Heroic Death System

I'm not Mermaid 2

Sankoh and the waves, the little dolphins, are examined every few days by medical personnel. It is understandable that dolphins, after all, have experienced a devastating epidemic, and it is difficult to say whether they still carry that deadly disease.

Fortunately, so far, he and the little dolphin have been in very good health. Base personnel carefully reviewed the research data and records left by the former, and learned that dolphins are an emotionally rich organism with excessive limitations and irritations that depress their moods and even commit suicide, and that artificially raised dolphins typically live 7-10 years less than wild dolphins and have a mortality rate of about 5 per cent higher than in the natural environment.

Dolphins have a brain volume second only to that of humans, larger than apes, and are capable of advanced neurocognitive processes for problem-solving, self-perception, and emotional management. In other words, if the dolphin brain develops to the human level, it can also possess no less wisdom, creativity and social consciousness than humans.

As a result, Base personnel take special care of Sankoh and the waves, even if they need to be examined and studied, using as gentle and gradual a means as possible.

Compared to the world in which they lived, the emphasis on dolphins varies greatly from day to day, as if they were young children. As soon as two dolphins are discovered unhappy, everyone goes into a state of intense readiness.

Thankfully, both dolphins were very good and, instead of placing any burden on base personnel, they were often laughed at. But in half a month, they won everyone's favorite.

The base's outer waters are connected to the sea. The underwater world is not much different from natural waters. There are a variety of aquatic life, and the gate opens every half month. However, because of the arrival of the two dolphins, the gate closes the internet before it opens to avoid dolphins running back to the sea.

It is not the base personnel who want to keep them, but they are too precious to let them go to the sea. Dolphins were formerly herds of dozens, hundreds and hundreds, many or even tens of thousands, enough to fight other dangerous creatures in the ocean, but now there are only two left, met by fierce sharks, bitten and killed in minutes.

“Flames, waves, Mr. Qin is here to see you again.” Dr Choi, the head of the base, shouted with a laugh.

At this time, a large and small dolphin was swimming on the water with their bellies open. When Qin Yuan came, he could immediately flip over, put on a self-perceived elegant swimming pose, swam to shore, smiled and shouted at him.

“A gift.” Qin Yuan had a half-human tall rubber duck put in the water, a huge chunk of yellow brilliant, almost blinded Shanko's eyes.

Still, he glanced at it and pulled it aside with his belly fin. The wave, the little guy who had never seen the world, seemed to like it, rushed up against the yellow duck to play in the middle of the water.

“Don't you like it?” Qin Yuan took a tablet from his assistant, clicked on a web page, and handed it to Shang Co, "See what he likes, I'll buy it for you later. ”

Dr. Choi next to him looked stuck. Mr. Qin actually let a dolphin pick products online?!

I thought the flame would bite the tablet into your mouth as a toy, or fly as a hazardous object. I didn't expect “it” to actually browse like a mold!

He saw the flame pull his head together, staring at the glamorous merchandise picture on the screen, and then pointed his belly fin at a squid for a few shouts. Qin YuanEr didn't say anything to put it in the basket. Then he picked a shark and a ship model, respectively.

Dr. Choi looked at this man as a pig and you came to me to pick out toys and suddenly felt like you didn't understand the world. Did a dolphin learn to shop online?

When the flame is selected, Qin Yuan returns the tablet to his assistant.

The assistant laughed and praised: "This dolphin is brilliant. ”

It's not just smart anymore! Dr. Choi's face was full of surprise: "The squid chosen by ‘it' is the food the dolphins like, and the sharks are the enemy that threatens them. ”

“What about the ship?” The assistant asked curiously.

“There are many fishing boats at sea, and they have little sense of protection for cherished marine life, and countless marine life die each year on their hands.” Dr. Choi affirms, "Flame has a very precise ability to understand and recognize. ”

“However," the assistant hesitated, "the selection of food is understandable, and what about the selection of things that threaten them? ”

Dr. Choi was stunned. Yeah, why?

Qin Yuan looked thoughtfully at the little dolphin playing with the little yellow duck not far away and turned his gaze towards Shanko, but saw the “it” side 45 degrees, threw a "glamorous eye” at him, then went into the water, then jumped out high the next moment, turned a beautiful heel in the air, countless water beads spread around, shining like crystals in the sun.

Qin Yuan stared at the beautiful figure of the flame and ignored even the water beads splashed on his face. The flame bent its eyes, shook its head in the water and asked for a touch.

Qin Yuan looked at his “flooded” head and moved his fingers, eventually not reaching out.

Jean-Claude glanced at him dissatisfied: I won't let you touch me, I won't let you touch me in the future, hum!

He leaned back, his belly sinking into the water toward the heavens and the earth, turning over and swimming away.

Qin Yuan's face was a little disfigured, and a little annoyance flashed in his eyes...

The selected toys arrived that afternoon. Qin Yuan and Dr. Choi stayed on shore and wanted to see Shanko's reaction.

Shanko fluttered the squid first, I don't know what material it was made of, soft, shot into the water and then surfaced, bit, quite resilient, great for grinding teeth.

Then he called the little dolphin over, patted the shark with his belly fin, and educated him, “Remember what this guy looks like and run away when you meet a guy like that. ”

The little dolphin literally turned around the shark toy, and then pulled over to the top with a short beak, and suddenly stuck the shark's belly out of a depression, surprised it hurried to the side.

Once again, you can push the ship's model, and the ear lift will kill you. Be sure to let it know the dangers.

Dolphins are curious creatures, and when they see moving objects like ships, they always like to catch up with them, and a lot of dolphins lose their lives because of that.

It seems to me that the little dolphin next to him is the only remaining national treasure in the world. He is only an outsider and may be strong in less than two years. Until then, he hoped he would be able to protect it. Although he can't really understand the world of dolphins, he does his best to tell it how to avoid danger.

Qin Yuan's assistant saw two dolphins chirping in the water and pounding at several toys, and asked curiously, "Dr. Choi, what are they doing? ”

Dr. Choi replied with some uncertainty: "Looks like it's... communicating? ”

Qin Yuan: … he just needs to be happy.

Qin Yuan stayed at the base for one day and did not leave until evening. Two dolphin videos were copied before the trip.

Many cameras have been installed underwater, formerly to observe the activities of other aquatic organisms, and are now mainly used to photograph the lives of two dolphins. Playing, playing, jumping, rolling, intimacy, eating, sleeping, messing around… these images are enough to make a dolphin life record. If these videos were released, it was not known how much shock they would cause.

Qin Yuan temporarily blocked information about dolphins, mainly to avoid harassment by journalists, experts and some fanatic fans. Dolphins can be disturbed by their very acute hearing and too loud a voice. More than two hundred years ago, humans trained dolphins for performances, not to mention some of the compulsions used in training, not only the applause and cheer of the audience, but also the possibility of accelerating dolphin deaths.

Qin Yuan will not repeat the mistake, not just because of their precious, but more importantly because they are smart and cute. As the number of contacts increases, Qin Yuan's love for this creature grows daily. Once every three or five days, it gradually develops to daily coverage.

“What are you doing?” As soon as Qin Yuan walked into the base, he saw several researchers surrounding the flames, one of whom still had a needle in his hand.

Qin Yuan's face was gloomy, and he remembered that Flame had only taken a blood sample yesterday. He reminded Dr. Choi that the number of samples taken should not exceed four per month, at least five days apart at a time, and must be in a condition that ensures the physical health of the flame.

Qin Yuan walked past, surrounded by the wind formation.

One of the researchers immediately explained: "Mr. Qin, I'm sorry, we didn't want to hurt the flame, but Dr. Choi asked us to sample it. He found that the flame appeared to be in a bad physical condition, so he wanted to confirm it further. ”

“No?” Qin Yuan's expression changed slightly, "what's wrong? Sick? ”

“The Doctor did not specify, but should not be ill. ”

Qin Yuan frowned and said coldly: “Don't move until I ask Dr. Choi. ”

He looked at the flame again and walked toward Dr. Choi's lab.

Looking at his back, he soaked lazily in the water and threw up bubbles.

To be honest, he is now basically no different than the Emperor, except that he is unable to swim freely in the sea. Base personnel were waiting in front of and behind the saddle, and every time they sampled him, they were cautious and afraid to hurt him, but whenever they found him uncomfortable, they immediately stopped.

This is both reassuring and distressing, and it is gratifying to note that even if he leaves later, the little dolphin will be properly cared for. What is troubling is how, to the extent that he is now valued, should he bravely devote himself to humanity as food?

But many times, Qin Yuan and Dr. Choi came out together.

Dr. Choi ordered, "Keep sampling, be careful. ”

Qin Yuan's face was silent and his eyes stared dead at the researcher's movements.

He saw the researcher in shock, his fingers trembling, the needle reaching in half, and he fell out of hand into the water.

Qin Yuan's face became heavier and his gloomy eyes turned into two sharp blades, shooting at the researcher.

As you can see, the researchers were nervous, afraid to bring it back and stuck themselves in pain, so they bypassed several researchers and turned around and went underwater. Everyone thought “it” didn't want to cooperate today, was about to propose to come back next time, but for a while, “it” came out of the water again, with the needle that had just fallen into the water in its mouth.

“It" puts its head in front of the researcher, puts the needle in his mouth and looks at him with bright eyes, as if he's saying, "It's okay, come on.

Fellows look at “it” and look at the needle in their hands and suddenly want to throw it away. Why should humans make this dangerous “weapon”? In the face of the flame's utter trust, they can't do it at all, okay?

And the flames. What happened to the look of your decapitation? Don't you know people are disgusting? Don't you dare be a little vigilant!

Still holding the dolphin's naturally cute smiling face, she exposed her half body to the surface of the water and swayed her belly fins, seemingly urging them to calm down.

The researchers were silent for a while, darkened by the sheer crushing of flames.

Qin Yuan stared at the flame and the researcher's interaction, somehow felt a little uncomfortable, his brain automatically replaced the researcher with himself, patiently soothed the flame, gently touched the back of “it”, carefully tied the needle for “it”, “it” would hit his arm with his belly fin, and touch his chest with his head...

Thinking about it, Qin Yuan suddenly felt so happy to be a dolphin breeder. Unfortunately, he could not swim at all and was doomed to be incompetent for the job.

After stitching the needle, Qin Yuan felt in a bad mood, so he lifted his tail and threw out a splash of water.

After successfully attracting Qin Yuan's attention, he immediately swam up, danced a strange circle dance in the water, and then rushed out of the water to do a high-difficulty rear flip. Finally, poke his head out of the water and look at him with a smile: What do you say? Isn't that a good dance? Does it feel like a giant pig? Please smile, please sprinkle flowers, praise!

Qin Yuan: … Why do you seem to know what “it” means?

“Very good.” Qin Yuan's tone had nothing to do with it, but his eyes were soft and his cold air was nothing.

Shanky swims in the water for a few laps, then hits him with his eyes: Shall we swim down? Enjoy a unique dolphin escort ~ ~

Qin Yuan suddenly found the seawater beneath his feet tempting - tempting and eager to jump.

Heaven seemed intentionally to satisfy his request, and someone accidentally hit him and hit him directly into the water.

“Ah, BOSS!” Qin Yuan's assistant was shocked. He just watched the flame show too focused. When he approached him, he hit Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan could not swim, the whole base people knew, so soon after he had just fallen into the water, several jumps immediately to save people.

However, when they went into the water, they saw Qin Yuan “robbed” by dolphins!

It can be seen that Qin Yuan fell and was excited. He rushed over the first time, drilled beneath him and swam away with him.

Qin Yuan choked a few sips, and when he stabilized his mind, he found himself lying on the back of the flame, half on the water, half under the water, the whole person seemed to float on the water. Then the flame shouted at him, and then a vertical leap rushed underwater.

Qin Yuan embraced the flaming body, held his breath, and let “it” swim by itself. Qin Yuan slowly opened his eyes. In front of him was a blue blue water, the waves sparkled, and countless small fish swam around, like a fantastic world.

After a while, Jean-Claude took him out of the water. After a moment of breathing, take him back underwater. Qin Yuan perceived the flame's heart, his nervousness gradually calmed down, and his body began to relax. He climbed on the back fin of “it” with one hand, letting himself float in the water and swim under the water with “it”.

Qin Yuan has not learned to swim since he was nine years old and was flooded once. Removing the fear of water, the underwater world wasn't as terrible as he thought.

At this time, the little dolphin wave also came swimming over, very dissatisfied with Qin Yuan's action on the flame, and collided with him in disgust.

Qin Yuan was hit by a pain in his back, and his subconscious embraced Sangkou.

Shanko's body circled in the water, taking Qin Yuan upstream, one pig wrapped around each other, in the waves of blue sea water, to outline Miaoman's figure.

When the rescuers saw this scene, they couldn't help but admire it in their hearts. They were worried that Qin Yuan was in danger. It seems that he and the dolphins are having quite a good time today.

Shan can send Qin Yuan back to shore. His head rubbed his cheek: How's it going? Later on, when you learn to swim, we can play in a few different positions.

Qin Yuan looked at the flame in his arms and darkly put learning to swim on the agenda.

A few days later, Qin Yuan stood at the beach in his swimsuit and said seriously to Shan: “I learned to swim, I believe it won't be long before I become a qualified dolphin breeder. ”

Can you look at him in surprise and learn to swim in a few days?

He swims toward the center of the water, and then he yells back at him a few times: Come, let me see how you learn to swim.

Qin YuanEr didn't say anything and jumped into the water.

Dr. Choi, his assistants and other staff on shore were all disgraced.

Surai dressed neatly and seriously rigged Qin Yuan, actually jumped into the water in his swimsuit and played with the dolphins. This image is too beautiful, they are a little afraid to look...

On the same day, Mr. Qin, who claimed to have learned to swim, after an hour of swimming, was fished out of the water because of cramps and then rushed to the hospital.

Shanko: His man can't be so fragile...