Heroic Death System

Compliance Officer 6

After a car race, Chanko's address book added the number of a group of noble children, including Prince Game Cloud.

With a crowd of people, the game cloud can leave the course. Just walking out the door, he saw Lu Xiufan standing straight in front of him, and his sombre temperament made the sun spilled on him seem cold.

The two sharp eyes swept away, the laughing crowd instantly calmed down, the expression converged and paid a courtesy to him.

Lu Xiufan nodded at them and looked at Sangkou.

Still slightly indebted to the game cloud, he turned to Lu Xiufan.

As Sangquo approached, not far away, the crowd was surprised to discover that Lu Xiufan's entire human temperament seemed to have undergone some subtle changes, such as the blade into the sheath and the chill dissolved.

Lu Shufan lowered his head and asked: "Did you have a good time? ”

“Happy.” The clouds were still light and the calm expression did not reveal any emotions, just a slight reddish face, adding a little anger to him.

“When did Uncle Wang get here?” The game cloud came over and asked with a smile, "Did you see Sang-sawa's game? ”

“Just arrived, no.” However, he has copied the video of the match.

“He performed very well and was the MVP of the game.” Game clouds are not stingy and praise.

“Hmm.” Lu Xiufan simply responded with a natural meaning in his tone.

Game clouds defamed themselves, with a frozen face, the sun could not rise. Look at Sanzawa. He's paralyzed, but much warmer than he is.

“Go back to the palace, Your Majesty has arranged a feast tonight.” Lu Xiufan reminded him.

“Got it.” Turn around and say goodbye to the others.

Shang can help Lu Xiufan open the car door, and the game cloud also sat up.

Lu Xiufan's black wheel took the lead, and several escort vehicles followed, and dramatically drove to the palace.

On the way there was a sudden noise in the car communication system: "Your Highness, Your Majesty, there was a car accident ahead, please slow down and let's clear the passage. ”

“Copy that." Jean replied, slowing down the car.

Not far from the crowd noise, there are many buoyancy cars hovering up and down, mostly people watching the noise.

The guards in charge of security have not arrived yet, and the accident should have occurred only a short time ago.

But for a moment, the escort sent another message: "Your Highness, Your Majesty, the man who caused the accident was the Young Master of Vietnam. ”

Master Vietnam? Isn't that the guy you met on the field called "The Vietnam"? The cloud frowned and turned to Lu Xiufan.

Lu Xiufan asked, "How are the injuries? ”

“It looks pretty serious and full of blood.” Guardians say.

“Sanzawa, go out with me.” Although the status of the Vietnamese family is not as good as before, it is also famous, and if we see death today, we are likely to lose touch.

Remove the spare medicine box from the car and follow Lu Xiufan out. Game clouds hinder identity and can only stay in the car and watch the situation outside through surveillance.

The escorts opened the road, and Monk Lu Xiufan could quickly arrive at the scene of the accident. After approaching, it was known that this was a series of car accidents, four or five vehicles were crowded together, the people in the car had been lifted out, and the least injured people sat beside each other, waiting for the security forces to come and deal with it. Two seriously injured people were lying on the ground, one of whom was definitely getting worse.

He was bloodstained, half of his body could not move, his mouth had a painful groan - he moaned, he noticed someone nearer to him, he turned his head and immediately shouted in horror when he saw Shanko: "What do you want? ”

Lu Xiufan looked slightly down and said to Shanko: “Help him check the wounds. ”

You can kneel down and put the medicine box on the floor.

“No, you stay away from me!” The more you raise your hand, the more you wave at him.

Doing so without a trace, a few spots of blood splashed on his face.

Lu Xiufan stared at the blood stains on Shang Ke's face. He felt very eye-catching. He drank loudly. "Hold him down and don't let him move. ”

The two guards immediately stepped forward and braced their hands and feet.

“Let go of me, let go of me!” The more I looked at Sangkou's bloodstained face, his paralyzed face and his unfeeling eyes, and shouted in horror, "Help, he's going to kill me, cough, cough, he's going to kill me. ”

The more blood sprayed into his mouth, the more severe his body ached, his brain fainted for a moment, but he was afraid that he could take advantage of the opportunity to retaliate, and he kept holding on to dare not faint.

Lu Xiufan's cold eyes raised a slight doubt about the relationship between the two.

The more distorted you look, the calmer your face is: the more you can rest assured that I will not only not kill you, but will also do everything in my power to save you. The more he becomes a keeper of the covenant, he has no love for the past, no resentment, he can save his enemies without any mustard. But the more you fail, the more you have a ghost in your heart, and the smaller your temper, the more He will avenge evil deeds and devour Himself every day.

There was no hesitation and no mistake during the first aid operation, which was proficient in helping the Vietnam. By the time the medical staff arrived, the injuries could have been handled properly.

After a medical examination, he praised: "Thanks to your prompt treatment, the wounded will probably die before we arrive. ”

It was only after listening to the doctor that people realized that the more severe the injury was. I just saw him screaming. I thought there was nothing wrong with that.

Still not responding to the praise of the doctor, he took off his gloves, lifted the medicine box and returned to Lu Xiufan.

“Just leave the following to the security forces and medical staff. Let's go.” Lu Xiufan left the scene of the chaotic car accident with Shanko.

Shannon can open the back seat door, Lu Xiufan can wave to Shannon after boarding.

Still close to him, a wet towel stretched out to help him wipe the blood stain off his face.


If lightning strikes the game cloud: “…”

Is it really the Emperor's hand that just wiped Jean-Claude's face? Don't try to blindfold him. Honestly, it's a monster disguised as an adult.

After Lu Xiufan and others left, the more they were taken to the hospital, because the treatment was timely, they had been released from the danger of their lives, but they only had multiple fractures in their bodies and needed some time to heal. The reason for the accident was simple: the uglier I was in the car race, the more angry I was, the more I ran into a hijacked sports car on my way home, and I was dumped a series of ridiculous virtual facial texts.

Naturally, the more angry the driver was, immediately let the driver catch up, the two cars started racing in the street, as a result, both sides were too hard, collided as they turned, causing a series of car accidents.

“Mother, I met him.” The weaker he lay in bed, looking at his mother like a helper.

Madam Chang touched his head and soothed: "Don't worry, who did you say you met? ”

“Yuzawa! ”

Madam Chang frowned and asked, “What's going on? ”

The more he told his mother what was happening today, the more he hid what he had deliberately done in the car race and what could be cured.

Chang Lady thought for a moment and said: "Don't worry, Yuzawa is the keeper of the covenant, even if she returns to the family, she will not be able to shake the position of your heir. All you have to do now is fight with the capital. ”

The more ugly I looked, the more ugly I looked: "The more Zelig grabbed my wind in the car race, indirectly caused me to be excluded by others, how can I fight with them? ”

“Silly boy, didn't you just say you were saved by His Majesty the King?” Madame Chang said, “When you're healed, shouldn't you thank me personally? ”

The more I realized, the blurred figure appeared in my brain. He was confused and did not pay close attention to Lu Xiufan. However, as a king, he would come to save him with honor, perhaps not as close as rumored...

Back at the hotel at night, after bathing, Lu Xiufan lay in bed refreshed and watched the video copied from the track during the day.

Just a minute after the start of the race, he saw a racing car intentionally approaching Sankoh and tried to hit him off the track several times.

Lu Xiufan looked at the driver quickly, and his employer met him today at the scene of the accident.

What was his relationship with Jean-Claude?

Continuing the race, after losing the gorgeous car, he flew all the way and won the championship thanks to his excellent driving skills and excellent predictive skills. When he got off the racing car, that elegant figure and the look of the wind made Lu Xiufan's heart move as one. Rated the image, he stared at it quietly for a long time.

At this moment, a knock came from outside the door.

Lu Xiufan turned off the video and said back: “Come in. ”

You can walk in with the tray door, walk to Lu Xiufan's bed, place the refreshments on the tray on the bedside table, and bow down to get ready to leave.

“Wait.” Lu Xiufan photographed beside the bed and said, “Sit down and talk to me. ”

Put down the tray and sit by the bed.

Lu Xiufan's eyes flashed a smile. If he were someone else, he would certainly not dare to sit, but he sat very naturally.

“Sang-sawa, do you know Yue-taek?” Lu Xiufan asked.

“I know." We can talk frankly.

“What is your relationship? ”

“Brothers of half-brothers. ”

Lu Xiufan paused for a moment and wondered: “As far as I know, the more I have only one half-brother of the same father, the better known as‘ Yueze ’. ”

“‘Yuezawa' was my former name and changed to ‘Sanzawa’ when I became a watchman. ”

Lu Xiufan asked softly: "Who changed your name? How did you end up in the distribution center? ”

Yuezawa is a descendant of the family, and even if he becomes a keeper, he cannot be sent to the distribution center.

“Stepmother, I don't know. ”

Lu Xiufan looked at the desolate Sangze, his eyes gradually condensed a black gas, you don't have to think about it and know it, it is also the code of the family's internal struggle for power. But Sanzawa, who has become a compliance man, is no longer competitive, so why send him to the distribution center? Don't they know what kind of abuse a watchman might suffer? If I hadn't met him and looked like Sang-sae, I would have been banned by some power.

To think of it, Lu Xiufan had no reason to be afraid for a while, and at the same time raised an unbearable anger in his heart.

He finally knew why the more he targeted Sanzawa, because he was one of the culprits who sent Sanzawa to the distribution center, and he feared that the more he would retaliate against him. This is ridiculous. Sang-sae doesn't have a grudge at all today. Why should she go to retaliation? It's just that he made himself an idolater and a thief.

He wouldn't have let him save lives anyway.

“Sanzawa.” Lu Xiufan shook his hand and asked seriously, "Do you want to go back to Vietnam? ”

He looked at him and asked, “Don't you want me? ”

How could you not! Lu Xiufan felt his heart was severely poked by this “sexy” phrase.

“You'll always be mine.” He doesn't know whether he is talking about a lifetime contract or something else. In short, when he says this sentence, he has a mysterious sense of satisfaction. "Since you have talked to me, that is my person, I will not let you be wronged in the future. ”

Good. I'm counting on you! Jean could have liked his man in his heart.

Then he said, “Do you want to sleep with me? ”

Lu Xiufan invited him honestly.

In accordance with the professional conduct of the Compliance Officer, there does not appear to be any justification for refusal of the employer's invitation. I feel like I should lie down in peace and be a qualified warm bed man. So promise me, it's just a simple bed to sleep in, it's no big deal!

Though the soul has automatically and spontaneously laid into Lu Shufan's nest, he still struggles to maintain his palsy expression, calmly facing the man in front of him, desperately resisting the manly seduction of this red fruit.

Just when Lu Xiufan thought he would say yes, he saw him suddenly open his mind and call out a work contract, carefully read the above clause, and finally said: "My lord, there is no 'accompany-sleep' clause in the contract. ”

Lu Xiufan: “…”

He introduced the contract of work into his mind and quickly added: [With the consent of the other party, he can eat, accompany - sleep, accompany…] Writing here, he suddenly paused, his heart beat uncontrollably for several times, he thought for a long time, he added [… accompany - love.

After adding this, he passed the contract on to him, saying: "Go back and let the housekeeper notarize it. ”

silently watching the new provisions, especially the last three words, must also be pretended to be irrelevant and must not be shown a hint of contempt for his blatant malice.

“Now, come here.” Lu Xiufan photographed the bed beside him.

The contract could have been collected and said: "Wait for the new contract to enter into force. ”

Lu Xiufan: “…” said the employer was ordered to follow?

Jean-Claude stood up and said, "Sir, what can I do for you? ”

“… None. ”

Shan can pick up the tray, bow out of the room, leave Lu Shufan in bed depressed, unable to sleep.

Lu Xiufan came to the capital to investigate a major leak. The matter involved several dignitaries and officials and seriously jeopardized national security and technological dominance. If the pests are not cleaned up as soon as possible, State secrets will continue to be released with irreparable consequences.

Lu Xiufan knew very well that the deeper the investigation, the more dangerous he would be. But if he doesn't, I'm afraid no one in the empire will.

Around the day with officials with ghost births, Lu Xiufan stepped out of the royal palace, raised his eyes and saw Shanko standing beside the car, quietly waiting to take him home.

Lu Xiufan's eyes warmed up, slightly accelerating the pace.

Jean can drive him all the way to the pavilion. Around the corner, a strange car was seen parked outside the house door.

Lu Xiufan closed his eyes and quickly recognised the visitor's identity. It was precisely the longer he had not appeared.

“Your Highness!” The more he saw Lu Xiufan's car, the more he immediately greeted him with joy.

Lu Xiufan didn't even open the window and said to Shang: "Don't worry about it. ”

As soon as the entrance to the house opens, you can drive straight in.

The more he tried to follow, the more the guards stopped him. He stamped his feet and his eyes flashed. After spending another half hour in front of the door, I did not mean to see the owner, so I had to leave.

Over the next few days, the more you come to the door almost every day, but unfortunately you never see the Lord. In the end, he blocked Sankoh.

“Come with me.” The more straightforward it is.

He looked at him with a faint eye, without any indication.

“Father's in the hospital. He was transferred to Capital Hospital the day before yesterday. Shouldn't you visit? ”

Are you getting sick? One cannot but doubt the veracity of this information.

“This is the case and ward number.” The more you put the information on the roof of the car, "you can not come with me today, but don't forget, even if you become a covenant keeper, you still have the blood of a foreign family. ”

Speaking without waiting to react, he left in a hurry, seemingly suffering for a while longer.

You can open the file and look at it, then shove it in the car and ignore it.

After dinner, Lu Xiufan suddenly asked: "Come with me to the Capital Hospital tomorrow. ”

looked up at him.

Lu Xiufan calmly said: “I need a health test. ”

Are you kidding me? You have a family doctor!

Lu Xiufan knew that the observant had no feelings, but even if there was only one in 10,000 possibilities, he didn't want to regret it in the future, so let it be a wish.

No words yet. Lu Shufan, where is your usual ingenuity? This is obviously a trap to hook you up with!

According to the system prompt, the more you love Lu Xiufan at first sight, who knows if someone will provoke a rotten peach blossom back?

Besides, he remembers hiding that information. How did Lu Xiufan know about the story?

You can go back to your room, find the information from the bottom of the cabinet, and make sure it hasn't been flipped. Thus, Lu Xiufan should have received information from other sources.

I can still use my fingers to dot my eyebrows. How will I deal with it tomorrow?

Summoning Lu Xiufan from the inner line.

Recently he has asked him to go to his room every night to “talk about heart”, but neither of them is a talker, so sometimes we drink tea quietly together, watch movies quietly, go online quietly, play chess quietly...

I don't know if Lu Xiufan intentionally or unintentionally, he always felt that this guy's clothes were less penetrating. He used to have a tight and solid sleeping bag. Then he started to cover up half the time. Then he simply wore leggings. His upper body was full of luo. A large amount of fine muscles swayed in front of him. Don't you know how annoying it is?! Has Nima ever considered being paralyzed? If he keeps doing this, he's going to break it! Don't regret it when it comes to your QJ!