Heroic Death System

Compliance Officer 5

“This is the racer you brought in?” Arnie's eyes flashed with amazement and asked, “What's his name? ”

“Sanzawa.” The cloud of games can come and remind Alex, “he is my uncle's man, don't give me any ideas.” Earlier, Lu Xiufan spoke to Shanko on the phone, and actually told him the same thing. Call him if you're in any trouble, didn't you just say so?

Arnie frowned and laughed sadly: "Oh, what a shame. ”

The more I heard the conversation between the two, the uglier my face looked, the more alert and incredible my eyes looked at Sankoh.

“What happened to you?” Alex looked weird and asked casually.

“No, it's nothing.” The darker it is, the more you remind yourself not to mess up. The more he is the keeper of the covenant, he has no feelings for anything, it is impossible to identify with his brother on his own initiative, as long as he does not exist.

But how is it possible to ignore the existence of Yuzawa as a thief? The reason Yuzawa became a keeper of the covenant was entirely because of him and his mother. I thought putting him in the distribution center would remove the aftermath forever. After all, such a good looking adherent is very competitive in the distribution center. Many privileged people like to find bed mates or things to play with here because the life expectancy of the covenant keeper is short, once hired, it is lifelong, and there is no grievance in being violated and tortured. Their bodies are as painful as normal people, but they are unable to vent themselves with emotions, and these are treated only as part of their work.

“Well, let them all come over and start the game in half an hour.” The cloud clapped his hands and couldn't wait to see his face.

The prince initiated the race, which naturally received a number of responses, and after consultation, 12 entrants were finally identified. The repair technician started to get busy and perform safety repairs on all the vehicles that entered the competition.

The more he walked to his racer, the more he whispered in his ear.

The racer's face changed slightly and looked invisibly at the location of Sankoh.

It is possible to detect the performance of the purple shadow while keeping a close eye on the movement over there. Seeing him and the racer whisper had to be vigilant, to implicate that this guy didn't want to do anything at the game, right? He represents His Royal Highness the Prince, and once discovered, it is not just him, but the whole Vietnamese family.

Jean-Claude's eyes flashed with light. Let him see what he can do.

With a bit of dynamic music playing, a three-dimensional light film track emerged over the course, staggering like a rainbow, flashing with dazzling light.

Safe helmets can be worn and the track is clearly visible through black goggles. He kept the route in mind, including the position of each steep turn, the distance of the slope, etc. There is also a deranged phantom channel on the track. The phantom channel does not have a fixed position and may appear at any time, with red shortening the distance and yellow extending the distance. At the same speed, the more red phantoms you capture, the more winners you can win. This is a test of the driver's instantaneous judgment in extreme motion.

[Sanzawa, if you help me win first, ask me what you want.] Only 1 minute from the game, a message from the game cloud appeared on the screen inside the car.

Jean-Claude replied: "Got it. ”

As the race counts down, twelve buoyancy cars whistle out simultaneously, leaving a spectacular legacy.

Sankoh's car was three lanes away from the Vietcong, and from the start, the car followed him tightly behind him. There was no rush to accelerate, and it would take at least 15 minutes for the track to reach its end at full speed, given the complexity of the terrain and the length of the route. But the key to true victory lies in the Phantom Channel.

Two cars, one front and one rear, do not give in to each other. Soon the first steep turn was reached, ready to drift, but the more steep the car was caught in a sensitive position, and if he did not know the angle and speed of the drift, he would collide with him. If you're lucky, it's just a slight bump that won't affect the game; unfortunately, they'll both be out at the same time.

It can be slowed down immediately, the body sinks, leaving him to the rear vehicle to catch up and then drift past in the crevices of the other vehicles. The worse the driver seemed to expect a sudden deceleration and reaction, almost knocked out by other vehicles. By the time he adjusted, he had exceeded the distance between the two bodies, but the ranks had fallen from five and six to nine and ten, respectively.

“Haha, His Highness the Prince, the driver you are looking for seems to be just as skilled.” Alexander moaned.

The game clouds gloomy face, without a word.

Not far away is an unorderly connecting bend, the more clumsy the driver does not have a card slot this time, but intentionally and unintentionally hits Sankoh's rear, trying to get him out of control.

“Hmm?” Yali frowned slightly, thoughtfully.

It is now certain that the more you try to create accidents in the race, the better. He can't hold his breath. In the prince's competition, he dares to think that he can do it seamlessly?

Okay, so that lets you know what "accidentally awkward” means.

You can learn racing techniques from different worlds in hundred refined spaces, including a super technique called "ghost shadow”, which can be used to control speed and angle, giving people a visual disturbance, combined with reflexes, airflow and other factors, and even create multiple phantoms. This phantom only affects the driver, and it is difficult for outsiders to perceive the strangeness.

The driver could not imagine hitting Sankoh's car without a trace, but it suddenly became uncertain and it was difficult to accurately grasp its location. Every time he felt he should have hit it, the result was empty.

He didn't know that he thought he was behaving obscurely, but in the eyes of the audience outside. The audience could not see the misalignment effect created by the phantom shadow. All they knew was that the driver had been chasing Shannon, but had always been skilfully avoided. Sometimes the driver didn't collide, but the misalignment between the two cars made the audience feel like he was colliding.

In this case, the faces of the audience outside the scene became strange, staring at the clouds and the more.

With no expression on his face, the more he was ashamed, accusing the driver of being an intellectual - handicap, letting him create accidents in secret, he chased others in a blatant manner.

The driver was unaware of this and remained diligent in carrying out "covert” orders to create accidents.

Shanko felt almost there, no longer spinning around with him, a sudden spin, through a sudden red phantom channel, instantly swooping away the car.

He just roughly calculated that the red phantom channel appears about every 20 seconds, and the yellow phantom channel appears every 10 seconds. Drive at this pace even if you accidentally cross a yellow phantom channel. If he calculates correctly and captures the red phantom 7 times, he will only step on the yellow phantom 1 time at most.

As long as the rhythm is not disturbing, it is almost possible to predict the appearance of the red phantom.

As a result, the audience saw the purple shadow that could be driven, almost unmistakably passing through a red phantom channel, catching up with the vehicle ahead at an extremely fast speed. He was originally in the penultimate position. In the eyes of outsiders, there was no hope of winning. Who knew the spin of the peak circuit, but in five minutes, the ranking went from the penultimate to the top three.

Originally cloudless, this moment finally couldn't bear to scream with excitement: “Okay! ”

Others are also passionate and shouting out loud.

At this point, the focus is not more than 1,000 meters away. The driver in the first place thought that the crowd was cheering for him. He was too excited to look at the end point in front of him and there was no shadow of any other vehicle behind him. His hands had left the steering wheel and he was ready to celebrate the victory.

Who knew there was a red phantom behind him, a purple lightning coming out of the phantom, with a three-meter advantage, leading the way through the finish line.

“Cool!” The cloud thrilled and punched in the air.

You can get out of the car, take off your helmet, gently lift your hair, and spill a few clear beads of sweat.

He stood in front of the magnificent body of the purple shadow, his cool temperament and handsome figure, bringing the cheer of the presence to another peak.

A few minutes later, several other racing cars arrived at the finish line, and the referee officially announced that the race was over.

“Good job!” The game clouds cheered.

“Thank you.” Still the light of the clouds, but the bright light shined in his eyes, like a flaming stone in the ice and snow, making his whole person look dazzling and amazing.

Looking at the stars and the moon, the more angry and desperate he was, the more he slapped the driver.

“Bang” sounds, in the noisy racetrack, unusually loud.

Game Cloud and others looked at him with disgust and disdain in their eyes.

During the race, the driver's behavior was seen by everyone, and he dared to do so, naturally, by someone. What makes people wonder is, which nerve is wrong, who is wrong to mess with, and who is wrong to mess with His Highness the Prince?

Look at him slap the driver in public at this moment. Is this blaming the driver for his reckless behavior or blaming him for not doing it in a dark enough way?

The more I realized I was behaving inappropriately, the more I hurried to apologize: "Sorry, I lost my temper. ”

The clouds snorted coldly, the color of disgust was not concealed, and the faces of others became quite subtle.

The more pale his face was, the more he was disgusted by His Highness the Prince, which meant that other nobles would also alienate him, and his future life in the capital might not be easy.

Damn it, it's that short-lived ghost!

The more he looked at Sankoh with hatred, the more he did not look at him at all, and the indifference of the observant became a mockery in his eyes.

The more clenched his fists, the better his eyes appeared to kill.

He did not notice that not far away Yali was observing him. He stared at Sankoh and had to shake his head in the dark. I'm afraid the prince also guessed that he had enemies with the driver named “Sanzawa”, but the driver was brought by the prince. He so openly targeted the driver, undoubtedly beating the prince in the face.

This is the heir to the Vietnamese family? What a fool.

The more I tried to explain a few words to the prince, the more Yali stopped me: "The more you lose, the more you write down. When the prince asks, I'll call you back. Why don't you go back today? ”