Heroic Death System

Compliance 8

“Ozawa, are you going to take the medicine box to the party?” Lu Xiufan, dressed in a tux, came to Shanko's room to see that he was tidying up the medicine box and that the tux prepared for him was neatly placed on the bed.

“Just in case.” Medical devices and medicines can be examined without answering. Lu Xiufan was frequently subjected to various assassinations, of which poisoning was one. According to the information provided by the system, Lu Xiufan has been poisoned at least three or five times. Though he has spent every time without risk, who knows what variables will appear when he arrives? So it's always good to be prepared.

Lu Xiufan loved the way Shan Ke was busy for him, like a little wife, giving him an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

He didn't bother Shanko either, just sat around and watched quietly until he had finished tidying up and said, "Get dressed, we're ready to go. ”

“We are 3 hours away from the start of the banquet, 15 minutes from the Palace to the Palace, we still have plenty of time.” You can close the medicine box, put it on the floor, pick up the dress on the bed, and turn around and walk towards the dressing room.

Lu Shufan slowly followed the past with his hands behind his back.

Jean can hear the footsteps behind him, the corner of his mouth is not easily noticed a few times, don't think you can mix into his dressing room pretending to be careless!

As soon as he closed the door of the fitting room, he calmly blocked Lu Xiufan from the door.

Lu Xiufan: “…” obviously followed so closely, I didn't expect it was still a bit slow.

But for a moment, the dresser, Shanko, came out of the dressing room. Lu Xiufan's eyes were slightly bright, the photograph of Sangkou was remarkable, wearing a fine dress, adding a few elegant, refreshing expressions, giving people a feeling of abstinence.

This man belongs to him. Lu Xiufan's eyes burned, wrapped his hands around his waist and lowered his voice: “Come on, my dance companion. ”

Today is Prince Game Cloud's fourteenth birthday, and the Queen hosts a grand dinner for him, and many of the noblemen of Haomen are invited. Major media reporters also flocked and stayed outside the palace, competing to film.

Lu Xiufan usually behaves in a low light, but as the Prince's younger brother, the Prince's uncle, in such occasions, it is difficult not to be noticed. As he stepped out of the car, a shout rang around him, flashing wildly.

At the same time, Sankoh, who followed him, received twelve points of attention. Lu Xiufan was the first person to ever attend a party without a dance partner. His face and temperament, even in the precious circle of handsome men and women as many as cow hair, he stood with Lu Xiufan, but he did not appear to have any rush and weakness.

Who is this boy? Journalists moved swiftly to start using their own resources to investigate the status of the good.

The more he tried to suppress Yuzawa, the more he wanted to remain anonymous all his life. But after today's banquet, the identity of Coco will no longer be a secret. The Vietnamese family has been a large family for centuries. Though they rarely come to the capital, the Vietnamese family has little fame in the floating capital. Journalists have photographs in their hands, and it's easy to find out who he is.

Walking into the venue, everyone can pay a special tribute to Lu Xiufan monks, but none of them dare to step within three meters. Lu Xiufan is a special, prestigious and almost all your ministers respect him far away. The only men and women who dare to challenge the psychological limit are probably those who have an obsession with Lu Xiufan.

Lu Xiufan introduced him to the queen, the prince and the prince, as the father and son of Yueze.

The queen's eyes flashed a little unexpected, as can be seen from Lu Xiufan's tone of voice, he was quite fond of the family. The careful measurement is acceptable, the appearance is outstanding, the behavior is gradual, and the mind is quite satisfied.

“Yuezawa, isn't your brother called Yuezawa? He is also on the list of invitees, bring him over later.” The prince smiled softly. He checked the guest list with the queen and immediately remembered the more he heard the name "Yuzawa”.

The queen glanced lightly at her husband and said: "The more Zelig, the less restrained, let Xiufan show you around. ”

She was much more careful than Lu Xiufan. Yueze attended the banquet as Lu Xiufan's dance companion. Only the second son on the official list, without the eldest son, Yueze, can see that there are other details. If you want to refer, you should also compare it with Yuzawa himself.

After seeing the ceremony, Lu Xiufan can take you to his exclusive lounge area.

He didn't expect that the more he came, sweep around and find him in the crowd where the prince was. Rationally, he should not be invited as a prince and as an evil impression of the prince.

“Vietnamese mothers have a close relationship with their dignitaries.” Lu Xiufan seemed to see through Shang Co's thoughts and explained.

Oh. You can withdraw your gaze and lift the plate and start picking food for Lu Shufan.

Lu Xiufan leaned on the sofa and sipped wine while watching as he could pick from the dining table, his eyes focused and deep.

You can pass a plate full of food to the glass stand in front of Lu Xiufan and get yourself another copy of the same. Lu Xiufan leaned next to Shangkou, resting on the sofa on his back with one hand and gently holding the glass in his hand.

The people at the banquet are busy socializing and only the two of them stay in the corner and enjoy the food quietly, as if everything on the outside had nothing to do with them.

At this time, Lu Xiufan tasted the wine slightly and recovered as usual.

At the beginning of the birthday celebration ceremony, Lu Xiufan went to the stage to show his face. After walking through the process of speeches, thanksgiving, toasting, etc., he took Sang Cao to bid farewell to the queen.

The queen knew his character well and did not leave it behind, except that the admonition could take good care of him.

They left the royal palace and rode straight back to the compound.

Halfway there, Lu Shufan suddenly asked, “Is there an antidote in your medicine box? ”

He could not help but look at him violently, seeing his muscles stiff and eyebrows blue.

Lu Xiufan added: “The wine you just drank seems a little spoiled. ”

Will the wine prepared in the palace deteriorate? You piece of shit! The pale face could immediately lift his wrist and give him a pulse.

After a moment, you can try to make your expression look less lukewarm, bend over to remove the medicine box from the seat, and remove a tube of medicine from it and hand it to Lu Shufan. Then he took out a silver needle and stabbed him at the tip of his ten fingers, and the dark red blood bead immediately came out of his fingertips.

This man, poisoned, didn't say that he stayed at the banquet for hours without changing colours! It's worse than him!

Jean could drool his eyes and not look at him, lest he accidentally expose his raging anger.

“I've been trained in antivirus since I was a kid, and I'm not dying of poison.” Lu Xiufan said not slowly, "At the game cloud's birthday banquet, it was not appropriate to create branches outside the festival.” It's not something he hasn't encountered, it's a long time ago. It's only the first time it's been reckoned with in the palace.

It's not a good idea to have extraneous branches, so you've been holding out? You think this is constipation, just put up with it?!

It could be sunk like water and his explanation ignored. When the dark red blood turns bright red, he takes out a paper towel to help him wipe dry and apply hemostatic.

Lu Xiufan leaned against the seat, leaving it up to Shan to help him with the wound.

“Go to the hospital," she said suddenly.

“No, go back to the office.” His identity is so obvious that he leaks information when he goes to any hospital. He will also be investigating the murderer in secret, and it is inappropriate to strike a snake.

Jean-Claude gave him another pulse to make sure his life wasn't in danger before acquiescing to his decision.

Back to the office, you can help Lu Xiufan to walk towards the room. As he walked, he always felt that the heavier the man around him, almost the whole person lay on him.

Is it a toxic seizure? No, he just cleaned up most of the poison. He didn't seize when he was poisoned. He only seized after detoxification?

“Come and help me.” You can still see the servants around you standing silly and wondering.

Instead of helping, the servants took a step back. Can't you see the master staring at them in the shadows?

I don't know what's wrong with these servants. I can only land Xiufan alone. It took me a lot of effort to get him into the room.

Let Lu Xiufan lie down in bed, open the medicine box again, and begin to give him the poison to know.

Lu Xiufan turned over and stared quietly at the front knee and sat on the floor. The medicine dispensed to him was acceptable. His eyes gradually darkened.

At this time, Lu Xiufan suddenly rose and lifted his waist.

He could suddenly fail to defend himself, lowly exhale, then quickly converge his mind and look directly at Lu Xiufan, leaving him to carry himself to bed.

“I think it's time to fulfill our new contract. ”

Wait, you're poisoned!

Lu Xiufan's eyes burned and he could not resist. He lowered his head and kissed his lips.

Calm down! The time has come to test the expressive and behavioral arts!

The man's aura penetrated deeply into his territory, his cocoa lashes trembled slightly, a chestnut feeling rapidly swept across his body from the intersection of his lips.

The clothes were peeled off by a piece of skin that was exposed to the air and gently warmed by the hands.

You can look up slightly, your cheeks glowing red, your lips dripping brightly, a pair of water eyes sparkling with a distracted color. He held onto the sheets with his hands, biting his lips, and withheld a sound.

Lu Xiufan's eyes darkened, his throat knot rolled, and he couldn't hold on any longer, almost rudely seized him. At the moment he penetrated, his cool face was suffocating with breathtaking glow, such as the orchids blooming.

Rapid and repressed wheeze - breathing in the room, accompanied by a collision of the body, adds infinite flair to a quiet night...

You can still find the intolerant ML, and it doesn't seem to have any rhyme. It erupts in repression, in a low-key, high-tide, where the fun is almost indescribable.

The next day, he woke up confused, accustomed to getting up and preparing for work, and ended up being fished back by a pair of hands before sitting up. Pressed underneath - another exercise.

“Today off.” Lu Xiufansha's dumb voice rang in Shangkou's ear.

He was still alive, grabbed his wrist and seriously suspected that his residual poison had not been cleared, leading to physiological disorders.

“Take your medicine at 9: 00.” He could have been seriously reminded, but his lazy voice was unconvincing.

Lu Xiufan glanced at the time: “An hour, I think. ”

However, he eventually failed to take his medication on time...

To this end, we can prepare the world's most bitter medicine, “reward” him for his hidden and unreported good work, and the powerful energy to “climb the peak” even with poisonous hair...