Heroic Death System

I'm not Mermaid 7

In a hazy consciousness, Sankoh's brain received some information about dolphins and gradually understood many things. The epidemic, which killed dolphins 200 years ago, was not completely extinct. As humans speculate, surviving dolphins have evolved, and they have evolved highly in their reproduction capacity to assimilate species with most organisms, that is, to transform them into the species of their choice.

Strictly speaking, flames and waves are no longer pure dolphins, but are affected by the return gene, which preserves the shape of dolphins. If not already present, the flame is likely to assimilate to any aquatic organism and the waves may die shortly after birth.

Humans have not found traces of dolphins for more than two hundred years, mainly because most of them have become other species, only to preserve the dolphin gene in the body, and every other time, the dolphin gene is activated, resulting in evolutionary dolphins with primitive features. Such dolphins have the strongest reproduction capacity and can significantly enhance the reproduction capacity of other species.

Shanko felt that his body seemed to have changed somewhat. As his consciousness gradually recovered, he slowly opened his eyes...

After the flames turned into cocoons, Qin Yuan was both worried and confused. In order not to cause disturbances, he did not tell anyone about the incident, but simply took the instrument and observed the changes in the cocoon. It's just that the instrument seems to be blocked by an invisible force, unable to see through the situation inside. The only thing that reassures Qin Yuan slightly is that signs of life activity can be detected.

The cocoon hasn't changed for days.

Qin Yuan was questioned by the Academy, and was obsessed by him on the grounds of the wind. The answer had naturally been harshly criticized, but he did not care. With his international prestige and wealth status, it doesn't dare to really do anything about him.

If they dare to experiment with the flames, can't he let the flames go out to sea to “breathe”?

On this day, Qin Yuan was checking the data in his office, and the watch on his hand suddenly sounded an alarm. He stood up and quickly walked towards the ocean pavilion.

The electronic door was brushed open and Qin Yuan's figure quickly appeared in the hall.

As he was about to approach, he stopped, and his face revealed an amazed look.

The cocoon, originally floating in the water, has now turned into a large piece of silver wire, sprinkled on the surface of the water, such as a giant loaf of silver. In the middle of the lobe, lying a teenager with a full body of red luo, he curled his body, posing as if he were a baby sleeping inside his mother. Soft black hair pulled to the side of the face, a little water bead on the white skin, in the light of the waves, looking extraordinarily beautiful.

Who is he, Flame?

Qin Yuan held his breath and walked gently to the pool. His gaze crossed the teenager's shoulder. Heran saw the dome erythema with flames in his chest. It was the unique tattoo on the flame.

Is he... Flame?

Qin Yuan unbelievably looked at the sleeping teenager in front of him, and his brain appeared blank for a moment.

At this point, the silver wire on the surface of the water begins to atomize, disappearing slightly into the air, the teenager loses its carrying capacity, the condensed body gradually expands and slowly sinks into the water.

Qin Yuan hurriedly jumped into the water and held the teenager in his arms. Just as his hands touched this warm body in his arms, Qin Yuan raised an unusual feeling in his heart and looked down. The delicate face of the teenager immediately and clearly reflected in his eyes.

His palms climbed unconsciously from his back, lubricating as a jade stone, making him a little more than happy to let go.

“Flame...” The finger depicted his five officials, Qin Yuan sent out an unexpected and surprising murmur, his heart beating uncontrollably.

He picked up the teenager and walked gently towards his residence. Coming to his bedroom, Qin Yuan placed the teenager on the bed, his hands on his sides, focused gaze, measured him from head to toe, and then rubbed his neck, shoulders, arms, waist, legs with his hands... no matter what part, it was no different from a real human being.

Looking at the teenager in bed, feeling uncertain before, this moment is finally clear. He loves flames and would love to have him. If he was just an ordinary dolphin, he would always guard him. But his transformation into an adult today is undoubtedly a huge surprise to him.

Qin Yuan leaned down and kissed slightly on the teenager's lips, whispering: “My flame...”

The warm sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows into the spacious bedroom, and the person on the bed slowly opens his eyes and looks around obscurely. When he finds himself in an environment, his eyes are briefly blurred.

Sit up from the bed and gauge yourself with your head down. It's obviously the shape of a human being, making him wonder if he's crossing again.

He only figured out his current situation by sorting out the information in his brain. This is a unique ability of dolphins to evolve —— assimilated species, stimulated by exogenous drugs -- from dolphins to humans.

I thought I could only be a regular dolphin for the rest of my life, but I didn't expect it to be a dolphin that could only be transformed.

When Qin Yuan came in, he saw that Shang Co was sitting on the bed staring at his own hands, seemingly still in an unconscious and forceful understanding.

When he sensed Qin Yuan's arrival, he could lift his head. Those clear eyes seemed to light up everything around him instantly.

Qin Yuan felt hot and quickly walked to him.

You can still see him, habitually leaping up, intending to have an elegant rear flip.

As a result, he jumped in half and was hugged by a pair of big hands. Then came Qin Yuan's slightly laughing voice: “Flame, it's not in the water now, fall carefully. ”

It opens its mouth and seems to be trying to say something, but it sounds like a dolphin in its throat.

Looks like… it takes a while to practice speaking normally.

Shan can hold Qin Yuan's neck, the whole person hung on him, like a tailless bear.

Qin Yuan insinuated that, fortunately, after the flames became human, his weight also dropped to normal human level. Otherwise, he would not be able to hold him back if he were more than 100 kg.

Qin Yuan embraced his heart with honor and asked warmly: “Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat. ”

You can nod your head, touch your stomach, and touch Qin Yuan's stomach. Well, there are no strong abs like Qin Yuan's, but at least there are no bellies.

Qin Yuan watched his every move. He always felt that he was laughing all over his body and down. Minutes were intolerable.

“I'll get you dressed first.” The flames have just become human, and I'm sure you don't understand a lot of things. Qin Yuan is very willing to be his teacher, whether it's common sense of life or emotional enlightenment. Think about it and expect a little!

Qin Yuan put him down, then took out a shirt from the cabinet and put it on himself.

With a smile on his face, Jean-Cola decided to be a dolphin with an inner black heart with a white lotus.

After getting dressed, Qin Yuan walked out of the room and went to the dining room.

Qin Yuan worried that he would not be able to eat the cooked food, so he prepared raw fish slices for him, while he himself was herb barbecue rolls, small pancakes and example soup.

Jean can sit next to Qin Yuan, look at his raw fish slices, and look at the hot roast meat over there, it's just a difference of treatment!

While Qin Yuan was drinking soup, he could reach out and grab a small pancake from him. After eating the pancakes, he forked a piece of barbecue from his plate with a fork.

When he was ready to fork the second piece again, Qin Yuan stopped him: “Don't eat too much. When I give you a medical examination first, make sure it's okay, you can eat whatever you want. ”

Nor did he insist, after all, that he was in a special situation, and if food poisoning was caused by greed, it would be tragic.

Qin Yuan saw him so well and touched his head with praise.

After eating, Qin Yuan took him to the medical room for a medical examination, and found that his body structure and physical condition were no different from those of ordinary people today. More specifically, further testing was needed.

“Flame, can you still be a dolphin?” Qin Yuan asked.

Think about it, nod your head. After the first successful transition, he felt that he should be free to change between dolphins and humans in the future.

The corner of Qin Yuankou rose slightly, very satisfied with this answer.

The two men came outside the ocean pavilion and could make a whistle towards the water. Soon after, the waves emerged from the water, first looked at Qin Yuan Monk Sangkou, then began to look to the right.

Strange, you heard the fire. Why didn't you see him?

Jean knelt down and waved at the waves with a smile: What are you looking at? I'm right here.

The waves stared into the eyes, and the first reaction was not that the flames had become human, but that the hair on the heads of the flames had grown! Why can't you open it?

The waves felt that their aesthetics had been devastated.

You can still see the sparkling waters of the sea, a little irresistible - temptation. After moving his limbs for a moment, he slipped his legs and was dragged back by Qin Yuan as soon as he jumped.

“Wait, don't get too busy in the water.” Qin Yuan held his waist and led him to the other side.

What are you going to do? You can look up at Qin Yuan and reveal the meaning of the inquiry.

“I have arranged for you an identity called 'Sea Flame', breeder of the Ocean Hall.” Qin Yuan explained.

Flames? Flames + waves, can you name them more casually? You dare to ask him what he means first? He has a name!

Qin Yuan will be able to take him to the lobby. The staff members saw President Qin holding a boy so intimately that they couldn't believe their eyes.

They looked forward to it and were immediately attracted to his remarkable appearance, not only beautiful, but also with a pair of very clear eyes, like two pure sapphires.

Qin Yuan saw the crowd staring at the flame without turning a blind eye. He was slightly offended. It took him three minutes to give them an introduction, and then he left with Shanko. He did not give them a chance to get close to Shanko at all.

Qin Yuan suddenly had some regrets. He should not have brought the flame to people so early, at least wait until he was basically familiar with human life before planning. But he wants everyone to know about his flame and that it belongs to him.

Qin Yuan lowered his head and looked at the person in his arms. He really didn't know how to express his love for him. He was particularly excited from the moment he could wake up. He was just naturally cold and could not be seen by outsiders.

“Flame.” Qin Yuan called softly.

“Hmm?” He raised his head, a shadow fell, and then felt the heat on his lips. The two came to an in-depth communication between lips and tongue in a human way...