Heroic Death System

Compliance Officer 7

The next day, Lu Xiufan took Shanko to the capital hospital and asked the doctor to give them both a full body examination.

Lu Xiufan often exercises, is physically fit, and is much better than ordinary people. Sankoh's health is also above average, just because he has been treated for the removal of psychotoxicity, his brain life has been reduced by more than a hundred years (the brain life of a normal person on the planet is about 215 years), and his brain cells have a very strong regenerative capacity, but after 25 years of age, his brain cells will gradually lose that ability and begin to weaken.

Lu Xiufan looked at Sang Co's inspection report and looked a little gloomy.

“My lord, room 301-V is empty.” An escort reported back.

“Mm-hmm.” Lu Xiufan ordered, "Take Sang Ze down to see if there's anything wrong and come back. ”

The escort was escorted to the increasingly present ward. Depending on the case, acute cerebrovascular disease, commonly known as stroke, is more common. With today's medical technology, healing is not difficult, it just takes a while to restore function. During recovery, the body is semi-paralyzed, with unclear mouth teeth, occasional vomiting and syncope symptoms, and emotions are not suitable for agitation.

In the ward, the more she lay on the bed watching TV, Yu glanced at Sang can walk in, her eyes flashed with surprise.

“… Ze.” The more blurred the sound in his mouth.

Jean walked to the bed and shouted indifferently: "Father. ”

The more he looked at him, the closer he closed his eyes. The more Zelig was his favorite and most desirable child, who knew that he would turn into a keeper of the covenant, it was undoubtedly a huge blow to him, so much so that when he later saw his cold face, he felt terribly distressed. For more than a year, he had ignored his whereabouts and had simply wanted to accept the reality.

But now that I see him again, the more I see him, the more I can't let go.

There was silence in the room and only music played on TV.

After a while, a faint voice came out of his ear: "Father, I wish you a speedy recovery and I'm leaving. ”

Then, the footsteps gradually became distant, the door opened, and the surrounding area fell into silence again.

The slower you open your eyes, the more complicated you look at the door that closes. At this point, his eyes flashed a silver light, and he turned his head to see when there was an extra chocolate wrapped in silver sugar paper on the pillow.

The more he glanced at the huge wave, he remembered telling Ozawa that he loved silver star chocolate because Ozawa's mother was best at making it. But he hasn't eaten since Ozawa's mother died.

[Dad, don't be sad. When I learn to make chocolate later, I'll make it for you instead of Mom.] Ozawa, six years old, promised him so.

Even when he became a compliance man, he still remembered that promise? Didn't the watchman have no feelings? Did Ozawa...

“Xiao…… Ze…” The harder I spit in my mouth, the more regret and sorrow I felt in my eyes.

You can leave the Vietnam ward and follow the escort back to the floor where Lu Shufan is located.

Just walking out of the elevator, a familiar voice was heard coming from the hallway: "Your Excellency, please accept my invitation to give me the opportunity to repay your saving grace. ”

Lu Xiufan coldly said: "It was Sang Ze who helped you. ”

“How could he have saved me without your permission?” The more enthusiastic he looked at the landing Xiufan, his eyes sparkling. He looks softer and weaker, giving rise to a desire for protection.

Lu Xiufan's eyes were filled with ice. "I have something to do later, please go back. ”

The colder he stares at me, the colder I get, but the more courageous I am: "Your Excellency, please be sure to watch tomorrow, I will be waiting for you in the water house!” He was just trying to make out with Lu Xiufan, but after seeing him himself, he... moved. The man's stature, his outstanding appearance, and his strong temperament make him the perfect companion in his mind.

At this time, Lu Xiufan suddenly rose and walked towards him. His heart immediately pounded and his face had to rise a circle of red dizziness. Who knows that Lu Xiufan did not stop, but passed directly by him and greeted the person behind him.

“Visited?” Lu Xiufan asked.

He nodded and looked over his shoulder at the other side.

Without turning back, Lu Xiufan grabbed Sangkou's waist with his bare hands and ordered the escort: “Go back to the office. ”

The closer I saw that Lu Shufan, who had just refused to accept people a thousand miles away, was still so close, it was hard to contain the envy in his heart. Watching the two of them go away behind his back, his fists tight. Even when he became a man of the covenant, he always seized his head. I should have killed him if I'd known that.

At this moment, the more the murderous intent on Jean-Claude.

He could withstand the urge to look back and calmly follow Lu Xiufan out of the hospital. He thought Lu Xiufan would not say anything, but unexpectedly, he explained: “The more I invited me to dinner, the more I refused. ”

It can be felt that Lu Xiufan has always treated him as a normal person, not a non-affectionate adherent. The more he asked him to visit, the more proactive he was to explain to him the appearance, and the usual details of life, all indicate that the gentle heart is hidden beneath the man's ruthless appearance.

Back at the office, Lu Xiufan walked into the study and inserted the chip he had just taken from the guard's finger - into the computer. Click Play, and the screen immediately shows the images that you can visit today.

He asked the escort to record the video, first worried that he could get in trouble, and second wondered if he was right to let him see it.

When he saw that Shannon could walk to the bed, he called out “Father," and instead of responding, he closed his eyes and had to be angry.

The colder she was, she stood quietly by the bed for a few minutes, then dropped something by his pillow and left her with a faint blessing. Whether it was a question of angle or not, the moment he turned around, his eyes seemed to flash with sadness.

Lu Xiufan stared closely at Sang Co's eyes and then magnified the scene, which made it clear that he was putting a chocolate next to the pillow.

What does chocolate mean?

That evening, Lu Xiufan had an in-depth discussion about the chocolate.

Jean-Claude knew the guy let the guards film him in the daytime. Good thing he keeps his face paralyzed at all times, otherwise he won't be able to catch the braids!

Despite the defamation in his heart, he answered honestly: "My father likes to eat his mother's chocolate, and after her death, I told him to eat it later. ”

Lu Xiufan looked at him firmly and pulled him to himself. "Sang Ze, you're fine, you're really good. ”

Who says the covenant keeper has no feelings? It's just that they don't express themselves in the same way. As a child, Sanzawa kept her promise in mind, apparently not caring, but deliberately brought a chocolate for his father. With his precious memories, he spoke silently of his feelings for his family. Such a shanko, touching and heartbreaking.

“Ozawa, I like red wine pudding and Brittany. Can you make it for me later?” Lu Xiufan shook Shanko's hand and passed his temperature to him.


Looking into his crystal clear eyes, a familiar palpitation once again surfaced into Lu Shufan's heart.

Shannon noticed that Lu Xiufan's gaze was getting worse and worse. “I made a lot of chocolate yesterday. Do you want some? ”

Lu Shufan nodded, indicating that he wanted both human and chocolate.

Jean could take the opportunity to evacuate his arms and turn to the kitchen for chocolate.

Lu Xiufan also followed him out of the room.

Twenty-three chocolates were made in different shapes, and the only silver star chocolate was given to them.

Lu Xiufan picked one up and put it in his mouth. The sweetness is moderate, silky and has a happy taste.

But Lu Xiufan didn't eat much, because he was about to have dinner, he had to eat a big meal with his stomach.

Shortly afterwards, when Lu Xiufan discovered that he could make chocolate again, he would make them all into a single square. He began to feel a little strange. It took him a while to suddenly wake up. The reason why he did this was because the first chocolate he chose for the day was square!

Found this “secret”, Lu Xiufan once deliberately bragged that the chocolate was beautiful, and eventually all of his chocolate turned into hearts.

Lu Xiufan ate heart-shaped chocolate and couldn't wait to immediately carry Shan into his arms and love him. He really adored him!

With this inspiration, Lu Xiufan found that ordinary fashion could pay special attention to the details of his life, what he liked, what he hated, what he was used to, what he said, he kept in mind, and then took care of his diet and lived with due diligence according to his preferences.

Lu Xiufan felt that Jean must have been God's gift to him. He may not feel his feelings, but he warms his heart at all times.

“Ozawa.” Lu Xiufan stood beside the bed and looked at Sangkou, who was making the bed for him, "I received a message from Fijian today, and the new contract came into effect. ”

Shanko paused for half a second before continuing to make the bed without a problem.

“So sleep with me today.” Lu Xiufan slowly untied himself.

By the time he could turn around, he had stripped himself and stood tall in front of him.

Still looking beyond his neck, he tried to control the rate of heartbeat and the muscles on his face.

“I'll take you to bed?” Lu Xiufan extended his arms to him.

You can turn around instantly, undress, go to bed, lie flat, cover your quilt, and close your eyes. A string of moves runs through the clouds as if they had been practiced.

Lu Xiufan: “…”

Looking at Shanko, who slept smoothly, Lu Xiufan's eyes flashed with a hint of obscure drowning and regret. He lay beside Jenko, wrapped his hands around his waist, and whispered in his ear: "Good night, Ozawa. ”

Lu Xiufan was well aware of his thoughts on Shanko and knew that even if he took possession of him now, he would not refuse. But he wanted to make him truly acceptable, not just for the purpose of fulfilling the terms of the contract.

Lu Xiufan: Don't let me wait too long.

Shanko: I should think about how to make it - keep the cool side paralyzed perfectly when having sex...