Had I known a meal would have eaten an overworked hair-love-beast, Jean would never have fed him a bite!

Can Alpha tag Alpha like Omega? To the best of our knowledge, no. Even if marked, Alpha can be erased on its own.

So, what does Rhine want now? Eat up, hang in there, okay? Or are you testing his strength? But this method of probing is too "don't be surprised”, it's a harmony. (LINE: I'm really flirting - flirting...)

Moreover, this “tone” is a group of information elements belonging to Omega outside, such as love, tide, love and lust, which can be stimulating. If it hadn't been suppressed by Rhine, it would have been like a deserted Mustang running out looking for its own blessings!

Looking at Rhine, he seemed to have been affected, and his desire was high. But please don't poke him in the waist! If this guy is his own man, he doesn't mind falling or getting knocked over, but he's not!

Efforts can be made to calm the desire to flinch in the body, build up strength, turn one round violently, and sweep across the arms.

Rhine took a half-step back and grabbed Sankoh's wrist, opposite him in the front. A few points of crystalline beads of sweat are thrown out of the beam in front of the forehead, black eyes, flashing, wary, but reddish cheeks and bright lips, like an angry snow plum, can't help but want to pick.

Rein's eyes darkened and his hands stretched, pulling Jean towards himself. Don't back off, bend your elbows, and hit Reine's chest with force. Rhine was on his side, and he could still get out of his confinement.

Rhine flashed in the face, striking at him again.

Flexible dodging and circumventing the war. The two of them went from the kitchen to the living room, shooting, the breath pouring, stirring up the people in the vicinity, yelling: TMD Where's the fairy fighting!

With his ingenuity, he fought with Reine without his strength.

Rhine has swollen muscles all over his body and although he doesn't have a lot of expression on his face, his hot eyes almost make a hole in him.

Jean-Claude stepped on the couch to prepare to jump, and Rhine suddenly made a quick move and a knife cut his leg. You can scream and fall on the couch and be pressed underneath you.

Chest ups and downs, breathless breathing, eyes flashing unusually bright light due to intense exercise.

Rhine looks down - the person below, with an uncovered desire, strained muscles, makes him look extremely aggressive, like a beast on standby. Once again, a strong cyanide will drown, invade his body and seem to want to take control of everything he has. The impact of an informer, such as a current, sweeps the body of two people.

You can bite your teeth off, and under great pressure, you spit a hard sentence: "Brigadier General, you have won. ”

Rhine's eyes flashed, the message vegetarian was like a tentacle, he crossed his legs and penetrated into his body, and some self-evident attempt was revealed.

"What do you want to do, Rhine? ”

“You're very handy, far from what I expected. But" Rhine Lowers, "is not my opponent. ”


“The strong have absolute control over the weak, and you cannot reject me.” Rhine's eyes reveal the necessary possession.

“What do you mean? ”

“It means," Rhine's fingers stroke around his neck, "and I have enough power to mark you.” The taste of this man is so wonderful that he can't stop wanting it.

“Mark an Alpha?” Jean-Claude's hair is all blown up. "Are you kidding me? ”

“Try it?”

“No!” he refused. “I already have someone I like. Please raise your hands. ”

“The Omega?” Rhine whispered, “You better forget about him as soon as possible, or I won't be able to guarantee that I'll still be such a gentleman. ”


Why didn't he find out this guy was a uniformed hoodlum before?

“Let me go.” Still available to struggle.

Rhine was so happy this time, he moved away from him.

Still standing up, he retreated to the side: “It is late, Brigadier General, please return. ”

Rhine trimmed his clothes and walked towards the door. When I walked to the door, I turned around and looked back at Shanko: “The expected one-year period was too conservative, I underestimated your strengths, and in six months you will receive my transfer order. ”

Silently enough, a new map brush task has been considered in the mind.

“You don't have a chance to refuse.” Rhine seemed to see through his mind, adding, "unless you could be stronger than me. ”

“I'll be stronger!” Still firmly so.

“Then I'll wait and see.” He will possess him with absolute strength when this man is strongest.

It was a pleasure to finally find an object to conquer. As for Alpha's identity, it is not an obstacle to him at all.

After Rhine left, the room was still full of his breath and boring for a while. People in this world seem to take it for granted that the strong control the weak. In particular, Alpha, in a leadership position, has an unshakeable initiative.

Fortunately, you are an Alpha, otherwise fighting instincts alone takes a lot of energy, and today there is at least room for resistance.

No, he must find him as soon as possible, or he will lose his virginity, I'm afraid. If he can't find it, then he's focused on the job. We'll go back to system space in 10 years, and then we'll go to the rest of the world to find him.

I haven't seen Rhine again in the months that followed. Ryan came very diligently to warm him up and take care of him. Almost everyone who knows them sees them as a pair.

It can be euphemistically rejected, and Ryan remains the same. A few times later, it doesn't matter.

He goes deeper every day and spends most of his time training. There is not only practical training, but also a variety of strategic knowledge, operating system principles, repair techniques and information element deployment applications.

Other spare time was spent searching the Internet for information, but he searched every person mentioned in the system, but never found the person he was looking for. He didn't see a glimmer of hope until he turned over Zeke's profile.

Zeca has a mole in her palm, but on her left hand.

Zeke was recruited early into the Legion of Rhine with excellent results. Jean-Claude was depressed for another time. I didn't think he was in the Legion of Reign, so I guess I had to accept the guy's orders.

Six months later, Rhine's orders arrived on schedule. The original low-key Shanko, once again the scenery.

Rhine's 45th Army is known as the most powerful regiment in the Empire, and those who are eligible to enter are the elites of the elite. Being recruited as a meritocracy officer in the Battle of Via City would have made sense.

However, it was immediately controversial to find out who had leaked the news that he had been badly injured and greatly diminished in strength.

People do not deny Fillmore's credit, but the 45th Corps came to select talent with strength, and even the son of a marshal could not be selected if he was not strong enough. Fillmore's performance in school is a sight to be seen, not so bad as not to graduate, but there is nothing particularly remarkable about it. Only his performance on the battlefield is noteworthy. Now that we know his strength has dropped dramatically, is he still eligible to join the 45th Corps?

Soon after the release of medical reports that were still available at the hospital, it became apparent to the outside world that his injuries were serious enough to warrant early discharge. Even if you persist in recovery, your strength can only recover up to 60%. This is undoubtedly a huge blow for a powerful Alpha. No wonder he was supposed to be angry, but he refused all the invitations and kept a low profile.

Many deplored him, but more questioned his transfer.

By the day the 45th Legion reported, it was a questionable look that greeted Sankoh.

Not frightened at all, the army is strong and forcefully declares its name and rank. Aside from strength, this confidence and temperament is quite admirable.

Instead of letting him show his strength, Rhine split him directly into SWAT reserves. The members of the SWAT team are either exceptional or possess special skills. Even the Reserve Service is a one-of-a-kind talent.

People don't dare question Rhine's decision, but they're less polite to Jean-Claude.

Currently, the 45th Corps is undergoing a full rest period, temporarily staying in the capital for daily training and a day off each week. Two months later, it will be on the battlefield, stationed on the south-eastern border. So the soldiers were all free and ready to teach Jean-Claude a lesson.

Sankoh's attention is not at all on them, but on Zeka, who is also part of the SWAT Reserve.

The first official meeting took him to the dormitory on the day of the report, precisely by Zeca.

Zeca had blond hair with peach blossoms in her eyes, not looking like a soldier, but an artist. It's like a lake full of sleeping lotus.

You will find that you are alpha but do not reject the aura of other alphas. Unlike Omega's instinct-temptation, his aura is somewhat inclusive.

“Fillmore, you've changed a lot.” Zeca leaned against the door and looked at Sankoh, who was packing in the dorm.

“You haven't changed.” Just like the online photos, I don't know how many rotten peach blossoms I messed with. Jean-Claude is a little depressed, and if this man is really his man, I'm afraid he's not a good teacher.

“Heard you've been very close to Ryan lately? ”

Jean-Claude glanced at him: "Yes, he was good to me. ”

At this glance, Zeke's head shifted slightly. He couldn't help but walk a few steps, his eyes closed, yes, the smell of this person changed, without the old sharp and cloudy, softened and refreshed, with silk sweetness. If he's not sure he's an Alpha, Zeca almost suspects he's an Omega.

“Oh, you slept together?” Zeca asked casually.

“None of your business!” Yet you can return harshly.

“Oh, don't be angry.” Zeke was like a kitten, smiling, “I was just curious. He's been spinning around with you lately, and you can't stand it? Is something wrong with your body? ”

He said, his eyes pointing down at him - aiming at him.

Jean-Claude stepped on the bed, held his chest with his hands, and raised his chin to Zekayan: “Is there a problem? Why don't you let me try it?” If this guy is really his man, we'll see how he handles him.

Zeke obviously didn't expect him to say that, but first he stunned, and then he had the flavor: "You want to sleep with me? ”

His gaze was swept across his body, undeniably, a beautiful man with a very sweet smell. Alpha is perfect for shape, strength and endurance. Having sex with someone like that sounds challenging.

Zeke got a little interested.

“So, try it?” He put his hand on the bed frame and sniffed it by the neck, releasing the pheromones on him. Apart from fertility problems, one of the most important reasons why alpha is rarely combined is the exclusion of informants from each other.

But it's an exception, and the scent has changed since he became Fillmore, not only attractive to Omega and Beta, but also acceptable to Alpha.

Just say it! Do you have any more fucking problems?

It was possible to detect that Zeca's informant was in other invasions and was about to strike back, but he glanced at the mole in his left hand and had to pause.

This meal allowed Zeke to take advantage of the void. You can tolerate the abnormality of your body, let Zeke come near you, feel the breath on his body, don't hate it, but you always feel something is missing. But it proves that Alpha's pheromones don't make him angry.

Zeke tasted the beauty of Sankoh's message vegetables, and when he was about to go further, a stronger message vegetable swept in, entering Sankoh's body and expelling Zeke directly.

Zeca couldn't help but take a step back, her brain tingled and she felt dizzy and nauseous.

The stronger the pheromones, the more repellent the ALPHA is.

“Lieutenant Zeke, disrespect the officer, cancel your three-week leave.” Leinson's cold voice came through the door.

Monk Zeka was able to give him a military salute at the same time.

In the eye abuse of Rein's blade, Zeke reacted. Fillmore is now a lieutenant, ranked larger than him, and his actions are indeed disrespectful to the chief.

Zeka unfortunately took a glance and simply left his dormitory.

“Bang!” closed the door and Rhine walked into the dorm.

Jean-Claude trembled and somehow felt a little bad.

Alpha has a strong desire to possess and must not allow its belongings to be held hostage by others. Shanko messed with an Omega, now another Alpha, next time a Beta will appear.

Rein thinks he needs to know who's his man and who's his future leader!