Heroic Death System

Compliance Officer 4

“Counselor Fei, ask Sang-sawa to make some clothes. I'm going back to the capital next month.” After a pause, Lu Xiufan added, "I have several sets of clothes ready for all four seasons. ”

“Yes.” Ferrin nodded. Lu Xiufan clearly means that he will take Shanko with him next month in the capital.

Lu Xiufan is the younger brother of the prince (the queen's husband), dressed specifically. As his subordinate, there was also a need to focus on meters. Ferrin was more worried that the adherent was not good at communicating and that Lu Xiufan would not introduce Shanko's identity. If he accidentally clashes with other royal nobles, unfortunately, it must be those royal nobles who have nothing to do with it.

Lu Xiufan has done enough hatred. In order to help him pull a little less hatred value, and brush more good feelings, Counselor Fei is really upset.

That evening, when Ferrin found Sankoh, he was instructed to go to the capital next month, trying to stay as far away from idle people and others as possible. He could not hide, so he behaved with humility and courtesy. At the same time, Ferrin also gave Sankoh a set of manuals and clothing matching standards, so that he could get a good grasp of them and avoid making jokes or blatantly offending people.

Not unfamiliar with these etiquette things, Ferrin watched them carefully many times and sincerely accepted his guidance before passing his assessment with ease.

Apart from the lack of expressions, other manners were almost impeccable, but Ferrin always felt something was wrong. After watching for half a day, he finally suddenly looked too cold, and no matter how humble he behaved, it gave him a high feeling. Unlike Lu Shu Fanwei's seriousness and arrogance, he is still blind to all the indifference and is not moved at all by foreign objects.

“Sanzawa, like me, smile.” Ferrin gave Jean-Claude a modest smile.

He could look at his smiling, wrinkly face and run over 10,000 grass horses in his heart.

“Sanzawa, facial expression is one of the important channels of communication, even if you can't laugh, try to pull the corner of your mouth, like this.” Ferrin hooked the corner. “Come on, you try. ”

Shanko mumbled and revealed a smiling, non-smiling expression that appeared to be even colder than when there was no expression, accompanied by ridiculous skills.

Ferrin continued to guide patiently: "Try to lengthen the process of pulling the corners of the mouth a little bit, again. ”

You can slowly and slowly pull the corner of your mouth, like that lazy sloth in the madlife city, and rate your ridiculous smile on your face with an extremely weird amount.

FELIN: “…” God can't save this paralyzed face either!

“Pfft!” suddenly came out the door and couldn't help laughing.

“Master.” Ferrin embarrassed to come and salute, but at the same time shocked himself: Did the owner laugh just now? Must have laughed! Absolutely!

“No more teaching, that's all.” Lu Xiufan stepped in and walked to Sangkou. He said softly, “You don't have to force yourself. The smile comes from your heart. I have to face all kinds of false laughter every day. There is no need for you to have one more. ”

This has only restored the usual cool.

Ferrin sighed and stopped insisting. Any facial expression is superfluous for a non-emotional adherent.

A month later, Lu Xiufan was able to travel with a guard regiment to the capital, Soya.

Jean-Claude doesn't really want to go to the capital, because the chances of meeting a Vietnamese family in the capital are high. Although not in Soya, Vietnamese houses have many family children studying and working in the capital. His main task in the world was to become heir to the family once again, but it was impossible for the family to hand over the position of heir to a man who was under the age of 35 when there were other candidates.

Therefore, it is necessary to use external forces to forcefully enter the family, and Lu Xiufan is his best support. At the same time, he had to find a way to break the balance of power of the Vietnamese family and mix up the water in order to get in while it was empty.

Moreover, the fact that the mandate only requires him to be the heir to the family, does not mean that he must succeed to the family. In other words, it is perfectly possible for him to select an additional successor after taking up his successor's position.

This arrangement will take some time to get in touch with the family too early and will not do him much good. Of course, as long as Lu Xiufan is around, he is not afraid to go around with those people. His greatest danger should come from Lu Shufan's enemies.

Lu Xiufan has his own mansion in the capital, which is obviously much more magnificent and prosperous than the villas in Fort Yashire, with more than a hundred servants alone, let alone well-equipped convoys.

Lu Xiufan did not stay too long in the palace, so Shanko drove him to the royal palace.

The car stopped outside the palace. It is not yet eligible to enter the palace with Lu Shufan. It can only rest in the memorial court outside the palace.

The Memorandum Chamber is a small chamber reserved for the attendants, drivers or foreign ministers, petty officers and others of the noble minister to rest and wait.

Shanko is young, looks like Jun-soo, and is also the driver of Lu Xiufan. He is very prominent among the crowd. However, in the fame of Lu Xiufan, nobody dared to talk to him.

After a long time, a slight disturbance suddenly appeared outside the small palace, and many people in the lounge went to the door to see the noise.

A convoy marked with a royal flag was seen coming from afar and parked neatly in front of the palace.

“It's Prince Game Cloud!” One person whispers.

“Tsk, it's a royal motorcade, it's a shame. ”

“Haven't I seen Prince Game Cloud? Where is he? Did he get out? ”

“Well, over there. ”

From the second car in the convoy, a 13- or 4-year-old brown-haired teenager was walked, and dozens of guards respectfully separated their sides, opening a passage for the teenager.

The teenager took a few steps forward, suddenly paused in shape, turned around and looked at the parking apron, then bypassed the guard and walked to a luxurious black buoyancy.

“This is Uncle Huo Fan's Black Wheel 3000.” Surprise flashed in the eyes of the game, then said to the guard, "Go get Uncle Wang's driver, I have something to ask. ”

The guard bowed to his command and turned to run towards the memorial court.

However, many times, it can be brought to His Majesty the Game Cloud in the enviable gaze of all.

“Are you Uncle Huo Fan's driver?” The game clouds measured Sangkou, and he was somewhat surprised by his age and appearance.

“Yes, His Highness the Prince.” A standard can be found in Jungli.

“What is your name?” The game cloud asked.

“Go back to Your Highness, my name is Sang-sawa. ”

The game cloud dots its own personal computer, turns on a video, plays it to Shanko, and asks, “Did you drive the black wheel in this video? ”

He nodded: "Yes. ”

“Good.” Game Cloud turned off the screen, yes, Jean-Claude, “You come with me, I need you to help me in a car race. ”

“I will not leave my post without the permission of an adult. ”

The cloud frowned, presumably never having met someone who dared to reject him so bluntly.

He didn't say much either. After dialing in, he said straight away: “Uncle Wang, I want to borrow your driver. ”

“Sanzawa?” Lu Xiufan's low voice came from the other end, "what do you want to do? ”

“Don't worry, I won't embarrass him, I just want to ask him for a favor.” The tone of the game cloud slows down, and the invisibility is accompanied by a plea. Faced with this Uncle Iron Noodle, he was still a little hairy.

Lu Xiufan silenced for a moment and replied: “I understand.” Then the communication was cut off.

Game clouds are depressing. What do you mean, you know? Are we borrowing or not?

While he was wondering, Shanko's comms rang.

“Sang-sawa, go play with the game cloud. If you feel uncomfortable, come back and call me if you have any problems.” Lu Xiufan's voice is not high or low, the meaning of the maintenance in the words, so that the game cloud standing not far away can be heard clearly.

Again, the game clouds were quite good, and it seemed that Uncle Wang was somewhat different from the rest of the world.

When they finished the conversation, Game Cloud said, “Now that Uncle Wang has agreed, you can come with me. ”

There was no objection, clustered in the front and rear of the guard, boarded a escort car and followed behind the seat of the game cloud to a racetrack 30 miles from the palace.

“Bring out my purple shadow.” As soon as Prince Game Cloud entered the track, he gave orders to the owners.

“Okay, I'll be right there.” The owners immediately let the purple shadow out.

Game Cloud quickly walked to Purple Shadow's co-pilot position, then waved to Shangkou, "Come here, take me for a few laps. ”

“Your Highness!” A guard came forward to stop it.

The game cloud glared at him: “Go away and leave the prince alone. ”

The guard can only retreat to the side and then look at Sankoh in a murderous manner: Kid, drive well, if the prince has any accident, you will not be able to eat and walk.

The guards' aggressive eyes did not bother them, and they sat in the driver's seat with a slight look on their face.

“His Highness the Prince, please fasten your seat belt.” You can start the car while alerting the cloud.

The game cloud fastened its seat belt and looked at Sangkou obliquely. I think this person is a little interesting. Let's not say that the driving technology is really as high as the online evaluation. This airworthiness alone is enough to impress him.

“Let's go.” Game cloud orders.

Still no hesitation, driving the start-up energy, the purple shadow was like an arrow off the string, and quickly flew out of the prince's private parking lot and headed towards the racetrack.

At this time, there were 30 or 40 assembled luxury cars docked sporadically at the track and four or five on the track.

“Go straight to the track.” The game cloud looked at the electronic signs and a few racing cars just ran around.

The track is twisted and twisted like a double snake tray, making driving very difficult and making it difficult for cars on the track to make the highest speeds.

As you chase me through several racing cars, a purple light shadow quickly passes through it, leading one step at a time.

The audience outside the track exclaimed: "It is His Highness's purple shadow. ”

The purple shadow company exceeded three or four cars, at the bend, the speed did not decrease and rose, then with a beautiful drift, overtook the car at the front, becoming the first.

The game cloud got excited and shouted: “That's it, a drum rushed to the end! ”

Haven't let him down yet, fly all the way, leave a long purple residue on the track, outline the dazzling radius, and watch the crowd scream. At the end of the day, the car stopped steadily after the finish line, and the whole process flowed through the clouds, and it simply fell.

“Wonderful!” a blonde in a racing suit came over, clapping his hands, “Your Highness, your driving skills have grown. ”

The voice just dropped, but the game cloud came down from the co-pilot. The young man was surprised. Wasn't it the prince who was driving?

The game cloud raised its chin, arrogantly said: “Last time I lost to you, I'll find someone to compete with again. ”

“I wonder which racer His Highness has hired this time?” The young man asked with a smile.

Without waiting for the game cloud to speak, a slightly slurred voice suddenly □ □ came: “Hello, Game Cloud, I am the more slurred the family, it is an honor to meet you here. ”

“Vietnam?” The game cloud sounded, didn't care about him, and said to the blonde youth, “Aren't you better than that, Alex? ”

“Your Highness has this great joy, of course I am with you.” Arnie laughed, "but the two of them are more boring than they are, so call them too. ”

At this point, the more he interjected, “Your Highness, I wonder if I can send someone to attend? ”

Game Cloud and Arnie frowned at the same time. The former did not speak, and the latter glanced at him and laughed: “Everyone can take part in the competition, but there are bets. ”

“It doesn't matter," the more hastily, “I believe the bet is still affordable in my home. ”

Nor did Alex say much more. They were betting not on money, but on the resources at their disposal and on various rare treasures. Although the Vietnamese are also small and famous, in the eyes of these aristocrats in the capital, it is only for some rich merchants. Perhaps a hundred years ago, they were treated as garlic, but now the family has long faded out of the aristocratic circle.

“In that case, join us.” The game cloud said indifferently.

“Great! Thank you, Your Highness.” The more I wanted to say a few more words, the more I saw a familiar figure come down from the purple shadow driver's seat. He took the door with him in his reverse hand, and then turned to face the further away from him, two cold eyes crossing the purple shadow.

The more smiling face condensed instantly.

How could he be here? And he became Prince of the Clouds' chauffeur!