Happy to be ready for a "love at first sight”, I found myself mistaken! You can express disappointment and a heavy mood.

The last second you look like a star, the next second you look like a star, the whole darkness fades.

Rhine subconsciously measured his hand, although it had some calluses on it, but it was perfectly shaped and the knuckle was long enough not to be ugly enough to make life desperate, right?

In the middle of thinking, the knife in hand can be landed, and the man can also fall aside. Rhine caught him, held him in his arms, his palms rolling hot, overheated, stiff muscles, showing how unoptimistic he was at the moment, able to persevere until they arrived before fainting, and how astonishing his willpower was.

When Raine brought Shanko back, almost all the soldiers of Via City came out to greet him, looking at Shanko with his terrible wounds and blood stains, his eyes filled with tears, and the shouts of "sir” soared.

Rhine will be able to get into the infirmary, which is already overcrowded, but the doctor has prepared a separate room for him. With today's medical technology, ordinary trauma is basically healed. Moreover, with Alpha's physical qualities, self-recovery is several times stronger than that of Beta and Omega. As long as we live, it won't take long to become a powerful warrior again.

However, the situation is very bad.

"Brigadier General Lancelot, please move Lieutenant Fillmore to the Capital Hospital as soon as possible. ”

Rhine's eyes sink: “Serious? ”

“The trauma wasn't serious, but he stayed in insect sand radiation for two days, combined with an excessive overdose, causing muscle stiffness and a lot of cell necrosis," the doctor said. There is no effective treatment available here, and even if I return to the capital, I would estimate that the chances of a complete cure will not exceed 50%, Lieutenant Fillmore he… I'm afraid he will never be able to return to his former state. ”

The doctor's eyes showed impatience and lived nine deaths and one day. It was at a time when he enjoyed heroic honor and spirituality, but faced the fate of losing his chance of promotion forever. Is the world too cruel to this young lieutenant?

“I know, I'll be ready to move tomorrow.” Rhine took a deep look at the bed and turned away.

When he woke up again, seven days later, he was taken back to the capital and placed in the capital's First Military Hospital.

“How do you feel?” A middle-aged doctor asked softly.

Jean-Claude opened his mouth and did not make a sound. He could only express himself with his eyes. There are no major problems apart from general weakness of acidity, inability to move, and cracking headaches.

However, you will soon know how big your problem is. The doctor told him not to stand if he could sit down in the future, not to jump if he could walk, never to fight if he could, but he just felt bad about the whole person.

Doctors were also wondering, according to the radiation index at the time, that the injury should not be so serious, but the results of the tests had to be believed.

It is clear to him that his physical condition is not due to radiation, but to the after-effects of radicalization caused by the curse on the halo.

The doctor saw him in silence, consoling him: "Lieutenant Fillmore, you don't have to be too impatient, you insist on recovery, then work with the medication, there is still hope for recovery. ”

“To what extent?” Ask with a dumb voice.

The doctor hesitated for a moment and replied: "Conservatively, it should be possible to recover to over 60%. ”

It's not enough! I'm afraid that's not as good as some Beta. His task is to be promoted to colonel within 10 years, from lieutenant general to colonel, according to the normal promotion mechanism, for at least 15 to 20 years. Only through constant participation in combat and accumulation of military merit will there be an opportunity for promotion.

If he becomes ordinary, he waits either for his retirement or for his conversion to civilian service. Either way, it was impossible for him to complete the task within the established time frame.

“Phil, are you awake?” A man walked into the ward and looked at Sankoh with surprise.

Sankoh immediately flashed a message from the man: the mother and father of the original master, Giva, an ordinary looking Omega. The weak man is yet to be seen, and there are some unacceptable facts about men.

However, it is also rare for Filmo's father to marry an Omega, knowing that Omega accounts for only 28 per cent of the world's population and that only Alpha nobles or senior officers are generally eligible for Omega. Well, Fillmore's family is a hereditary aristocrat, and it's only gradually falling because he hasn't been a senior officer in over a hundred years.

Originally with Filmo's outstanding performance in Via City, the future was brilliant. I had no idea that he had been so badly injured that he had almost cut off his path to promotion. Glory could not be overstated.

From surprise to disappointment, the huge lag made the whole Shivy family a little unacceptable. Thus, to date, members of the family, including his father, have returned to the capital and, apart from visiting him in the first few days, his mother and father, Giva, have taken care of him.

“I brought you something to eat to see if it tastes right.” Giva was a gentle man, but because of her less distinguished face, she was not pleased with her husband, Kanwen. Instead, Kanwen, as an Alpha, grows tall and handsome, exudes a noble temperament. Excellent and golden appearance, naturally windy. As far as we know, he's a cheap old man with at least three more Beta lovers out there.

“Thank you." Jean smiled at him.

Giva's eyes flashed with surprise, and his children had not been so pleasant to him in a long time. Probably influenced by his father, he looked down on the mundane Giva from childhood, thought he was not worthy of his father and vowed to marry a true Omega beauty in the future.

Eat while you can, turn on your brain and browse the web.

Giva tried to stop it and ended up saying nothing, just sitting quietly next to him.

The most important thing that has come to light in recent days is naturally the war in Via City. The battle was expected to collapse and collapse in five days, culminating not only in 13 days but also in the survival of more than 20,000 soldiers. It was a miracle and a terrible and great victory to defend the last line of defense and to protect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in a state of near despair.

As the greatest meritocracy in this battle, it can be described as a high-profile and popular boom. Critical mandate, fearless death, alone to draw away the army of the insects, to exchange life for the soldiers of Via City, and finally, under the siege of the insects, fighting for two days and two nights until rescue arrives.

His battle videos in Via City, as well as pictures of him sitting bloody in a bug hill killing BBQ bug legs, have been published online and overnight have become a click-through, and countless people have been overwhelmed by his style.

This is the real warrior, he's so fucking handsome!

He has not yet been approached by the outside world because he has remained unconscious. Without an interview with this owner, the Shivy family from Fillmore became their goal, and Kanwen dramatically raised the family's prestige, not only because the business water rose, but also because the rest of the family's nephews benefited.

Compared to their infinite scenery, real heroes have been left cold.

Looking at the reaction from the outside world, it should not be known what his current state of health is, nor will Kanwen proactively disclose it for the time being. Once his injuries are known, a lot of sympathy may be gained, but those who are more profit-oriented are expected to be much colder, after all, an honorary soldier who can no longer be promoted, without the need for investment and cage.

Still not concerned, he focused on restoring his strength, completing his mission, finding his man and wasting his life with him.

Thinking about this, Shannon can see Rein's figure in his head, secretly tangled himself, why is this guy most likely his man, his palm without a mole!

The smell is similar, but without a mole, he dares not admit it at all! What a tragedy it would be if it was a mistake! In so many worlds, there is always a similar person, and the only way to identify him is through breath and palm moles, which are indispensable. So he firmly believed that Rhine was not the man he was looking for.

Looks like we're gonna have to start with the guys around Rhine. Like the Zeke who competed with “he" for Omega, or the Omega Ryan. But could his man be an Omega? Jean-Claude, rub it, it's totally unacceptable!

“Phil, your father and they...” Giva seemed to have a slightly wrong face and hesitantly asked, seemingly trying to comfort her.

Jean-Claude waved, “It's okay, I'm enjoying myself. ”

Giva stared at him halfway, making sure he didn't really care, and smiled softly: "Phil, you're mature. ”

Jean could bite the spoon and blink at Giva: "Of course, I'm a national hero now. ”

Giva smiled and the worrying smoke between her eyebrows vanished.

It can be seen that Giva, though weak, is not cowardly; on the contrary, he has a pair of permeable eyes and a deep heart.

Such a person, Kanwen's father and son don't know how to cherish it. It's so blind.

A few days later, when the injuries were almost recovered, a request for rehabilitation was made to the doctor. The doctor thought about it for a while and said, "Well, you wait another day, and I'll set you a comprehensive rehabilitation schedule. ”

Can nodded to agree.

He did not know that the doctor had reported his case to Brigadier General Rhine on the same day. Although Rhine has not visited him, he has been following his situation. Thought he would be devastated to learn that he might never be a fighter again, after all, not all powerful Alphas could accept the fact that he could only be an ordinary man in the future.

But he not only adapted quickly, but also actively demanded rehabilitation. The glory of a hero did not swell his vanity, nor did his bodily damage obliterate him.

He, indeed, is a very good man.

Rhine flashed a glimpse of appreciation in his eyes, then tapped on his light brain to personally develop a rehabilitation plan for him.

He had enough patience to wait for him to recover and then recruit himself.

He began his difficult and tedious recovery journey. It was harder to recover than he had imagined, coming down for a few days, he could only make sure that he walked normally and that he felt weak walking for 10 minutes in a row.

Not discouraged, he still insists on exercising every day, and Rhine has been silently watching. Until there was a leak of news that he had been awake, the outside world was immediately like beating chicken blood, a crowd of journalists flocked to him, and his calm life was just about over.

In order not to affect the proper functioning of the hospital, permission from a doctor was obtained and discharged one month later.

Kanwen personally picked him up from the hospital, accompanied by a group of journalists.

This scenario is evident, and there is an immediate desire to request continued hospitalization.

Giva seemed to understand his thoughts, laughing: "Go through the back door, there's another car there to pick you up, and I'll take care of everything else. ”

Jean-Claude's eyes shine and hugs Giva hard: "You are so wonderful, Mother and Father! ”

Giva smiled lightly and looked at his backpack with sunglasses and walked out of the ward.

Still coming out of the back door, he looked up and saw a high-end magnetic float car parked not far away, standing beside it with a chauffeur-like man, waving at him.

He walked over to say hello to the driver and sat in the back seat. It was only when I got in that car that I discovered that there was another person in the car, and I set my eyes on it, and Hercules was actually Reine.

Brigadier General Tang was not expected to pick him up at all. Master Mother and Father, you are very unusual on the surface, but the backstage is very hard!

“Phil, meet again.” Rain reached out to him.

As he reached out, he could smell a faint fragrance.

He reached out and shook Rhine: “Thank you, Brigadier General Lancelot. ”

“Mm-hmm." Rein slowly let go of his hand until he pulled it back, and it was right to think that he was washing his hands with perfume before going out, and this man finally didn't see his hands showing that kind of raw face anymore. He didn't want his hands to be abandoned at all. (Shanko: That's not the reason at all, okay!

“How did Brigadier General Lancelot come to pick me up personally?” You can ask the questions in your heart.

“Your award ceremony is at the school, which arranges an independent dormitory for you, so you don't have to worry about being disturbed," Reine replied. ”

“Thank you, you're very thoughtful.” Jean-Claude looked at him strangely and wondered why he took such care of himself. Is it really the charm of his mother and father?

“Mm-hmm." Rhine accepted Jean-Claude very calmly.

Jean-Claude stared at his side face for a while and couldn't bear to move towards his hand, wide and thick, with uniform bones, with traces of long-standing fighting. However, it was not the hands he wanted to grab.

“Do you like to appreciate other people's hands?” Rhine made a sudden noise.

“Ah, um, yes.” You can look away and lean back on the cushion, laughing, "with one hand, you can see a person's past and future, as well as a person's professional identity. ”

“Oh? What do you see in my hand? ”

“Hmm...” he replied, thinking left, "you will be a great general in the future. ”

“…” is already a Brigadier General and a great Rhine: Does this have to be seen...