Heroic Death System

Everybody loves mushrooms 1

It is possible to start accepting information from the system.

This is a repair □ □, his original is a mushroom, a mushroom grown on the top of Phoenix Mountain, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon for 500 years. He was originally a good mushroom that could be picked in two or three hundred years to become a complement to a practitioner. But one day, at the bottom of Phoenix Mountain, he descended a monster, the protagonist of the world, Yan.

His real name is Yanluo, and his family hopes that he will enter the phase, Hengtong. Wishes are good, reality is cruel. Yanluo was born without seven affections and six desires, and his relatives were weak. At the age of 12, he left home alone, went on the path of cultivation, and changed his name to "Yanluo", which meant killing without taboo, and he was happy with himself.

Yan slaughtered the genius of heaven, advanced divine speed, and the presence of heavenly fortune, but in 300 years it reached the peak of strength, and the magic robbery came.

And where he dodged the cliffs, beneath the little mushrooms. The arrival of the magic robbery prompts the little mushroom to produce the spirit in advance, thus deriving the evil spiritual robbery. The two robberies were symbiotic, powerful, and the little mushroom boarded the hitchhiker of Yan, using his magic to successfully survive the demonic robbery and become an adult. But his body, too, changed from a pure spiritual mushroom to a toxic magic mushroom.

After that, he became the demon monarch of Yan and the mushroom “wolf for rape”, together for the evil people, and made the real world a bloody rain and foul wind.

Jean-Claude thinks the poisonous mushroom is good, and the demon king is good, he can't wait to destroy the world now!

In the final showdown, Demon King Yan swallowed up his long-grown mushroom essence, surged in strength, massacred a large number of master repairers, and from then on, the main sects were dismayed, and the realm of repair was completely reduced to the realm of Demon King.

No words yet: what about the promised “wolf for rape”? He ate his little mushroom as a friend! Isn't it good for two bad guys to rule the world in love and kill each other?

[Main Quest: Cultivate Yan into a Divine King.

Fuck you! Yan is about to cross the Magic Robbery, and will be promoted to Demon King in a few hours. Cultivating a demon into a god, is that what people do? Even if he was reincarnated, I'm afraid he can't do it!

It was not expected that the so-called task difficulty 2 was such an unscientific existence.

There was no time to think at the moment, and the only thing he could do now was put his life to rest and stop the Yan Ferry. As long as the ferry fails, Yan will not be able to become the demon monarch. If you are lucky, you will enter the circle directly and reincarnate as a human being. In doing so, I may have hope of fulfilling my mandate.

You can shake your mushroom head, exhilarate all the spiritual energy in your body, and quietly infiltrate Yan's magic. On top of his head, there was another Thunder Robbery, the Immortal Robbery of the Spirit. Originally affected by magic, the immortal robbery was eventually transformed into the demonic robbery.

He could have consumed his spirits and stopped the Yan Ferry, so much so that when the first Thunder Robbery struck him, he almost wiped out his soul. The original crystal clear mushroom body became like coke, with silk and black smoke.

In order to resist the power of the Immortal Spirit Robbery, it is necessary to absorb the magic of Yan. While passing his spiritual energy to Yan, breathe his demonic qi into himself. As they were severely struck by lightning, they struggled with the pressure of yam.

As more magic can be absorbed, the immortal spiritual robbery gradually transforms the demonic spiritual robbery. The only difference is that it was an unconscious demonization, and yet it was an active demonization.

[A mushroom is trying to stop me from dodging?] A low and cold voice like a sword penetrates the sea of sanctity.

Shanko's delicate mushroom body shivered gently, and the atmosphere was clear: [Even if I crushed the bones, I wouldn't let you become a demon.

[Then try it! Yan did not see a mushroom in his eyes.

Despite the perilous nature of the abduction and the fact that there was still a pig teammate on his head, he was being pushed back, making the abduction process even more difficult. But after all, he was not a mortal, and he was born to carry eight catastrophes.

When the ninth weight is about to break through, the sound of the system can be suddenly sounded in the brain: [Cursed halo activated: weak for ten seconds, target slaughter.

For the first time, it was discovered that the sound of the system was so pleasant.

Without knowing that the curse would come, all the mind and mind placed on the last Magic Robbery, his cohesive strength, as he was preparing to fight against the falling heavenly thunder, suddenly felt a weakness, the power just gathered somehow dissipated, it was not time to react, the heavenly thunder had struck his body and shook him for dozens of meters.

Big mouthful of blood spit out, red eyes flashed a little blood, indifferent hollow, no waves.

The magic robbery over his head started to sound so dull that it seemed to have accomplished its mission and began to dissipate.

Yan looked at his palms and the wounds on them were healing at an extremely fast rate, but the power in his body was chaotic, his consciousness gradually blurred, his body fell backwards and he fell into darkness.

... failed?

On the other hand, there are only a few leftover waves left of the monster robbery, the original coke black mushroom body, becomes clear and clear, like obsidian stone. The bright light flashed and the mushrooms suddenly disappeared, turning into a human shadow.

The light faded and the figure of a teenager appeared in front of him. His whole body was red luo, his skin was pure white as jade, a short white hair as silk, his eyebrows picked out, his eyes inky, between expectations, with a few glances and demons. The lips are full of red and moisturizing. In a confused expression, interwoven with innocence and allure, through a magical beauty, captures the heart.

You can gauge your new body and feel that all of the immortal spiritual qi in your body is replaced by magic. The Yan slaughter did not become a demon king, but he became a mushroom.

So now he's going to be a poisonous mushroom to instill a future generation of demons? Think about it. It's not convincing.

One can try to mobilize one's strength and look at the abyss beneath one's feet. In the end, one does not have the courage to jump and has to use the most primitive method - climbing.

Try not to imagine a beautiful image of a luo man climbing a wall, focusing on his limbs and familiarizing himself with the flesh.

After climbing down the cliff, you can head straight to Yan's location. He fainted uncovered at this moment, and Luo's exposed skin, apart from some dirt, did not show a scratch and his breath was calm, like he was asleep.

Jean-Claude lifted his right hand, opened his palm, saw the black mole and was in a complicated mood.

It's him, not him.

Though every world will meet him, he has no memory, as if he were new. Each passion is unique and irreplaceable. It is not possible to immediately transfer feelings of affection towards this man.

Forget it, I don't want to!

Searched around to find a flash that could temporarily shelter and move the man over.

He doesn't know when Yan will wake up, or what he will do to him when he wakes up, the guy who sabotaged his ferry. It is hoped that he will be in a coma for a long time, so that he will have time to improve his strength and find some heavenly materials and earthly treasures to purge the magic of Yan and weaken his magic.

It was not expected that Yan had indeed been in a coma for as long as he wished, for as long as a hundred years. Over the past 100 years, he walked around the nearby mountain river to collect various celestial treasures, water dew essence, purple wood Ganoderma, Lotus fog, Yaochi silver fruit... As a spiritual plant, he has a natural sense of these celestial treasures, although the number is scarce, he also let him find a lot scattered.

It's just that he's a demon now, like these spiritual properties, and be very careful every time you pick them, otherwise you might hurt your energy.

The shapes of Shanko are incomplete, under the influence of the Magic Robbery, promoted in advance. Although it has advanced to demonic spirits, its strength is extremely weak. Fortunately, he turned into a poisonous mushroom, and the ordinary demon beast was not interested in him.

Because it is too weak, it is possible to avoid contact with other human beings as much as possible, unless necessary, without entering human cities. Although the breath belonging to the demon is very faint when he is shaped, and it is generally difficult for real practitioners to detect it, if discovered, it may cause unnecessary trouble. Poison mushrooms are favorites of the cultivator and can also be used as a raw material for the cultivator's refinery.

Yen could have been planted like a flower grass so carefully for a hundred years. Decorating his cave, setting restraints, washing his body, trimming his nails, nurturing spirituality, brushing his meridians, playing piano... accompanied him more than 30,000 days and nights.

When tired, it turns into mushrooms, stuck on a piece of rotten wood, cultivated while nourishing.

To this end, Jean-Claude also deliberately found many different varieties of rotten wood to return to, in various corners of the cave, so that he could change “flavors” at any time.

On that day, the Jenko mushrooms were resting and the centuries-old yam opened its eyes without a sign.

He sat up slowly and found himself in a cave. Rotten trees, large and small, are piled up in all corners of the area, and they are filled with mushrooms. Red, yellow, purple, white, and all kinds of speckled mushrooms, clustered together in clusters, with delightful growth and demonic posture.

Yan watched for a while and finally set his eyes on a little black mushroom.

He squatted in front of the mushroom and gently poked his finger.

The mushroom head swayed and adjusted its angle, seemingly intending to continue napping. Then suddenly it was trembling again, lifting the mushroom head, who knew how hard it was, “boom” and rolling down directly from the rotten tree.

Yan reached out and grabbed the little mushroom, then put it between his nose and smelled it, his eyes flashed and seemed to be going to taste it.

He was alert, quickly shaped and turned into a bright teenager, just naked.

He skilfully took a set of clothes out of the boxes in the corner and did not wear leggings, except to loosen a long shirt. Anyway, the monomorphism has to be taken off again, and wearing too much is also cumbersome.

The slaughter was still squatting on the ground, staring at him blindly.

Jean-Claude looked at him strangely. Why didn't he respond at all? In the face of the culprit who led him to fail the ferry, even if we don't do it immediately, at least throw away a few harsh words?

There was no hostility or emotional fluctuations in Yan's eyes, but he looked calmly at Sangkou.

The two looked at each other strangely for a moment and Yan said, “I'm hungry and I want to eat mushrooms. ”

Still: “…?! ”