Heroic Death System

Let me protect you 7

“I don't want apple, I want panda.” Leaning against the bed, he swelled a face and demanded it unclearly. Only in front of Sankoh will he show the arbitrary side.

Jean-Claude cut the apple and said, "Okay, I'll get you a panda later.” Panda in the mouth is actually a white-skinned, black-hearted chocolate sugar, he usually likes to eat two.

Satisfied with the seal, take the apple meat that can be cut into small pieces and eat it with a click.

Jean-Claude looked at his miserable face and was heartbroken and amused. After a while, he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

Feng immediately cautioned: “What do you want? ”

“Take photos to keep in mind.” You can turn on the camera.

Cover your face with your hands immediately, "You can't do this! ”

“Afraid of what? Scars are men's medals, the more glorious they are.” It was not with good intentions.

“Asshole, how can you be glorious if someone beats you to death?” Covered his face, he refused to admit it.

“Good boy, get your hands off me.” Can continue to seduce - seduce, “take a picture with a 'fragrant kiss’. ”

A sealing move, slightly splitting the fingers, revealing a pair of dark eyes: "Really? ”

Do you really want his kiss?

“Hmm.” He nodded.

“All right then.” Put your hands down reluctantly with a sealed face, "he said coldly," if you want to shoot a few more, one kiss at a time. ”

Couldn't bear to laugh, sit beside the seal, raise your phone, and slap your heads together. Soft hair brushed over the sealed face and felt itchy. He looked at Sankoh on his side, his eyes filled with tenderness.

Still suddenly raised his head and dropped a kiss on his forehead, the phone faithfully rated this image.

Getting this kiss, Seal feels like he's worth getting hurt again.

When he saw Jean could put away his phone, he hurried: "Shouldn't you take a few more? My left face, my right face, my nose, my mouth. ”

He glared at him silently, not too obviously.

At this point, the Fergs walked into the ward and whispered in pain to both of them.

The two of them do it in a consistent rhythm.

After a moment, you can excuse yourself to go out and buy candy and leave without sense.

Just out of the ward, the smile on Jean-Claude's face converged. In front of him stands Rowen and several strange officers.

“Shanko, come with us to the police station. There are some questions you need to answer.” Rowen said with a serious expression.

He nodded and looked back at the ward before leaving the hospital with several police officers.

It is also known that from the moment he exposes his hacking technology, it means that it will attract the attention of the police. The rescue operation, which lasted only three hours, was highly efficient and unpredictable.

Ex-post police technicians analyzed not only the intrusion into Starscream's servers, but also the intrusion into the Warehouse Leasing Authority in the Port Lenna area. The former is a technology company with a large number of highly skilled programmers, while the latter is a parastatal body. Neither can be easily invaded by ordinary people. But Jean-Claude, the 13-year-old, in just a few minutes, turned them all over again. This level of skill has far surpassed that of ordinary technicians.

It would be even more shocking if they knew that Jenko hacked into the police surveillance system and tapped many people's phones with the jump virus.

“Jean, we want to give you a test.” Rowen said to Jean.


“Yes.” Rowen nodded, "If the test passes, we'd like you to file a case with the police. Given that you are still a minor and in order to save lives, we can take it lightly in the light of previous incursions. ”

The term "filing with the police" refers to a person who possesses special skills and possesses certain risks, who needs to keep personal information, be subject to ZF and police supervision, and occasionally cooperate with official dispatches, provided that they do not endanger society. Of course, it would be better to join the ZF. The only limitation is that ZF permits must be obtained for future departures.

There was considerable psychological preparedness to do so, and it was well aware that they had agreed to their request.

Since it has been exposed, there is no intention to hide it. In the test, they performed very well, using small keyboards to severely deter people in the field.

Rowen suddenly flashed a thought that Tabby's purpose was to keep an eye on two children, probably not to kill them, but because of the superior computer technology. So to speak, he may be the one who secretly gave the police clues these past few years. But he was seven years old! Rowen couldn't believe his speculation.

At the end of the test, Jean stepped on his chin and left the station under Rowen's escort.

It may be considered worthwhile to trade some freedom for police protection.

Back at the hospital, it was evening, and Feng saw him and asked, "Where have you been? What took you so long? ”

“There is no panda nearby, I went to Lincheng to buy it.” Give him a packet of candy.

“You spent seven hours buying this bag of sugar?” I knew it would be so troublesome, Feng would rather not eat panda for life. He waited too late at the hospital, his cell phone didn't work, and he almost died.

Jean can tell from his appearance that the Fergs did not tell him the truth, so that he may not feel comfortable staying in the hospital.

“By the way, what's going on over there at Starscream?” Ask as you open the candy pack.

“Cauthorn was temporarily impounded, and as for Starscream...” he could have grabbed a panda from him and stuck it in his mouth, "Don't worry, I've taken care of it. ”

After Feng was taken to the hospital, he could once again invade Star Pole Technology, set up the Trojan horse, and rewrite their announcement message, leaving a text: “I came, I waited patiently for 5 minutes and nobody ignored me, so I left again and left a gift, no thanks.” Lastly, the word "hacker” is simple and rude.

The servers were intruded silently, no anomalies were detected for five minutes, and their announcements were eventually rewritten. If it's a general company's web page, it's fine, but Xingjie is a technology company that specializes in cybersecurity, and its technical power is unquestionable. Such a company was easily invaded and grew after being named. This was undoubtedly a loud slap in their face. Plus, Kessorn's father and son were successively invited by JC to “drink tea”, discrediting the company, and the company will lose a thousand benefits.

So, pissing anybody off is just not pissing off program monkeys.

After this change, Seal made a decision: "I want to register a company in Mr. Fergie's name. ”

“Technology company?” Ask yet.

“Yes.” he nodded, “Internet technology is changing, time is money, the sooner the better. If I start my own business as an adult, I'm going to miss a lot of opportunities. ”

“I support you, and I'm sure Mr. Fergie will support you, too," said Jean-Claude. ”

The seal revealed a smile, holding Sankoh's hand, and the fiery light flashed in his eyes: “Together we started a business, together we became the strongest technicians. ”


Time runs out, four years later, and you can join the city's most famous high school. The company they founded was called "MR.BRUIN."), there are few achievements today, even more in terms of security defense than other peers.

Apart from the technical knowledge that can be “advanced”, encapsulation of computer talent is also a major factor. It is only possible to apply the knowledge of the future to the present, but the seal is to create a new future with your own mind.

During this period, ZF's clandestine missions were accepted and, with the cooperation of both parties, the Tabi destination forces were dismantled in advance by the police. At last, Shanko and Seal don't have to worry about being threatened by them.

It was possible to clear the obstacles to his seal in silence and make his life smoother.

Growing older, the seal is also the age of love. He was 182cm tall, handsome and capable, and in high school he was like a male god.

And it's getting better and better. Although it's not as powerful as a seal, it's elegant and doesn't have any charm.

It is puzzling that the two brothers, who are so notable, have never had a girlfriend. A lot of people even set up games to see if anyone could take one of them down.

Feng has recently had some distress because he can still insist on sleeping with him in a separate room.

Growing up, hormonal surpluses inevitably, impulses are intolerable every day, almost putting dream aspirations into action several times. Coco probably couldn't stand his “enthusiasm”, which was why he asked for a separation.

Decision-making in other areas, exclusively about cocoa feelings, always dare not confess. While cocoa does not reject his closeness, it is limited to normal interactions between relatives and is completely different from the desire he has hidden in his heart.

He was afraid that one day he would burst out and do something harmful to cocoa. The more repressive, however, the more difficult it is to resist.

Seal drove the car to the school door and looked up to see Shanko talking to a mature woman about 267 years old, with a gentle smile on her face, soft short hair with the movement of his speech gently brushed, pencil up, long legs, outstanding temperament, make him look that bright.

But he's shining at this moment because of a woman.

His eyes sinked and he opened the door and walked toward him.

“Coco, go home.” Standing beside Sankoh, he looked coldly at the blonde woman in front of him. The breasts are too big for cocoa!

Cocoa should like people with angles, a taller body, sharp eyes and a stronger temper! That's right, that's me.

The blonde seemed a little uncomfortable when she was sealed and left in a few words.

“Who is she?” After boarding the car, he asked.

“A friend. ”

“What friends do you have that I don't know?” How could there be fish that missed the net when he was guarded against death?

“Meet online.” The guy is actually a technician in the ZF department, and they communicate online a lot.

“Online?” Shut your face down. After he learned his feelings, he had challenged the so-called computer technology on several occasions, and all of them failed. So he had to sign a no-invasion rule with him - violating each other's privacy online.

Afterwards, he could still do online activities without knowing anything, unless he volunteered to tell himself.

“Tonight I'm going to invade - offend you.” Feng suddenly said.

If this is heard by an uninformed person, it will definitely be distorted. But Jean-Claude is used to using the obscene word "invade" whenever this guy wants to compete with him in hacking skills.

Don't know yet, the meaning of sealing this sentence is really literal.

“Lately, hand smoke, next time.” Jean-Claude really doesn't want to compete with him. This guy is progressing so fast, he can't even hold on to himself. In order to preserve that slight advantage, he had no choice but to avoid battle.

“Sleep with me if you don't want to be violated by me.” The seal was changed again.

“NO!” You can either think or refuse.


How dare you ask him why? Because of someone's energy, he's about to become a professional underwear washer!

Though he is ready to accept the seal, at least not until he has reached adulthood. And two men do that kind of thing, and he's a little bit out of tune.

Seal this guy thinks he doesn't know anything about his mind. His desires are breaking through his underpants, okay?

The two of them are now on the brink of repression. Keep sleeping in a bed, something will happen in less than six months!

And he wants to keep it till he grows up!

Feng did not understand Sangquo's good intentions, his body and mind were already ripe, and he was about to become a "ninja" turtle.


Both secretly sighed in the heart at the same time.