packed a bedroom for you, let's go check it out. ”

Left behind by Jean-Claude, he said softly: "No, I've decided to turn that bedroom into a small library. ”

“Hmm?” Can you stop and look at him in doubt, "Little Book Library. ”

“Our books are growing, and Mr. Felger's study is too small to fit at all, so I suggested with him that the room be converted into a library. ”

“He agreed? ”

“Mm-hmm.” The cover doesn't change the color of the nod. Even if he hasn't already, he'll let him.

“But don't you think our bed is a little crowded?” It's mainly sealed, the whole person is like hormone shot, at the age of twelve it's 173cm. He was only 162cm long and had to look up to him. There was some imbalance in his mind.

“Let's go.” Seal pulled Sankoh and turned around and walked out.

“To where? ”

“Buy a bed. ”

“ ”

On that day, Feng Zheng really bought a queen bed with Shangkou at the mall, which was already a small bedroom and took up nearly one-half of the space.

The Fergs saw each other, surprised and amused, but also a little melancholy. Weren't the two big boys in their family a little too close? Are they gonna sleep together for the rest of their lives?

In the evening, you can roll around in the new bed for two laps, then stall it in the middle in a large font and have a nice face.

Feng glanced at his satisfied appearance and a smile flashed in his eyes. He then shifted his attention to his computer, his fingers flashing on the keyboard and quietly hacking into Cruise Middle School's servers. Then he found his monk's school number and found out that they were actually assigned to different classes.

Classes at Cruise Secondary School are not entirely based on grades, but the higher the score, the greater the chances of being in an elite class, the more random the others are.

The seal quickly switches Shanko's school number to another student in Class A with average grades, then erases his or her tracks and exits the server.

After doing this, he looked up at Sankoh and found that he had fallen asleep in bed with a huge ugly cloth bear in his hand. He bought the bear two years ago with the first money he saved. It looks silly today, but you can always use it as your favorite pillow.

Close the computer, walk to the bed, lift Shang and move inside, then lie beside him and close your eyes safely.

Summer vacation is over and Jean and Feng can go to Cruise Middle School to report.

The two people are outstanding in appearance, but also the rare eastern hole, walking in the campus, suddenly attracting a lot of people's eyes.

Country E is relatively open in love, and a 12-year-old child is at an adorable time. Black-haired, black-eyed and sealed, in a group of blonde or brown-haired teenagers, is called a crane standing chicken herd. From the day of school, they were placed on a strategic list of girls and boys.

Feng entered Cruise in first place and was also the freshman representative of the year. He became a popular prince when he first enrolled in school, and his popularity with Shanko rose several grades. But the tall and cool seal is obviously more popular than Jun-soo's gentle and gentle.

After entering secondary school, the outstanding grades have remained at a constant level, while the seal is to keep straight and lead the way.

Ding-dong, the phone sent a text prompt sound.

It's an invitation to a party. Students often hold parties and invite friends to their homes as guests. He and Feng have received more than 10 invitations in six months.

Looking up at the seal, he did receive it, too. They looked at each other and asked him, "Are you coming? ”

At school, socializing is an important part of being excluded from the social circle if you frequently reject invitations from others and become a different kind of mismatch for others.

“Go on.” Put away your phone, "I already refused once last time, and I'm a little embarrassed to refuse again. ”

Seal nodded and said nothing more.

This time they were invited by a girl named Daisy. Her family has a villa and often hosts themed parties, a popular queen on campus, quite different from the closed style.

The two arrived at the villa on time and Daisy greeted them enthusiastically. As soon as they entered the living room, they immediately caught a whistle and a whistle.

There are 30 people in the house, mostly young girls with good looks and running clothes. Several of them were clearly not students at their schools, around the age of twenty.

Jean-Claude and Seal were pulled into the crowd and stuffed with a drink in their hands.

Can you smell it? Is it alcohol?

At this point, he stretched his hand and took his cup away, pushing silently away the girl who had gathered next to him, his eyes flashed with suspicion.

“Ian, Bruno, are you men?” Daisy laughed, "How dare you not drink a glass of wine? ”

The surrounding people are in peace.

“Minors are not allowed to drink alcohol," replied Feng. ”

“Haha.” Everyone laughed.

Daisy puts a glass of wine in front of the seal: "Don't worry about adults here, it's important to have fun. ”

“Exactly!” Others have raised their glasses to agree.

It seems to me that children of this age generally prefer to be different, and although they are a little casual, they should not make any big difference. So he laughed, "Okay, here's to you.” After that, he took a sip with his glass.

The seal sipped symbolically as well.

Daisy smiled satisfied, didn't continue to embarrass them, ran off to make trouble again.

The music sounded, someone picked up the microphone and started singing, and the atmosphere soared.

After listening to the noise around him, he suddenly regretted coming to the party. He turned around and looked at him. He looked serious, stiff as a sculpture and did not fit into the atmosphere of the party.

Still can't help but laugh, it seems that this guy is just as unfamiliar with this scene as he is.

“I'm going to the bathroom.” Shut up and whisper, "we'll leave when I get back. ”

Nod and have no objection. I thought it was just an amusement party for kids, but I didn't think it was such an adult party. I don't know if Daisy's family knew, but maybe I should call them anonymously in case the kids overplayed.

Suddenly there was a feeling of someone sitting next to him, one hand resting on his waist.

Still thought it was a seal, didn't care. Looking back, it turns out that it was a strange young man, 18 or 9 years old, who looked quite handsome, that the peach blossoms were quite evil.

And he stuck it in Jean-Claude's ear and softly asked, "Are you Boono? ”

You can pull the distance slightly open and say, "Yes. ”

“I've been watching you for a long time.” The young man put his hand on his waist and slowly moved to the back of his neck, obscured, "Any girlfriends? ”

“No.” He could have put his hand away.

The young man, disdainfully, continued to ask, "Where's the boyfriend? ”

Jean-Claude stared at him: "Are you gay? ”

The young man laughed, exhilarating: “Looks like you're not as simple as you think. Perfect. Why don't you come with me? I promise to make you comfortable. ”

“Not interested.” Such a request to a minor is an animal! Jean-Claude held his fist and stood ready to punch this guy, wondering why he hadn't come back.

At this moment the seal, just out of the bathroom, walks to the corner and suddenly hears a strange groan - a groan. Following his fame, he suddenly saw two boys hugging each other and kissing without anyone touching him. One of them had his pants faded under his hips and his legs hung on the waist of the other and his body kept falling and falling.

The sealed face rose red and suddenly saw such a hot scene. It was definitely a huge shock to him who had never touched these before. Though he is ripe, he is still in a state of emotional and xing comprehension. The girls showed him their kindness and he was always indifferent.

Now when he sees two boys making out, he suddenly has a different feeling in his heart.

The seal retreated to the dark, leaning back against the wall, covering the violently beating heart, in the eyes flashed an uncertain light...