Heroic Death System

Everybody loves mushrooms 8

[Where is the spring?] At the top of the peak of Suijin Peak, there was no clear spring in the mouth of Yan, and only seven wellhead sized holes were found on the ground.

Yan looked at the starry sky and said: "It will be soon. ”

The voice just fell, and suddenly a low burst was heard at the bottom of his feet, and then a silk mist appeared in the seven holes, uncut for a moment, a spring of water gushing from the ground, silver-white glitter, overlooking, like the seven stars of Beidou.

And it was surprising to ask, "How did you know that spring water would come out?

“Intuition.” The yan slaughter stuck the crutch on the ground, then took off the ragged cloth on his body and chose one of the springs to jump.

Intuition? Prior to Yan's memory loss, it had reached a great multiplication, not to mention practicing for thousands of years, and most likely came to the Mixed Realm. So even memory loss, subconscious, still leaves some impression.

The slaughter soaked in the spring water, exhaling a sigh of turbidity and placing the flower bones of the palms on the water.

After the bones entered the water, they did not sink, but suspended them, such as a leaf canoe, as the ripples swayed gently.

Yan slaughter leaned against the edge of the spring, eyes closed, limbs stretched, slowly entering the cultivation state. True Yuan runs, the spring water starts to vibrate at a rhythm, a circle of silver halos swoops away, and immediately after touching the flower bones, it splits into two parts, interacting with each other.

There is a hint of cool breath that injects into your spirit, constantly condensing and filling. As it moves faster, so does the temperature in the body, as if it were in flames.

Just as it was about to burn itself to ashes, the flames blossomed and turned into countless Mars, dotted and spilled.

Yan seemed to feel something, slowly opened his eyes, found the flower bones on the surface of the water, unknown when it had blossomed, overlapping petals, such as fire cloud spewing, demonic smelting.

At the heart of the flower, a small mushroom pavilion jade stands, all white and crystal clear, with a luminous moonlight glow.

Yan couldn't help but reach out and the tip of his hand just touched the peripheral halo. He saw the blooming erythema of the sky, the petals scattered and turned into a bright white light, flashing suddenly.

When the white light dimmed, a familiar figure appeared in front of Yan's eyes.

You can only feel a blur in your consciousness, and when you open your eyes again, you have become a human being. He didn't expect to be shaped so quickly, and it looks like these springs are nothing short of vulgar.

You can look up at the yam and your eyes gleam. In the large wellhead spring eye, the two bodies are intimately attached to each other to clearly feel the heat of each other.

Yan kills like a treasure and gently caresses his cheek. The dry, wrinkled hand contrasts sharply with his glossy skin.

Yan slaughtered and stared at his hand without turning a blind eye.

As you can see, he grabbed his hand and laughed, “Yan, I can take shape again. ”

Yan's eyes swept through his eyebrows, his eyes eventually landed on his lips and said in an old voice: "I waited too long. ”

“I'm sorry.” The clear eyes reflected the gray haired look of the slaughter.

Yan Xiaoxing: “Little mushroom, now you and I are both in the right direction, will you double cultivate with me? ”

“Certainly." He replied without hesitation.

“Even if I'm so old, you don't care? ”

Jean-Claude stared at his face for a while and tangled: “I do care a little bit, why don't you put on the mask when you double fix it later? ”

Yan: “… I don't like wearing masks. ”

Jean-Claude sighed: "Then I'll have to wear it.” Having said that, there is no contempt in the eyes. In his view, his psychological age was actually no different from that of Yan. His knowledge and familiarity with yan slaughter far exceeded merely the appearance.

There was a wave in Yan's eyes and he said, "You don't have to be so troublesome. Little mushroom, you tell me, do you prefer green teenagers or strong ones? Steady middle age or wise old age? ”

Shanko: "Ah?” What do you mean?

Yan explains: “With my physique, I can reshape the appearance after fixing the light period. ”

Ordinary practitioners need to reach yuan infancy to have the ability to shape. Yan has gone through eight magic robberies, and his body has become superior to the Holy One. He wouldn't be suddenly old if his self-destructive powers didn't hurt him too much.

You can stare wide, if you can shape, why disguise yourself as a filthy old man? Don't know how important appearance is in this beautiful world?!

A moment of silence, he said, “I think I prefer you to be a child. ”

“... do you like children?” Yan Jiao is so thick, it's hard to be angry, “It's not impossible to be a child, but I'm afraid that many double positions will not be completed unless some new techniques are studied...”

“Stop!” It's quite clear, this guy is really unrestrained, “you better get back to being a young man. ”

The corner of Yan's mouth rose and he lowered his head and gently touched his cocoa lips before sinking into the spring water. Often, however, spring water surged, the fog rose and quickly became blurred.

Jean-Claude was staring, suddenly feeling a big hand pulling itself under the water, then his lips blocked and a hot tongue slipped into the mouth. Two people float in the water, and their bodies roll over each other, like one-piece babies.

At this time, several cultivators appeared above the spring eye.

One of them said, "Strange, why can't we find the source here?" ”

“Did someone already take the treasure?" another person said. ”

“I'm afraid so. ”

The fog in the air blocked the eyes of the crowd, and they did not notice the seven fresh springs at the top of the peak, nor did they notice the two men who were undergoing the double prosthesis. Named "Seven Star Springs”, the seven stars join together to form a special method of formation. It is difficult to discover the peculiarities of the spring unless you walk into it.

And the fountains of sanctuary and yan slaughter, not more than forty and fifty meters from the uppermost cultivators, and their voices were clearly heard by the two who were hearing and hearing.

Yen could wrap his hands around Yan's neck, and his leg plate was on his waist and he dared not move.

Yen doesn't care, long drive straight into, siege the land, operation room, don't forget to run the true yuan, Yin-Yang harmony.

Jean-Claude is like a little fish poked in the stomach, spitting a series of bubbles in his mouth. The body floats in the water, unable to concentrate at all, except when it climbs tightly onto the slaughter.

Jean-Claude looked up at Fountain Eye and couldn't help complaining: How long are those guys going to be talking up there? He's about to be cooked into mushroom soup by someone with a lot of fire, okay?!

Probably heard Shanko's complaint, and after searching for nothing, the group finally left Sumikami Peak disappointed.

Jean-Claude patted Yan's shoulder continuously, indicating that he hurried up, but Yan did not move, and continued to roll under the water with the small mushroom.

[I can't hold my breath any longer.] Can hasten to use the divine sense of sound pronunciation.

Yan looked at Sangkou holding his breath and asked strangely: "As a mushroom, don't you know you can breathe underwater?

Shanko: … How can you do this?

Yan seemed to find his expression interesting at the moment and couldn't help but look a few more times.

Jean-Claude wrinkled his nose and tried to breathe underwater, which turned out to be smooth. The spring water penetrated itself as if it were nutrients, absorbed by him. The more you absorb, the more powerful you become. There seems to be some kind of divine power in the spring water, a little condensation of their true elements, making their practice even more watery.

The two are like sponges, absorbing moisture constantly, and then converting it into their own strength through dual repair.

Not knowing how long later, Yan suddenly opened his eyes and a fine light flashed in his eyes. The true elements in his body began to gather quickly, then spinning around, and finally formed an infant-like energy body at the Dantian, the Yuan Baby.

And yet, the real elements in the body condense into a golden dan, immortal spiritual qi, all over the body. Meanwhile, the erythema of the dome on his right chest blossomed again, burning on his white skin and reddish.

The two men were wrapped in a golden glow group from the body □ □. Together, they moved into another field and were repaired to Dasheng.

It was too late to rejoice, suddenly feeling a shock in Yan's body, and then a stream of heat poured into his body.

It's not true yuan, but... but a red cheek and a glance at Yan. But the latter face is obvious, a wave of high tide - the tide has passed, still does not mean to stop, holding still can continue to “cultivate” until he cooks into a pot of mushroom soup...

A few hours later, the spring water retreated into hiding, and the yan slaughter took the soft sang to fly out of the spring eye.

Put on a long shirt to cover the spots on your body.

Yan lowered his head and fastened his top strap.

Although speechless, there is a faint affection surrounding it.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth suddenly vibrated and a great deal of pressure swept in. Everyone in the Mixed Realm is running the True Dollar, desperately defending against this repressive attack. But for a moment, many people's eyes, ears, mouth and nose were bleeding out, and real elements in their bodies, such as a boat in a storm, were in danger of turning over at any moment.

The crowd didn't expect to be hit so hard as they were about to leave. Just divine power almost scatters the soul.

In just a fragrant time, two thirds of the fixers were seriously injured, some of them directly. At one point, screaming and self-exploding sounds fluctuate and are frightening.

As the crowd approached its limits, the surrounding space was distorted and all those in the mixed realm were expelled.

In the sky, a corpse fell like a meteor, and the light blew, sprinkling a bloody rain.

The other group, mostly severely injured and pale, stabilized themselves and swayed in the sky.

Only a few, standing up and breathing as usual. Outstanding, in a crowd of wolfish wounded, like the glow of the sun and moon, striking.

Actually, strength cultivation, high and low standing.

A gleaming golden light suddenly appeared in the sky as people watched.

At the same time, people cover their eyes and do not dare to look directly at their flashes.

In the bright golden light, two vague shadows appeared.