Heroic Death System

Everybody loves mushrooms 10

You can wake up from your entrance, and the restraint outside seems to have been touched. He releases his mind and probes out, only to see dozens of black cloud-like things descend from the sky, bang bang bang bang bang, instantly turn into smoke, then slowly agglomerate.

What the hell is that? Suddenly I felt deeply overwhelmed. You can look back and redirect your attention to the man in front of you. He seemed dissatisfied with his distractions, speeding up the movement of the true, and a buoyancy lifted his body up and down, such as in the waves, up and down.

Shanko has an untidy shirt, half dewy shoulders, and a loose hem that covers the underside - close to the body, with only two legs stretching out of the clothes and wrapped around a man's chunky, strong waist. The practice was supposed to be mindless and hold the emptiness, but their dual cultivation, in the end, was always inevitable a deep and shallow entanglement, and the two were in exceptional physical condition, each lasting for a minimum of two days and a maximum of half months. settled in the alternation of true yuan, then awakened at the moment of desire, between movements, degree of relaxation, completely united.

“Yan, let's do it, shall we?” Shannon can lift her torso straight and lick - bite gently on her slaughtered lips.

Yan pressed him down hard, kissed him hard, his true qi flowed between his lips and teeth without a trace of leakage.

With half-dropped eyes, long eyelashes gently sweep past his eyebrows, his consciousness fades away and sinks into this scent-bright journey again.

The outside world has become a mess while the two of them are “mindfully” practicing.

The black clouds previously discovered outside the ban are demonic clouds from the demonic realm. The cloud is not a great danger to the cultivators, but it can invade the bodies of ordinary people, absorb their essence, constantly grow and spread.

However, the emergence of the Magic Cloud is just a prelude to the opening of the Magic Realm Channel. Over the Realm, for some reason, a space crack suddenly appeared, and countless Magic Clouds flew out of the crack, falling like meteor rain.

When the cloud was discovered, the crack had just opened. After another seven days of "settling in", they finally ended their practice in a tremendous shock.

The sky is cloudy and cloudy, and the sun and moon are not bright. The cold winds swept like ghosts and wolves howled. The magic gateway is halfway open, and not only the clouds, but also countless spirits of low intelligence, are spreading wildly.

The master of the cultivation world leaned into the nest, partly responsible for sealing the passage of the demonic world and partly responsible for cleaning up the messy monsters around. They must not allow the magic passage to be fully opened, otherwise the world of truth will face a devastating catastrophe.

Thinking back on the information provided by the system, remember that in the original process, it was the emergence of this crack in the demonic realm that gave Yan the opportunity to rehabilitate the real world. Under his control, the Spirit swept the earth, devoured the living spirit, and used the method of usurpation to refine countless demonic slaves.

The magic passage was not fully opened, because the restraining power of the heavenly path and the sacrifice of dozens of masters ultimately sealed it. But the world of repair has been plundered by monsters and turned into hell.

Jean-Claude turned to look at the man around him, who, although he had already turned to the correction, knew that he would suddenly discover that it seemed good to destroy the world, and then arbitrarily rebel against the camp. The horrible thing about magic is that it doesn't need to be practiced from scratch, and as long as the heart shakes, it can fall into the magic.

Countless spirits descended from the sky, and the Chapel and Yan flocked.

Naturally, it is not hard to blow ashes against these demons with what the two of them are fixing today. But as long as the magic passage is not closed for a day, the spirits will pour in constantly, killing them all.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Hidden High, please proceed as soon as possible to Yunxiao Town to seal the Demonic Realm Passage.” Suddenly a thick voice was heard in the sky, using a thousand miles of sound to bring together the masters of the parties.

“Yan, let's go too.” I can't wait to see what's going on down there. He didn't blink his eyes when he killed for his own sake, but seeing thousands of innocent people tortured by monsters made it very difficult for him to remain indifferent.

Besides, seal the magic passage early so that the cultivation realm can be restored to peace, and they can return to the cave to cultivate.

Yan Jiao has no objection and can be followed to Yunxiao City.

The cracks of the Magic Realm are over Yunxiao City, where hundreds of thousands of cultivators gather, but few really have the ability to seal the tunnel of the Magic Realm.

One ancestor created a great array of sealed demons, powerful enough to seal the path of the demonic realm, but laying out the array requires more than forty-nine master multipliers. Again, at least twenty divinity periods and twenty-nine major multipliers are also required.

Though there are hundreds of master of the Kaizen period, only twenty master of the great multiplication period have come together so far.

Seeing the situation deteriorate a little bit, it is urgent that the Dusty Master decide to fight back, assemble twenty major multipliers and fifty-eight divine masters to arrange a big battle together. Fifty-eight divine periods, two or two combinations, to make up for the power deficit.

By the time Sankoh and Yan arrived, the Great Enchantment Formation had begun.

In the dark sky, a long crack tears open a black hole, and countless monsters fly out of it, making a bursting howl.

Nearly a hundred cultivators float over the sky, and the light on them, like a sparkling star, is distributed around the cracks, interwoven across them, gradually combining into a huge array.

The power of the law of formation, the great power, and the tens of thousands of practitioners to plunder for them. All the monsters are trapped in it, like the little fish in the net, crowded and struggling. The more they accumulate, the more shocks the formation receives, and the brighter the light becomes, as if it were ready to be broken.

After all, the Phantom of Divinity is not comparable to the great multiplication period, and the larger the number, the more complex the power, the harder it is to control.

At this point, a formationalist suddenly spit blood and fell from the air.

Subsequently, a second third fell successively. Though it was timely, it was difficult to make up for the deficiencies.

The great array became shaky, the eyes were about to collapse, and two beams of white light suddenly swept up, replacing the positions of the two arrangers.

Their joining brought the Great Battle back to life and the light shined again.

People look at each other, and this is how they look at each other.

Perhaps nobody knew them before the Mixed Realm opened. But after that, their fame resonated with the whole cultivation world.

One is the slaughter of Yan, known by all as "hidden”.

One is a spiritual demon who makes people feel like spirits.

The appearance of the two attracted the attention of countless people at once, and it was not until the monster struck the Great Array again that they concentrated on dealing with the crisis before them.

But the cultivators guarded outside the battlefield did not have many concerns, and the curious gaze flowed towards them from time to time. Especially Shanko, the evil spirit of the millennium, but many cultivators dream of dual cultivators and make up for it.

It can be gleamed with spiritual light, immortality haunting, bright eyes, like pearl jade, white short hair in the wind, immortality, in a group of faint face, spiritual atrophy modifiers, like pearl moon.

The longer the Grand Prix operates, the weaker and less spiritual the formations become. Only yet, the more power consumed, the more demonic. A moment passes, in the dark sky, only Sangquo and Yan are the brightest of the light, like two shining emperors, the world is overwhelming.

In the crowd, the wind bell sees the sight of the crowd can still be attracted, the resentment in the heart is hard to flatten, a jealous emotional oil is born.

He was shaking his mind, and a demon entered the emptiness. Although he was soon expelled, he left a demon mark. Normally, this demonic mark can be eliminated in just a few days, but the wind bell is now occupied by jealousy, temporarily malicious, finger stiffness, quietly shooting at the back.

Jean-Claude is concentrating on arrays. Where can we prevent a sneak attack from behind? I just felt a pain in the back, the real yuan was messed up, almost phagocyzed back. Though it stabilized in time, it sustained severe internal injuries and a slow drop of blood from the corner of the mouth.

Yan Killing, as his double repair companion, was detected the first time he was attacked. He turned back violently and his two cold eyes shot straight at the position where the wind had fallen.

As a matter of fact, the wind had just set the bell and regretted it. How could she ruin the big picture because of her anger at a time when the real world is in danger? She was a little relieved to see that she was able to resist the attack. But the next moment, she was locked in the eyes of Yan's killer eyes, and she was all stiff in that ice cave.

She then saw Yan's body slightly shaped and seemed to be ready to attack her. She was trying to escape, but she saw him stop, glanced at Sangqu, and then turned her attention back to the formation method. But the cold weather on his body seemed to be worse than the monsters in the array.

The wind could not help but relieve his breath, his heart was both annoyed and grumpy, and a little unhappy.

The Great Enchantment Array is in its final stages, and it is the fiercest time for the monster to strike back. The true elements of all formations are almost exhausted, and today they are held to by will and conviction alone.

At this moment, a giant claw was suddenly stretched out in the crack, spreading the crack, which was about to close again, and a powerful demon swept the crowd and instantly shook dozens of arrayers out. After a while so much support was lost, it was almost destroyed.

Fortunately, the Enchanted Great Array can already operate on its own at this time. Simply replenish your spiritual power as soon as possible to stabilize it. But most of the people here, after being strong crossbows, were unable to support themselves in the face of the monster's mad backlash.

Successfully sealing the cracks in the demonic realm depends only on the dozens of people who remain in the array.

“Gentlemen, in order to repair the tranquillity of the real world and the life of the heavens, today we die without regret.” The heavy-handed voices of the scavengers rang in the air.

“Die without regret!” Countless cultivators cry out in peace.

Thereafter, they had a great deal of light on their bodies and were going to fight for it in the end.

Yan and Sangkou also play their greatest power, moving forward and backward with everyone.

Dozens of dazzling lights illuminated the whole dark sky. Surrounded by the cultivators, they bow their heads and revere each other.

The giant claw in the fracture quickly shrunk back under the illumination of the light, and the monsters around them screamed sharply, and the fracture began to close quickly at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The golden light flashed, instantly, the heavens and earth vibrated, the cracks disappeared, the monster warehouse royal fled, the clouds over the heads of the people gradually dispersed, and the blue sky reappeared in front of everyone.

It's quiet around the corner, even if it's a shock.

Those forming formations that were still floating in the air fell downwards and were then caught by other Daoists and safely transported to the ground.

Their true yuan is empty, and they don't even have room for luck.

Yan was also severely damaged and was ready to begin to adjust as soon as he landed, but before that, his subconscious mind turned to his neighbor, and he was appalled to find out when he had disappeared.

Yan slaughtered his heart tight, stood up in a tight manner and let go of the sensory position.

Then he jumped and quickly flew to a direction in the amazing eyes of the crowd.

It turns out that at the moment when the magic tunnel was sealed, it was difficult to maintain its shape, fell to the ground, was caught by several improperly planned fixers, and then took him away quickly.

The eyes of Yan revealed a murderous intent, his figure was lightning fast, and instantly stopped the fixer who had not yet gone far.

The other side saw that his footsteps were unstable, his breath was disturbing, and he was also vicious and timid, leaving one person to look at the weak cocoa, and the others to siege the Yan together.

“Damn, you all deserve to die!” The cheers of the distance are still in his ears. He and Sang can consume real dollars to seal the passage of the demonic realm, but these people are extremely hateful when people are in danger. For their own good, they ignore morality.

Yan has never been so angry, his anger has risen, his hands have no mercy, like killing God.

The group thought that Yan had no power to resist, and did not expect him to be so strong that he killed two people and seriously wounded three in a few rounds. The rest of them retreated to the only three companions, strangled Sankoh's neck and shook: “Don't move, or I'll kill him. ”

Yan stood still and stared at him coldly.

When he saw that the threat was effective, he regained a few breaths. He shouted, "If you want him to live, you break your meridians. ”

motionless yam.

The man held his hand hard and drank angrily: “You give me...”

The voice stopped because of a sudden female voice in his head: "The man before you is not easy to deal with. If he cannot eradicate it today, he will surely avenge it."

Who are you? What do you want to do?] He's pronunciating.

[It doesn't matter who I am, it's important that you don't get rid of the man in front of you.

Of course I do, but I'm not his opponent.

[Have you forgotten what you're holding?

When he looked at Sankoh in front of him, he said, "Do you want me to threaten Yan? What's new here? I've already done that.

[Oh, threats? Why are you after Sang-kook? Isn't it to enhance your cultivation? Now that you have the medicine, you don't know how to use it.

What do you mean?

[By using the gas of the Immortal Spirit on his body as his own, he can instantly improve his strength and deal with the slaughter of major energy damage at this moment, without necessarily taking the power to blow ashes.

The man's eyes lit up and his face flashed with greed.

The communication between the two people was only necessary, and the person who grabbed Sangquo quickly made a decision, and the real yuan in his hand began to absorb the immortal spiritual energy of Sangquo.

The pale face instantly became transparent and a little pain flashed through his eyes. He is bound by man and cannot be transformed into the original form, otherwise the Immortal Spirit's Qi will surely flow faster.

Yan immediately received the sensation, his eyes tightened, concentrated their final strength, and poured wildly at the person.

The man was ready to preach his voice to his companions and have them stall him for a moment.

Yan was so tough, but because of so much energy consumption, he was trapped by this despicable group of people, his heart was brazen, the spirits that were already far away, as if summoned, came this way.

“It's the devil! Why are they back?” One man shocked.

“Leave them alone, deal with the slaughter first! ”

Several people then continued to attack the Yan under the Devil's Spirit Ring.

Yan did not care about the increasing wounds on his body, his eyes gradually became indifferent and dark, and the residual Immortal Spirit Qi retracted into his body, and the demon's breath slightly invaded.

You can still see this scene in the pain, the heart is shocked, you hardly have to think and know, this is a precursor to imminent demonization!

How could he return Yan to the magic after he had so easily guided him to the right path, not only for the task, but also for the future of Yan.

The demon monarch, though powerful, needs to go through countless magic robberies. A little carelessness will scatter the soul. If the world he is going through is real, then the man he loves has been turning in every world, and once his soul is gone, he cannot be sure that the next world will meet him, and he dares not bet.

“No, Yan!” Jean shouted loudly.

Yen was no longer able to hear his voice, and the whole person had been relentless.

Sankoh was losing a little power, and he looked at the imminent demonization of Yan, with perseverance and determination in his eyes.

Then, the white hair floated gently and the golden flashes flashed, turning into a thousand stars.

“You, what are you doing?” The man who was absorbing Immortal Spirit Qi stared at Shanko with astonishment.

You can't say a word and keep your eyes focused on the slaughter.

But for a moment, the man finally found a purpose, he was spreading his kung fu?! Though it was too late to stop it, it could turn into a mist in front of him, then rush towards Yan and instantly integrate into him.

As soon as the familiar breath entered the body, Yan recovered his mind.

“What are you doing?!” He looked angry.

Bring this force into each other, the avenue forward, break down the barriers, and go straight to the ladder.

[Little mushroom, you stop, I don't need your strength!

[Yan, promise me, do not go into the devil and stay on the right path. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Why should I insist on such a course?] The so-called prestigious gate is just a bunch of despicable generations dressed in trumpet clothes. The little mushrooms save countless lives, are kind in heart, never get paid, and are always bullied. All efforts were made to protect the world of repair, but these righteous men ended up pushing them out of the way.

[Then… make me the right path in your heart.


[Not for the righteousness of heaven, but for me.

[Just for you...] A glitter flashed in Yan's eyes.

[I would like to enter into a life and death contract with you, even if it is a thousand generations back, we will meet again. So Yan, for my sake, stay on the right path. One day, I will stand upright with you in the sun and accept the respect of the world...]

Sankoh's voice faded quietly, but the familiar aura remained in Yan's soul and merged with him.

The golden glow of the Yan slaughter gleamed like the sun, instantly sweeping away the demons around him. Strength surged wildly inside, and strong energy swept around like a hurricane.

Such a power quickly attracted other nearby practitioners. They were shocked to see the golden slaughter.

What is Heavenly Dao and what is Justice? Little mushrooms are his way of heaven, his righteousness.

Above the sky, the clouds gather.

Nine Heavenly Robberies, born of transport.

Generation of divine monarchs, the reign of robbery.

Yan slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were indifferent, but his mouth raised a smile...