Rein stood still in front of Sankoh, and a great deal of momentum surfaced, locking him up.

You can take a step back and lean back against the metal bed frame, instantly feeling cold. He was about to open his mouth to break the silence, his face suddenly changed, an atmosphere of hegemony forcibly broke his defense and entered his body.

Rain's long legs stretched into his legs - between them, one hand pulled him into his arms and his two bodies tightly aligned, as if he could clearly feel the flow of hot blood and the beating of a pulse in the other body.

You can lift your hand up and block it. The other side won't back in and push his legs hard, while keeping his hands on his waist so that he doesn't break loose. Strong information vegetarians carry a pounding desire, from the bottom - straight through the body.

He groaned and lit two flames in his eyes, looking angrily at the man in front of him, he did not believe that the man dared to inflict violence on him in the training camp.

However, it is clear that the brutality and privileges of the strong Alpha are underestimated and that the general regime is not binding on the high-ranking Reine. And in the history of the Empire, one Alpha has not been recorded by another. So even if Rhine did, no one would believe it.

With an angry eye, as if it were a detonator, it instantly lit Rhine's lust-fire. He rapidly invaded Sankoh's lips and devoured his breath.

He can be confined to the bed frame and cannot move. Every time he resists, a more violent attack occurs. His body was slightly invaded by Rhine's breath, and his pleasure and indignation struck his brain simultaneously, and he could gradually feel powerless, again deeply aware of the power gap between him and Rhine.


He can still hold his fists and try to resist the information elements that are ravaging him. Although Rhine did not really enter, his breath had taken him all over, every area, every inch of skin, leaving his mark.

This is more intolerable than real guns.

Shan suddenly grabbed the top bed plate with his opposite hand and lifted his body, bending his legs and kicking him hard against Rhine's chest.

Rhine's arm is transverse and he kicks back half a step with one foot to go.

Unfortunately, the dormitory was too small to afford, but for a moment he was stopped by Rhine and overwhelmed by the bed.

His hands and feet were restrained, and Jean-Claude caught fire in his heart. He bit it down against Rhine's neck. He bit it so hard that he almost bit off Rhine's piece of meat.

Rein's eyes darkened, flipping him over, ripping off his already loose clothes and revealing his scarred back. Rhine saw the scars, made a move, saw him struggle, pressed his arms again, and then bit his head down to his back.

Jean-Claude shuddered and shouted, “Rhine, what are you doing?! ”

“Mark. ”

The burning breath penetrated Sankoh's skin along the bite marks, and the pain of needle puncture kept him from screaming.

“Don't!” can still struggle, the vegetarian message flourishes.

Alpha fluctuates, and the Rhine tag fails. His eyes darkened and he leaned over to Jean-Claude's ear, whispering: "Do you want me to have you now, or do you want me to mark you honestly? ”

“I don't want any!” Once marked, it leaves the marker's message element, which is undoubtedly telling someone that he, as Alpha, has been claimed by another Alpha. With the smell of another man, how does that make him face “him” in the future?

“Then it's up to me.” Rhine pulled him up, rolled him over to the bed and bullied him.

Lifting his eyes, he glanced at his expression and Rhine stopped.

Admittedly, conquering the Alpha in front of him gave Reine an indescribable sense of pleasure, but the humiliation and anger in this man's eyes made him hesitate. Seeing him suffer also annoys him somehow.

In this world, only the strong Alpha are qualified to say no. Control and control, conquest and conquest, marking and marking are the laws of nature. Rhine doesn't feel wrong, he just seems to want more than that...

“You're still too weak.” Rhine's fingers rubbed through Sankoh's eyes, whispering. If this man was Omega, I'm afraid he'd be on his own - underneath - joyful. He doesn't understand why he resists physical instincts? Both sides are quick.

“Give me time, I'll be strong!” He can swear he will be strong even if not for his mission! This fucking world, it makes no sense. Identity and strength are everything!

“I'll wait.” Rhine sat up slowly and gazed sharply at him, "but remember, you belonged to me, and I forbid you to contaminate anyone but me. ”

Still silent.

“Pack up and prepare for training at night.” Rhine tidied up his loose uniform a little and left Sankoh's dormitory.

He was almost luo ben, but he was truly clothed. The body - it still has his breath inside, and this feeling of being wheeled is not very nice.

CAO! Ever since coming to this world, the frequency of swearing has increased.

He decided to temporarily set aside the matter of finding someone, grasp the training, and raise his strength to the level of "Who goes to Yang Wei" as soon as possible!

The next time, you can invest almost all your energy in training, get up earlier, train longer, work harder than others, and move up slower than others.

A lot of people laughed at him for his poor credentials, sometimes sarcastically, but they could all be ignored. Such indulgence makes them more despised, and at the same time some disappointment. Is this the “hero” that the outside world glorifies? Neither strength nor blood, he was able to survive, relying entirely on luck.

Rhine heard the soldiers and didn't help. That person must be convinced by his or her abilities, otherwise it will be difficult in the future.

“Lieutenant, I've seen your battle video in Via City, and I admire your strength. Now that you're on the same team, how many tricks can I teach you?” An officer, also a lieutenant, walked up to Sankoh and asked sincerely.

Jean-Claude has just completed his daily training with the rest of the team, and everyone else is performing very easily, only he looks pale, sweaty and faint.

Jean-Claude watched a group of players around him who were preparing to watch the show, slowly dropping the kettle in his hand and shouting back: "Okay. ”

The lieutenant was stunned at first, then waved his hand and smiled: "Please. ”

Two people walked to the scene, one with a standard military posture and the other with a slightly skewed walk.

There was a slight smile coming from the field.

The lieutenant suddenly thought it was a mistake to fight for him. Isn't that bullying? Even if we win, there won't be any sense of accomplishment! Let's do it quickly.

His eyes were wide open, his body was in a state of flutter, he rushed straight towards Shangkou and waved a heavy punch at his face door, bringing a strong wind. People watching next to them can feel the threat of this move, and if hit, they have to be seriously injured even if they are not dead.

Shanko seemed to have no intention of dodging at all and saw his fist whistle. When everyone thought he was going to die, they found his figure suddenly disappearing in front of them. The lieutenant's fist swung empty, his footsteps were a few steps forward because of inertia, he had not yet stood steady, suddenly felt a numb knee, his legs had to bend down voluntarily, then he was hit hard in the back of the neck, his brain was stunned, and the whole person was paralyzed helplessly.

The whole process lasted only two or three seconds, and everyone's eyes didn't have time to blink until it was over.

The whole scene was silent.

Jean could turn his back on the paralyzed lieutenant, his face still pale, his body still weak, the sweat beads dripping slowly along his forehead corner, then sliding over his reddish lips. He rubbed his eyes slightly down, his eyebrows lazy, and stood still in an empty field, seemingly weak and strong, a unique temperament that was hard to describe.

He waited for a moment and saw the lieutenant, who had not woken up, before turning away.

“I wipe, one move, just one move and I knock Ethel out!” The witness could leave, and the scene was immediately loud.

“Did anyone see what he was doing? How could it be so fast? ”

“The surveillance should be filmed. Turn around and check it out. ”

Defeating a lieutenant is not uncommon, but winning is too easy, too written, too quick, and with obvious physical strain, one has to be surprised.

When the lieutenant woke up, his face rose red and he was angry: “I don't like it! I'm gonna race him again. ”

Someone immediately told him kindly that Jean-Claude had gone to the infirmary.

He even chased the past.

He came to the door of the infirmary and was about to knock on the door and overheard a conversation coming from the door.

“Lieutenant Fillmore, I must remind you once again that your physical function has been severely damaged and that ordinary physical training can hurt you for three days and three nights, not to mention a dozen hours of intensive training each day!” The doctors were desperate. This guy is already a regular in the infirmary, and every time he checks his body, he gets a heartbeat. Overdose, accompanied by muscle cramps, obviously can't even walk steadily, can still insist on training!

Jean could sit in bed and laugh, "Thank you for your concern, I'm fine.” He is now the legendary masochist, the more brave he gets, huh?

“It's okay, you always say that.” The doctor gave him the potion, angry, “you listen to me, take a day off tomorrow, or I'll give you a sleeping pill. ”

“Doctor, you are a threat to Red Fruit.” Protests are still possible.

“Hmm, I'm threatening you. Go complain!” The doctor wanted to strangle him, but he couldn't bear to hold it.

“Well, I'll be back later...” And then he suddenly stopped, because he saw that Jean had fallen asleep by the bed sometime.

Looking at the wounds on his body and his calm sleeping face, the doctor couldn't help but feel painful. Outsiders only see the glory of the hero, and who cares how hard it takes them.

The doctor sighed low and gently covered the quilt.

Lieutenant Ethel outside the door lowered his head, turned silently and was about to leave. He saw Rhine standing behind him silently and looked dull, almost scaring him to death.

Ethereum hurried to salute him, saying: "A hundred miles of weight has been running, and the fighter plane has been off-road for five hours, and it is being executed immediately. ”

Esai looked tragic and drowned in dismay to receive the punishment.

Ryan walked into the infirmary, the doctor saw him come in, saluted him, and walked away knowingly.

Rhine came to the bed and watched quietly for a moment, then leaned over and gently printed a kiss on his lips.

The doctor decided to take a day off the next day, go out and visit his mother and father, and add some daily necessities.

Just walked out of the camp and saw Ryan standing not far away. Jean was able to find himself, hesitating to go up and say hello, but saw him suddenly run to the other side, turning out to have an appointment with Zeke.

You can shrug your shoulders. You don't have to say hello anymore. Do what you have to do. He turned around and left with joy.

Just as he turned around, Zeke over there suddenly raised his head and looked at his far back, and looked at Ryan in front of him, laughing: "Fillmore has been training hard lately, don't you want to go see him? ”

Ryan glanced at him strangely: "You know I don't like him. ”

“Oh, really?” Zeke smiled lightly, remembering that Ryan was still very close to Fillmore not long ago, and even heard that they had established a relationship, he was going to compete with Fillmore, why didn't he like it at first glance? When did this start? Well, it seems to be after the rumor that Fillmore's strength has diminished?

Zeca still had a smile on her face, but her eyes were a little boring and giddy.