Heroic Death System

Everybody loves mushrooms 6

The demon's head invites him every day to hurt the heavens and reason. It can indicate that he is under a lot of pressure. If he can hide, he can't hide and turn into a mushroom. He grows quietly in some dark corner.

Yan saw him so “stubborn”, not forced, but went out alone to “feed”. Jean was surprised when he came back with all his anger. He was shocked, not scared, but rather, as if he smelled a delicious smell, and the demon popped in his body and his pores opened all over his body.

Yan said: "If you do not want to draw on the essence of others, I will take your place. ”

He just needs to collect some more essence at a time, don't absorb it for now, and wait until he gets back to work with the little mushrooms. Little mushrooms are weird, and his double-cultivated yam also gets a small amount of demonic qi, which can easily suck the refinement of ordinary people. Although these refinements are not of high quality, they prevail in large quantities and are easy to ingest.

“Little mushrooms, shaped.” The Yan slaughter pinched the soft little mushroom head.


“If you don't take shape, I'll put you in my mouth, and I can double fix it.” Yan slaughtered while undressing his clothes and said casually.

In, in, mouth, in! Do you want the flavor to be so heavy? Shanko's body trembled, struggled for a moment, and eventually became human.

Yan held him, a spinning body, sitting on a stone bed, skillfully placing his waist on his lap disc.

Two people down - folded up, intimate neck.

I like the smell of Yan Killing. To be precise, it should be his demon that loves it, just as bees see nectar and delicious temptations are irresistible.

However, even if he could no longer resist, he could not allow Yan's killing to succeed in mending his demons.

His chin was lifted and a strain of fine air was put into his mouth. Ten minutes later, the gas crossing was completed and Yan was about to retreat, but he could still hold his neck and cover his lips. A slippery tongue crawls into his teeth and sucks shun, even as he feels a rapid loss of air in his body.

Is the little mushroom sucking his essence? Yan was surprised, holding his hands to his waist and not stopping him.

The eyes are silky, suck shun hard, soft white hair floats gently, sweeping the frowns of Yan from time to time. As more and more refinements are absorbed, the appearance of the cocoa becomes more and more alluring, and the eyes are as bright as the stones in the light.

Yan saw his energy flow, intended to push away this greedy little mushroom, but stopped when he looked him in the eye.

Give me everything you have - and Sankoh's eyes clearly reveal such a message, strong and firm.

[Yan, I will fix the devil for you, bear the punishment of heaven for you, and will even give your life for you, so do not fall into the magic and maim the living.

Yan closed his eyes and slowly moved his hands to the back of his neck, following Sangquo's back. Just a slight twist will teach him a lesson right away.

[Yan slaughter, cultivation of the ways of millions, why must you choose the magic of heaven and earth?

Yan doesn't understand. Why does the little mushroom always stop him from fixing his demons? He doesn't see what's wrong with fixing demons, let alone with little mushrooms.

Absorption can be stopped and the body is saturated. He licked it gently on Yan's lips - like a fine tasting. A tiny tongue, sliding across his lip line, brings a piece of silver wire.

Because it absorbs too much fine energy, it can instinctively be close to Yan, raising hands and feet with temptation, like cat claws, gently flexing the heart of Yan. Inclusion and tenderness towards this man can be unreservedly integrated into his soul.

Yan Zhenhui's heart fluttered, his lower abdomen tightened, his eyes gradually lit a flame.

It seduced for a while and suddenly stopped moving and seemed to wake up. He looked at the posture of the two men and shouted silently: Nima, is he color-tempting? No, no, no, it wasn't his plan. He just wants to suck out all the finesse and true elements of Yan's slaughter until he disperses the demon and starts over.

Humans practitioners can retrain as long as they do not destroy their spiritual roots. But weird can't, like him, as soon as he spreads his kung fu, he gets beaten back to his original shape and becomes a regular mushroom. So he didn't get a chance to do it again, otherwise it would be much easier. With the body of the Immortal Spirit and the slaughter, from water to canal.

In the middle of meditation, the body was suddenly suspended and then heavily pressed onto the stone bed, driving straight into it and starting a violent impact motion.

This time, the yam unexpectedly did not cultivate, it was just a “simple” movement, wild and primitive, completely different from the first feeling. It may have been fast - feeling, but not so strongly driven by desire...

The two had been tossing until the next day, and if they hadn't been able to return to their original shape in time, a physically energetic person might still be able to last several days and nights.

Yan casually wore a long shirt that revealed a large, robust chest muscle with several small scratches on it. He leaned lazily against the wall, staring deeply at the little mushrooms in the corner, his legs - high in lust, a look that was not full.

Jean-Claude feels his maneuvers are almost gone, and the behavior of the two seems a little out of control. However, as long as Yan is willing to continue to “suck” him, there is still hope for salvation. By the cultivation of the slaughter, up to three or five times, the magic work can be dispersed and refreshed.

Unfortunately, if the will to slaughter is so easily shaken, it will not become the Great Demon King who subverts the real world in the future.

Apart from being more intimate with him, he still has no soft hand in absorbing the essence of others. It also seems a pleasure to “feed” his little mushrooms from time to time, not wishing to double fix them with him and not rushing them.

He had to change his strategy, and then whenever Yan went out looking for food, he would follow and try to stop him from killing excessively. Just a small amount of other people's elite doesn't hurt people's lives.

Yan did not care about the mess of the little mushroom, but thought it interesting that he was worried about himself.

He's not particularly obsessed with fixing demons today, and the only reason he doesn't want to dissipate is because of the little mushrooms. If you change your way, can't you “double fix” it with little mushrooms? That must have been a lot less fun. So, let's get on with it.

If Jean-Claude knew that he had become a reason to persevere in the cultivation of the Yan Dynasty, he would surely be depressed to spit blood.

“More and more people seem to have lost a lot of energy lately.” A Green Daoist looked at a village not far away, and the villagers were dark and depressed, obviously not the way normal people should be.

The man in white beside the Green Clothes Taoist closed his eyes for a moment and said: "It should be demonic objects, there is also demonic residue in the air. ”

Green Daoist coldly said: “Inform the Daoists of all factions, be sure to keep an eye on the demons' whereabouts, and do not let him continue to be a scourge. At the rate at which he absorbed the essence, it was estimated that it would take less than a few hundred years to repair the climate, and it would be too late to process it. ”

The man in white nodded: "Brother said very much. ”

Similar scenarios occur in towns hundreds of miles away.

“Wenjie, is this evil like the freak we met in Summer City that day?” Qing Chongtao stared at Yu Wenjie.

Yu Wenjie smiled bitterly: “Yes. ”

“Humph!” said Qingzhong Daoist harshly, "If you hadn't asked me, how could I have let him go? How could these people suffer such bitter consequences? ”

Yu Wenjie bowed his head and looked ashamed. Though reluctant to believe it, the facts were in front of him and he could find no justification.

“You plot that strange figure and distribute it to this disciple, and as soon as you find his whereabouts, return to him. ”

“… Yes. ”

Yan and Shang can travel all the way west. Where you pass, you will surely collect the essence. Had it not been possible to obstruct it vigorously, I fear Yan would not have stayed alive.

Neither of them knew that their actions had attracted the attention of a number of practitioners, and a large number of people were searching for their traces, more precisely the traces of Sankoh.

On that day, the two men searched for a hidden place to rest for a while. Yan Jiao cultivation, can protect the law.

Shanko is studying the refiner technique in Jade Jane, and suddenly there seems to be a movement outside.

He let go of his mind and spirited, and found dozens of cultivators flying this way from afar.

At first, they didn't care, but when they passed by, they saw one of them holding a strange Pharaoh, which emitted a beam of light pointing directly at the cave where he and Yan were located.

He then found several familiar figures among the group, including Yu Wenjie and Qingzhong Daoists, and realized that they were probably coming towards him.

It is possible to look back at the yam that is still undergoing training and then rise up, fly away from the ban and quickly sweep away in the other direction.

“Over there!” There was a shout coming from behind, and even a broken voice, dozens of swordshadows followed.

“Demon, look where you're going!” One long, one short, two flying swords tear the sky apart, shooting like a meteor in the back.

Under the supervision of the Yan dynasty, it has also improved and is in a flashing shape, flexibly avoiding the attack of the flying sword.

However, the flying sword seemed to be spiritual, spinning rapidly, again attacking Shangkou, blocking his way.

The dozens of cultivators in the rear immediately caught up and surrounded the Sankoh group...

In the cave, Yan's eyes suddenly opened, his gaze swept away, and he did not see the familiar figure. He had an unclear feeling in his heart, his body bounced off, rushed out of the cave, and followed the scent of the cocoa straight ahead.

Far away, the sword and light shadow, killing people.

It can still be surrounded by dozens of people and covered in bruises.

“Wicked, if you keep your duty and stay away from the world and practice, there will be no future for you today.” A righteous rhetoric has taught a lesson.

It is also known that these men attributed the blame of the Yan killing to him, who could not and did not want to explain it. In fact, he was already a little overwhelmed, and no matter how he obstructed, induced, or disrupted, he could only help Yan reduce the killing and not make it right. He's like a thousand years of ice, and even if he burns his life down, he can't melt him.

Waiting endlessly, wandering hopelessly, you can still feel like you're on your way to the limit.

But he didn't want to give up, even if there was only one glimmer of hope, he wanted to stick to the end.

Several swords of light radiated towards Sankoh, and a beautiful sword flower blossomed in his clear eyes. His gaze gradually blurred, as if he had seen that familiar figure flying from the sky.

When Yan arrived, he saw that he could pass by several flying swords, and the blood splattered, instantly staining his eyes red.


His figure stopped suddenly and he was stiff in the air, watching the little mushroom fall back into the bloodstream.

“Brother Yan?” Yu Wenjie found Yan slaughter and hesitantly greeted him.

“What's going on?” Yan looked unemotionally and sounded indifferent.

Yu Wenjie was bitter, explaining: "Does Brother Yan know the identity of Shanko? ”

Yan did not react at all.

Yu Wenjie continued: "People in many towns have recently been sucked away from the essence so that they are weak. The troublemakers left a demonic smell, and the pagodas followed the demonic smell and found Sankoh. ”

Not that they found Sankoh, but that they could deliberately find him and lead him away, only to protect him, the true fighter.

Yan stared quietly at the cocoa in the bloodstream, and there seemed to be a violent atmosphere looming in his body.

Yu Wenjie's expression suddenly changed, feeling a dangerous aura from Yan, his subconscious retreated, and it turned out to be a step too late. Yan's body flashed and instantly appeared behind Yu Wenjie. He saw a sword coming out of his chest. Before he could make a sound, he was killed by Yan.

Yan looked indifferent and stood in the long sky, pointing a killer sword at everyone in the place...

One hour later, Yan pulled an arm, stepped on the ground bloody and walked to Sangquo.

Bloodstained fingers gently crossed Sankoh's face with excess heat.

“Little mushroom...” Yan murmured.

Shanko's eyelashes twitched a few times, his eyes half-closed, and just opened his mouth, a lot of blood poured out of his mouth.

I wanted to try one last time and let Yan choose the correction, but I couldn't help it. If you look at the flesh and blood around you, it's probably completely dead this time.

Still looking at the slaughter, he saw an unusual fluctuation in his eyes, like fear and confusion.

Looks like he still has some weight in his heart...

Coco's consciousness gradually blurred, his eyes closed and he was completely caught in the dark.

At the moment he closed his eyes, a golden light suddenly appeared in his right chest. The golden seed given by the Cactus Rohe sprouted in the light and soon turned into a red flower, slowly blooming in his chest. The flower was like the erythritis of the sky.

As the flowers blossomed, Sankoh's body began to shrink, turning into a mushroom prototype, then wrapped in a layer of flower shadow in the sky, turning into a red flower bone, falling gently on the palm of the slaughter...