Heroic Death System

I'm not Mermaid 3

“Dr. Choi, what do you got?” Qin Yuan came to the lab and asked Dr. Choi, who was slightly excited.

Dr. Choi lit up the screen and said with an incredible look: "The blood and other tissue samples that we extracted from the flames contain very strange substances. Our repeated tests have shown that it can rapidly promote cell growth and variation, repair damage, and even alter the original genetic map of the organism. I'm sure the flames have changed a lot, or evolved, compared to the dolphins of 200 years ago. ”

“What harm does it do to the flames?” Qin Yuan asked.

“No harm has been detected at this time, but, on the contrary, the flames should be healthier and live longer than normal dolphins, if we have a good guess.” Dr Choi Stone, "he said," I think the swine epidemic of 200 years ago was more of a brutal natural screening than a natural disaster. Four hundred years ago, humans also suffered a global FD virus invasion that claimed the lives of nearly 100 million people. Those who survive, not only have improved their physical fitness, but have also experienced varying degrees of variation in their physical functioning. It is now widely accepted that this variation is a special evolution. ”

Qin Yuan coldly said: "This so-called evolution seriously affects human reproduction capacity, and the birth rate of the population drops in a straight line. In the past year, even fewer than 40 million newborns have been born globally, reaching dangerous thresholds. ”

Human life expectancy today is about 180 years, but fertility has fallen by 60 percent. Every five couples does not necessarily have a child, and even with the use of technology, fertility success is only 37 per cent.

“I am confident that humanity will soon overcome this dilemma.” Dr. Choi is confident and doesn't care much about it, only those two dolphins are now his focus.

Qin Yuan did not mean to discuss it in depth, and suddenly asked: "How old is the flame? ”

“Around twelve or three years old, just in time for maturity. ”

Twelve or three years old? According to Qin Yuan, the average age of wild dolphins is 50 years. By human standards, the flames should still be just a child.

“So the waves are not flaming children?” Qin Yuan asked.

“No,” Dr. Choi replied, "we've already identified them and they don't have direct blood lines. Other dolphins may still be alive in the ocean, although our team has yet to find anything. ”

Hearing that the waves are not flaming children, Qin Yuan created a joy of fascination.

Out of the lab, Qin Yuan habitually walked towards the water.

At this moment, he was jumping in the water with a little dolphin, and the happy appearance made him unconsciously soft.

Qin Yuan looked at the shady sky, there will be a storm in two days, and must be prepared in advance.

The following day, Sankoh and the small dolphins were brought into the base's internal waters, isolated from several areas and separated from many different species of marine life.

Changes in weather make the creatures in the base restless, sending messages to each other that humans can't understand.

The sky is cloudy, the light is gloomy, a sea breeze whizzes past, the waves roll over, heavily slapping on the reef, causing huge splashes.

Sankoh and the little dolphin are hiding in the underwater corridor, which has solid metal walls on both sides and metal fences at the exit, followed by an underground waterway leading to the interior of the base. Stay here, even if the waves are fierce, they won't get hurt.

Small dolphins can be protected under the body and sleep alternately between the left and right brains as the water waves sway gently.

After a long time, suddenly there was a tremendous noise from above, and the entire base shook up, and then fragments of various objects continued to fall into the water.

What the hell is going on?

Quickly swimming to the fence, you can see the fire on the surface of the water and it seems to have exploded just now.

To his knowledge, the base is equipped with a photon defensive wall to withstand storms below level 5. Explosions are not possible even when energy is exhausted.

Jean can turn around, follow the underground waterway, and swim towards the inside of the base, the little dolphin closely following him.

Soon after, he found himself floating in the otherwise clear waterway with all kinds of instrument debris and industrial garbage, massive seawater pouring into the base and countless aquatic organisms fleeing. In this scenario, it is immediately apparent that the defensive walls of the base have been damaged and that most of the bases have been submerged in sea water.

You can swim into the sea with little dolphins through broken glass, and you won't know what happened until you get to the surface.

It turns out that a passenger aircraft crashed accidentally and hit the base just above it, destroying the defensive wall of the base with enormous explosive power. Hundreds of egg-shaped lifeboats floating on the water should be an emergency measure when an aircraft is about to crash. Most of the lifeboats have been destroyed, some have been swept away by the waves and some have struggled desperately in the waves.

Still staring at everything in front of you, I can't believe the base was intact a few hours ago, and now it has become devastated. The flames caused by the explosion have been extinguished by the waves. The darkness between heaven and earth is as if a monster had opened its huge mouth and was ready to devour everything in front of him...

“Flames and waves are still underneath the base!” Dr. Choi shouted anxiously at the flickering screen. He and dozens of his staff went into the escape room before the explosion, where the defensive system was separated from the main base, the defensive wall remained intact and was not impacted by the explosion.

The computer, operated by the Doctor, quickly connected all the surveillance that was able to connect. When the images appeared, everyone was stunned.

In the image, a dolphin rushed rapidly into the waves, raised a lifeline from nowhere to a victim, then bit the rope and took the victim, quickly swimming behind a relatively safe base, and disappeared into the image.

But for a moment, “it" reappeared and rushed towards another victim, relying on him to swim to safety.

One, two, three… the flames are like heroic lifeguards, rushing into the waves again and again, rescuing the victims one by one. “It”, which was supposed to await rescue, is doing everything in its power to save humanity.

This scene has had a tremendous impact on everyone.

That healthy figure, ridden by wind and waves, fast as lightning, fearless of nature's challenges, in the darkness, shines a light blue light, like an elf in the sea, beauty needs to hold one's breath.

However, not everyone is in the mood to appreciate the beauty of the flames. Most of the victims did not know that the flames were coming to save lives, and they saw them approaching and struggling with fear.

The flame was able to sail freely through the waves, agile to evade all obstacles, but was scarred by a panicked victim, one of whom grabbed a dagger and, as the flame came to the rescue, drew a long blood wound on the back of "it".

The flame moved painfully, but still did not give up to save him, enduring the pain and sending him to a safe place along the way.

Everyone at the base sees a mix of sadness and angst, and at the same time is shocked by the bravery and goodness of "it”. Even humans, I'm afraid, cannot do that.

After the injury, the flame, the movement was significantly slower, the blood flowing in the water sprinkled with a mist of blood, and the blue light reflected an unusual demonic smell.

“You can't keep ‘it’ out there, or ‘it’ will bleed to death!” A staff member shouted eagerly.

Dr. Choi stabilised his mind and said, "Don't worry, the dolphins are very self-healing and the blood will stop soon. However, ‘it’ should indeed be brought back as soon as possible. Forest, little K, prepare the life-saving equipment. ”

Several responded and acted immediately.

But humankind is very slow on the bottom of the ocean, not to mention rescue, and it would be nice to be able to guarantee its own security.

After several attempts, the crowd finally gave up and returned to the escape room until the waves subsided slightly before planning.

“Strange, there are no more victims nearby, why is the flame still wandering around?” One frowned and watched the surveillance.

The flames in the picture are clearly exhausted, and just over an hour ago, "it" saved at least forty victims. Now that there are no living people on the surface, “it” should find a place to rest as soon as possible.

Dr. Choi looked around the base at the flames, and even though the speed of the swim was slowing down, it still didn't stop.

He muttered, "Flame it... are you looking for us? ”

When the crowd heard the words, moved in alarm, and then looked at the weary figure traveling in the waves, it was unspeakable in their hearts.

The flames are looking for them? “It" thinks they're in danger?

“Doctor, use the sound wave!” A researcher suddenly shouted.

Dr. Choi suddenly woke up and quickly activated the analog sound wave system. Human hearing is an unrecognizable sound wave that diffuses outward in a circle, forming a special frequency in the water.

The flame seemed to feel, after a few laps in the water, slowly swimming in the direction of the sound wave source.

Everyone's face was full of surprises. However, just at this point, a giant wave rises high behind the flame, like a big mouth, swallowing “it” instantly.

Everyone's expression instantly solidifies, the image no longer shows the image of the flame...

“How's it going? Any casualties at the base?” After Qin Yuan received the news, despite the dissuasion, he risked coming to the base and met the bleak crowd in the escape room.

Dr. Choi lowered his voice: “We're all right, it's just...”

“Just what?” Qin Yuan raised an unknown premonition in his heart.

“Well, the flame is gone, ‘it’ has been swept away by the waves.” A female researcher could not help but cry out loud.

“Isn't ‘it' in the safe waterway?” Qin Yuan is cold, “how did the waves roll away? ”

The people turned their sights together and did not dare to look at him.

Dr. Choi sighed and turned on the surveillance just now and showed it back to Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan watched quietly. As the image played, the expression on his face gradually went from surprise, anger and anxiety to deep. Only that elf-like figure was engraved in his pupil.

He looked at the image set in front of him and said with certainty: "I'm sure ‘it’ will be fine. ”

After the breeze was calm and calm, Qin Yuan immediately organized personnel and began conducting extensive searches on this area...

The clouds scattered, the sky washed, and the sea returned to calm, as if what had just happened was just a nightmare.

In a shallow sea area about 3 nautical miles from the base, tired Shannon is resting underwater, his wounds gradually heal, and if seen by Dr. Choi and others, he will surely be surprised at his extraordinary recovery rate.

At this time, it is possible to feel the water flow around him seemingly shifting. When he looks back, his body has been trapped by a large net.

Still awake.

Nima, can't you just let him sleep? This is endless!

He turned and quickly went upstream. Before the people above closed the net, he jumped out of the mesh and jumped high out of the water.

There was a shout in his ear, and then he heard someone yelling, "What a big fish, come on, don't let it get away! ”

When he could look at them, he saw a spear rushing towards him, and just as he was about to fall back into the sea, he felt the pain of a drill spreading from his tail all over his body, causing him to scream, his body to lose balance and hit again into the water.

“Shot, drag it up!” Fishermen on board shouted excitedly.

Jean-Claude was quickly dragged out of the sea, banged and thrown on the deck.

He could not help but struggle, leaving the sea made him feel very uncomfortable, and the constant bloodshed stained the splint with red. He raised his head and saw only a blurred figure.

You guys, go, go, go, go, go, go! Yell in your heart.

“What fish is this? I don't think I've ever seen it.” One kicked Shanko's back with his foot.

“Maybe it's a rare species.” The other said, "Put it in the cylinder first, don't let it die. This is a sacrifice for the god of the sea. ”

“Ow!” The crowd cheered.

Then, he could feel himself lifted, roughly thrown into a more than a meter long tank, narrow space, so that he could only curl his body, breathe in shallow water, the spear on his tail had not yet been removed, the pain wave attacked him, gradually blurring his consciousness.

Suddenly reminiscent of his task - to become the food of mankind.

Perhaps it's almost done...