All the good fruits he had repaired and produced could be left to Yan, and consciousness returned to the system space at the moment of his successful manoeuvre.

System: Main Quest, Complete.

Shanko: "… what is the meaning of your middle number? ”

System: [According to the system calculation, the host is not more than 35% likely to complete the punishment task.


The host is able to complete the punitive task of difficulty 2, completely outside the calculation of the system, the system can consider readjusting the evaluation of the host.

“What do you think of me? ”

Heroicity is lower than expected, completion is lower than average.

Yet: “…”

He decided to ignore the criticism inflicted on him by the system, after all the task had been accomplished. Although there are some regrets in my heart, I don't feel too sad, presumably because I know that the next world will meet him, and I have nothing to fear.

System: [Punishment task has no reward, but previously lit skills are still optional, curse halo persists.

“Cursed halo? I forgot if you didn't mention it.” It is strange to ask, "What are the conditions for activating the cursed halo? In the last world, it only appeared once in the beginning, and never saw its shadow again. ”

System Interpretation: [The condition for activating the cursed halo is - is “evil”. The definition of "evil” is not clearly defined and depends primarily on the character of the host.

Yes: “…”

[Start studying your skills now. Of course, hosts can also go directly into the next world.

How could he give up opportunities to learn skills and adjust his mood in Hundred Refined Spaces?

Current lighting skills include [cooking], [instruments] (piano, flute, violin), [weaving], [hacker (intermediate)], [martial arts (elementary)].

He had little hesitation in choosing to upgrade both martial arts and hacking skills.

After coming out of Bai Ling space, you can continue your journey to the next world...

There was a heavy smell in the air, and there were panicked voices in his ears and this fluttering interaction. He could still open his eyes and find himself standing on a metal platform, below him, a dense numbness... insects?!

A black beetle the size of a pumpkin, swarming like a tide towards his position, was repelled by the current on the protective wall and immediately replenished by another. With such an attack, the fence is severely depleted of energy and the defense drops rapidly, and it is estimated that it will lose its protective effect in no time.

Around the corner, countless soldiers travelled back and forth, looking for shelter, picking up weapons, desperately attacking insect tides, a beam of energy bursting out, blowing up in the swarm and splashing out large tracts of green mucus. But the blackworm had nothing to fear, and he continued to jump at them, as if he could not kill them all.

Isn't that exciting? Jean can look at the bugs that are pouring over the ground and just feel numb on the scalp. Pit's system likes to send him to the wrong time and place every time, destroying his little heart.

Then you can start receiving basic information about the world.

His planet is now named Emma, and the planet's humans are of six genders: male Alpha, Beta, Omega, and female Alpha, Beta, Omega.

Alpha is healthy, powerful, and a natural warrior and leader; Beta is mediocre, fertile and fertile, but extremely low in fertility; Omega is weak and has an adult hair-loving phase that emits messages that appeal to Alpha and has a high fertility rate.

Three types, with the highest number of Betas and the lowest number of Omegas.

Still in this world, Alpha, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy named "Fillmore," was sent to Via City, in the northern part of the Oerly Empire, for a three-month expedition, which was then scored by the local governor, and the top performers would have a higher starting point and a better chance of promotion than the others.

Born in a fallen family of soldiers, Firmo's family had two generals, one of whom was also a four-star general, five school officers and several lieutenants, but since the last officer died, the family has not had another senior officer in a hundred years, and he is only a lieutenant at the highest level.

In his grandfather's life, the family began to shift its focus to the mall, accumulating an objective fortune. However, the family's reputation in the army has almost disappeared. Fillmore was the only junior in their family to be admitted to the Royal Military Academy in nearly two decades and was placed in high hopes by the family.

But after entering the college, Fermo, who had studied painfully, fell in love with an Omega named ”Ryan". In pursuit of this Omega, he worked diligently, waving gold, and gradually abandoned his studies.

An exceptional and sparse number of Omegas naturally have many aspirants, the most powerful of which is an Alpha named "Zeca”.

Unlike Fillmore, Zeke comes from an emerging family of powerful men, whose father is Lieutenant General of the Empire and is of high rank. And he himself is remarkable, much better in appearance and ability than Fillmore. But he's got a flaw, and that's the effort. He pursued no fewer than two digits of Omega, and in this rare era of Omega, such a “waste” is appalling. He received more than a dozen warning letters from the Omega Conservation Association alone.

Fillmore felt that he did not necessarily have the opportunity to compete with Zeke on his own initiative, so he persisted in giving up on his own initiative.

Zeca didn't really like Ryan very much, but he got a little upset, so he took the opportunity to take part in a study tour before graduation, secretly entrusted Fillmore away from the capital, Via City, to do a blind job.

He did not expect, however, that the mission would become a death mission.

Via City is the second Class C defensive line in the north and belongs to a relatively important strategic location. However, there have been no major wars in recent years, usually dealing only with insect groups infiltrating the country.

Shortly after Filmo arrived in Via City, the Bug Army quietly bypassed the Cantes and launched a violent attack on the northern border guard. In just three days, the Bugs broke through the first defensive line, forcing the second defensive line.

The imperial military might have been enough to respond to the bug attack, but this time the situation was different, as the bugs started a terrible storm of worm sand. So-called insect sandstorms are particle resonances caused by the mass self-explosion of more than 200,000 electromagnetic worms. Where the storm covers, all electronic equipment is completely paralysed and radiation emitted by it is extremely lethal to the human body.

Major border guards in the north can only temporarily retreat until the storm passes before striking back fully. Via City, because of its special location, is situated in a stagnant area of insect sandstorms, making it the only line of defense against insects.

The longer Via City stays strong, the more time it will take for the other forces to withdraw and prepare for war. If they fail before the end of the storm, not only soldiers from other border areas, but more than 400,000 civilians from two other border cities will be threatened.

Thus, the ability and duration of the city of Via is the key to this victory and defeat.

Most people, however, are not optimistic about this, as Via City has only a C-level military force and its weapons energy reserves cannot sustain more than 10 days of continuous and intense fighting. Even with sufficient reserves, the strength of 60,000 soldiers cannot be sustained.

Normally, there is little concern about the rapid movement of goods between logistics areas and border guards. This time, however, the city of Via has become a lonely city that must confront countless armies of insects without backup.

Although there is little optimism, there is a general perception that Villa City can hold on for at least seven days. However, according to its original history, Via City failed after only four days of persistence. Perhaps out of luck, several officers in Via City were seriously injured and sacrificed in battle due to unforeseeable accidents, eventually becoming the highest-ranking and well-limbbed officers of the time.

Students of the Royal Military Academy graduate with the rank of lieutenant, while border fighters, mostly officers and ordinary soldiers. Although not yet officially graduated, Firmo was on a mission as a lieutenant. At a time of crisis, he temporarily took over command of Villa City, leading the remaining 40,000 soldiers against the insect clan.

But Firmo retreated at a critical juncture, because he was well aware of the outcome of the battle, that Via City would not receive any assistance until the end of Storm Sandstorm, and would eventually be wiped out, the difference being just how long they could hold on.

Fillmore didn't want to die, and he didn't have the courage and courage to fight, so he chose to escape.

Outside worm sandstorms, although radioactive, have a strong chance of passing through worm sandstorms with some sequelae. Naturally, life is more important than sequelae. So, while the soldiers were at war, a man quietly fled Via City.

When he returned to the capital, he intended to remain anonymous, so that others thought he had died in battle. In this way, he can neither carry a curse nor add light to his family. He just didn't expect that there were invisible electronic eyes in Via City that monitored every corner of the defensive area, and that every move he made was accurately recorded.

It doesn't matter that he escapes, but the entire defensive zone was quickly broken down by fierce insects because of the loss of commanders, disturbed military hearts and low morale. The soldiers collapsed and all were killed.

In addition, the insects broke through the line early and drove straight into it. Over the next six or seven days, 50,000 soldiers and nearly 130,000 civilians were killed in succession, and the defences were severely damaged. It was not until Storm Sandstorm ended and reinforcements arrived that the insect clan was wiped out and the fierce war ended.

Although the death penalty was not imposed on the fleeing Filmo, who had been slaughtered by countless people and tried by military courts, the family was disgraced, the business had collapsed and was soon bankrupt. He himself became weaker and weaker due to the effects of radiation, combined with a life of hardship and desolation, eventually leaving an indelible curse and leaving the world at the age of 35.

In the face of the heavenly bug army, Firmo chose to flee, and he had to fight.

[Main mission: Promote to university within 10 years.

Can't bear to scold people, his ability to live ten days is a problem, the task is to promote to university within ten years!

According to system information, insect sandstorms lasted a total of 13 days, minus the 2 days already spent, with at least 11 days remaining.

In other words, he had to survive the tragic 11 days before he could complete a decade-long mainline mission.

Nima, what about the simple and difficult pattern? The last world has only completed a difficult 2 task. The task of this world should be a simple model!

[Punishment tasks are not counted. Ask the host to persevere and die heroically.

Yes: “…”